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  1. Front sights are cheaper than rear sights. Buy a narrower front sight from Dawson Precision.
  2. If you use Facebook, there is a para group on there, that's where I've seen some paras with svi triggers fitted. Someone might even have a spare guncraft for sale. If I didn't already have a long flat gun craft trigger in mine, I would definitely get a SVI trigger.
  3. Yes, make sure you get the on for a svi billet grip to fit a para.
  4. If you can't find any Gun Craft Para triggers, I've heard of some fitting a SVI triggers to paras. The svi trigger for Thier billet grips is the one you want to get. Also, if it's a competition gun only, ditch the series 80 parts and put a spacer in. Trigger pull will be much better.
  5. I use 10.8grns of AA7 at 1.23oal in 38sc, with 121grn bullets. My gun has 4 holes and comp if that helps.
  6. I always liked 12lbs recoil spring and 19lbs mainspring for 40cal.
  7. Sorry I can't answer your question, but I got a good laugh at the title. Tarzan tactical. LOL You could always shoot the manufacturer a email and ask.
  8. Yep, anything below a 3moa dot looks starburst to me. I thought there was something wrong with the dot to until someone said take a picture of it. LOL
  9. But, but, they're using +p ammo in John wick3 in the sti. LOL
  10. Tried a search and couldn't find anything. What followers will work with 170mm ismi mag spring in a svi tube? Will the Dawson competition follower work in Sv mags? Thanks
  11. 8grns of autocomp 1.23oal 121grn bullet 171pf out of my SV with 4 barrel holes
  12. Are they Meccar or original Para manufacture mags?
  13. Might have to slightly round the edges of the trigger guard where it contacts the locking mechanism.
  14. The barrel lock up should come from the lower barrel feet contacting the slide stop pin. The barrel links only purpose is to pull the barrel down out of lock up. Maybe the op needs a new barrel or a oversized slide stop pin.
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