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  1. I hear many of the team guys un stroke their guns with shock buffs. Many stack 2 or 3.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/Elbeno007/videos
  3. Yup... I guess im just making this stuff up lol
  4. Best upgrade ive made to mine is feeding it from a MA systems case feeder. Hot Rodded Dillons do not work well at all. Doesn't matter which upgraded motor you go with. I made it work for a year until biting the bullet as I roll so much brass for people locally.
  5. Ive had 2 guns with ribbed 9mm threaded barrels for open guns. They both were great for me (About 40K on each barrel). I sold both guns a few years back and haven't heard from the new owner. I personally have never heard of issues from them. Barrel manufacture doesn't really matter IMO. Just style of barrel/set up you want. Sure bad batches can be made, but that seems very rare. Ive used Schuemann , SV, and KKM in both 9mm and 40. They all work well.
  6. IMO... I would go with a consumable you know you can replace. Especially if you go with a ribbed barrel as Schuemann's ribs are different than others.
  7. I dont event think they are still open anymore. Havent seen barrels from them besides random stock left over in many years.
  8. The yellow cake gets everywhere. Go long enough and it will blow. There are fun stories out there of some commercial manufacturers who have blown holes in their roofs from the camdex mounted bowl on their offerings. Same idea as this one or having an RF 100 mounted to a press.
  9. You must have never experienced a tube light off on you.
  10. Aw jeeze... I gave you the most honest answer you will get on this forum. It literally doesnt matter in the long run. Not one bit. Also... Robert. Your reputation proceeds you. To every member on this forum. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION.
  11. Ammobot is $1500-$15600 depending on model. Mark 7 just dropped down to $2100. They both suck in their own ways. Get whatever you want. It literally doesn't matter. Making another new thread about this topic is like 9 major vs 38 super.
  12. Unloaded shotgun starts sent me and my xrail to loserville. If you can remove those maybe Id come back.
  13. Copy and pasting props is the easiest way to do it. Dont use the move tool. Just cut and paste stuff into place. It stays on the axis you want it on more regularly.
  14. AA1680 seems to be one of the better all around 300 BO powders. Great for subs in ARs.
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