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  1. hiker88

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    I do get my annual check up with my ophthalmologist. I found one that I can discuss my shooting vision needs. Maybe, I’ll bring a red dot sight on my next visit to see what he recommends for my dot issue.
  2. hiker88

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    Thanks, Chuck. I’m due for an eye check up soon. I’ll have a set of glasses made based on your suggestion.
  3. hiker88

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    The thought of surgery scares me
  4. hiker88

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    I need to try that sticker on my left lens. My prescription glasses are set similar to yours. I do notice that with bigger dot sizes, from 6 moa and up, the circle is sharper without any distortion. I’ll try to see if I can check a 510c firsthand. Or just go with C-more with a bigger dot
  5. hiker88

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    For my glasses, right lens (dominant) is set to the distance of my iron sight at about 1 yard while my left lens is for distance.
  6. I’m looking into getting a Holosun 510c for my PCC but I have astigmatism. I’m currently using a Vortex sparc ar and have other 2moa red dot sights. All of which have dots that appear like star bursts to me. Has anyone with astigmatism used or currently using a 510c see a dot distortion? Or is it a crisp dot and ring? Nobody in my local matches use the 510c, so there’s no way for me to check firsthand. I hope someone here can help. Thanks in advance.
  7. hiker88

    Are these ok to post?

    Those are cool pics
  8. hiker88

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    At $20 bucks per mag that runs without tuning. Yup, why not
  9. In most supermarkets...you can even order online from Target or Walmart.
  10. Bustelo red...espresso style ️
  11. hiker88

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Any videos out there of this stage?
  12. hiker88

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    I’m using 135 gr RN Ibejiheads loaded to a OAL of 1.10 on my PSA AR9 upper. Shoots clean and feeds reliably.