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  1. 3”, I wouldn’t, how are you getting the brass in there, plus there’s no way to charge out the feed plates without removing the case feeder from the press i have a 650 and cut the case feeder mount and clear plastic case feed tube down around 4” to allow me to look into it, plus change out plates without using a stool. I could have gone shorter, but was worried if I cut it down too much, it would interfere with the powder measure
  2. I ran the same 8 moa That I ran on pistols for years and like it until I tried a 4 moa , with the scopes being closer to your face when mounted on a rifle, the 8 moa dot seems huge
  3. I don’t know if the old style will work with the newer plunger yoke screw, the old style are smaller, and if I remember correctly the same screw as the flat side plate screw and were easily mixed up, and yes it is a fitted part
  4. I got a question for those who experienced bulged brass, which recoil springs are you using I just got a legion and so far have I have only used the springs that came with the gun so the question is were you using factory length springs or the shorter 1911 spring and what weight?
  5. 20 some odd years ago Jerry the burner Barnhardt was shooting thru a match and he spent a good part of the day with my squad, prior to shooting the stage he was hyper focused and intense. After he shot it was like a light switch got turned on, he was smiling, very approachable answered questions and seem like an all round good guy, another thing that impress me was he was one of the shooting gods at the time and he was one of the first guys out there resetting the stage the moral of the story is don’t mistake aloofness for something else, some guys are there to have fun and socialize others are there to win the match and don’t want distractions
  6. For the guys using 1911 spring, are you using the stock guide rod or the gray guns fat one
  7. I saw those on eBay what’s the difference between the regular and short, well other than being shorter as far as holster set up does the short allow for the front strap be to below the top of the belt? thanks in advance
  8. I had an arrendondo powder bar for use with sp-2, and it was kinda better than the stock Dillion with the fine grain powders, but ultimately swore off using any powder that gummed up the powder measure
  9. Check If your strain screw Is backing out
  10. It’s been said before, add a comp and go play in open
  11. A buddy is running a trigger tech, I don’t know if it’ll hold up long term but it does feel like a 1911 trigger
  12. Yep like the old IROC racing series, identical cars provided by the organizer when production was started it was the stock gun, cheap entry level division, and looked what it turned into
  13. I’ve been running red dots since the 90’s, starting with a tasco pdp2 and pdp3, back then you’d send your brand new scope off to the dot doctor to get them bullet proofed, and I broke every single one of them switched to c-more serendipity and slide rides, most of those went back to c-more for repair, were they junk, no we just abuse them to the point that they wear out. my current rts 2’s both have the v4 board, and so far so good and I’ll stick with them until the current crop of new MRD sights get a proven track record
  14. I have a rts2, version 1 that I got in 2012?, and it’s been back to them 3 times and have never been charged. The warranty is for a year but c-more’s been great about Upgrading and repairing it.
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