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  1. Thanks for the kind words it was a pleasure meeting you
  2. I compare the spring that’s in the gun with a new one, when the used spring is one coil shorter, I change it
  3. For windage remove it from the mount, under the body you’ll see the windage screw and a metal block back off the windage a set number of turns and put a drop of blue loctite on the screw and screw it back to “zero” remount and rezero
  4. Brian

    do you make a magwell for the Cmmg colt mag lowers


    ray ishii

    1. bmiller


      Yes I do.

  5. Add me to the list psa colt lower, bmiller magwell
  6. It’s $99.99 i just ordered one, resistance was futile
  7. Like I said about the NON SCORING border i didn’t mention anything about hard cover it’s there to make scoring faster on the old targets without a non scoring border if there was a target with only 1 hit we had to examine the outside edge for a grease mark before calling a Mike now we look at the non scoring border if it is disturbed ripped torn etc you now examine that portion of the target instead of the entire outside edge
  8. Ok let me reword that if the non scoring border is ripped, you check the pref if it’s not it a mike
  9. Don’t get hung up one the non scoring border, it’s there to call edge hits on targets. back in the day the targets didn’t have one and when scoring you had to examine the entire outside edge of a target for grease mark before calling a miss now if the pref is ripped, you examine the target, if not it’s a mike
  10. A couple of tweaks I did to my Brownells mags on the front “feed lips” of the mag I noticed the inside edge was sharp so I polished it smooth also my mags wouldn’t drop free, which I figured out was the same feed lips protruding out slightly past the mag body, a few light taps with a plastic hammer solved it
  11. I use the Brownells mags, I read the same thing about them being metalform mag with a coating also
  12. Next time it happens, stop and look where it’s hanging up check if your disconnector is getting stuck in the up position, it’s unlikely but check it anyway check your extractor and tunnel, is the tunnel clean, and check the extractor for chips, tension check your firing pin stop, with the firing pin in, does it drop down below the disconnector rail on the slide when it might catch on the hammer check the link and standing lugs for cracks
  13. If I read this right, the gun stopped running after you switched to the taccom buffer i just did the same, and had a similar problem, I did 2 thing to fix it, first I removed the plastic disk, second I locked my bolt back for a week and now my gun runs
  14. The key is to find a lube that stays where you put it, doesn’t dry out and doesn’t burn off I've been using kelube fo years, and is sold by Neil Keller of Keller custom gun, it’s fairly thick, it stays where you put it, it doesn’t dry out and after 1000 rounds there is still oily residue on the outside of my barrel the only place I’ll put slide glide on a open gun are the top and standing lugs and stay away from CLPs, when I clean my gun, I use a solvent, to lube I use a lubricant, CLPs makes sense if your out in the boonies if you’re not use dedicated lubes
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