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  1. fbzero

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    That's funny. Myself and two other local USPSA shooters were discussing our reloads one day, and one of them was complaining about how smokey his loads were compared to mine(he was using Titegroup). Myself and the other guy both suggested Sport Pistol next time he ran out and offered up our load data to get him started. We had never discussed load data before, but as I said what mine was, he smiled and said that there must be something to it because that was the exact load he had settled on as well My dad shoots the 147's and I like them too, but just prefer the impulse of the 135's for USPSA/3gun.
  2. fbzero

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    For the 135's, I load 3.5gr Sport Pistol @ 1.130 and have had good results. Nice recoil impulse, accurate, low SD's, and low smoke.
  3. fbzero

    Ball powder for 77 gr 223?

    I'm only loading 69's and 55's right now, but I have a bunch of 77gr's that I'll start loading eventually. From my research, TAC seems like a pretty popular choice. Although it's not a ball powder, 8208 XBR also seems like another popular choice. It's still extruded, but cut shorter than Varget and does actually meter better, though not as good as a ball powder still.
  4. IMHO, start with what you have, and don't have delusions of grandeur when getting started. Experience and wisdom will make you a better competitor, but it takes time to get there. I didn't start with what I had, and then spent the next year changing and tweaking things getting them how I wanted. Better to figure out what you need, what you want, and then execute a well defined plan. The gear you have is actually a lot nicer than the gear most people start with in my area...lots of them come up with an old pump shotgun, an AR with iron sights, etc. The good thing about waiting is that most people are more than willing to let you check out their gear so you can sort of "try before you buy". This stuff isn't cheap, so dropping a bunch of cash to find out that you don't like something as much as you expected to is always a bummer...
  5. fbzero

    The "John Wick" STI Has Landed

    If I just had tons of extra cash, maybe. Since a purchase that large takes planning and saving, however, I'm going Atlas or something similar if I save up that many clams...
  6. fbzero

    Prima SV shortage?

    Thanks for the info, that's exactly why I started using it. Nothing else was available and I wasn't happy with lot to lot variation in my last "panic powder", so I tried the V/SV and they were actually pretty great - especially for the price. Hopefully Grafs can get it sorted...I know many people have gone back to their normal powders, but these are still excellent options to have on the market. I did some testing with the BA 9 1/2 and had some great results as well.
  7. fbzero

    Prima SV shortage?

    Out of stock everywhere, which is part of why I started doing testing with Sport Pistol a while back even though I'm not out of V or SV yet. I heard a rumor a while back that they would stop importing it...at this point, I'm not sure if that's true, or if we're just in between shipments... Bummer, because SV is awesome!
  8. fbzero


    I believe ours are the Gen1's. Have four of those and a couple MBX's.
  9. fbzero

    STI and smaller hands

    I put one of the Xtreme Shooters small grips on my wife's and it seems to work for her.
  10. fbzero


    My wife has the maglula at an NRA class right now, so can't take a picture at the moment. Basically, just due to the shape of the STI mags, the part that goes down over the top of the magazine sort of grabs onto it. You can drop a round in like normal, but the maglula doesn't pop up so you can push back in/down for the next round. I just Dremeled a bit off on the sides where it goes over the magazine to prevent it from grabbing on. Still works with my other mags and doesn't give me any fuss with the four STI mags I have anymore.
  11. fbzero


    A Dremel makes quick work of that Maglula problem.
  12. fbzero

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    Still going to test it with 200gr projectiles, but haven't gotten around to it yet due to work and the cold. My testing with 180's(Blue Bullets and SNS) overall has been positive. Not temperature sensitive, meters well, and the feel of the recoil seems pretty similar to the N320. Accuracy and SD's are a bit better than N320 for me, but I've not gotten most stick powders to meter as well in the Dillon drops so that is likely why. They don't drop horrible by any means, but SP is dead on nearly every time, as opposed to +/- 0.1gr with N320 for me. Seems to be pretty clean to me. Maybe not quite as clean as N320, but nothing like TG or a lot of the other powders I've used. I'd still have a hard time picking between SP and Prima SV for .40 though. SD's and accuracy seem similar, SV is dirtier without a doubt. Both meter excellent, though the SV takes a while to settle before achieving that consistency. At major PF though, SV is really hard to beat on the feel of the recoil for me. Then again, it might not be possible to get anymore, so we'll see. Also still haven't gotten to test SP with 200gr's yet, which is what I shoot the most in USPSA. Once I get that testing done, my thoughts on the subject could change.
  13. Looks to me like way too much flare. Might dial that back and then use a spill stop as suggested by cbrconst, which stops the case from rocking as much while indexing.
  14. I wouldn't worry about the 'lower' classes having the rules changed to allow box fed tube shotguns. That's a feature that does and for the foreseeable future is going to put you in open class. As far as buy now or later...if that was your reason for waiting, I'd say go ahead and decide what you want and buy it - then spend the time to get familiar with it, make any wanted changes, and make sure everything is working before the season starts. If you wait and buy it right before the season, then you're still testing ammo, making modifications, etc when you need it in matches...well, you know how that can end up.
  15. fbzero

    Case crimping too tight?

    Just remove the bell(.378/379) and see if it feeds in all of your pistols. If it doesn't, take the pistols that it doesn't feed in and go a little more until it does. I'd consider .376 the tightest I'd personally want to crimp, but a looser crimp has generally delivered better accuracy for me in 9mm. FMJ's will be less sensitive to crimp than plated/coated options.