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  1. Its not complete but its the vast majority of clubs within 1-2 hours of the boarder.
  2. Yay... chet is back... whos skill is he taking credit for this time?
  3. I dont think its cycling any faster, just less dot movement at distance.
  4. The new ones got sent to Glenn at LSI to do some 3d cuts as Don doesn't have a CNC in house. We tried a local vendor but their cuts kinda sucked. Thus we decided on Glenn.
  5. New KKM 5.0 hybrid barrels chronoed about 3 PF higher than my 5.5 Hybrid SV Barrels in my older guns with the same load. After 2200 rounds so far, I like the switch from full size to middy. I find myself having faster follow up shots at distance (15+ yards) and being more confident at distance as well. Also noticed im not over swinging the gun as often when running wide transition drills. Old guns and new guns all weigh within .2 OZs of each other (4 total guns).
  6. Ill be chronoing and doing breaking this weekend. Just got em yesterday.
  7. Don will send it out to a finisher of your choice. No one does PVD or the like coatings in house.
  8. Test fire today. Coating maybe tomorrow or Monday. In my hands early next week.
  9. We get it, you dont want solutions, you want to vent about how others ideas blow. Carry on sir.
  10. Peoples lack of funds are literally not mine or anyone else's issue. Cannot afford it... dont go... or go set up something else yourself. I dont get upset at people who race cars as a hobby. I sure cant afford to do that. You dont see me going on WRX Racing forums complaining about why entry fees cost so much. Golf is just as expensive as shooting yet seems to have no problem charging high fees to broke plebs all over the world.
  11. Im not against raising fees. I dont see an issue with Locals going up to $40-$60, $200 for sectionals, $300+ for area matches and $500 for nationals. Get local match staff paid, Make it worth while for majors. Pay staff... have paid resetters... more demo space for sponsors... All that jazz. Make it an event. Not just a big local like most do. But thats a whole different convo as well. LOLOL
  12. A yard (Or the average step) makes it pretty easy for anyone to understand. But we do have many regulars that are running the set up for these indoor matches. They do a great job of guiding the new guys on where to help. It also helps that we only build 2 stages at a time. Shoot stage 1... switch bays... shoot stage 2... Flop to new stage... shoot stage 3... switch bays... shoot stage 4.... Clean up. 2 squads of 16-18 shooters for a twice a month weeknight match. Then we run 6 stages on the last Saturday of the month.
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