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  1. I am considering either a Foxtrot Mike or a Spikes for my next "build".
  2. Just checked my stash...I just found stuff that I bought from the last run on ammo and components
  3. Never read the manual I went straight to Youtube. LOL!
  4. Where do I buy these "magical" O-rings? Maybe, I can do away with vacuuming my press for spilled powder every 200 rounds.
  5. I ordered my Taccom upper with the 13/16 barrel and cf hand guard. Without a the BCG, the upper weighs 2 lbs 1.3 oz. I had to send in my Faxon BCG to have it notched for the barrel "hood".
  6. I took the more "conservative" route and ordered a Taccom upper with the 13/16 barrel. Tim took the time to walk me through the order process and answered my questions regarding other pcc related stuff.
  7. Yup...I'm 45 minutes away from 'Murica We try to do a weekend escape every chance we get.
  8. After finding the ammo that feeds reliably...125 gr RN loaded to a 1.10 oal, my STI Spartan runs very well.
  9. Add NJ as a 10 rd state...clubs that have USPSA matches are Old Bridge, Shongum and Central Jersey.
  10. I have astigmatism and I have two pairs of prescription shooting glasses. For red dots, my prescription glasses made for long distance give me a crisp round dot. My other pair for shorter distance...measured for my the front sight distance of my pistol will show a starburst dot on red dot sights. Next time you visit your eye doctor, try to bring your rds and see if it makes a difference for you.
  11. I believe this is true for most pcc's out there
  12. hiker88

    C.F.L. brass ?

    I get a bunch of these from range pick ups. I have not encountered any issues loading them in 9 mm.
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