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  1. Not to derail this thread my wife is looking a new laptop also, the question I have is do we take advantage of the Christmas sales or wait to the 2019 models come out the minimum specs I’m looking at is windows, 16 g of ram and a 512 ssd also We’ve had a HP and a Lenovo laptops and both were crap, any brands to stay away from
  2. Thanks for the info I just finished a major 9 using the same comp and plan to send it awp for plating and I was thinking about not plating the comp but asking them to match finish
  3. rishii

    Low Slung Mag Pouches

    The. black scorpion mag pouch is adjustable for height, angle and cant
  4. rishii

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    Same here, blue bullets115s come in a case of 3900, I would buy the same amount from PD with the discounted shipping
  5. OPENB beautiful gun, is that CFD Ti comp, and did they plate it or left it bare and matched the finish of the rest of the gun
  6. rishii

    How do you mark your brass?

    The fastest buy nickel supercomp and mark the bottom the cases stand out in a sea of brass, and make the bottom to confirm
  7. rishii

    Decisions, which to keep? STI Edge or SV?

    I agree with selling the TSO, I would then get the edge as close to the svi in terms of trigger length, grip, and weight ideally you back up gun should mimic your primary gun in every way possible
  8. rishii

    Red Dot Choices

    Mines 4-5 years old its gone back 3 for upgrades, never got charged
  9. rishii

    New 9mm major barrel options

    Cool i need to rebarrel my old super to 9 and have been looking everywhere for a hybricomp barrel
  10. Check the Firing pin, the last time I saw that I had a Ti firing pin in the gun, swapped it out with a extra long one and the problem went away, or did a good job of hiding it
  11. rishii

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    With enough time and money practically anything is possible but the question is who’s going to put up the time and the money to see if it sells
  12. rishii

    Black friday components thread?

    Thanks for the heads up my mailman’s gonna hate me again
  13. I made mine out of a 50AE case, drilled out the bottom and used a hacksaw to cut a couple of slots in the extractor groove, attached a clear vinyl tube that empties into a old powder jug on the floor that I drilled a half inch hole in the lid for the tube i have no idea how many spent primers are in there, but it weighs around 3-4 lbs
  14. rishii

    Weird trigger "freeze" issues.

    Another check to do Disassemble the frame, leave in the trigger, mag catch and grip point the frame down, and press up on the trigger, then release it, does it drop down on its own, if yes then proceed to step 2, if not, it’s hanging up somewhere in the grip frame 2. Insert a empty mag and repeat, if it does good, if not it’s hanging up on the mag 3. Repeat the above with a fully loaded mag, again if it drops down on its own, then your problem is something else, if it doesn’t it’s hanging up on the mag
  15. rishii

    PCC Handguard - help decide

    I have a double star on a rifles, it’s comfortable to hold and the one thing it does very well is retain heat on a long 3 gun stage it does get quite warm, I ended up wrapping it in paracord as a insulator