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  1. Great match, stages and RO's! Dates for next PCC matches. July 20th Aug 31st. Sept 7th. Oct 12th. You will not be disappointed!
  2. Depends on where the gun is pointed when it goes off!
  3. Use Hallstead PCC to find the match on Practicscore
  4. Hallstead PA PCC match, 5 stages, 175 rd count June 8th Fun match. Sign up on Practicscore Use Hallstead PCC to find the match
  5. This sounds good to me.
  6. How about if you told them twice and they still did not do it for the rest of the 5 stages?
  7. That is what I asked, Is there a rule where they could be DQed?
  8. At a local USPSA match there were two shooters that would put their glasses on only when shooting. I waited for the RO to tell them to keep them on. He did not so I told them to put them on. Lasted for one stage and off they came after they shot. Went the rest of the match that way. The RO was also the match directer. Should they have been DQed?
  9. Can it be used with a standard upper? I thought the upper and receiver was shorter than a normal AR
  10. Nope, I hope they have cured the problem. What I really don't get is that Titanium is actually soft compared to steel. Maybe that's the secret
  11. Time will tell if that means they will not break or life time warranty that they will replace broken ones. Hope it means they don't break. Thanks for posting.
  12. Agree on the Timney, Used one for awhile. No problems at all. Went with a Gold for the lighter pull weight.
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