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  1. Like mentioned earlier, it's about the parking situation. If you are shooting multiple guns and 2 sessions, that can take a lot out of you by the end of the day. Already have done enough walking for the day, I'm ready to pack up and get out of there.
  2. Hadn't thought of it like that... sound reasoning. And I can always save on shipping my picking it up since the warehouse is an hour from me. Can stop there on the way to Area 7 next week...
  3. I want one, but can't justify it right now. Not really loading a whole lot with the primer shortage...
  4. I'm running the TACCOM ultra lightweight handguard on my AR-V. 4 screws that hold it to nut and barrel nut only needs to be tightened with a crescent wrench.
  5. This is actually good advice no matter the platform. Screws can loosen over time, especially when connected to a part taking a beating every time you shoot. Thanks for the reminder. Going to make sure i add it to my post-season tune-up checklist.
  6. I, too, was looking at changing guns around. But can't make up my mind. Might just leave it as it is and take my chances...
  7. and i think we are squadded together one of those days...
  8. Meh... changed both parts anyway. Honestly the hardest part was putting the clip back in that holds the firing pin. The little bitch tried to bend on me and had to get a small punch to push that one leg up. Felt like I needed 3 hands for it. The extractor swap was very easy.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. Got my parts kit and still have to make that swap. Is your firing pin better than the stock?
  10. Done... added the @TRUBL Taccom parts, the handguard and the 3-stage buffer...
  11. Anyone else here going to Area 7 in Dunbarton, NH in a few weeks? https://practiscore.com/scsa-2021-area-7-steel-challenge-championship/register
  12. Take a look at this from Tandemkross from a few years ago
  13. So here is the completed build... although have a couple more accessories coming in...
  14. When did Wiland start making a barrel for the PC Carbine?
  15. actually just ordered one of those. I was reluctant at first, but seems like a good alternative.
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