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  1. 1st off, I wouldn’t get a 750 without the case feeder, without it you’d be hand feeding cases into the feed tube every 15-20 rounds. If ceiling height is an issue, you can cut the case feeder mounting tube shorter. I did the 650 for my main pistol calibers and a 450 for everything else, and after awhile I realized I almost never used the 450 and kinda hated using it. Over time I ended up converting all my calibers over to the 650 and unbolted the 450 and gave it away. if you are unable to mount the case feeder, I wouldn’t bother getting the 750. If you can squeeze in the case feeder
  2. What he said also your barrel may need to be refitted, I’d pay Doug jones do it
  3. The cuts on the slide reminds me of smoking hole pistol design
  4. Being in Hawaii, I also run 5 pouches with a magnet up front, I remember a total dumpster fire of a stage where I ran out of mag
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it their old nyclad coating in red instead of blue https://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/2008/10/29/federal-nyclad-ammunition-in-38-special-to-be-reintroduced-at-2009-shot-show/
  6. Because that’s a slippery slope the USPSA doesn’t want to go down if they allowed 38 super scored major in SS, then next will be major 9, after that both allowed scored major in limited also in SS, major is limited to 8 rounds, so 357 sig doesn’t have a competitive capacity advantage over any other round scored major.
  7. https://www.frankfordarsenal.com/reloading-tools/presses-and-tools/reloading-presses/fx-10-progressive-reloading-press/1135898.html#start=1
  8. Tapco makes them http://www.tapco.com/multiuse/chamber-safety-tools.html
  9. L10 and the 10 round production preceded the current rule book to let guys like me shoot a major without having to borrow magazines, but I also feel having separate classifications for L10 and limited was stupid. now back on topic, do we really want another division where you "need" a 5K blaster to be competitive, we jokingly call CO open lite, welfare open etc. but CO is where you put a dot on a glock and you can be competitive for around a grand. If you're looking for a division for you 2011 with a dot, we'll gladly welcome you in open
  10. I started with a Tasco pdp2 and the larger pdp3 tube sights on my open guns, and when the c-more first came out I thought it was stupid, I'd see guys with them do the old c-more dance trying to find the dot. I was convinced I was right until I bought a gun with one, then I realized I was the stupid one for not trying one earlier. The only advantage the tube sight had over the c-more was it was easier to find the dot on the draw due to the tube, the disadvantage is I'd get tube focused and my eyes were locked to the tube while transitioning from target to target.
  11. Both Aimpoint and holosun have enclosed emitter sights https://www.aimpoint.com/product/aimpoint-acro-c-1/ https://holosun.com/index/product/item/cid/12.html
  12. My go to for 38SC my backup for major 9 i know guys who used it in 9 and 40 primarily because they got out of open and wanted to burn it up
  13. I also started with a rockchucker, it was a good, solid single stage press and here come the but, look at a Dillon 550, use it as a turret press, load only 1 case at a time until you get the hang of it im guessing within a couple hundred rounds, you’ll be loading progressively
  14. Shooters connection show a few on their website
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