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  1. According to a Facebook post by Nils, multiple people on the squad saw the hit on the no shoot. It’s unclear from the post whether any of the ROs on the stage saw it or not. Apparently Jacob was expecting to get the no shoot penalty and saw that it wasn’t there on the score pad so he had them add it. I’m not sure from what I’ve seen whether the RO scoring the targets missed it or the RO recording the score didn’t enter it correctly. As an RO, if it hasn’t been pasted yet I’ll happily correct your score. If it’s already been pasted and no RO saw it, technically you could argue it should be a reshoot as a “prematurely patched target”, although it’s a bit of a stretch.
  2. It really depends on how rainy it is, how muddy it is, and how much cover the range has. Generally, I’ll throw on rain pants unless it’s very hot out, and an oversized rain jacket (covering the gun etc. also so I don’t need a gun cover) when I’m not actively shooting. I also keep a golf umbrella in my car and have brought it out on occasion. If the range doesn’t have dry places to put your range bag, I suggest bringing a trash bag to use to keep it dry.
  3. The measurement is made from the inside of the innermost belt, so theoretically if you moved from a thick double belt to a thinner belt, it could help. It wouldn’t be the change I would choose to make, but it could work.
  4. The second part isn’t a failure on the ROs part, but the first part is scary as hell! At least at USPSA matches, you can do anything you want as far as air gunning or dry firing the stage after you’re given the “make ready” command, as long as you don’t fire a shot, break any other safety rule, or move more than one step from the start position. Of course, that’s all after the RO has made sure nobody is down range and given you the make ready command so you’re allowed to draw and load your gun!
  5. If the WSB says something to the effect of “Opening the door activates the drop turner” and the drop turner activated while the door was not opened, that’s pretty clearly REF and a reshoot.
  6. So first of all, I agree with the normal distinction between AD and ND, but USPSA has decided to use the term AD for both, so I’ll continue to do so in this and any other rules discussions. Some things are clearly unsafe and others not. For example, there’s a spectrum between a shot that misses below the target and a shot that goes off at the shooter’s feet. One of those is clearly acceptable and safe (missing a little below the target and hitting the ground in front of it) and the other is clearly unsafe. Somewhere in the middle has to be a line between what’s allowed and what’s a DQ. You would draw the line based on intention - did the shooter mean for the gun to go off or not - while USPSA has chosen to draw the line based on other actions and/or distance. Both are reasonable.
  7. Except that it’s legal to engage a target while holding a magazine in your hand. As long as you’ve stopped unloading the gun and are engaging a target, you should be good to go (unless the ICHDH command has been given).
  8. True. If you come to your 2nd stage with a firearm configuration illegal for your division, then you’ll get bumped unless you can convince them that you haven’t used it on a stage yet.
  9. Only if they know you’ve actually shot a stage with it out of compliance, like if they run you on a stage and then notice that your holster is too far forward for Production. If you come to them from another stage and it’s too far forward, they’re supposed to make you fix it but CANNOT bump you to Open because they can’t prove that it was out of compliance during a stage.
  10. Thats fair, and I would probably not worry about the holster if I could tell that was what happened. I’m thinking more of a weird scenario where something inside the holster somehow grabs the slide and causes it to happen.
  11. I’ve never seen a holster do this, but if it somehow happens while I’m ROing, I’m going to treat it exactly the same way I would any other gun that is holstered in an unsafe condition (10.5.11). As part of that, I would have to call the RM over. While I have him there, I would explain that I saw the holster cause the issue and that he should consider not allowing the shooter to use that holster again until he can demonstrate that the problem has been corrected (per 5.2.6).
  12. Honestly, I would just make it so all equipment restrictions across the board apply at the start signal only. If you want to do something silly afterwards, who cares - you’re probably spending too much time messing with it for it to be worth it. You might have to revise a few of the rules or get rid of them (for instance, “magazines may not be retained through magnetic means” would either need to be changed to disallow magnets entirely or removed), but it would clean up so many questions and remove weird situations like “my mag pouch got bumped forward when I caught it on the wall and now I’m in Open!?”
  13. Thanks for the update on what DNROI thinks of these 2 calls.
  14. This isn’t one target scored as two, though. This is two targets, one mounted on the other, which is totally legal.
  15. I’ve always liked this idea, although I’ve never shot a match like this. It seems like it would work really well. Each range would correspond to the block of stages you shoot on a given day, so you don’t have to worry about the delay of getting people from one range to the other in between stages on the same day.
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