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  1. From the pics, it appears the round is out of the mag and stuck trying to slide under the extractor hook. Maybe round the bottom edge of the extractor where the round slide under it to feed.
  2. Yes, loosened locking screw and it turns with a little resistance, but doesn't do anything for windage adjustment.
  3. I have a cmore railway on a open pistol. The front of the cmore is pressed up against the blast shield/mount. Will this prevent me from adjusting the windage? I can't get it to move with adjusting the windage adjustment screw. I'm thinking about removing the cmore and removing some matieral from the mount/blast shield to make some clearance for the cmore. But I would like to know if this is the cause or is my cmore broke? Figured I ask here before I do anything. Thanks
  4. This^ , YouTube is great.
  5. I change mine a minimum of once a year. Mag springs are cheap.
  6. That's f'ing awesome. Been what waiting for a company to come out with a pistol grip stop for my Ruger.
  7. Curious about the accuracy of the honcho, since it doesn't have the traditional upper locking lugs and barrel feet of a 1911? Any honcho owners shoot any 25 or 50 yard groups? I know it's not a bullseye gun, but I'm just curious.
  8. Nothing wrong with Para's, I like them better then sti's.
  9. Some have with success, but from what I hear ,most of the time the frame eventually cracks by the holes. The frame is to thin. Have you thought about a nitrofin?
  10. I just called a few weeks ago. 1-540-347-4683
  11. Just started open again myself. I've only tried 2 powders so far. I got a 5" comped gun with 4 barrel holes. Autocomp-8grns at 1.24 oal= 171pf Accurate#7-10.8grns at 1.24oal=168pf I'm liking the Autocomp better. Edit- I'm shooting 38supercomp
  12. I just called cmore yesterday for a windage lock down screw. They Sent it to me for free.
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