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  1. Would have to be the PF9. That is the only 9mm pistol KelTec makes. So they were shooting a sub-compact? Unless it was one of the .380's which is not a legal cartridge for SC... After that the only other guns would be .22lr and you don't need to draw. All their other pistols are not SC legal based on ammunition.
  2. Just for curiosity sake: what gun was it? Maybe there is a way to reduce the size of the mag release. Or, if it's not that common then they might need to go the custom kydex route.
  3. I was able to pick up a bunch of SRP's as well. Since all of my pistols are using lighter springs, I'm saving all the SRP loaded rounds for my PCC. Tested CCI and Win SRP and they ran great.
  4. Only ran it in practice and 1 match. I have removed the comp since it's useless and required a lighter spring. Plus the brass was barely ejecting. Yes, I could tune a minor load with higher PF to make it more effective, but I shoot Steel Challenge and pretty much have a sub-minor load I use for everything. It runs great. Although the idea was to have this gun dedicated for Open/Limited and just take off the optic and swap the rear plate. But the front sight fell out of the dovetail. I realized I'm probably not going to shoot limited that much and if I get that itch, I have a 2nd Canik I
  5. This is correct. the idea of the Kraken is to replace the factory polymer lower with something stronger with a better upper-lower lockup
  6. I have taken to trading factory ammo to local folks for primers. If I can trade off 1k of factory ammo to get 3k of primers then that is a win for me. I was saving the factory for emergencies but better to give up 1000 to make 3000. This should get me through the season (with what i already have on hand) and hopefully last until this crisis is over.
  7. It's on my list... but I shoot Steel Challenge and reloads are not required.
  8. I'm now using the new Tandemkross TademKase: Rifle Edition...
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