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  1. Must be a different discount code...I only get 5% off using USPSA5 .
  2. Wow! Awesome work...My shadow might need to get a makeover soon.
  3. Just ordered one...looking forward to trying it out.
  4. Does that mean we will be seeing 650’s in the classifieds selling for cheap? LOL
  5. If you have a 5 station (or more) auto indexing press like a 650 or a Hornady LNL AP,, you should be able to run the entire process with a lockout die in one cycle.
  6. Mobil 1...because I always have some left over when I do my oil change.
  7. Get a lockout die
  8. I find myself checking Amazon first before shopping elsewhere.
  9. Sounds like you might have astigmatism. As racknrider said above, take a picture of the dot. If it’s crisp in the pic, then that confirms your astigmatism. In my case, a larger dot from 6 moa and bigger is crisp. Anything smaller is a star burst.
  10. I prefer to have a working LRBHO since we're now running PCC's with a 10 rd mag limit in Jersey. I'll be assembling a new upper with this NFA offering
  11. I'm running a basic KAK 9mm buffer, rubber spacer and 308 spring. That should be no problem with this upper, right?
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