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  1. Out of 51 GMs at the 2019 open nats, only 3 finished above 95%. The vast majority of shooters never shoot their % at matches. Its a guideline that's based on peoples "Hero or zero" skill set. Matches show the true skill set. They are closeish but will never be the same. Im a paper GM who doesn't win majors but has a 98.8% in open currently. Im 100% a paper GM. Photo for the lulz
  2. Aw jeeze. Its fun when people tell others how to run their super successful business. LOLOL
  3. Aw jeeze... people dont get jokes anymore. Its the standard... BUT THE SMITH ISNT RESPONDING AT THE RATE IN WHICH I NEED HIM TO complaints.
  4. Shooters ... "I want to get daily updates and progress pic of my build" Or "I want to ask 1000 questions before starting my build" Smith... ***Smith not answering cuz hes blending his 4th pistol of the day*** Shooters... "WHY WONT YOU ANSWER ME?!?!" Smith.. "I was working on builds all day long, Here is the answer you were looking for..." Shooters..."This is unacceptable" Smith... ***Smith shrugs as he looks at his long wait list of builds***
  5. Don is pretty awful at technology. Dont take it personally.
  6. Making up excuses as to why you should have been third when you actually finished 35th (Still awesome) is laughable. Everything that follows is just whimsical at best.
  7. Who are the people? Im still waiting for OP to tell us.
  8. Could be too loose of s shell plate. Try snugging down the lock ring little by little.
  9. He does a lot of them. I have built two with him myself and know quite a few others who have as well. Limited guns are far easier to build than open guns anyways due to less parts.
  10. Every single projectile on the J-ames bullets website has a beveled base... This is a very bad attempt at Advertising.
  11. Are you done with your thread drift? Im still waiting to see how @chgofirefighter responds.
  12. Nice swerve. The corp has little to do with pistols. But thanks for your service.
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