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  1. Close is relative. Many drive 60-90 mins to shoot a local match.
  2. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939467980
  3. Well duh... they resell your products as well.
  4. I find those who complain about VC to be those who dont practice. Same goes for standards...
  5. I ran our my local club for 4 years and recently stepped down. I had 2 others with me on the eboard but I did 90% of the work. These other 2 on the Eboard with me stepped down as well. The only way I was able to drum up interest was to say the club will cease to exist if we dont fill the empty roles. The threat of losing the club was enough to get some people to step up.
  6. I stopped going to a lot of locals because I was one of the very few who knew the rules. I want to go have fun and I end up working all day long. It gets old very quickly. The one club I ran for 4 years would (And still does) reimburse regulars who take and pass the RO/CRO/RM courses. Its not a lot but takes some of the sting of killing a weekend.
  7. I can't even count the amount of times I shoot 4 shots and reloaded to a big stick for a 32 round field course at majors. It happens constantly and is a HUGE help. You cant do this with a 40 set up. Not to mention plenty of stages in the 27-31 round range where no reloads are needed at all.
  8. Weird... there is about 3X the amount of custom 2011 smiths in my direct area than when I first started 6 years ago. Half the amount of guys who work on CZs and Tanfos in the same time frame.
  9. Buying an open 40 gun is like lighting $3K on fire. There was a really dumb time in USPSA when 9 major wasn't super reliable and people didnt want to buy 38 super brass/constantly pick it up. So this weird 40 open gun was born out of laziness.
  10. JJ was sponsored by Tanfo and still chose to shoot a limcat open gun when it really mattered. That speaks volumes.
  11. I should be. Doing some live fire early Saturday and then need to get some stuff done around the house. Hoping to get to the range around 4ish.
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