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  1. T-Free

    First major match

    11) Bring an extra pair of socks and shoes. Shot one last year that had a few stages with 2-3" standing water. Putting on dry socks and shoes after the wet stages was life saving!
  2. T-Free

    Grip for Sweaty Hands

    + 1 weight lifting chalk is awesome! If i'm hot and sweaty i will put on pro grip before dipping my hands in the chalk bag.
  3. T-Free

    Ladder testing

    I use the #2 method and feel its the quickest way to work up a new load. If the max is 73.5 I will load up 7-8 rounds in .5 increments to max. Ex- 70,70.5,71,71.5,72,72.5,73,73.5 all loaded to the same length. I fire this at 100 yards but 2-300 is usually recommended. Somewere in that group of different powder charges I will get 3-4 bullets in a nice group, say 71g (2,790fps) to 72.5 (2,850fps). If i dont get a good group i try another powder but with that data I will choose 71.8 and start playing with seating depth.
  4. T-Free


    You found the right place! Welcome
  5. Here are some pictures of the experiment - All i did was cut off the part of the coil that doubles up (single spring picture points to this area). The springs are .017 diameter, so by clipping both sides that doubled up i just gained .034 of upward travel. The picture with the 2 springs is showing a new one and a modified one, and how little of the spring i cut on both ends (could only find 1 piece, the other piece I will find later when i step on it!) It still has about the same amount of tension and did not affect the overall length of the spring. With your now extra upward movement you will need to file the side that touches the press as stated by Kenstone and paul788, or the glued primer that you already did.
  6. Paul you are correct, I literally just got done experimenting this lol!
  7. Kenstone- I initially wanted to do it that way but when you push it up "seating the primer" it is flush with the bottom of the nut and will not go up any farther. So filing that end would not resolve anything because it physically can't go any farther up. If the dimple on the press is covered with a washer and you have a flat surface I don't know how it would imorove anything. Have you filed the non threaded side before or just heard about it? I have a spare one I can experiment with.
  8. Rnlinebacker I forgot to turn off my speed mode at a steel challange match and it was a disaster!
  9. T-Free

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    Another vote for the teardrop from glock store.
  10. I have plenty of clrearance on mine after the mod but If you remove to much material it will hang up on the prime slide. But if you've gone that far you will probably be denting primers.
  11. I just used a small hobby file and went to work. The one pictured is a brand new and I haven't filed it yet. It will not come out perfect and doesn't need to be. Just kinda get a pattern going and do your best. The nut is a hexagon so start on side #1 and file 5-10 strokes, rotate to side #2, 5-10 strokes, side 3 ect.... and just keep repeating. Make sure to measure with a caliper before you start so you know how much you have removed.
  12. T-Free

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    You know your a super senior when you have to put on your electronic ear muffs to hear the stage briefing.
  13. I had to crop the picture and got the upload to work. This is the side I filed down.
  14. Mac10, to solve the issue I filed down the nut on the side with the threads so it will screw up in farther. This will allow the seater plug go up farther seating the primers deeper. I'm trying to attack a picture but not having much luck.
  15. T-Free

    Hey All!

    Welcome tacomandood to competitive shooting and yes your wallet will always be crying. This is a sport were savings accounts dissapear, your other hobbies fade away, and every weekend is spent either shooting or in front of the reloading bench. Your non shooting friends will be checking the obituaries to make sure your still alive. Soon you will be living paycheck to paycheck and eventually you will consider selling one of your kidneys so you can afford that new gun you want lol! All jokes aside, open that wallet and have some fun. You won't regret it!!