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  1. Maximis228

    Mark7 Evolution

    Maybe... Call them directly and not request they find your comment in a random thread on a random forum and respond. That is just lazy man.
  2. Maximis228

    Indoor USPSA matches

    Ar500 lined walls. 2x4 framing, sheets of plywood, then 2 inch think rubber 2x2 squares lining the walls. Slows projectile and captures all projectiles in the wall. 1 work night a year to maintain the walls is all that is needed. This was provided by Action Target. They have some newer options now that make maintenance a lot less hassle.
  3. Maximis228

    Indoor USPSA matches

    Not all indoor ranges are created equal. The range I shoot at (Alpha Range In McHenry IL) has Battle walls that allow 180 degree shooting. We have 2 bays that are roughly 35 feet by 70 feet. It certainly limits what we can do for matches but its still a good time in the winter for sure. We shoot 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays from Oct - May; These matches have 3 stages + 1 Classifier. We also run 1 Saturday a month with 6 stages. Below is a video of our most recent match.
  4. Maximis228

    Mark7 Evolution

    Yea one that sucks less and outputs 4x as much for less cost. At Least I hope its the Rollsizer or something similar.
  5. Maximis228

    Red Dot Choices

    Small window. Small dot. And they break. I broke 2 on a 45 degree Ar mount. Dont really trust it on a pistol shooting major.
  6. Maximis228

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Shot lots of rounds on lots of different guns with them installed. Never had issues. Would be cool if they came out with a tungsten version.
  7. Maximis228

    Fastest Bill Drill

    You new or did you get reset to zero? This is quite the race to 50.
  8. Maximis228

    Dawson Tool-Less Guide Rod Failure

    I have a Dawson toolless in every single one of my 2011s. I have never had an issue with any of them. Some have 75K+ rounds on them. My guess is you have a slight smaller pin in there. I would use the suggestions above about staking both sides. Or send it back to Dawson to see if they will replace it.
  9. Maximis228

    I definitely have a comp issue on my matchmaster

    Well yea... dont pour it on. But ive used this method without issue for the last 3 years or so when It gets really caked on. Never had what you are describing. I also normally never let it get to that point where I need hoppes to break through the crud.
  10. Maximis228

    I definitely have a comp issue on my matchmaster

    Um... every red dot on a open gun will get carbon build up if you shoot it enough... Every barrel set up and every comp type ends up getting some carbon on the lens. Some more (Lots more) than others. No big deal. Just use Windex to clean it off. Hoppes if its really caked on.
  11. Maximis228

    How often do you change springs in gun/mags?

    And thats with all dem coils cut too right?
  12. Maximis228

    How often do you change springs in gun/mags?

    I would have sold the gun off by then.
  13. Maximis228

    How often do you change springs in gun/mags?

    Right? I hit 40-50K before I think about changing springs internally.
  14. Maximis228

    9 Major: Reloading vs Buying Ammo

    A very small amount of people buy ammo in open. I would venture to guess 95%+ of all open shooters roll their own.
  15. Maximis228

    Pressure problem

    I load 7.4 of Wac under a 124 PD. Going out of a 5.5 inch SV hybrid barrel .Hits 177-180 PF depending on the day and chrono. CCI 500 primers. M2I extended firing pin. Never seen pressure issues when shot out of my guns.