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  1. LOL no idea for sure just told me it would sit in a holding area but that was also 4 months ago now when all this stuff started, bottom line 3 months but took care of everything with no questions asked for a gun they haven't made for many years
  2. I should also add Brian mine was a Trubor in 9mm which they have not made in some time so I'm sure making a slide and barrel took some time
  3. Just had an open gun fixed by them, new slide, barrel , refinish, shipping both ways paid by them with no problems at all. It did take 3 months but they told me right off the bat it would sit for 2 weeks before they touched the package because of covid. Give them a call or fill out the warranty form online.
  4. I use a TUXTON TACTICAL I have a Streamlight TLR-6 on mine and have another grip module for when I don't want the light
  5. STI took care of it with no problems, replaced slide and barrel and paid for shipping hoping to have it back next week.
  6. Gary at Gans Guns just did some work for me very fast turn around and very good work
  7. I have a STI trubor I bought new, was a NOS about 3 yrs ago, been a great gun with no problems but today it cracked the slide at bottom of the reverse plug tunnel. Can anyone tell me if this is common? Guessing at a round count of 15 to 20 thousand. Thanks
  8. https://shop.actiontarget.com/content/ipsc-cb-100-ipscuspsa-cardboard-torso-target-100-pack.asp https://shop.actiontarget.com/content/ipsc-cb-ipsc-uspsa-cardboard-torso-target.asp might be a little cheaper depending on shipping
  9. Might be Sarge but he has sold many of them to people with out complaints including some of the top rim fire gun builders like Kurt Grimes, I would contact John or Kurt and ask them or other people that have used his click switch if they have had any problems. They have been very happy to answer any questions I have ever asked.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1022804047781221/permalink/2677839935610949/ pm John they come in black also and he has them for click and non click
  11. I also use a slide ride with the Tandemkross mount. I don't notice the weight the gun and sight is very light compared to my open rig.
  12. I had 3 of the 33 rounders, started having trouble with one and sent an email. They replaced all 3 of them and as soon as I got the new ones I gave them away.
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