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  1. I’d go with 140’s for local match because they’re easier to reload, and if you’re like my state, you’ll be reloading a bunch. They’re long enough to use with the magwell , but not too long to be unwieldy if you’re going to travel, having both is nice i run nurtured 140’s at home with all my standard cap mags living in Exile in a free state
  2. The Havoc is built on a caspian high cap frame, and half the battle to get a caspian to run is finding good mags the original caspian mags with silver tubes were the best, they looked cheap but take a amazing amount of abuse and kept on going. If you can find some that are not beat to s#!t, I’d get some, also after the AWB expired in 2004, Caspian did sell the old style mags for a few years in a black finish and silver. stay away from the original blued mags, those were rubbish Caspian sold a new style mag with a cape base pad, I have some for my 40, and the base pad are great, the
  3. 1st thing your picture made me drool i never heard of those buffs, I’m going to order a couple to try out As far as your gun, 5906’s are built like tanks all the major components are hammer forged and about the only part that breaks on them are the trigger play spring which takes up the slack in the SA trigger pull the gun works fine without it, so don’t be afraid to shoot it
  4. Yep the Hawaiian reload, shooter with a tan dumps a almost full 170 and watch in horror as it leaves the gun we’ve been shooting open 10 since 94, locally it doesn’t make a difference because everyone shoots 10 round guns. yes it sucks compared to the mainland, but everyone has the same restriction classifier stages, any with more than 11 scored rounds that don’t require a reload, takes a little more effort to get a M or GM score
  5. For travel by airlines various 9mm factory boxes, I found it easier when traveling due to the airline personnel recognizing it as ammo boxes, I’ve had them question MTM boxes. Yes the MTM’s are better, but trying to explain that at ticket counter usually doesn’t end well. I’ve also gotten into the habit of going to the airlines FAQ page, and printing their firearms and ammo policy and having it handy. another benefit of factory boxes is I toss them at the match, less stuff to haul back home.
  6. When I started, we had no divisions, everyone shot heads up, run what you brung, for the official high overall score But we also timed with stop watches, and figured out match results with calculator
  7. My production and SS load is 4.0 gn of 231 under a 135 blue bullet PF at 135
  8. It happens when I load 223 and 308, but not 30-06 1 thing I did that helped but didn’t totally stop it was I clean the inside of the funnel after 25 years of lubed cases going down it the inside got a little sticky
  9. I use them on my rifles, my colt mag PCC does lock back and it makes it easier to ulsc and on locked back reloads it’s easier and faster for me to hit the b.a.d then the bolt release 1 warning, when using to drop the bolt keep you index finger straight and hit with the pad flat on the lever, and don’t have your finger bent and use the tip, your finger may after hitting the b.a.d continue on to the trigger and boom. don’t ask me how I know this
  10. I got the shipping notice from Blue Bullets for my 135s that were ordered on Dec. 8th
  11. Idk about super but I built a 9 SS with a frame that had a 45 ramp and it feeds perfectly I think it’s more a matter of getting good mags
  12. I seem to recall Taccom saying not to use a crush washer to time their comps because you could damage the barrel due to it being thin Also 9mm barrels used to be commonly threaded 1/2x36, same as the 7.62x39 which made it harder to do stupid things
  13. Thanks for the info I was an unintentional beta tester for the rts2 having bought one when they first came out and quite frankly got a bit annoyed when the latest and greatest kept going back to get “upgraded” .
  14. Any feedback by users of those sight, human nature is to grumble about stuff that breaks, and not praise stuff works (unless somebody asks) if you could also include if they’re frame or slide mount and approx round count thanks in advance
  15. I alway dryfire with mags loaded with dummies 1st of all, the the dummy rounds prevents the feed lips from becoming a knife edge when it hits the magwell 2nd the feel and force need to seat the mag is different using a empty mag compared to a full one, you ever see a mag fall out after a reload, I’d guess that shooter doesn’t practice with full mags
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