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  1. DKorn

    Standing Definition

    I agree as far as fully erect goes- if you’re standing pretty much upright in a normal shooting stance, I’m ok with some bend. Some examples of what I wouldn’t be ok with would be a significant lean to one side, to the point of being almost off balance, or crouching down for a low port.
  2. DKorn

    Why does USPSA have its own rulebook?

    In practice, there are matches in the US that run runder IPSC rules, but not very many. The only one that comes to mind is the US IPSC Nationals.
  3. I really only recommend this for people who’ve never shot any practical shooting before. Let’s be honest, at least for their first few matches, they aren’t going to be competitive no matter what they shoot. Shooting Limited minor, even with stock mags, means less reloads and therefore simpler stage plans. Once they’re able to navigate a stage safely and (relatively) effectively - probably after only a few matches- they can switch to Production if they want or pursue a Limited Major setup. Or pick another division, now that they’ve been exposed to all the divisions at actual matches.
  4. DKorn

    2019 rules, flashlights in limited

    The last parts you mention don’t matter since this is for Limited division, so adding weight is allowed. If if I were the RO, my ruling would be - if it can be turned on in its present state, then it’s a flashlight. If not, then it isn’t. I’d probably even go as far as letting you just take the batteries out, but that’s more a question for whoever’s running chrono or the RM.
  5. They make the regular PPQ (including the 5”) in .40, but not the Q5 so far. At least that’s what it looks like according to their website.
  6. I’d say that’d be it’s primary use, but you could also use it in IDPA ESP (assuming it meets all the other criteria), or in Limited (either minor, or major if you can find a .40 conversion barrel- not sure if it even exists for the Q5/PPQ).
  7. DKorn

    2019 rules, flashlights in limited

    I’d say the “as long as you don’t turn it on” isn’t allowed within the rules since it’s says “Installed flashlights” and not “use of flashlights”. If you disable a flashlight so it can’t be used, is it still a flashlight? Does it depend on how disabled it is? Is taking the batteries out enough? What about removing a bulb? What if you completely strip out all the internals so its just a housing from a flashlight and then you add weight?
  8. DKorn

    Easy way to print the NROI rulings?

    The rulings are also all in the USPSA app under the Rules section. I actually prefer that over the document I used to have that had all the rulings since this one is indisputably from an “official” source.
  9. DKorn

    PCC dryfire

    I believe so. “Freestyle” essentially means that you can shoot however you want as long as it’s within the other rules. The rulebook never actually defines “freestyle” shooting in the same way it does strong hand and weak hand only.
  10. DKorn

    Safariland GLS retention device

    I’m not a fan of the GLS system (I’ve seen videos of people hooking the gun with a slung rifle and having the sling also disengage the GLS retention. I know that Red Hill Tactical has done some custom Open kydex holsters and also custom retention holsters, so I would reach out to them and see if they can help you out.
  11. DKorn

    Single stack mag pouch question

    I’m not a big fan of how much of the magazine it wraps around though. I don’t think I’d be able to get my preferred grip on the mag. I also prefer some separation between my mags so that I can actually get a distinct grip on one mag at a time.
  12. DKorn

    Single stack mag pouch question

    Is that a magazine of magazines? That’s kind of cool, although impractical.
  13. DKorn

    Single stack mag pouch question

    Yes, provided it meets the distance and placement requirements.
  14. I less often see people intentionally screwing up a classifier to sandbag than I see them intentionally zero a classifier that they think is going to lower their classification.
  15. If you read 9.9.1, which uses the phrase “will always incur failure to shoot at and/or miss penalties”, it makes it sound like they use “incur” to mean, “be subject to if applicable” in order to contrast them with disappearing targets.