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  1. Best way to remove resistance from sizing brass is to automate your press.
  2. I base performance off majors matches. Not parlor tricks in practice. Adam last won a worldshoot in 2008. History of great accomplishments. Eric, Ben, JJ, Bob, and others have been destroying since then.
  3. Then why does each batch of grips I have over the years have slight change to the pattern on the grip. Small changes have been made. Its become much more clean over the years. All positive changes, but changes none the less.
  4. Probably something related to the Magwell they have been developing.
  5. Newer Evos you need to modify the Dawson. Ask @donnyglock, He had to do it for both of the Evos I got in late 2018.
  6. This is what my club has done. We have a bank from the old crew before I came on board as well as some help I have received from others. There is easily 500 stages to pull from that date back as far as 2007. We have a single Google drive folder with them all and give access to other local MDs to pull from as well.
  7. I was the MD for 4 years at my club. Ran 30ish matches a year and I designed all the stages myself via sketch up (300ish unique stages). I had a set up crew who helped me do set up as I prepped for the match and then the club RM and I would walk stages make tweaks as needed. I got burned out hard and tonight our club will be voting in new blood to take over. I suggest splitting the work up as much as possible. If not, you end up causing burn out at some point in the future for the MD/Match Staff. Get the guys who do stage design to teach others how to do it. Spread the knowledge base and the community benefits. I learned everything I know from Tom Palmer, RM. He works a lot of majors in the midwest as well as area matches & nationals. His knowledge has been instrumental in the success of our club.
  8. +1 for the Immortobot motor upgrade. The reverse feature for stuck cases is a nice add as well. Forcht unit also worked well but I killed a motor over 250K cases using it for a rollsizer. Wasn't available again so I got the IB unit. Works great and keeps up with a roll sizer with all pins (6,100/hr)
  9. No. If anything, it makes it easier as you have more space and angles to get in there.
  10. More like.... Open 100% PCC - 95% Limited - 90% Producton/SS - 80% Revo - Who cares. Major VS Minor is roughly 7%. When looking at larger data sets, Like full seasons at a club.
  11. Per Number look up... this is a lie.
  12. You plant extremely hard which causes massive movement in the sights on entry. This will slow you down on your first shots if you are truly aiming... or more likely... cause poor hits or mikes in matches. Work on deceleration steps and soft entries to help with that. It will decrease time dramatically when done correctly. It will also allow a better base to explode out of for existing. Not to mention it keeps you lower in position vs. stand up so tall. Which causes loss of time on both the stand up and the squat back down to explode out.
  13. Our area for 3 gun kinda sucks. Everything you said and some other stuff is why I quit fully and just shoot USPSA now. BTW... I miss your wife's baking.
  14. We cant keep red dots working and you want to add additional electronics inside the gun. LOL
  15. You can re upload to practiscore as well as submit a correction to USPSA if the report file was already uploaded.
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