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  1. I think there’s clear cut situations where i’d call a DQ and situations that are a little less clear where I may not call it because of a target within 10 feet. For instance, if you start where there’s only 2 targets available - one close on the left, within 10 feet, and one far away on the right, and you position yourself angled towards the target to the right, and draw bringing the gun up towards that target, you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that the shot that goes off and hits 8 feet from you, clearly in the direction of the target on the right, is not a DQ.
  2. If the shot goes off while transitioning to the target, it’s not an AD. It’s a miss (that they may or may not end up making up). Same thing if a shot it goes off while making a wide transition between two far away targets.
  3. Make sure you’ve got the most up to date rules (best bet is the app) and not the old rulebook. Especially now that it’ “evergreen”, I recommend using the electronic version and not a printout, in case anything changes.
  4. DKorn

    grip tape

    Are you going to do the entire grip area or just the panels? If you were just going to do the panels, I would think that you could stay under the weight using the lightest grips you could find in the profile you want, possibly removing some material from the “inside” of the grip, and then costing the panels in epoxy / silicon carbide. And if it doesn’t work and takes you over the weight limit, you’re only out a set of grips so not a huge deal.
  5. I’m assuming you’re talking about the 8 rounds per location/view? All you have to do to make it legal is to have it available from more than one location or view. You can have more than 8 rounds available from a single location/view as long as you aren’t requiring the shooter to shoot it all from one spot.
  6. I think the “problem” with Production (I don’t actually see it as a problem) is that no matter what you do, you pretty much end up with some people trying to gain equipment advantages and create a sort of “arms race”. If you don’t allow much in the way of mods (old Production rules or old IPSC rules), then you create an arms race in the “race” models of guns like the Shadow 2, etc. If you do allow mods, then you create a parts arms race where people push the rules as far as possible to gain any perceived advantage. At the end of the day, the best shooters will still win no matter what you choose. Personally, I’m generally in favor of allowing more mods because it lets people customize their gun to their preferences, and also allows people with already modified guns to participate in the division.
  7. I don’t see anything to that effect anywhere in here: https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Appendix-B-PCC.pdf They do still have the “no braced pistols” rule just like USPSA.
  8. I think goofy targets (spinners, stars, etc.) are fine, but they don’t by themselves make a good stage and too many of them can ruin a stage. Either your stage design is good or it isn’t. Throwing props at a stage doesn’t always make it better. That said, occasionally a stand and shoot stage using those kinds of targets can be interesting, as long as it isn’t overused.
  9. I’m having pretty good luck so far using the Peltor Tactical Sport 500 for outdoors. I don’t shoot Open, but RO a lot and don’t find the Open guns too loud under normal conditions with those muffs. I do find that some Open guns, or certain positions/angles, have more “blast” than others. They don’t sound excessively loud, but I definitely feel the concussion from the comp in my face/sinuses a lot more than others. ARs in 3 Gun are even worse. Indoors, the only option that works well is to double plug.
  10. I’m gonna have to remember that one. I’ve never seen it get so bad that I’ve had to do more than sternly remind people to help, but I would be eyeing either a procedural (justified by 8.7.5) or 10.6.1. In either case if the squad can’t handle it and it gets to the point that you’re discussing penalties and/or having to call the RM/MD, things are already way out of hand.
  11. Normally yes, this logic would apply, except that there is a PCC specific rule ( that applies to touching the gun/ammunition after Standby but before the start signal.
  12. DKorn

    gun size

    From what I’m seeing elsewhere on the forum, the magazines that come with the gun are, as you’ve said, slightly too big to fit the box for Production. You'll have to either swap basepads or buy mags that don’t have them.
  13. DKorn

    gun size

    Assuming that you’re talking about Production division, the best way to check is to find someone with the regulation box and actually try it. If that isn’t an option, I would try drawing out the dimensions of the box on a piece of paper and seeing if the gun fits. The TP9SFX is on the USPSA Production list, so I would expect it to fit, but it’s certainly worth checking before you head to a major match and inadvertently find yourself shooting Open.
  14. Correct, but I'm trying to figure out what to do after they do it When someone starts to go further than 1 step from the start location without my permission and I’m the RO? I would stop them and remind them that they are only allowed 1 step from the start location. If it they continue to do it despite being told not to, the RM and the shooter are going to have a chat, and I’m going to be closely eyeing rule 10.6.1.
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