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  1. Agreed, except change requires for allows.
  2. If there were only 3 shooting positions, then yes, it would be easy enough to say this. But there are more than 3 shooting positions on the stage being discussed, given that I and others shot from other locations than the obvious 3 spots.
  3. Also, I didn’t mention it, but if the WSB does specify magazines and gun on table and doesn’t specify no propping of the gun, then you absolutely can prop the gun on a magazine. However, your time is probably better spent practicing regular loaded and unloaded table starts than figuring out how to game setting your gun up perfectly balanced on a magazine.
  4. If it isn’t on the Production list, Limited probably makes the most sense unless you have something that would put you into Open, like an optic or a weapon mounted light. Shooting Limited also means you can load your mags full even if they’re more than 10 rounds.
  5. What I mean is that the close targets next to the wall that borders the shooting area were available from more than one position. The left target, for example, was available from standing at the opening between the walls, from the right uprange corner of the shooting area, and also from anywhere in between those 2 spots, which were several steps apart. I’d try to put together a diagram but I don’t have the sketchup file for the stage so it’d be a pain.
  6. What would the shooter be using to prop the gun up? if it’s a magazine, 5.2.4 says that the competitor must carry all magazines either on their belt or in pockets, unless the WSB states otherwise. If it’s something else, 4.5.1 prohibits the competitor from “interfering with the range surface, natural foliage, constructions, props, or other range equipment”, which is a bit of a stretch but could be used to argue against it. Basically, it comes down to the fact that while USPSA is freestyle after the start signal, as the shooter you don’t get to randomly put things on the stage unless the WSB allows it.
  7. The problem Sarge is running into is that whatever he would use needs to be able to run all day without being plugged in, and needs to be affordable even when he has to purchase 14+ of them. Gonna be tough to come up with anything at a reasonable price point.
  8. Yes, there are. Some of the targets through the port are visible from back and left and back and right of the port. This is why i like ports like this (two foot ish gap between two walls) so much better than traditional ports.
  9. I was defining skipping the port vs skipping the position based on shooting through it vs stopping at it. I didn’t stop at the port but shot through it when i shot it with CO; with Production I think i went 10 - 8 - 10 which was stupid risky but worked okay (a local club left it set up and ran it two months in a row, with the stipulation that if you shoot the same division both times they’ll only submit the first results to GFDS - they also added a couple other stages and 2 classifiers, which were different each month, to the local match just to keep things interesting).
  10. If they were started in the incorrect position, normally you would issue them a reshoot. However, since the error wasn’t discovered until the match was over and it was too late for a reshoot to be possible, giving them a zero or tossing the stage are really the only options. The fairest thing you could do is probably toss the stage from the match results, then submit to USPSA the classifier results only for those who shot it from the correct start position.
  11. At least it was unloaded. Table starts and facing uprange starts seem to cause the most problems with new shooters doing something unsafe and DQable at or before make ready. At a local match when’s I’m ROing a squad, I always ask at the beginning if anyone is new. If there are any new shooters, I always talk to them after the stage briefing on stages with stuff like table starts, facing uprange, etc. and tell them what they need to know to stay safe.
  12. At least the way it was set up at our club, you couldn’t skip it, but you could shoot only the close 2 targets through it without actually stopping at the port.
  13. At least the way it was set up where I shot it (in Ohio), you could break it up into four 7 round positions.
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