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  1. My club is in the same boat. Over the summer at out monthly match we have around 9-14 Shooters and over the winter at the indoor matches we have 25-32 Shooters. Out of the shooters at a match usually 4-6 are local and the rest drive from as far as 100+ miles away. Not good local numbers with the population of both towns at 100K and growing rapidly. I have talked to a lot of people that are interested but the fear factor keeps them from coming. Ill tell them there is a match on this day and they always say "oh im not ready for that yet, i need to practice more." I've even offered to let some friends borrow my gear and even supply the ammo but still no takers. I recently made a Facebook group and going to try to post the matches earlier on Practiscore and see if that helps. I think the intro class is a good idea and we have been toying with that idea also.
  2. I think the TS and 2011 will give most people around a 5-10% improvement. I shot a Glock 35 in limited for a year with a trigger job, Dawson sights, frame weight, extended mag release, steel guide rod, and heavy magwell (made A class with it). Bought a 2011, shot a couple matches with it and then soon ordered another for a back up gun (no regrets). I think the biggest advantage with a 2011 or TS are the awesome triggers. My accuracy went up and my confidence in longer tighter shots and steel improved. Other than the trigger i think my G35 with added weight is pretty comparable to a 2011 with plastic grip "in my opinion". I wish i would have started Limited with a 2011 but looking back i cant really say i regret shooting the G35. Switching guns and working up new loads set me back a few months learning a new platform. If you love the sport and have the money just buy the TS or 2011, you will always have that question of how much better is it and eventually the curiosity will bite you and you will buy one anyway!
  3. Started with the CR Speed and switched over to the Racers, the Racers are just ......... smooth as butter
  4. I run 12lb Wolf recoil spring and a 17lb Wolf mainspring with 2 coils cut. I have no nose dip with the 12lb so im not going to go any lighter. 200gr Blues
  5. 5" 2011 - Blue Bullets 200gr with 4.4gr HP-38 1.185 OAL. Haven't noticed any temp variance, minimal smoke, it burns cool, not the cleanest powder but much cleaner than tightgroup!
  6. Blue Bullets!!! I must be the only one running 200G anymore!! 200G was awesome in the G35. I switched over to 2011's and kept the same bullet weight but increased the OAL and upped the powder .1 to make the same PF. Might have to try the 180's again.
  7. They can pretty much make a holster for any gun/option you have, they are Double layered (very solid,no flex), lots of inner layer color choices, lots of outer layer color/graphic choices, options for nitro fin, options for frame weights, many retention options, many mounting options, they support our sport, ect.... I could probably think of more but im at work making money so i can afford another RHT holster!!!
  8. T-Free

    Best Connector??

    Ive only tried two, the Zev and Ghost Evo Elite. The Ghost Evo Elite is my favorite, no wall, just a rolling break. Extra heavy trigger spring, 4.5lb striker spring, and reduced power safety plunger. I have two gen 4's, 34 & 35 with this set up and they both feel the same except for one breaks just under 3lbs and the other trigger is 5 oz lighter.
  9. Do you have the bottle and adapter to go on top? If not i would highly recommend it, it will double your speed.
  10. Welcome to the game and welcome to living paycheck to paycheck I used to have money laying around a few years ago before i started USPSA. Now after all my bullets, gunpowder, and gun parts arrive each month i have a little money left over to pay my bills.
  11. I run the aluminum plate and it is very sturdy. With the tek-lok attached it had some flex and liked the feel of the aluminum mounting plate better. Its still easy enough to take out the 3 screws for the holster and move the holster to the tec-lok for other uses.
  12. I just got a super tuned edge from Dawson. I shot 200 rounds of factory winchester white box through it so far and it even ran 100% on factory length ammo. Cant wait to get back to the range with my 170PF loads and 12lb spring. Very happy with the purchase!
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