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  2. I've got a new Limcat Brass Magwell in Black and I'm currently working to put it on my STI Edge with Extreme DVC Grip. I'm noticing some very slight movement and wiggle in the front end of the magwell, and while it does not seem to cause any issues with seating magazines, the OCD in me is pinging. I put it on a standard untouched STI grip, and it fit perfectly, with no wiggle. I'm assuming this is simply due to the reduced profile of the DVC grip. I was thinking about just slightly building up the lower portion of the grip that would be covered by the magwell with JB weld or another epoxy that would reduce or eliminate the movement and play in the magwell. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. Running stock RSA, tried the Walther tungsten RSA and liked the poly one better. First Q5 poly has approximately 15k through it with ZERO issues, second Q5 poly has about 1,500 rounds through it with also ZERO issues. Both are set up for Carry Optics. My load is 135 pf Accura 124 grain plated over Sport Pistol powder. I like the feel of a slightly higher pf and it shoots extremely well. This load runs in all of my competition guns and has yet to cause any problem. I also use range pickup brass and only cull steel, aluminum, or 2-piece cases. Q5 polymer Accura plated 124 gr 135 power factor (verified on multiple chrono's) No issues whatsoever Factory RSA There are also 2 PPQ 4" guns that I shoot regularly with the same load. I have not chrono'd through these guns yet but ZERO problems and all my PPQ's are factory spec.
  4. Thank you for the replies so far!!! I have added the data to the attachment in the original post.
  5. Shot a local match a couple weeks ago and managed an amazing start consisting of of 3 mikes and 2 no shoots. Needless to say i was not happy and while i was reloading mags, i gave myself a stern talking to. Managed to refocus and pull through with a division win and top 5 overall match standing.
  6. Are they yellow colored specks?
  7. Poortrader, Yes I am currently in South Philly.
  8. Hello all new to reload looking to work on 40 s&w 9mm 556 226 and 300. Thank you.
  9. I sold my GMR-15 to help pay for this badass little thing. I'm rarely "overly" impressed with new guns.....but this thing is awesome. I'm not talking USPSA/IDPA awesome. I'm talking home defense/truck gun.
  10. wut? the division rules say you can only load 8 if you declare major. so if you declare major and load 10, you have broken those division rules. If you declare major and fail chrono, you haven't broken the division rules, you have just failed chrono.
  11. m700

    P320 X5 Thread

    Nope pre-ordered for it and am seeing it for sale. Was hoping the pre-ordered weren't forgotten Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. rocket99

    P320 X5 Thread

    Has anyone received a shipping confirmation from Sig for the new grip module yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. nope. Robert at ILWT was an absolute saint with me over the phone but we couldn't resolve it via the scientific method over the phone and me doing stuff on the other end. Not did buying tons of parts fix it. So I sold it with the caveat that I couldn't get it to run right ever. But, I will say this, when it was running it was a super sweet shooting gun.
  14. https://store.otdefense.com/pages/safariland-7ts-holster-review-and-torture-test I love this guy's nub mod for the ALS button. This test is kinda long, but somewhat entertaining......
  15. While walking around at our local LGS I came upon an interesting little gun, a GSG 1911 22. It has the look and feel of a standard 1911 but in .22 and seems to be an excellent gun for practicing. Weight feels the same and magazines also feel like the standard ones. I think it would be an inexpensive way to practice for real shooting. Especially draws and mag changes. The recoil is still that of a .22 so firing isn't going to be realistic. I didn't think I would buy it but after checking it out, and seeing the price, I just had to take it home. I did read a number of reviews on the web and it looks like it will be fun to play with. It's 80% compatible with regular 1911 parts, except for the .22 features so new sights and a new Main Spring Housing look like a must. The housing is to get rid of the Magazine Disconnector making it California legal.
  16. Today
  17. I can say that I've used mine with a stock polymer STI grip and with a PT EVO grip. Unless there's some extreme difference between those and the CK grip (not sure what they use), you should be fine.
  18. I am seriously interested in the MRH, but I have one concern. I see that it is supposed to work with basically all 2011 grips, whether they be CK, PT, SV, polymer, and whatever. How does it work with all? I have multiple guns for different purposes and switch from polymer to CK. I would love to have one great holster for both rather than two top tier holsters that don't make me excited. I am darn close to ordering one anyway, but just need a little reassurance I can sell a couple holsters I am not 100% happy with.
  19. I prefer the Safariland ALS for a security holster. Thumb activated rather than trigger finger. Use one on duty, used one for 3gun.
  20. I haven’t received the shipping info on the one I ordered Friday yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yep. It’s a Strike Industries Oppressor over their Mini King 9mm Comp. While not apples to apples, the Foxtrot Mike comp/brake maybe functions 10% better honestly as a pure comp/brake compared to the Mini King Comp... But I already had the the Oppressor which I also use on my 5.56 AR and wanted to have the option to use it on the 9mm, and while attaching it is a penalty of 9oz at the worst part of the gun, it actually does what it’s supposed to do and acts as a blast/concussion forwarding device while still keeping most if not all of the comp/brake characteristics intact while quieting the gun... On the 5.56 it’s SO much less obnoxious to shoot indoors, on the 16” 9mm it has the same effect except it’s kind of amazing in that the 9mm gun sounds pretty much suppressed! I haven’t tried it yet, and I plan to, but I’d bet the set-up with subsonic 9mm ammo will more or less equal an honest to goodness suppressed 9mm shooting supersonic stuff as far as sound... it works for the 9 year old indoors that’s for sure lol!
  22. Thanks. I forgot to say I also bought a 2nd 9mm Pro dropper assembly and it has the same problem. I thought I might have gotten a bad one, but now both droppers have the same issue.
  23. I’ve never used the magwell because it’s not legal in SSP, so I don’t know if I’d be faster with it installed or not. My EDC does not have one so practicing and competing without one is also better for me.
  24. I had one with a bad MBF die (they had a bad run). It was machined badly on the inside and wouldn't allow bullets to drop down from the dropper assembly. Call DAA and ask them to replace it.
  25. Find a local steel match. We do 2 a month and most just do it for fun. No running around so if your worried about being sower that should not be a problem. Ours are pretty much shoot what you got. There is a guy that still comes out and shoots steel and USPSA that is 93.
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