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  1. I have astigmatism and use two different sets of glasses for shooting irons and red dots. For irons, I had my eye doctor give me a prescription where I can see the front sight clearly. When I use this pair of glasses on my red dot, I see a star burst. For red dots, my pair of glasses made for long distance gives me a crisp round dot. I’m not sure though if this true for everyone.
  2. I haven’t…I just place a generous amount of blue loctite to keep everything in place. So far, no issues.
  3. I might just order one of those. Thanks for posting.
  4. Went to Harbor Freight and bought their hex key set. I’m replacing a bag of mixed hex keys I collected over the years. I’m adding these to a Workforce compact 26 piece tool set. Everything fits in a small pocket of my range bag.
  5. Yup…I have 6 of them hanging on my DAA belt.
  6. Haven’t tried the Canik myself but if all the aftermarket Glock trigger components work and the slide being optics ready, it might be a great and cheap option for a CO pistol with a metal frame.
  7. For that price and all the Glock mags I have, I’m getting one to try it out
  8. I’ve seen and held a couple of DW PM9’s at the range and I’m impressed with the quality. It’s on my short list of my next 1911 to buy if I find a good deal. As for Ruger 1911 DK’s. I have not seen one at the range or at any matches. That alone might mean something
  9. I run hiperfire 3g triggers w/ the lighter spring on my pcc’s and have used S&B srp and CCI srp’s without any issues.
  10. The more I look at it...the prettier it gets. Maybe it’s time for me to see my eye doctor and get a new prescription
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