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  1. I dunno why I'm even reading the forums today, haven't shot a match in 4 years, but this topic caught my eye and I have to post because none of the above comments about N310 are true. I have loaded and shot many thousands of rounds of N310-powered 9 minor, with both 147gr and 130gr bullets. It does not burn dirty, in fact it's probably the cleanest load you will ever use. It is not inconsistent. I typically get SDs of less than 10. There are no "pressure spikes". That is fiction. You are not two tenths away from a KB. I have also run N310 in .40 major and gotten it hot enough to pierce primers. Obviously you don't want to do that, but the point is you're not going to go from "everything's fine but PF is a little low" to "making sure you still have ten fingers" just by adding a tenth of a grain. Jacketed bullets may be too slow. With plated or coated, and a 5" barrel, you will almost certainly be able to comfortably make PF. Use caution and be a grownup. Fair warning: you will never want to shoot anything else. It is that good. If you search my past posts for "N310" you will find everything I've shared over the years I loaded it. Best of luck to you.
  2. My open guns (Bedells) get SG Lite in the summer, FP-10 in the winter. Just don't use very much.
  3. I have CR Speed thumb rests on both of my open guns. I don't consciously push on it, I just treat it as a grip positioning aid. If I were building another gun, Open or Limited, I would put one on without a doubt.
  4. Jacketed bullets and Clays are not a good recipe for making PF in 9 minor. Try a plated or coated 124-130 with 3.4-3.6 grains. Load to max OAL.
  5. I'm running 8.9gr @ 1.175" IIRC but my jug of HS-6 is from the slow lot they issued a statement about. I like it but I'll probably just go back to 124's when the 121's are gone.
  6. I've had several and taken them all out. They worked, I just prefer a solid rod.
  7. I tested some HAPs and they did not give me any better accuracy than MGs or PDs. I don't see any point in spending the extra money.
  8. Way too much crap is what's in my bag
  9. http://www.ghostinternational.com/GB/page42/page3/page54/index.html Anyone handled one yet?
  10. They have been excellent for me, both SP and SR, in my STI's. But neither the SP nor SR will work consistently in my Glocks. They're so much cheaper though, that I'm willing to stock different brands of primers for different guns.
  11. I've only switched a diode once but it did not appreciably move the zero. Still, I would not skip re-zeroing, just out of paranoia, unless you have no other option.
  12. Burned up 8 pounds with the following load: 7.3gr 7625 + MG 124gr JHP @ 1.175" + Wolf/Tula SP or SR Gave 172 or so PF out of a 5.5" KKM. I have yet to re-chrono it in my new SV barrel. I found it quieter and less snappy than AutoComp. I never noticed any muzzle flash (certainly not compared to Power Pistol). I found the metering at such a large volume to be fantastically consistent. It does fill the case though. You will likely have to index carefully and you may find your choice of OAL limited by how much it will compress. My advice, if this is the powder you've got, is to use it and not worry too much. It's a solid load. But when you get a chance, try HS-6.
  13. In ECO we expect shooters to help pick up each other's brass whenever possible. Our range surfaces are all gravel/sand/hardpan. In VA/MD that didn't seem to be very common. On grass it's frankly impossible (the brass just disappears). The idea that you can't pick up brass on truly freestyle stages is 100% silly. Just look at the ground, you'll find it. You certainly won't get it all back -- and I question any claim of 90%+ brass return at matches -- but you'll get something.
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