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  1. The main problem with caspian was during the assault weapon ban they refused to sell “repair” tubes. Ive been running caspian’s since 94 and started with 6 mag, and 26 years later 4 of those are still in use, and being in the people’s republic, they’re nurtured to 10 rounds and have been dropped, stepped on, kicked, left out in the rain and generally abused and keep going. Also caspian has at least 3 different 38 super/9mm mags, chromed, blued and the new style. the blued and the 10 round mags were rubbish, the chromed are what I run and are fantastic, the new style 40 mags I have a
  2. rishii

    Mag Pouches

    I’ve been using the black scorpion pouches, highly adjustable and so far I like them my only gripes are it may be too adjustable and the thumb screws stick out too far and I sometimes hook them with my index finger but it’s easy to remove them and cut the adjustment screw down
  3. mine did that with 223 brass, I felt the inside of the funnel and it was gunked up, I cleaned it with alcohol and it helped My case feeder is the older style that came with a white bushing that fit inside the funnel for pistol rounds, I tried running it once without it and it jammed the same way as you pic
  4. I’d just go to the Dillon website and order a rl550c with the 38 special conversion kit your old dies will work, the press comes with the primer feed and powder measure
  5. My latest, major 9 gun with a Brazos caspian slide, Caspian checkered wide body frame, Binary engineering comp, finished in cerakote
  6. Same principle as the old Armson Occluded Eye Gunsight (OEG) one of the early dot sights A solid tube with a tritium? Dot, look thru it with one eye closed and all you see is the dot, open both eyes and the red dot gets superimposed onto what you’re looking at. A definite what the hell the 1st time I used one
  7. simple way to separate 380, 9 and 40, you'll need a few bullet trays that come in the blazer 40 or 45 ammo, go to the range and dumpster dive the trash, they're white and have square holes. next get a big tray, line he bottom with the bullet trays and from about a foot up, slowly drop handfuls of brass into the trays. about 80-90% will land with the case mouth facing up. now it's easy to see the different cases, 380 is shorter, 40 is taller and fill the square hole. also check for stepped brass, berdan primed, cracked brass, next take a empty tray put it over the one you're hold and flip the c
  8. I’m using the egw practical extractor in my major 9 gun, I tried both the aftec and the HD extractors and I could never get enough tension on them for reliable extraction
  9. Another 206 green user, in addition to awkward leans and hip shots on the start, I’ve used mine as a backup sight if I forget to turn on the dot, yes it’s dim, yes it sucked, but it was useable, and I’ve used it on low ports with mesh walls, being in age denial with bad knees. especially if the port is in the middle of a stage where I’d have to squat, kneel then get up to finish, easier on me
  10. I’ve run cases of 125 & 115 blue bullets sized to 355 thru my old supercomp guns with good results if they still offer it, get a sample pack to try out
  11. Ditto Sure beats using pick up tubes
  12. Drill and tap steel flat stock, I used a old Dillon flat wrench, screw in the screw and cut with a dremel cut off wheel once you cut the 1st screw the right length, measure it with a calipers and lock the adjustment, use that to measure the rest of the screws when you cut them
  13. American mountain supply https://www.americanmountainsupply.com/cases/pistol
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