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  1. Will this grip work/fit on a older SV open gun with SV mags?
  2. I just called cmore yesterday for a windage lock down screw. They Sent it to me for free.
  3. The extractor has a lot to do with chambering a round. The case rim slides under the extractor hook during feeding. Too tight causes feeding jams, to loose causes ejection issues.
  4. Just looking for a few starting suggestions. I was thinking starting in the 6.5-7 GRN area. 38sc will have a 1.25 oal
  5. Looking for some starting data for 38sc, 124gr bullets,5" barrel with comp and 4 holes. Winchester Autocomp powder. Did some searching and couldn't find anything. Thanks
  6. Have you did the plunk test In the actual barrel chamber? I have thousands of round through mine with the only failures were when I started reloading for the Ruger. It had the same jams you described because of long ammo with certain bullet profiles. I shortened my oal by .02" and no issues since.
  7. Oal of ammo is too long. Chamber is short in the Ruger PCC. Try using the barrel to check oal on your ammo.
  8. This is what I do, never has came loose this way.
  9. Wow, you guys are right. Looks clear in picture. My 6moa is crystal clear, the 2 moa on the holosun is blurred. Thanks for diagnosing.
  10. I have a vortex venom and the dot looks perfect and I don't have astigmatism.
  11. Just got a holosun 510c green dot sight and the dot looks terrible. It's not a solid dot, but it looks like multiple little uneven dots. Can't figure out what is wrong with it? Do I have a bad one?
  12. Interesting, I've got over 1000 rounds through mine of fast shooting and no signs of unlocking. I do tighten the lock down nut with the rifle apart, then force it back together. Locking nut has never once loosened up once assembled. Definitely something I'll watch for though.
  13. Lucas oil on fire control parts and slide glide on everything else.
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