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  1. Plus, you only have to do it once a year for each place you want to go, so if there’s a range close to you but across state lines, you only have to fill it out at the beginning of the season and you’re good to go for multiple matches.
  2. Does the second shot always go the same direction relative to the first shot, or is it random? Do you see movement in the sights on the second shot during dry fire, or only in live fire? If you aren’t seeing the sights deviate, it’s possible that you’re blinking. Have someone stand so they can see your face while you shoot but are still in a safe place (or set up a camera) and have them watch to see if you blink when the shot goes off.
  3. Are you seeing an acceptable sight picture for both shots? Or are you seeing a good sight picture and then pulling the trigger twice? If you do a drill with more rounds, like a bill drill or el prez, do you have the issue on only the 2nd shot, on every shot after the 1st, or on the second shot on each target for multiple target drills? Do you have the issue only when drawing from the holster or always? If you start from low ready with a solid grip, do you have the same issue?
  4. Reading Special Conditions #1, where does it say that manually lowering the hammer is not allowed if a decocker is present? All it says is that you can manually decock, or use the decocker if one is present. As long as you put the hammer in the same position that the decocker would, I don’t see why manually decocking would cause you to be bumped to Open.
  5. If I’m reading it correctly, for a DA/SA gun in Production or Carry Optics, you can get to the hammer down position for the beginning of a stage in two ways: -Manually lowering the hammer fully -Using the decocker, if the gun has one I don’t see anything that says that you must use the decocker if your gun has one, only that you may use it instead of manually lowering the hammer and that you can’t modify it to drop to half cock.
  6. If they’re operating it as a USPSA match under the regular USPSA rulebook, Level 1 and 2 matches can already have courses longer than 32 rounds - the restriction to 32 rounds max is for Level 3 and above (rule The upcoming JP PCC match (USPSA Level 2 match) has 2 stages with 40 rounds and a stage with 60 rounds. As for the 8 rounds required from any location or view, I don’t have a problem with the idea of adding an exception, but you’d probably need to make the exception for any all hi-cap match. There aren’t very many (pretty much just Nationals), but they do exist. How would you propose rewording the rule to accommodate this?
  7. Last level 2 I worked (I believe you were there as well) had at least two stage where you had multiple targets along the side of the bay as you advanced past them, with nothing to block them once you went past them. I can dig up my videos later if people want to see them. Not saying that makes it 100% legal per the rules, but it definitely shows that the rule has not been and is not being enforced the way DNROI seems to want it done.
  8. I ran 3 for CO and I only had 20+1 the way my mags were set up. I did barney off of a 4th mag from my pocket and then load the 3rd mag. I always try to have the mags I actually need plus one extra. So the mag in the gun plus a reload plus my extra pouch (pulling the start mag from the 3rd pouch), or 3 mags on the belt for an unloaded start.
  9. From page 3 of the user manual linked on Walther’s site: ”WARNING Pistols equipped with an Expert Trigger are specially made for sport shooting. Due to their design, sport pistols are not equipped with the same level of drop safety as service pistols. Do not drop your sport pistol. Handle it with extra care.”
  10. Especially since it’s explicitly not drop safe. I guess if they're smart about specifically marking it for competition only, they might be okay... but the thought of carrying with that trigger is terrifying. That’s like carrying a series 70 1911 with the grip safety pinned and the thumb safety off.
  11. Part of the problem is that a lot of local matches I’ve been to don’t write a true WSB. They give you the stage diagram with the information on that page and that’s it.
  12. Again, just because PractiScore has it in their options doesn’t mean it’s actually in the rules. I would say that the failure to activate penalty is probably in there for rule 9.9.4. Does PractiScore say what rule the penalty is supposed to be for? I’m not seeing “failure to activate” if I go to what if a score in the PractiScore Competitor app and I don’t have a tablet handy.
  13. I’d think it depends on the stage - if the steel activates stuff that I’m going to shoot from the same spot then I’d probably shoot it again, thinking that maybe I hit it low or edged it (I’m not looking for the hit itself on the clock). If it activates stuff that’s available at a different spot, and you know for sure you hit it and have already left the position and moved on... then your run is screwed either way, so you might as well hope for the reshoot I guess.
  14. If you can’t find it in the rulebook then it isn’t a procedural penalty. You can’t apply any penalty that you can’t back up with a rule.
  15. Take a look at the article starting on page 22 of this issue of Front Sight https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-07
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