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  1. I bought a racer years ago, the holster was ok, I hated the hanger with a passion As hard as I tried the holster would always go out of adjustment i recently got the alpha x racer hanger and retrofitted it to my old holster and the improvement is impressive, it stays in adjustment and transformed my old holster from a POS to
  2. We use a similar stand with the addition of a 4x4 on 1 end that’s drilled for a stake and we use 10” long nails that we get from Home Depot also unless you’re Superman, get a pick and use it like a claw hammer to pull the stakes
  3. I would rethink using a Schumann barrel for the simple reason that supply is very limited to nonexistent and if you ever decide to rebarrel the gun, the odds are against you finding one im in that boat now, I got a super that I want to rebarrel to 9 and I’ve pretty much given up finding one if your heart is set on a ribbed barrel, I would look at a svi or KKM
  4. Look for cracks on the body around the adjustment/lock screws
  5. If you’re going with hybrid ribbed barrel, I’d suggest get one with a blank rib a 4 port hybicomp barrel bleeds a ton of gas and trying to make major with a 9 may be a problem, with a blank rib you can start with no holes, then have your Smith drill the rib to add holes if you want btw if you ever get an answer from Schumann let us know, I’ve been looking for a blank 4 port length hybicomp barrel for years
  6. Did you try to reset i got this from comp. electronic take the battery out, hold down the side button and insert the battery back in, the display should say something like initializing this works about 80% of the time
  7. Agreed plus a ton of dry fire
  8. Several companies sell mounts that replace the rear sight, if you know what sight the slide is cut for and do a search, the most common are the bomar, lpa and novak
  9. Not mine, I tried the 8-32 socket head screws and they were oversized to the hole in the mount
  10. Ah no, I just got in cheely’s v2 rts/razor scope mount and it uses the smaller m4 screws
  11. Our range is windy 20-30mph is not unusual we tried 2x2 with plastic lattice, you’re right they’re heavy and act like a sail currently we use 2x2 wood frames and snow/construction fence, it’s a lot lighter, doesn’t catch as much wind, but they will still blow over For the feet, we use a mix of round tubing welded to steel flat stock about 2’ long with holes drilled on each end to stake and 2” square sign post tubing all of our feet have a single, double or triple hole which allows for various wall configuration
  12. It’s bigger than the 6 which makes it easier to track, but it’s not any brighter i sent my 6moa back because it looked dim, c-more checked it and agreed, they replace the emitter i see they now have a 10moa rts2 which I wish they had out when I bought my 8
  13. Which c-more my slideride with the 8 moa dot with a fresh battery blooms in bright daylight i wish both my 6 & 8 moa rts2 were brighter
  14. Shooters connection https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Gunfighter-Targets-Reactive-4x4-Set-of-6-P4248.aspx
  15. Try removing the hip pad
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