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  1. chase214

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    Does anyone know if the m2 lifter with the sbe
  2. chase214

    1911 38super or 9mm

    38 sc is gonna feed more reliable
  3. chase214

    STI Edge with MBX mags

    My mbx mags would work until I swapped the guts and base pad
  4. chase214

    18” vs 16”

    I really like my micro moa barrel its 17.3"
  5. chase214

    AR magwells

    I wouldn't use one with all the hi cap mags out there
  6. chase214


    Extractor spring ?
  7. chase214


    Are you shooting 3gun or prs for 3 gun I liked Harris and prs atlas
  8. chase214

    Whidden Gun Works or Forster Dies for PRS loading?

    Forster dies. I had whidden and both sets had to go back
  9. chase214

    Least expensive 223 powder

    I like ar comp in short range ammo
  10. chase214

    Sight in distance

    I sighted mine in at 25
  11. chase214

    Nationals Survey

    I shot 115 9 major and 124 for 38sc
  12. chase214

    Size of shotshell for 3 gun

    For spinners I used prairie storm
  13. chase214

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    I never mixed mine up unless it calls for slugs at the beginning I shot open so I had a mag with slugs so it wasn't that big of a deal
  14. chase214

    Shooting with Rifle Turned on Its Side

    A easy way to remember is shoot towards the mag well
  15. chase214

    I have a problem

    I had the same problem