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  1. Ditch the sprinco recoil system and it will run better.
  2. 231 is to fast of a powder. You need a slower burning powder to get the most from your comp. What the goal with the comp gun? Steel challenge, open minor?
  3. Front sights are cheaper than rear sights. Buy a narrower front sight from Dawson Precision.
  4. If you use Facebook, there is a para group on there, that's where I've seen some paras with svi triggers fitted. Someone might even have a spare guncraft for sale. If I didn't already have a long flat gun craft trigger in mine, I would definitely get a SVI trigger.
  5. Yes, make sure you get the on for a svi billet grip to fit a para.
  6. If you can't find any Gun Craft Para triggers, I've heard of some fitting a SVI triggers to paras. The svi trigger for Thier billet grips is the one you want to get. Also, if it's a competition gun only, ditch the series 80 parts and put a spacer in. Trigger pull will be much better.
  7. I use 10.8grns of AA7 at 1.23oal in 38sc, with 121grn bullets. My gun has 4 holes and comp if that helps.
  8. I always liked 12lbs recoil spring and 19lbs mainspring for 40cal.
  9. Sorry I can't answer your question, but I got a good laugh at the title. Tarzan tactical. LOL You could always shoot the manufacturer a email and ask.
  10. Yep, anything below a 3moa dot looks starburst to me. I thought there was something wrong with the dot to until someone said take a picture of it. LOL
  11. But, but, they're using +p ammo in John wick3 in the sti. LOL
  12. Tried a search and couldn't find anything. What followers will work with 170mm ismi mag spring in a svi tube? Will the Dawson competition follower work in Sv mags? Thanks
  13. 8grns of autocomp 1.23oal 121grn bullet 171pf out of my SV with 4 barrel holes
  14. Are they Meccar or original Para manufacture mags?
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