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  1. Maximis228

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    I shoot indoors for 95+% of all rounds fired during the year (9 Major & 40 Major). Only shoot majors outdoors really. This has never been an issue. It might be more noticeable in something like 38 S/SC.
  2. Maximis228

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    Its only done to prove to the RO im big pimpin.
  3. Maximis228

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    Na... Plan out the rounds and finish on empty. That is the true baller way.
  4. Maximis228

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    Ok... I guess the previous 200K+ rounds thru my open guns from Don are just a fluke. Or maybe its my reloading methods....
  5. Maximis228

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    I cant think of the last time I racked a round out of my open guns in 9 major. They are all runners. Maybes its Venom Custom. Maybe its me roll sizing brass. Maybe its case gauging. Maybes its The PD 124 Projectile. Maybe its regular gun maintenance. Now I will probably rack a round at my next match for saying the above.
  6. Maximis228

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    No it wont. It will just be built into the price like their other units are now.
  7. Why test it on something that voids the warranty before you even cycle it once?
  8. Maximis228

    Venom Customs!?

    I fully assume your messages are going into his filtered inbox. Don is not the most tech savvy person. If you are not friends with him on FB... Send a Friend request along with your message. This should pull your message out of the filtered section in messenger. Or Email him at venomcustomguns @ gmail dot com
  9. Maximis228

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    Tom Palmer (RM) shoots at my local club im the MD of (He was MD prior to me)... He is father time himself when it comes to USPSA. He was one of the few that helped write the rulebook and continues to help improve it along with the classifier system. Even he thinks the diagrams are lacking in many areas. This has been a topic of discussion over the years. Its a constant issue that isn't addressed. 80+% of the classifiers are fine but there are a lot with vague or missing information. There is a reason people tend to shoot the same ones over and over. They are easier to set up and have more information provided. An easy one ive seen set up vastly different is Down The Middle. The angle and gaps between target vary widely club to club.
  10. Maximis228

    Critique my El prez..

    What does clean mean... did you actually shoot 12 Alphas? Cant really compare times to the real El Prez when it wasn't set up correctly... but sure.
  11. Maximis228

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    It should be tossed. If its 1 inch off by the diagram it needs to be tossed. f*#k anyone's feelings on this subject. Either do it right or dont do it at all. Also... USPSA needs to do a much better job with these diagrams. Especially in regards to no shoot placement. They have always been lazy with this.
  12. Maximis228

    Why the Open Glock hate?

    I had an open Glock I thought I could make run long term too. I got about 15K into it flawless... then nothing but issues. Tried to swap parts over the next 10K and ended up selling it. It was an SJC full build too. Still didn't matter.
  13. Maximis228

    Kushlan mixer

    I cap it to keep everything a bit more clean in the garage. That is the only reason to cap it really. But I also use it to sift out media and water. Screen on cap does wonders for that.
  14. Maximis228

    Kushlan mixer

    I use something similar from Kobalt (Lowes) for Wet and dry (Mostly dry) as needed. Works well with a full 5 gallon bucket. I cap it with a plastic lid using 4 latches to hold it on. I used to use a towel with 8 clamps to hold it in place, but that only works for dry really. Thus came the cap later for wet. Im running it in my garage and can barley hear it on the other side of my garage doors (Interior and exterior). The plastic tub really helps with the noise. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-4-cu-ft-0-5-HP-Cement-Mixer/3591096
  15. Maximis228


    But im an a_-hole and cant say it nicely like Mr Sanders. "See what you need to see". It will take buckets of ammo to do that. No class can teach you that. You need to teach yourself via hard work and long hours. the secret sauce isn't the same for everyone.