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  1. Maximis228

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    Oh my bad. Forcht sells it via ImmortoBot - But I just checked their website and it seems it was taken down. Super weird. I think its just double the speed. That is it. Comes with a little control bot to adjust 0-100 for rate of the unit. . Extreme reloading sells one too - https://www.extremereloadingnv.com/product/dillon-casefeeder-motor-upgrade-2/ I have only used the Forcht one so I cant say how well the extreme reloading one works. Maybe email Forcht directly and see.
  2. Maximis228

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    It will stop feeding if the stem isnt the correct height for the brass. This is why sorting is huge for either unit. Upgrade the motors and do some tinkering with flange in the unit and a AT500 funnel from Dillon (tested with 10K of 9mm so far). The funnel fixes log jams and the flange can fixed the issue of brass that doesn't drop fast enough and hits the left side of the opening and locks up the unit (or goes under the case feed plate or just shoots out randomly).
  3. Maximis228

    Venom Customs!?

    That Hurricane went through the area Blue bullets is located. That sort facility (and entire area) was evacuated. My order was held up there as well. Normally they are fast.
  4. Maximis228

    I can't tell a difference (9major loads)

    See, I was wrong.
  5. Maximis228

    2 stages in the same bay

    That is different than what is being described. You dont shoot back to back at Iowa, you just have 2 medium/field course set up in a bay because the club that hosts it only has 5 bays.
  6. Maximis228

    2 stages in the same bay

    Get used to it as this method is used to get more stages into some matches. This is "mostly" used on short/speed courses for the most part at majors.
  7. Maximis228

    I can't tell a difference (9major loads)

    Everyone has their own set up they like. Those who are at the top of the leader board just train more and are better shooters. Now que @Gooldylocks & @SSGJohnV on how I am dumb AF for not using 115s with AA7.
  8. Maximis228

    I can't tell a difference (9major loads)

    Im the same way as you when it came to testing. Couldnt feel the difference between the loads, so I went with what was easiest to load. Which for me was a 124 JHP from PD with WAC. People always harp lighter bullets with slower powders but I haven't seen a real different in felt recoil, muzzle rise, or dot movement. My grip affects all of that waaay more.
  9. Maximis228

    Empty or loaded mags during dryfire?

    I place one round in the mag, remove basepad, Layer projectiles and hot glue until full. Clip spring as needed as there is no room for compression at this point. At this point the mag a little over 150% of its normal weight when fully loaded. Kinda like swinging a bat with a weight.
  10. Maximis228

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    Mark 7 has always gone above and beyond when I ever ran into an issues. Almost every single time it was me doing something dumb or not fully reading directions. Yet they still put up with me when I call in with another one of my mess ups. Sean and others on the tech team bust their ass to make sure everything is in working order, Including when working with random 3rd party upgrades I made to my press and casefeeders. Jay and crew are top notch and offer an amazing product and even better customer support.
  11. 100% bolt it to the wall.
  12. @donnyglock @ Venom Customs
  13. Maximis228

    Venom Customs!?

    ITs all personal preference. Middys are in right now. The market tends to cycle from Full Size, To Middy to Shorty, to Middy, to Full size, to Middy... and so on. People want to buy the newest hotness and if builders dont switch it up, the offerings can look stale. Obviously full size guns or others from the 90s are much different from those made today but its the same concept.
  14. Maximis228

    How do you mark your brass?

    Fastest: Mark the headstamps when all 100 slots of a shock bottle case gauge are full. Downside: Only marks bottom of brass. Best Mark on Brass: Dual colors marked via this unit from Uniquetek - http://uniquetek.com/product/T1515-A Downside: Must handle every single piece of brass individually, thus slower. Best Method: Re barrel to 9 major.
  15. Maximis228

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    If needed ill send ya over some 124 PD JHPs. Anything to help out a Donny gun owner.