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  1. PSA colt lower, it was an early model and I had to slightly bent the ejector towards the center and file down the nose of the bolt catch to clear the rounds in mag after those 2 mods it’s runs i also have a cmmg colt lower and I ran into constant ftf, after trying different mags, uppers, bullet lengths and loads to get it to feed I compared the bullet guides from the psa and the cmmg, and noticed the ramp on the cmmg bullet guide was Rather blunt and higher than the psa. Which resulted in the bullets striking the blunt portion of the feed ramp then going up the bullet guide
  2. I use brake cleaner followed up with silicon spray
  3. Forum discounts are 5% they have a quantity discount if you order 10k or more of 10to50 for 10% off for 9mm heads that’s around 3 cases
  4. Rangertrace If you could find someplace to stay, many hotels are shutting down for months after the last guest leave i went to work yesterday and it was surreal, it used to be packed with tourist, hundreds of employees working together yesterday it was a ghost town, handful of remaining guests, a few dozen workers, most of whom will be furloughed
  5. Damn and my wife thinks I got issues
  6. Taccom post awhile ago not to use a crush washer on a AR9 barrel because the barrel wall is thin and torquing on it with a crush washer to time the ports straight up may damage the barrel you might try using a peel washer instead
  7. http://jplprecision.com/ he’s a member here and post under jpl
  8. Have you thought about just getting a cheely mount for it, and selling your old one that'll beat drilling another hole in your gun
  9. Price out everything you’ll need to complete the short block kit, trigger group, grips, sights etc. now add tools and jigs you may need to complete the build, at the very least a good file set and stones. Now add the cost of whatever coating you'll put on it. in the end the cost may be pretty close to their custom guns that cost $2850 and also come with 2 mags.
  10. I just put cardboard over the open top of the case feeder, it seemed to lower the volume
  11. Also Change out the TI firing pin if it has one to steel and use a extra power FP spring
  12. Blue bullets I've been using them for years in everything from my pcc to my old 38 supercomp open guns, no leading, accurate, and it leaves a pretty blue “grease” ring on targets With the sole exception of open, blue bullets were the number 1 bullet used in the last 2 USPSA national survey For all divisions I’ve been promoting them here for so long you’d think they’d send me a t-shirt
  13. Every gun I compete with I built or modified
  14. I under stand your concern my Duty gun was a S&W 5906 and my supplemental was a 3913, I’m a strong believer in KISS, but my main division I shoot is open with a 50oz red dot, huge mag well etc and it worked for me simply because the 5906 is pretty similar in grip angle, SA trigger reset and with the exception of the safety all the controls are in the same place. I was able to switch back and forth easily, in fact I shot my box stock duty gun in limited for years and got a B classification, it damn near got me to A right before I retired we switched to the sig p320 and all of that went right out the window, the guns were just too different if I were you, I’d look at getting a x5 legion again keep it simple, less for the brain to process under stress
  15. I have an adapter somewhere that came with an old Dillon 450 and used it once the idea sounded good but in use all it did was spill powder all over my press with the Dillon powder measure, the powder funnel is always in contact with the case mouth when in use with the adapter the powder funnel just floats in there and every few rounds it’ll get stuck and dump powder all over the press
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