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  1. Follow up on the above, Put the PSA lower on the Odin dedicated 9 upper. After putting about 100 rds. through it, i had some stovepipe type malfunctions. Tried different ammo, buffer springs, buffers and worked on extractor tension. Same malfunction. Took the gun apart many times and finally noticed brass markings on the receiver port. Put the gun back together. Noticed that the ejector sat really low in relation to the Odin port. It has a small opening compared to the PSA upper, Mister dremel opened up the bottom of the port as much as I dared. I figured out the
  2. Weird Tubbs spring problem solved, It is a Strike Industries flat wire spring. Beware of that if you run a Blitz.
  3. I have both, The heavy and the light, Neither fit? The blitz really calmed down the two rifles I have. One is a full 16". The other is a sleeved 5" I tried the Tubbs with other buffers. Went back To the 308 spring and Blitz. I think the way you hold your gun has a lot to do with the way it recoils.
  4. Interesting, My Tubbs spring would go over any other buffer but not my Blitz. Weird!
  5. What was the distance to the targets? I tried the Tubbs spring. It would not fit over the Blitz's buffer. How did you make that work?
  6. True, But some shooters go below the sub minor to cheat. My entire point is that the knuckle setting is below the 115 power factor so they get away with it. As I said above, set a popper up so that a 115 load will just knock it down. You will find that the knuckle setting is a lot lighter. And like I have said over and over, I understand why the light setting is used. It keeps the match flowing. I realize not everyone cheats but when you see brass dribbling out of the "Joe average"shooters gun and his double taps at 15 to 20 yds. are 2" apart. I mean, come on
  7. I never meant that, I know poppers are very hard to maintain. I just stated that if the popper was calibrated correctly,it will fall if the shooters ammo made power factor. What has my attitude got to do with popper calibration. Thats funny
  8. I agree, It is a mess. That is the reason the knuckle test is popular. It keeps the match moving.
  9. If you cannot put a popper down that is by the rules calibrated you are cheating with low power ammo, This is a game we play with rules. They should be followed. The knuckle thing is not by the rules set properly. That is all I am saying. I have run the chrono at matches. I can guarantee you some of the ammo I checked was not the ammo used in the match. Come on boys and girls, If you have played this game for awhile you know many shooters are shooting ammo below the power factor for their division.
  10. I agree with you about the knuckle procedure and why it is used. What I am saying is that shooters are using below sub minor ammo. Poppers are supposed to be set to fall at 115. The knuckle test is way below the 115 set up. So the cheaters get away with it for the sake of keeping the match flowing.
  11. True, but it is 125 for the shooter. If they are running below that on purpose, that;s cheating. If the popper is set correctly, they will not knock it over when running their below sub- minor ammo. This is why the knuckle setting of poppers is used. If not there would be a lot of calibration calls. I am not disagreeing with the above process, I am just stating how it should be done according to the rules.
  12. If they are using a sub minor load on purpose that is cheating. By the rules the shooter is required to load at least to the power factor division they are shooting.
  13. Then why is there a power factor at all? Most matches shooters go to don't chrono. Most matches that do chrono just ask for ammo. Out comes your "special" ammo. I agree some matches have a system to avoid that. I have picked up mags and stripped a few rds from shooters that have just shot while noticing the brass was dribbling out over their hand. We have all seen that. What a joke! Chronoed at home and wondered how they got their gun to cycle! Try this some time. Set a popper up at 12 yds. Use known 125 power ammo. Keep re setting the popper until it will just fall. You w
  14. Funny, I thought steel targets were to prove power, but I get your process.
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