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  1. Wow, I opened a can of worms!
  2. Where are you finding these rules? Went to D.8 but nothing is said about what you guys are referring me too.
  3. Thanks for the information, Found the the rules for everything but could not for PCC. Where are you looking?
  4. What is the rule on weak side strong side PCC, Stage brief said first array free style, second array weak hand "shoulder" one string. First PCC shooter did not go weak shoulder on the second array. Discussion followed. No one had a way to check it at the time.
  5. I put my first one together probably 15 years ago, Just because I wanted one. Got a safe full of .223's that i have put together for 3gun matches. When the PCC thing caught on I built one for competition. I was the first in my area. My shooting friends asked me what to buy and that started it. I put a few of them together for friends. Pisses me off when they beat me! Not really. Soon there were a lot of them to compete against. Did they all run perfect, no. But they were soon running reliably.. Of course we all reload so it was easy to get them competitive. We all travel to Pa to shoot 3Gun Nation matches to play with the big boys. Fun! I agree with you about the guy building a PCC for the first time. They can very easy get into trouble. They are a different beast than a gas operated AR.
  6. Our guns run, You assume a lot. Period
  7. Been in the USPSA, IDPA, 3gun and steel challenge game from almost day one. Over 25 years. I built my first PCC before they had a class for them. Myself and many others do not want to put $2,000 into a gun that you can build for $1000 or less and be just as competitive at any level. Ever hear of a guy called Max. He does not shoot a JP and he could be sponsored by any one he wants Fit and finish, who cares in the games we are talking about. I think most people who buy over priced PCC's do not have the knowledge or do not want to put in the effort to make a home grown gun run. And then there are the shooters that $2,000 means nothing to them.
  8. Sorry but I disagree with you, In my shooting area there are about 20 or so dedicated PCC shooters. Two of them went with JP's. I think they paid about $1,500 less optic. Replaced the cheap stock, got rid of the very heavy hand guard, put on a $300 optic and one put a hyper fire in it. The other shooter is going to put a hyper fire in his. Now you are up to about $2,000. They run Great! They should for that kind of money! The rest of us built ours with not the very best but good parts. Some went with some JP parts. Not the barrel, two heavy. With no more than any new competition gun problems they all run as good as any JP. Feed them good ammo, take care of your mags, keep them clean and they run. Cost around $1000 depending on choice of optic.
  9. You will love it! If your ammo is around 2900 fps, a 200 yd. zero will be pretty much dead on at 50 all the way out to 200 yds. From 25 yds out you will be able to hold dead on any target out to 200yds The rise will only be about 1-1/2. 25 and in you will be only be about an inch high except for real close shots. 5 to 15 yds you will be the amount your scope is over the bore of your rifle. Usually about 3"
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