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  1. dmshozer1

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

  2. dmshozer1

    Bullet feeder

    Anyone have experience with the 9mm Double Alpha Mini bullet feeder. Does it save much time? It would be mounted on a Dillon 550
  3. dmshozer1


    So very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. dmshozer1

    Opinions on 9 mm Compensators?

    Amen to that!
  5. dmshozer1

    Cleaning AR PCC Lower

    I spray mine with brake cleaner, Make sure your optic is protected. Blow it out with my air compressor, break out the Qtips and then lube all the wear surfaces and trigger parts.
  6. dmshozer1

    Opinions on 9 mm Compensators?

    In another thread I voiced my opinion on what comps do in a 9 rifle, but because I am always looking for something to make my rifle run more soft and flat, I am willing to experiment. Bought a Cannible comp. Ports only on the top. Great looking and well made. Better than most comps I have tried as far as looks and quality. It gave me the same movement as without a comp on the gun. I tried it 180 to the left, 180 to the right and then up side down. Nothing. Done buying comps. Left it on for the cool factor. Please don't tell me to choose a slow powder to get more out of the comp. I have a accurate, very mild load that is reliable. I have tried friends slow burning loads and could not feel much if any difference. If anyone wants to know my load, It's WST, 3grs., 155 gr.coated bullets made by my shooting friend. Gun is a Olympic Arms, 16 in barrel, Blitz. buffer system. Had the barrel cut down to .625. Weights 6-1/2 lbs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  7. dmshozer1

    Trigger problem

    I guess you do have a bolt problem if that did not work. Thanks for the information on the different bolt specs.
  8. dmshozer1

    Trigger problem

    The 308 caliber Gold trigger has a higher hammer to cure that problem
  9. I will take them

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  11. dmshozer1


    Sometimes easier to ask than to look it up in the rule book. Plus I'm sure you will agree that a LOT of people do not know the rules and can still be experienced shooters. I guess I am one of those. Good question though.
  12. dmshozer1


    Got it
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  14. dmshozer1


    Can you shoot a Glock 17 9mm in Limited 10
  15. dmshozer1


    Wow, That is one fussy barrel!