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  1. ParaGunner

    Spontaneous Ruger PC9 disassembly

    Interesting, I've got over 1000 rounds through mine of fast shooting and no signs of unlocking. I do tighten the lock down nut with the rifle apart, then force it back together. Locking nut has never once loosened up once assembled. Definitely something I'll watch for though.
  2. ParaGunner

    Lube for 1911?

    Lucas oil on fire control parts and slide glide on everything else.
  3. ParaGunner

    Remington double stack

    My buddy just got one of these in 40 and it wouldn't even fire/drop the hammer. Even with the overtravel screw backed all the way out, it still wouldn't drop the hammer. Took it apart and it looked like someone grinded the back of the sear and it didn't have enough matieral/metal to release the hammer. I replaced the sear and it worked. I wonder if Remington even test fired this pistol before it left the factory?
  4. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC carbine

    I won PCC division first match I entered with the Ruger in stock configuration. It also helped the all the ar9's jammed constantly, while the Ruger was 100%. I think with practice, the Ruger can be very competitive in uspsa. It felt good beating the $1500 ar9's with my $500 Ruger. LOL
  5. ParaGunner

    Products to make shoes sticky?

    At our indoor range we just embrace sliding into position. LOL
  6. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC9 Wish List

    There are parts out already for everything you mentioned besides the stock/pistol grip. But I'm sure someone will make a aftermarket stock eventually.
  7. ParaGunner

    CZ accushadow failure to feed

    There's a 1911cz accushadow? I never knew... LOL
  8. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC Carbine

    I thought the stock trigger was pretty good on mine. Very little pre travel, crisp break at 4lbs, but a ton of over travel. I just drilled and tapped the rear of the trigger guard and installed a small round head screw. Then filed the length of the screw to allow the trigger to have almost a sixteenth of over travel. It greatly improved my splits and I really like the feel now. So I guess I have a adjustable trigger. LOL
  9. ParaGunner

    Thoughts on long flat trigger

    Depends on your hand size, I can get faster splits with a long flat trigger Vs a short one. I have large hands though. I prefer a long flat trigger Vs a short flat.
  10. ParaGunner

    Vortex venom or viper for PCC?

    Thanks Ken, the venom it is then.
  11. What's the difference between the two? Which one is better? Try to decide which one to get. Thanks for the input
  12. ParaGunner

    Shock buff or ney

    Agree, CP buffs are way more durable than WC buffs. Never tried aluminium
  13. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC Carbine

    So taccom has a stainless steel lever now?
  14. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC Carbine

    Just put a over travel screw in the trigger guard of my Ruger to stop the over travel in my stock trigger. Loving it! It's still a 4lbs trigger pull , but it sure feels a lot less. Seems like I only have to pull trigger back a sixteenth of a inch now Vs the 1/4 stock pull. Splits got way better also.
  15. ParaGunner

    Ruger PC Carbine

    Loving this gun! Picked it up Sunday, shot it in Monday night league(next day) and won PCC division. I wasn't as accurate as I wanted, but I was pretty fast and no misses and 100% reliable gun. All the high dollars ar's were jamming. LOL This is my first try at PCC and the gun was in stock configuration (iron sights). I'll be getting some go fast parts and vortex venom dot soon. Very impressed with this gun so far.