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  1. I have never experienced that. At least 150k rounds. I usually only put in a few big handfuls at a time, so perhaps “Stick” has the answer.
  2. At an NRA NPSC match years ago there was a guy who lit one off trying to jam his gun into his holster. There were 100 shooters on the line waiting for the tower to turn the targets. The round ricocheted off cement and hit the guy standing next to him. Maybe it was a chunk of cement that hit him, it just left a big welt. The Official zebra said “that’s ok, it was an accident”, and let him continue. I’m pretty sure they later did disqualify him.
  3. Have you ever seen any stage where the target shooting order within an array is specified? This is USPSA, no?
  4. All of those things are a dq. Pretty obvious. Who ever runs the show is not running it safely. Either it gets fixed, or shoot elsewhere.
  5. I have shot Winchester white box 165 gr in an Edge with total success. 174 pf. A little hot for my liking, but the Walmart price is hard to beat.
  6. From 2016 Nationals, 1 popper. https://practiscore.com/results/html/ccb1d956-48c2-4a99-9105-3d914ba88975?page=stage5-limited
  7. This ^. DQ was BS.
  8. I remember that as well, Paul. Very good shooter on our squad tanked the stage for that very reason. DNROI came and said “tough”. I always thought that one was about MAKING you listen to the RO’s stage briefing. He did indeed say you had to open the door ALL the way.
  9. I shoot left handed, so the wear you see is actually my right thumb from pulling back the slide. The other side where my left thumb rests on top of the safety is worn more. Don’t know the finish, just a two tone of some kind. Gun at 85k now and a new barrel.
  10. TaterHead

    I'm back!

    Well, I remember you! Welcome back.
  11. Indeed, it is all rather strange.
  12. She said a backorder on a component would delay shipment until 3/25. I can wait.
  13. I’m trying a bullet that is .03 inch shorter than the one I have been using, both 165 grain. So, the overall length of the finished cartridge is .03 shorter. Do I need to adjust the OAL back to the 1.145 I was at with the former bullets? Other than potential feed issues, is there any reason not to leave at 1.115? It seems OAL is a factor in things, but the length of the bullet itself changes everything. what am I missing here? Thanks
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