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  1. The opening of the drop area is what makes them flip correctly. That is what it was added. You might be able to create your own shim.
  2. I use Small rifle plate with nothing done to it. I have the silver tab that I slide as far to the right as I can. Unit runs very well. I find it feeds slower when the unit has only 50-100 cases in it. You need a lot in there to feed well and keep up with automation. Post up a video of the unit running from a few angles and maybe we can offer some more help.
  3. Care to post up a video of your current set up running so we can help more? I have hot rodded quite a few dillons to run north of 5K /hr with minimal issues.
  4. Made some change over the last few months and finally cleaned a bit. haha
  5. I dont know many that reload these cases, but one sponsored shooter of theirs reloads a whole bunch of them. Maybe @SSGJohnV can chime in with his process.
  6. My club runs our seasonal Indoor week day matches with 3 stages + 1 classifier. Our Monthly Saturday indoor matches have 6 stages, no classifiers.
  7. Don is all good. Didnt hit his area.
  8. Turn the quality down on your phone to make smaller files. Edit them on a computer. Screen shot them and crop (sometimes this can work on the fly)
  9. Nothing like a big ugly hole on the back of your slide lol
  10. https://www.facebook.com/don.fredenhagen PM him there. He will give you his cell phone himself if you guys move forward with a build.
  11. "Facebook unpublished it. Lol. They didn’t like that I said something was available. Even though every builder does it. Or I got reported. Who knows" - This above quote is from Don.
  12. The ONLY person telling you to lube primers is the creator of this product. Literally the only person ever I have heard say this before. That alone speaks volumes.
  13. Lol right... My anecdotal experience speak volumes in the other direction. I'm glad they arent breaking in your neck of the woods.
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