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  1. I'd run what you got and go from there
  2. chase214

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    9gr hs6 with 115 MG out of my akai
  3. chase214

    Rifle Build Help

    As stated my buddy had the same issue and it turned out to be the gas block was installed incorrectly
  4. chase214

    Precision gun build

    If your gonna get a diff barrel look at 6 creed jp barrel that's what I shoot its 22 in. With the factory ammo available you will get more speed with a shorter barrel. My ammo is no where near max I'm getting about 2930 fps so the barrel should last as little longer
  5. chase214

    Full custom vs factory

    To me the custom gun was alot smoother. I shot my akai limited pistol and a sti edge I used same ammo and my akai felt so much smoother I even swapped out springs on the edge and could not get it any where near my akai that's just my opinion. There is no comparison to well fitted frame and slide . Just me careful if you shoot one your gonna want one
  6. chase214

    Full custom vs factory

    Custom is the way to go. I bought a used pistol to see what I liked and didn't then I had one built. Iv shot custom and factory side by side and there's no comparison in my opinion
  7. chase214

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    No it was a limited 9mm for 3 gun. I glad he did that because shays pistols are works of art and shoot better than I'm capable of
  8. chase214

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    I almost bought a "custom" pistol from Bobby until I talked to him I told him what I wanted and he basically told me I didn't know what I was talking about and to send him the money and he would build me a pistol with the parts he wanted so I called Shay at akai custom guns and had the pistol that I wanted built since then iv bought 3 pistols from him . I will never recommend Bobby to anyone some people have great results from him I'm just stating my experience with him I no nothing about his work never shot one of his pistols even though iv had the opportunity and I never will
  9. chase214

    Flat or curved trigger

    I run a short flat insert on mine iv tried med but the way I manipulate the trigger( slap it) with the med insert I tend to push it rounds impact on the right( I'm left handed)
  10. chase214

    Which Vortex PST for Precision Tactical?

    I'd save up and get a razor gen 2 look on sniper hide and Fb and get a used one for a pretty good price
  11. chase214

    Pcc Muzzle break

    I'm kinda surprised no company has done any test or maybe they did and didn't find any benefit to it
  12. chase214

    Recommendations for first chassis rifle?

    If you get a tikka deff get sterk bolt handle
  13. chase214

    Pcc Muzzle break

    Iv just always wondered if a pistol comp would work ie iv you shoot major pf ammo out of your pistol if it would work as well out of pcc or do pcc even produce enough gas to work the comp
  14. chase214

    Which recoil spring to use

    Wolf springs are the best