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  1. I remember bagging and unbagging on the line started about the same time the first race holsters showed up, fast but not secure guys would bag the gun instead of risking getting the gun knocked out of the holster
  2. I read on another forum that the owner has health problem and is not taking anymore work
  3. Thanks I’ve thought about doing that, but a straight barrel swap would be easier plus I’ll still be able to switch back to super if the mood arises
  4. I read somewhere on a post here that Al Zitta bought scheumann barrels and was in the process ramping up, I’ve also been looking for a blank rib 4 port length barrel to rebarrel my back up gun in 9 and gave up until I read that shooters connection is selling KKM barrels hybicomp barrels but the rib copies the SVI squarish rib instead of the round scheumann
  5. Techwell has one for the PSA colt lower that works with the cmmg
  6. There’s a guy on eBay that sells one for colt mags i just use a 1x2 with the front corners rounded off for my colt mag lowers
  7. One test to see where it’s hanging us is to remove the recoil spring and plug, reassemble, then load a mag with dummy rounds and hand cycle them through the gun, it will show you where e round is hanging up
  8. Shred nailed as usual also check your extractor tension and the breech face, too Much tension or a rough breech face may slow the round slipping under the extractor hook check if there is a slight radius on the bottom of the extractor hook, again the aid the round to slip under the hook
  9. Damn I must be old, I used both of those when they were the go to state fo the art rigs i still use the double stack mag pouch on my production rig
  10. It’s not just you, and I was wondering the same thing
  11. First time I went to Japan and after a 10 hour flight went straight to the restroom to take a dump, sat down and jumped straight up, WTF the seats hot, that was my introduction to the wonderful world a high tech Toto toilet seats
  12. We use picks with a notch cut in them, basically a big nail puller I’d love to see the tool you’re asking about
  13. I’ve used flitz to get the carbon off my hard chromed Galil gas piston without any damage to the finish
  14. Not all coated bullets are the same I’ve shot thousands of blue bullets thru my open 38supercomp, there is a build up in the comp, but no way near as bad as some of the others here has experienced. The one way to minimize it in a open gun is to swab the comp with kroil after every shooting session and let it sit till the next time you shoot it. The kroil will soften and seep under the build up and the next time you shoot it the muzzle blast will blow the crud out. i don’t know if that would work for a PCC due to the lower muzzle pressure as far as the the advantages of coated vs plated vs jacketed, it really come down to cost per K in bulk Blue bullet preform about the same as fmj thru my gun and cost a little more than hard cast lead plated, I’ve never had any luck with Any of them and cost pretty damn close to precision delta jhp Jacketed, again look at PD, their case price Is around $90 per k, the last Black Friday sale had them for $78 a k
  15. It’s very stiff, not as stiff as a cr speed comp rig but It easily handle the weight of all the crap I had to have and the belt runs thru the buckle then doubles back secures with Velcro mall the years I used it it never loosened up
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