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  1. When I got my 1st super, I used the peltor ultimate 10, quite ,comfortable couldn’t hear squat then electronic muffs showed up and all the cool kids had them now due to tinnitus, I gotta use electronic muffs, when I use regular hearing protection, all I hear is a constant eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. I had problems with pro ears, I had the highest NNR electronic muff they sold at the time, and the band was too stiff and didn’t seal around my ears ive gone with peltors, first the tac pros, and now the tactical 500 and have been happy with them, a couple of buddies use the Msa sordins and they both double plug when they shoot open
  3. I lost one too i called them and was told, they don’t sell it, didn’t offer to send a replacement and told me to buy a complete plm to replace that on small part i made a spacer out of alum barstock and Velcro it in place
  4. Damn I had no idea they made a rifle version gotta add this to the wish list
  5. No that was modified division it was like open but it had to fit in a box
  6. Before you spend a bunch of money ether upgrading your pistol or getting a new one shoot a few matches wIth your existing setup to make sure this sport is for you limited minor will hurt a little in scoring, but you’ll have a capacity advantage over a 40, plus it’ll force you to aim
  7. I just built a open gun with the brazos lightened caspian slide, weights just over 10 oz. and I’m quite happy with it when you consider the cost of a bald slide then add the cost of machine work, what he charges for his slide is very reasonable another thing I took into consideration was I crack 2 lightened slide and I’m kinda paranoid about it, I’ve seen and read about various slides cracking from various builders, but never from brazos, I’m sure they have, but I’ve not heard of any.
  8. I actually saw this happen once new shooter who thought it was cool, after everyone had stopped yelling he found out it wasn’t
  9. Bingo we got a winner I used to have 2 identical open guns and they were close but not identical in how they shot, they were so identical that I cracked the slides on both of them within a month of each other Now my backup gun is my old one as long as your ammo runs in both guns, you’re good
  10. In addition to the above, Put a piece of masking tape under the c-more and mount when you shoot it to check if the brass is hitting it and bouncing back in
  11. Not with my 9 it does have a flat spring that takes the place of the latch that holds it in place
  12. A buddy broke one, I don’t know how many rounds he had on it but I’d guess around 2k
  13. No problem with mine got around 2k on it a buddy’s one got gunked up and wouldn’t reset a blast of brake cleaner seemed to fix it
  14. Thanks for the kind words it was a pleasure meeting you
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