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  1. Might have to slightly round the edges of the trigger guard where it contacts the locking mechanism.
  2. The barrel lock up should come from the lower barrel feet contacting the slide stop pin. The barrel links only purpose is to pull the barrel down out of lock up. Maybe the op needs a new barrel or a oversized slide stop pin.
  3. That's correct, already got new parts from Dillon.
  4. This happened to me and the case got stuck in the sizing die. Ended up getting the correct shell plate and a new sizing die because the sizing die carbide ring separated from the sizing die whe I tried to punch the stuck case out. LOL
  5. Might end up trying this when I run out of autocomp. I still have 2lbs of Aa7.
  6. I'm shooting 38sc and I have 4 barrel holes. It takes extra of any powder for me to make major.
  7. I've read this thread before. I load on a Dillon SDB. Think the tape will work on a SDB powder bar?
  8. Finally found a pound of Imr blue locally to try. Didn't really work out in my 5" SV with 4 barrel holes and comp. 10.5 grains of blue filled the 38sc case to the top and I only got 1290 FPS with 124grn bullet. It seems blue is slower than Aa7. I can make major with 10.8grns of Aa7, but it spills everywhere on my press out of the powder dispenser when I use it. I might try Silhouette next.
  9. Do you have any barrel popples on your open pistol? If so how many? My sv has 4 along with the comp.
  10. Of the 2 powders I've tried so far, (autocomp-8grns and aa7-10.8grns to make major with 124grn bullet) I'm trying to find a powder in the middle of those two. Did the imr blue meter well or does it fall out everywhere like aa7? Aa7 is so fine it leaks out of my powder bar on my Dillon and gets everywhere.
  11. I've tried this question in the 9/38 reloading forum with no reply for weeks. So, has anyone tried imr blue for open major and have any data?
  12. $5 easy out bit from hardware store will remove a stripped screw in seconds.
  13. Anyone try this powder for open major and have any data on it?
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