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  1. Maximis228


    Never taken a class. Never read any of the books. Dont listen to any podcasts. Never reshot a classifier because its lame to do so. Made GM 3 years after starting in USPSA. Lots of dry fire and burning buckets of ammo at the range. Making GM isnt hard. Winning majors is.
  2. I use one shot and I dont tumble it off. I use the same set up as you do as well. This is for my 9 major ammo and 40 major ammo.
  3. Maximis228

    9 major

    I load 7.4 of WAC under a 124 PD in 9 major. Hit 181 PF at Ryan rocks over the weekend. I have 3 large holes in my hybrid barrel.
  4. Maximis228

    PT EVO Grip - Mag release recommendations

    Dawson Posi-lock is what I run in all my PT grips. They work great.
  5. Maximis228

    Cleaning a C-more window

    Its glass... So Windex on a Q tip is all I ever use.
  6. Maximis228

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    I have a forcht case feeder motor upgrade. small pistol plate feeds 9mm at over 6K/Hr. Large pistol plate feeds 40 cal at over 6K/hr. Total cost is $500 ($550 now that prices have increased) for the Dillon case feeder + Forcht upgrade. MA starts around $1000 or so.
  7. Maximis228

    Ryan Rocks

    Yup. Sunday. Holiday Inn Express in Brighton. Squad 22.
  8. Maximis228

    Mark 7 1050X vs 1050 Pro

    Pro gives you more speed. that's about it. I had an X and upgraded myself as I started loading 40 Major and could crank up the speed a bit more. I previously was just loading 9 Major. If you don't load at or near max output now with a X, then the pro will be wasted IMO. The whole point is to go faster.
  9. Maximis228

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    http://rollsizer.com/roll-sizer/ http://www.casepro100.com/ Since my earlier posts Ive roll about 500K+ on the Rollsizer. between 9/40/45/223. Thing is a tank! Sold off my case pro 100 to a buddy. The Rollsizer now has a US based distributor as well so shipping times are much lower.
  10. Maximis228

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    LOL I can see what you are saying but its not a sharp edge in person.
  11. Maximis228

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    New 4 Inch carry gun built by @donnyglock. Weights a "light" 52 Oz at 18+1 loaded. Cool little keychain he made with the left over parts too.
  12. Maximis228

    Resizing Ammoload brass

    No... Do not reload them. Take them to scrap yard so no soul may find them ever again. Do that with every stepped case you find.
  13. Maximis228

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    Your largest gain will be the weight over the plastic grip. SC can be made light, medium, or heavy in the grippyness department. I would say my most aggressive SC grip jobs are comparable to a SV Aggressive grip and PT Evo in the raw.
  14. Maximis228

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    Not at all. I have held the PT in the raw and Cerakoted, a E2, and a SVI aggressive back to back to back to back. The E2 was by far the least grippy. I personally would say about half as grippy as any other offering I tried at the moment.
  15. Maximis228

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    E2 is not grippy at all. Evo all the way.