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  1. ParaGunner

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    I've seen it happen, with a reverse plug and standard spring plug. Adding buffs does decrease the area for the recoil spring. Some even have used multiple buffs , like Brian Enos. I'm sure he had to clip a few coils.
  2. ParaGunner

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    So if you had a recoil spring fit good and no coil stacking. Then added a shock buff and the spring then has the coil stacked from the addition of the buff. Wouldn't you say the buff decreased the area the spring operates,because of the coils now stacking from the shock buff?
  3. ParaGunner

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    How does adding a .100 thick shock buff not decrease the space for a recoil spring?
  4. ParaGunner

    Help with 1911 issue WITH VIDEO

    I'd bet the series 80 lever is catching on something. Have you taken the slide off to inspect the series 80 levers and plunger?
  5. ParaGunner

    coated bullets and consistency

    My experience with Acme coated bullets was bad. Inconsistent diameters and weights.
  6. ParaGunner

    Shock buff or ney

    When I shot open, I had a 38 SC with a cp buff and a 8lbs recoil spring. Only changed buff once a year. Recoil impulse was softer with the buff. CP buffs are a lot harder then the rest.
  7. ParaGunner

    My new carry gun

    Nice build!
  8. I use a rag and qtips to wipe all the slide glide off and the reapply more slide glide.
  9. ParaGunner

    Odd marks around bullet holes

    So it was the plating
  10. ParaGunner

    Dave Dawson??

    If anyone can turn sti around,Dave can.
  11. ParaGunner

    Bullet weight for sti

    Get samples of both and find out which one you like. I shoot 200grn in 40 major.
  12. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    I just saw the taccom magwell,nice!
  13. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    I haven't handled one yet myself,but the only disadvantage to the Ruger I can see is that it needs a magwell. Not that you'll be reloading much,just more for classifiers with mandatory reloads.
  14. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    Nice video,thanks.
  15. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    Yes,this rifle did just release on Dec. 2017. I'm sure there will be a ton of aftermarket parts come out this year. I really like that this rifle takes Glock mags, mbx already is making mag extension's for Glock mags used for PCC.