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  1. to the best of my knowledge the only aftermarket mfg is ProMag... Not sure if they make the 20-rounders or the 18-rounders. A search on gun.deals shows everyone sold out. Might be found at an LGS, but expect to pay $35. The factory mags are Mec-Gar, but not sold on their site either.
  2. Same here... i have left on my PC Carbine, but my 10/22 only has the right side option
  3. I'm still building out my 2nd SFx but the list is as follows (this is a dedicated Open/Limited gun, just have to remove the railed dot) ~freedomsmith trigger ~TF brass backstrap ~TF brass magwell ~TF brass mag extensions ~under-rail optic mount (have a couple and testing: Carver Custom, UTG, and Vulpo) ~talon grips (granular) ~w74 tungsten guide rod ~Wolff Commander-length springs (either 12 or 13, need to do some testing) ~Sprinco 29 Newton firing pin spring ~Wolff reduced power plunger spring (for glock) ~Prepper gun shop threaded
  4. i just got my 2nd canik and installed the "zombie" Freedomsmith trigger. The install is not that hard, there are a couple of videos out there. Frank Xu did the original and he did a complete tear-down to get it installed. I followed the one below and it was easier... doesn't require a complete breakdown only only need to remove 3 pins.
  5. I ordered my new 10/22 chassis about a month ago. I know there have been COVID issues at the shop so I'm OK with the extra wait. Just so long as it's here before April so I can test it out before the World Speed Shoot...
  6. like @Les Snyder stated: I have the Holosun 510c's on my PCC and Rimfire rifles. I use the 507c on my pistols and looking to change that to the 510c. Might look funny but I love that big window. I had C-more with the 8moa dot and I felt like it was too big. I think that might have been because in order to see it i had to turn it way up and then the dot flared making it even bigger. Right now I like the consistency I have with the Holosun's. Window sizes might be different, but the dot is the same size.
  7. I'm personally advocating for a "Junior Senior" category of 40-55 (possibly called Sub-Senior... name is still up in the air)
  8. I, personally, don't see the need for the on-deck shooter to be holding onto their rifle. If you are the on-deck shooter you should already be at the box with your cart next to you or your bag on the table. It takes time to reset the stage. The on-deck shooter should not be going down to paint targets, unless you happen to be on a short squad. During that time you have plenty of time to air-gun, or move from box to box, etc. When you are given "Make Ready" then you have 1 minute to take any sight pictures and get the ready. Waiting with the gun uncased in an "on-deck" area doesn't make t
  9. sometimes it is dictated by the range as well. A couple of the ranges I shoot at don't have the berms or the space to have a shooter waiting in a staging area. Now this is for SC where it is by far easier just to bring the cased gun to the box. I used to uncase my rifles at the table and then just put them on the cart. but then I had to carry the empty case around all day or go back to the car to get it and then return to safe table to bag it up. Now I just leave it in the case and hang the case off the side of my cart.
  10. According to my charts: (all out of a Canik TP9SFx) 124gr. coated + 3.4gr Clays (Canada) + 1.130 oal = 128.2 avg. 125gr. coated + 3.4gr Clays (Canada) + 1.125 oal = 127.5 avg. 125gr. coated + 3.9gr Win 244 + 1.125 oal = 134.4 avg. 125gr. coated + 3.3gr Sport Pistol + 1.125 oal = 117.8 avg. (yes I know, but I shoot Steel Challenge and PF doesn't matter)
  11. I'm looking forward to my first World Shoot... Got my 6 guns registered an d sticking around for the whole thing. The 14 hour drive will be worth it.
  12. PC Bullets are some of the hardest lead out there. The lead under the proprietary polymer coating is at a Brinell hardness of 21. I have never had an issue with leading with these bullets.
  13. In my experience SP produces more smoke then my previous powder (Clays). Which is interesting since it is supposedly formulated for use with coated heads.
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