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  1. Never. The rulebook is officially digital now. Sarcasm.
  2. When will they mail a printed copy?
  3. I had one years ago from Western Arms.
  4. Same here. Plated tumbled. A lot.
  5. Lake Kississmee State Park is about 1/2 hour drive to the range. Beautiful park. Has worked for me many times.
  6. This is how I knew it, too. Didn’t always designate, but someone always picked up your brass and handed it to you. Always. But, this was on hard packed clean dirt. It was easy to pick it up right away. I used to keep track of how many times I reloaded the same brass. Easy 6-8 times.
  7. Fraudulent credit card attempted purchase at this non-existant company.
  8. Light dog chains, longer than you ever need, along with the some carabiners, is easy and adjustable.
  9. That would be hard to document as a GM in PCC is now M in everything else. However, USPSA already has the data to determine, for example, a B pistol shooter became an M just because of the rifle classification. That is, USPSA can investigate if they wanted to. Betting they won't.
  10. It appears the comments are a resounding 'no'. Perhaps time to let it go.
  11. Stop. Enough. Too many. Drop rifles.
  12. Crashed multiple times during NROI test. Did not loose track of where I was, and eventually worked. I did have two sessions open, one for the test, one for the rulebook.
  13. I have used readers for shooting for some time now. They are a full size, not half glasses. The front site is sharp, targets are a little blurred, but overall, it works quite well for me. Paper and steel both at usual uspsa distances are really not an issue due to blurring. Longer targets, say 30 yards, are a challenge, but I don't run into them often. The sharp front sight makes a big difference.
  14. At a nationals a few years ago the first place Master was in the top 16. He did not get the trophy for first master because he was in the top 16. The second place master was awarded the first place trophy. That just didn't seem right, so maybe it's better without the top 16 thing.
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