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  1. fbzero

    Shield Arms

    From their blog on this issue: https://shieldarms.com/s15-drop-free Towards the bottom there is a link to a YT video with a "fix".
  2. I completely understand it from that aspect. I suppose I'm just saying that we should acknowledge it, while not necessarily letting ourselves get derailed on it since little can be done on that particular point. As you said, the sport is 3gun...no shotgun, no 3gun.
  3. My take: 1. When more local 2gun matches popped up, 3gun started to decline. Don't mean to be rude, but not wanting shotguns to be part of this topic is ignoring at least part of the obvious. 2. Older people leave the sport, younger people are intimidated by it. More guns, more skillsets necessary, and let's be honest, more money required. 3. "Fun factor". As MD's try to keep it interesting for the seasoned shooters, they have a tendency to make it frustrating for the average shooter. Seasoned shooters alone cannot keep matches full, so this is self-defeating.
  4. fbzero

    Mods for g34 gen5

    I did the non-cowitness Gen5 MOS set from Dawson Precision, which has the measurements below. On 8" plates, I put the dot in the center of the plate and get hits at 25y with my reloads, which is my preference. Some people like a 6 o'clock hold, but I don't really. Regarding other mods, I don't generally tend to go too crazy on Glocks. Other than the sights and TTI trigger kit, I added a heavier guide rod from Jager Products. I think of Glocks as tools more than anything, so for competition, I just improve the weak spots(trigger and sights), then change the guide rod so I can tu
  5. The JM1 is a BDC reticle, which has estimated drop points out to 600 yards with a 200y zero, provided that your projectile is traveling ~2700-3000 FPS. Other than that, they have MRAD and MOA versions where you can calculate your drop for various distances and remember them for matches. The advantage to the former is that it is likely faster on the timer. The advantage of the latter is that it is not tied to any specifics in regards to cartridge ballistics. For 3gun, travail is correct that the JM1 is probably the best choice unless you are certain that your ammunition selection isn't goin
  6. First thing I noticed too. With the rumors that there would be an Edge successor, my assumption was that the price point would be similar and I was planning to purchase one. At $3,400 though, there's no justification for not going with a more custom route, buying something used, or saving some green and getting a DWX, etc...
  7. There are +'s and -'s to each and you have to be the ultimate decider on what makes the most sense for you. I have a super light AR9 and an MPX. I can zip through the stages slightly quicker with the AR9, but consistently hit more alphas with the MPX. In the end, the types of target arrays at a given match probably make the most difference in which one is "better".
  8. Vortex Razor; You can get them for $1K or just under if you are patient. That option aside, Steiner P4Xi is the next brightest I have used, but it's 1-4x instead of 1-6x.
  9. When I did my initial testing, I used mixed-year LC brass trimmed to the same length. Since then, I have sorted it by year, though I'm not sure it has made a huge difference. Still, I personally would not go so far as to use truly mixed brass because I expect the results would be mixed. I'm fine using mixed brass for 55gr plinking loads, but when using SMK's, I assume we are loading for accuracy and that means removing variables. I did not hand trickle each load though, my test loads were made on a Dillon 550 and were still accurate. All that said, the highest velocity is frequently no
  10. Using LC '92 brass, Rem 7 1/2 primer, and 25.3gr Varget at 2.260" OAL has been MOA to sub-MOA in my rifle and wife/dad's rifles. That's Sierra's accuracy load from the data below. I actually did ladder test it with my rifle and that was the most accurate loading. Then I tested the accuracy in their rifles and had no problem keeping groups just a little under MOA, so I went with it. http://accurateshooter.net/Downloads/sierra223ar.pdf
  11. The first place to start is to look for damage on any of the trigger components and ensure correct installation. If no issues are found there and you are using the heaviest springs that gives the lightest trigger pull, you may try going for the medium springs. I had the same thing happening and it seemed to be a combo of not fully releasing the trigger and recoil when using my ultralight 3gun upper, which has a bit more recoil than my normal one. Since swapping for medium springs, it hasn't happened again.
  12. Good thing to mention, thanks for adding that! I also am using a Hiperfire in my CK Arms PCC, but that was not the case for me, so I didn't even think about it.
  13. Make sure everything is unloaded, obviously, then pull the trigger and hold it back. Now, pull the charging handle slowly. If you pay attention, you'll feel/hear when the hammer resets. Long and short, add quarters until it has just enough room to reset, then back off by one for good measure. This will pre-load your buffer spring and also short stroke it as much as you can. In mine, this increased the cycle speed and made the dot seem to recover faster.
  14. Early on with my MPX, I was having occasional short strokes(with reloads, full power ammo never gave me any issues). At the time, I was using a light film of oil, which is how I run most of my firearms. I was at a steel match that happened to have a Sig rep at it and I asked him about it. His response was to run it "dripping wet" and that he had similar observations with his personal MPX. Went to a safe area, lubed it heavily and had no more issues. Since then, I've tried running it with both slide glide and Lucas Oil Extreme. Both will get me through a match, but the slide glide seems t
  15. I actually did not notice that. It was at the top of the forum indicating it had recent discussion so I responded with my observations. With enough posts to use the classified section, I'm entirely unsure of what benefit it is that I may be able to achieve by trying to artificially increase my post count further. With 17 posts, I find it ironic that you would be the one accusing me of such, to be completely honest. When I see a discussion I can add to from experience, I try to add some relevant information that might be helpful to others. It's up to others if they wish to utilize that inf
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