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  1. I ran 9gr of hs6 with a 115 MG
  2. Does anyone know if the m2 lifter with the sbe
  3. 38 sc is gonna feed more reliable
  4. My mbx mags would work until I swapped the guts and base pad
  5. I really like my micro moa barrel its 17.3"
  6. I wouldn't use one with all the hi cap mags out there
  7. Extractor spring ?
  8. Are you shooting 3gun or prs for 3 gun I liked Harris and prs atlas
  9. Forster dies. I had whidden and both sets had to go back
  10. I like ar comp in short range ammo
  11. I sighted mine in at 25
  12. I shot 115 9 major and 124 for 38sc
  13. I never mixed mine up unless it calls for slugs at the beginning I shot open so I had a mag with slugs so it wasn't that big of a deal
  14. A easy way to remember is shoot towards the mag well
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