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  1. This was a Level 2 match lasting 3 days shot in a 1 day format.
  2. Here’s an interesting wrinkle - I didn’t realize it until now, but I just reviewed my match video from months ago and I was started the day before with fingertips on the marks. I definitely wouldve made a bigger bigger deal out of it if I’d realized this at the time. What’s also interesting is that the CRO’s stated intention in enforcing the restriction was to try to make the start position more fair, but I would argue that he effectively accomplished the opposite. On a related note, what is the proper course of action as a shooter if you realize you were started incorrectly? On another stage at that match, I was started as the first shooter with hands relaxed at sides instead of wrists above shoulders but didn’t realize it at the time. On the second shooter, we realized that he was started in the wrong position and had him reshoot. When I watched my video that night I realized that I was also started in the wrong position. Since I was staffing the match I was back the next day, so I talked to the RM and offered to reshoot the stage and was told not to bother. What if I had been a competitor who had left and only realized the mistake after getting home?
  3. I had a CRO at a major match this year that had us (I was one of the ROs) enforce “hands touching X’s” to mean “palms touching X’s”. While we made a point of consistently enforcing it over the 2 days we were officiating, I made the point that we couldn’t know for sure what all the staff had done the previous day so we shouldn’t restrict it. I’m guessing some people the previous day did “fingertips touching marks”, but I can’t prove it either way. Ultimately, I was overruled. Maybe I should’ve made a bigger deal out of it?
  4. A lot of this sounds like stage RO and stage setup best practices.
  5. DKorn

    Anyone ever Arb a local?

    I’d be curious to learn more about this since I suck at PCC (and rifle) reloads. Maybe something to start another thread on?
  6. DKorn

    Virginia stage penalty question

    Yep, it’s definitely confusing. In fact, the RMI I asked stated that the mandatory reload was specified off of the number of shots fired and not the targets engaged. This doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not sure.
  7. DKorn

    Virginia stage penalty question

    This isn’t what the RMI that I just asked is telling me, so now I’m more confused. I may shoot DNROI an email about this one.
  8. DKorn

    Virginia stage penalty question

    I think this is 2 penalties- one for the mandatory reload in the wrong place and one for the extra shot overall. But I could be wrong. It does bring up a question though- if a mandatory reload is called for after engaging T1 with 1 round, is required to be after engaging T1 (and before engaging T2 and T3), after firing 1 round, or both?
  9. DKorn

    Should Rule be Updated?

    To me range officers being inconsistent is an RO training issue, not a rules issue, as long as the rules are clear (or clarified to be clear). Just my opinion.
  10. DKorn

    Should Rule be Updated?

    Yep, unless the loophole is intentional. Why add the word “permanent” if the goal wasn’t to create a loophole?
  11. DKorn

    Should Rule be Updated?

    I’m thinking more about my 3 gun holster, and others that want to use a 3 gun holster for USPSA but don’t want to engage the hood. Previously, I would have to either use the hood, remove it, or use a different holster (I usually just use a different holster). Under the proposed change, all I have to do is show that the hood isn’t permenantly attached and I don’t have to use it.
  12. DKorn

    Should Rule be Updated?

    Did anyone notice the subtle change to in the proposed 2019 rules? ” If a retaining strap is permanently attached to a holster or magazine pouch, it must be applied or closed prior to issuance of the “Standby” command” (Empahsis added by me) Thoughts?
  13. DKorn

    9.1.3 Question

    It’s amazing how far a simple “Hey you’ve got a mike over here, do you want to see it before they patch it?” goes to keep people happy. Heck, I’ll even do that as the person pasting targets if it seems like the shooter might want to see it.
  14. DKorn

    9.1.3 Question

    This is also why, as the RO scoring the targets, I will make sure the shooter is made aware of anything unusual (like a mike when the rest of the stage was almost all 2A or A/C). I will also overlay anything I’m unsure of (it’s rare, but it happens) in order to make darn sure everything is scored correctly.
  15. DKorn

    Re-Holstering during a Stage.

    I must’ve missed that one! Good call, this is why I love the rules discussions. So so based on your reading of 8.2.5, someone shooting a DA/SA Production gun should decock prior to reholstering? What is the penalty if they do not? It can’t be a DQ since 10.5.11 isn’t violated... can it? Edit: Rereading it, hammer back safety on is a legal ready condition for a Da/SA gun, just not one you can start in for Production. Does this mean you can reholster with the hammer back in production as long as you put the safety on, or not?