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  1. Maximis228

    Dillon reloading room setup

    I like to party.
  2. Maximis228

    Dillon reloading room setup

    My room is 10x10. Better view (180 Pano) of the whole room before I added a new bench and presses.
  3. I dont know a single person using a coned comp set up. That is older tech.
  4. All personal preference. Lots of top guys seem to be going back to full dust covers. I run cut back full dust covers (Roughly 4/5 of a full one very similar to a traditional butler cut).
  5. Maximis228

    Indoor stages

    Those are matches. You guys just go away with it for years. Just because you dont have a classifier doesn't mean its not a USPSA match. You use their rules and their name... you owe em money. Simple as that.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/max.klatt.9/videos/10160063867730459/ Immortobot sells an upgraded casefeeder motor made by Forcht. I’m sure this could be made cheaper on your own but this works well for me. I can feed my Case roller at 6,000/Hr with it now. https://immortobot.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30&products_id=272
  7. Maximis228


    Mods closing in 3...2...1...
  8. Maximis228

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    Ive seen every one of these brands fail and flourish. If you have the option to use a local, quality builder; Always pick that.
  9. Maximis228

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    No it does not. Neither unit comes with a case feeder. Kevin from Roll sizer is going to be coming out with his own case feeder at some point. He's currently testing a prototype.
  10. Maximis228

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    That video is of mine running. I have a forcht case feeder motor upgrade. small pistol plate feeds 9mm at over 6K/Hr. Large pistol plate feeds 40 cal at over 6K/hr. I have both the Case pro and the Roll Sizer. Case pro 100 + automation from case pro Price with 1 caliber = $2000 Shipped (From IL) Caliber Conversions = $190-$350 per. Output = 1,500/hr Roll Sizer Price with 1 caliber = $1500 Shipped (From AUS) Caliber Conversions = $75-$100 per. Output = 6,100/hr I would hands down go with the Roll Sizer moving forward after extensive testing.
  11. Maximis228

    Unburned powder

    No but its also not within SAAMI spec which I fully assume that is what that data is based off of. So its a moot point really.
  12. Maximis228

    Unburned powder

    Well its using something to come up with all that data... I just don't see in any way how it can be accurate for something like 9 major.
  13. Maximis228

    CM 09-14 - Eye Of The Tiger

    PPC - 106.7 % HF - 9.6386 Time: 2.49 3 A 3 B This one needs to be fixed for PCC... Kinda easy.
  14. Maximis228

    Unburned powder

    I highly doubt 9 major has accurate data listed. Considering no one offers what most of us load.
  15. Maximis228

    Unburned powder

    I just want to know how @andersonj55126 came up with those percentages.