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  1. Should take him to the safe table and then drop him!
  2. I have used them with great success, Problem is that because they are not a drop in trigger, your lower trigger pin holes had better be with in spec. If they are not your gun may double and or not re set. When right they are a great trigger! Same with a Hyperfire.
  3. I will be out of the house  for the next few hours,



    I,m in New York and am up late.

    1. eggman



      I am sorry I never saw your post about the buffer until I sold the buffer to someone else.  I had asked for PM messages and went by those . Usually my items never sell that quickly and I would lose track of the post as it would be several pages back and hard for me to find quickly . So, I started asking for PM messages if someone was interested . However there is no excuse for me missing your post as you posted it just minutes after I put my for sale topic up and for that I apologize . 


  4. Money order Okay?

  5. Thanks for the information, I have called them and am waiting for a response.
  6. Will a 507C Holosun fit on a CWA 22 top end conversion?
  7. Will a 507 fit on a CWA 22 top end conversion?
  8. Will a Holosun 507C fit on a Burris Fastfire screw pattern?
  9. I would do the opposite and pour it on, Maybe they need a hug.
  10. Wow, What a circus stage match! Some shooters like them but I never did. Good luck with your knee problem.
  11. Ok, Emailed Troy. To quote him "Yes, it is" Done
  12. So Sarge, What do you think? Sounds like if you left it on during the match it's legal
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