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  1. ParaGunner

    Odd marks around bullet holes

    So it was the plating
  2. ParaGunner

    Dave Dawson??

    If anyone can turn sti around,Dave can.
  3. ParaGunner

    Bullet weight for sti

    Get samples of both and find out which one you like. I shoot 200grn in 40 major.
  4. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    I just saw the taccom magwell,nice!
  5. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    I haven't handled one yet myself,but the only disadvantage to the Ruger I can see is that it needs a magwell. Not that you'll be reloading much,just more for classifiers with mandatory reloads.
  6. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    Nice video,thanks.
  7. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    Yes,this rifle did just release on Dec. 2017. I'm sure there will be a ton of aftermarket parts come out this year. I really like that this rifle takes Glock mags, mbx already is making mag extension's for Glock mags used for PCC.
  8. ParaGunner

    Colt Competition .45 recoil spring question

    I used a 14lbs recoil spring and 19lbs main spring in my SS 45's. I've tried the square/ flat bottom firing pin stop and didn't like it. It makes it really hard to rack the slide and I didn't notice any advantage while shooting either.
  9. ParaGunner

    SVI broken barrel lug..?!

    I'm sure they'll cover it.
  10. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    What are these taccom upgrades? Got a link?
  11. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    My local gun shop has them for around 500 and in stock. I hope to hear more good posts before I go get one next week.
  12. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    That's good to hear. I hope this rifle will really spark my son's interest in uspsa.
  13. What's everyone's thought on this rifle for PCC division. It would be for a 15 year old. Would this be a decent PCC rifle to get him going? Anyone have any experience with this rifle?
  14. ParaGunner

    P14 mags acting up, replacements?

    Tune the feed lips and followers, get new springs if you haven't already.
  15. ParaGunner

    Removing Para basepads?

    I'll buy the para Dawson basepads if you sell them.