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  1. ParaGunner

    Transition Drill Part 1

    Thanks Brian, 7.02 average for part 1. Pm sent for part 2.
  2. ParaGunner

    Spring rate set up for your 38 Super Open

    When I shot open years ago, I had a Caspian 38s open gun. I ran a 8lbs recoil spring,18lbs ms and a shock buff. The shock buff always looked brand new, I never replaced the buff.
  3. ParaGunner

    Which mags? (1911)

    Wilson and mecgar mags
  4. ParaGunner

    Para Ordnance P16-40

    I use the Factory adjustable rear sight with a Dawson fiber front sight. You could just get a thinner front sight.
  5. ParaGunner

    Welcome to the Slide-Glide Forum

    Been using it for years and will not use anything else.
  6. ParaGunner

    Shooting on cold and rainy day

    Try slide glide lite. I had a custom Caspian open gun that was tight and I shot a match in cold heavy rain with the pistol lubed with it and had 0 problems.
  7. ParaGunner

    Para Magwells

    I like this older style para magwell,it seems to force my hand higher on the pistol for a better grip. I have a ice magwell on my para,but I might order one of these older ones just to have. I have 2 P16's, so I'm always looking for spare Para specific parts to buy.
  8. ParaGunner

    Para Magwells

  9. ParaGunner

    .40 220gn loads

    I've been using 200grn acme hyteck coated bullets with 4.8 grns of autocomp at 1.18 oal,soft and accurate. Never tried 220 GRN bullets.
  10. ParaGunner

    140mm SVI .40 mags useable with 9mm?

    Why not just try and see if they work?
  11. ParaGunner

    Svi trigger for Para Hi Cap

    I had the same trigger reset problem with a fully loaded para mag. Solved it by stoning the trigger track inside the frame. 0 problems since.
  12. ParaGunner

    STI Marauder Barrel Fitting

    Cut and recrown stock barrel
  13. ParaGunner

    2011 FTF

  14. ParaGunner

    1911 Single Stack Magazine Feed Lips

    I got these dimensions from Bobby at Freedom Gunworks. Since tuning my mags feed lips to these dimensions, I've had 0 magazine issues. Good luck
  15. ParaGunner

    1911 Single Stack Magazine Feed Lips

    .388 +/-.005 feed lip width for .40