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  1. hiker88

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    At $20 bucks per mag that runs without tuning. Yup, why not
  2. In most supermarkets...you can even order online from Target or Walmart.
  3. Bustelo red...espresso style ️
  4. hiker88

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

  5. hiker88

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Any videos out there of this stage?
  6. Sell your other toys ?
  7. hiker88

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    I’m using 135 gr RN Ibejiheads loaded to a OAL of 1.10 on my PSA AR9 upper. Shoots clean and feeds reliably.
  8. hiker88

    PSA 9mm PCC Glock Identification

    I have the older lower too. I moved on to a Faxon bcg. I had the extractor claw of my PSA bcg sheared of twice.The first time PSA fixed it. The second time I replaced it myself. The PSA bcg now stays in my range bag as a back up. Good luck with your search for a fix.
  9. hiker88

    PSA 9mm PCC Glock Identification

    How’s your extractor? That’s one of the weak points of the PSA/NFA BCG.
  10. hiker88

    Folding target stands

    I've been using pvc stands for a while now. They are a little bulky and crack easily when dropped. It's for these reasons that I'm also on the lookout for steel folding stands. ?
  11. hiker88

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Let’s keep it at 10. Jersey recently went from a 15 rd limit to 10. ???
  12. That’s awesome. I don’t believe you can find that kind of customer service even with the more expensive makes or custom shops nowadays. Please keep us posted of the results.
  13. hiker88

    Old STI Edge accuracy issues

    Would you mind saying how much a "tune-up" like yours costs? I do have a close to stock Edge that might be a good candidate for a make over. ?
  14. hiker88

    Triggers- Good God!

    I'm very satisfied with my Hiperfire 24 3G. I got it at a great price too ?
  15. It came with a manual??? ? I went straight to Youtube. ?