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  1. I’m in the no support camp I’ve run cr speed, safariland and bianchi hemisphere all full size holsters and one of the problems I had with all of them was bending down shooting thru low ports, they would all jab me in the leg and my side, limiting my movement i have no such problem with my much smaller ghost
  2. I’ve been shooting blue bullets for a while and didn’t notice any difference accuracy between the old stuff and the new sized .355
  3. The problem with a trigger job in a bag is although it may be perfect for the frame or fixture they have in the shop, it might not be for your frame depending on the manufacture tolerances, the hammer and sear hole may not be perfect, I worked on a frame once that the hammer and sear holes were not square and were off set from the left side of the frame to the right
  4. rishii

    The oddest thing...

    I’ve had the same thing happen to my dummy ammo I have a couple of dedicated dry fire mags and the heads work themselves loose after awhile
  5. rishii

    PCC Magazine Storage

    I use these https://www.amazon.com/Condor-Outdoors-FBA_MA37-002-Triple-Magazine/dp/B01MU6QP1U/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1549852743&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=uzi%2Bmag%2Bpouch&dpPl=1&dpID=310W-6cx1TL&ref=plSrch&th=1&psc=1 they come in different colors to allow you to color code the different mags
  6. Good luck with enforcing that, it’s hard enough keeping track of the number of rounds fired in the 10 round divisions. to drastically change the rules to accommodate a small group shooter is insane. when I started the 45 was king, and everyone shot heads up, no divisions, you run what you brung the first compguns showed up, and the old slab side was obsolete, to win you need to buy one of those gamer guns the devel follower showed up, 8 rounds in a mag designed for 7, you mags ale obsolete, you need to buy new follower or mags the 38 super compguns show up and the hold 2 more rounds than your brand new 8 round 45 compgun and it shoots flatter your new 38 super compgun shows up, and some damn Jedi Knight wannabe puts a red dot on his and wins the nationals so you send the gun back to the gunsmith to mount a red dot then the highcap wide body guns appear, and you brand new 10 round red dotted super is obsolete so what do you do, if you’re bill wilson you form IDPA🥺 whats the point to all this, if it an’t broke, don’t try to fix it can you buy a edge in 9mm, yes can you use it in USPSA, yes will you be competitive in limited, maybe, but more than likely not Should USPSA change the rules to make you gun more competitive, and indoing so piss off 99.9% of limited shooter, not only no, but hell no Stock gun class, the forerunner to limited was created to give the martial artist a place to play without affecting the compgun shooters when the first supers showed up, some of the 45 guys stayed, some built supers, some said the hell with this and left the first highcaps, some of the 45 and super guys built new guns, some said the hell with this and leave if you add major 9 to limited, how many guys with brand new 3-4K obsolete limited will say the hell with this and leave
  7. I’ve been shooting game since 84 and seen the effects of unintended consequences you ever wonder why the mag limit for open is 170mm well the story goes when the para’s, P 9’s, caspians and sti’s Started showing up, to allow the old SS 45 comp to still be competitive there was a 15 round 45 mag that was 170mm long. it wasn't long before someone cut 2 caspian mags in half and welded them back together to meet the 170mm rule and started the highcap arms race if USPSA allowed major 9 in limited to please a few, they will piss off 99.9% of limited shooters because they have just made their 40 limited blasters obsolete
  8. rishii

    Cleaning AR PCC Lower

    I use silicone spray, the acetone carrier cuts the crud and when it drys it leave a thin layer of silicone behind
  9. Put cardboard over the top of it but I’m like the others, when mine gets quite it’s telling me somethings wrong
  10. Everything I learned about shooting, I learned from watching Double tap
  11. rishii

    Cleaning my compensator.

    I’ve been swabbing my comp with kroil after every shooting session, it get under the crud and the next time I shoot it, the blast blow it out
  12. Another blue bullet shooter, I’ve shot cases of them thru everything from production to open, they do smoke some, but less than other brands and I’ve pushed the 115s to 1500 FPS in my supercomp with no leading in the barrel and minimal crud buildup in the comp. the nationals shooter survey shows with the exception of open, blue bullets were 1st or 2nd in bullet manufacturers used at the match
  13. rishii

    Colt mag issue.

    I run metalform mags from brownells and PSA The combo that has worked for me are the blued PSA mags with the stock follower, extra power spring with the base plate retainer left on and running 115 gr bullets i couldn’t get to run with the heavier bullets, also I couldn’t get it to run with the coated Brownells mag on the extra power spring, I bought 2, and compared them to the stock spring in all my mags and about a 3rd already had the “extra power” spring installed I just got the TF custom follower and spring which supposed fix the problems but I haven’t tested it yet
  14. rishii

    2019 DVC Open?

    +1 on the above you can also add, food, housing and make a reasonable profit, there’s been a bunch of good gunsmith come and go, many of them were great smiths but lousy businessmen there’s a reason Dawson and EGW gave up smithing and went to only selling parts, they probably figured out there’s more money in it and less headaches
  15. rishii

    Limcat tron

    I would if I could, but sbr’s are illegal here