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  1. If you have a 5 station (or more) auto indexing press like a 650 or a Hornady LNL AP,, you should be able to run the entire process with a lockout die in one cycle.
  2. Mobil 1...because I always have some left over when I do my oil change.
  3. Get a lockout die
  4. I find myself checking Amazon first before shopping elsewhere.
  5. Sounds like you might have astigmatism. As racknrider said above, take a picture of the dot. If it’s crisp in the pic, then that confirms your astigmatism. In my case, a larger dot from 6 moa and bigger is crisp. Anything smaller is a star burst.
  6. I prefer to have a working LRBHO since we're now running PCC's with a 10 rd mag limit in Jersey. I'll be assembling a new upper with this NFA offering
  7. I'm running a basic KAK 9mm buffer, rubber spacer and 308 spring. That should be no problem with this upper, right?
  8. https://www.newfrontierarmory.com/shop/pistol-caliber-billet-upper/ Is anybody using this upper? Does the last round bolt hold open LRBHO work? Thanks in advance!
  9. I considered a prism sight as well but I’m trying move away from tube style sights. The field of view with a C-more sight and something like a 510c is so much more open to me.
  10. I do get my annual check up with my ophthalmologist. I found one that I can discuss my shooting vision needs. Maybe, I’ll bring a red dot sight on my next visit to see what he recommends for my dot issue.
  11. Thanks, Chuck. I’m due for an eye check up soon. I’ll have a set of glasses made based on your suggestion.
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