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  1. Question for the guys that run one, how adjustable is the holster for different trigger guards, the description show for both plastic and metal 2011, anyone tried it with a caspian high cap?
  2. I ran the blue bullets 115’s in my super for a few years without problem compared to jhp they do smoke a little, but I never noticed it when I was shooting, and they do lead up the comp a little, about the same as fmj, but swabbing it with kroil after every session kept the buildup to a minimum i also started with the blue 125’s but to get my gun to shoot flat I was pushing it to about 178-180pf then I switched 115’s kept the same powder charge, the gun still made major, still shot flat and coincidentally was the same load as my 124 jhp which made it easy to switch when going to a major
  3. rishii

    Scope help

    I ran a cmore like that for years
  4. Coming form a 10 round state I’d shoot it differently if the stage on the ground is the same as on paper, and it looks like most of the shots are fairly close i would go right or left to the 1st barrel take 3 targets, if you’re allowed to stow a mag do it while moving to the 2nd position and take 2 targets reload and go to the middle port take 1 steel, 2 targets, 2nd steel, 2 targets, reload from the stowed mag or next barrel 4th position, take 2 targets, move to the last position take 3
  5. There was a local shooter years ago who claimed he wasn’t rich because he worked for a living, bought both open and limited guns with the frame mounted safety in 356 TSW way back then the rule for limited major was if 3 manufacturers made ammo that made major, then it could be scored major well there were 2 and he was in the process of buying a production run from a 3rd ammo company when USPSA changed the rules to 40 cal minimum for limited major
  6. I ran the sidemore setup for a few years, then switched to the rts2 and prefer it it sits a tad higher and it clears the ejection like the 90, but it leaves the back of the slide accessible now almost all of my slide rides sit on PCCs
  7. An expensive magnet pouch, ah no i run a magnet on my belt and use it mainly for my make ready mag and the empty mag when I’m done as far as a 30 round limit, good luck enforcing that, other than running all 32 round field courses how many of you could keep track of only 30 rounds fired during a stage
  8. rishii


    I’ve done it, it does tighten up the slide to frame fit if you do send it in, have them also refit the barrel
  9. I bought a racer years ago, the holster was ok, I hated the hanger with a passion As hard as I tried the holster would always go out of adjustment i recently got the alpha x racer hanger and retrofitted it to my old holster and the improvement is impressive, it stays in adjustment and transformed my old holster from a POS to
  10. We use a similar stand with the addition of a 4x4 on 1 end that’s drilled for a stake and we use 10” long nails that we get from Home Depot also unless you’re Superman, get a pick and use it like a claw hammer to pull the stakes
  11. I would rethink using a Schumann barrel for the simple reason that supply is very limited to nonexistent and if you ever decide to rebarrel the gun, the odds are against you finding one im in that boat now, I got a super that I want to rebarrel to 9 and I’ve pretty much given up finding one if your heart is set on a ribbed barrel, I would look at a svi or KKM
  12. Look for cracks on the body around the adjustment/lock screws
  13. If you’re going with hybrid ribbed barrel, I’d suggest get one with a blank rib a 4 port hybicomp barrel bleeds a ton of gas and trying to make major with a 9 may be a problem, with a blank rib you can start with no holes, then have your Smith drill the rib to add holes if you want btw if you ever get an answer from Schumann let us know, I’ve been looking for a blank 4 port length hybicomp barrel for years
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