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  1. I have the old style powder measures and use both the springs and the fail safe rod, kinda like wearing both a belt and suspenders the fail safe rod only comes into play on the bottom of the stroke to ensure the powder bar is fully closed
  2. To be fair, most red dots don’t survive his testing, including the SRO and the Romero 1pro with the steel shroud but he does have a consistent testing procedure and he comes across as sincere and honest on his opinion on various red dots he tested. Not of duty use
  3. Add a disconnector stuck in the down position to the above, I polish the top edge of the middle finger of the sear spring where it rides on the disconnector also you removed the over travel screw, does the trigger have any over travel after the hammer falls, I had one that I removed the over travel screw and still had similar issues as you describe, I then realized the trigger shoe itself was hitting the mag catch and filed it down
  4. On the old style powder measures there were springs that wrapped around the post and the PM body that returned the powder bar back into it.
  5. I’ve been using the same setup for a few years, works well but the initial getting use to them was a bit
  6. For a 1911 also look at the cr speed holster adjustable for many types of frames
  7. My production, SS and CO load is 4.0 of 231 under a 135 gn blue bullet give me 135pf
  8. My 308 rifle dies that I got direct from Dillon in the late 80’s are black
  9. That’s impressive my V1 lasted 400 rounds before it died
  10. I use the Lyman lube for pistol and it happens, I’ve never had it affect my ammo 1 hint about using it is to let it dry before loading, it’s not like the old fashion lube that you used wet My process is after inspection, wet tumble and dry, I immediately lube the cases and Let them sit, sometimes for days or weeks before I load them
  11. what the others have said 15 yards is pushing it for a laser, the only time I used it beyond 10 yards was when I forgot to turn on my dot
  12. I used a dremel with a sanding drum, took it down below flush to the comp until I saw the outline of the pin, then flipped it over and tapped with a hammer until the pin fell out
  13. The Romero 1pro is also much brighter than a rts2
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