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  1. 11 or 12 # variable in my current gun, which has a super heavy frame and lightened slide. A stock edge may be different. I would recommend getting one of the wolff recoil calibration packs and trying them all. I used to run a 10# in my 6 inch gun, but that didn't feel great in my 5"
  2. All great reasons to get a Limited gun, where new types of parts and experimentation is the norm.
  3. Take the thumb rest off. It causes a cross directional torque to the frame which puts a pre-load on the ejector and directs the brass off-axis upon the extraction stroke.
  4. TTI pads and Grams guns give me 21 in all my STI mags
  5. waktasz

    Knife Snobs

    It's like a custom gun. There is a little more attention to detail. The action is a little tighter. The finish is a little better. This is comparing something like a $30 Kershaw to a $200 Benchmade. That's as high as I go. The people spending $1000+ for a knife I think are paying mostly for the name.
  6. Looks like it, but it probably won't fit the box
  7. That's because prior to the last year (or two?) SS nationals was its own match, run by the SS Society in PASA park and was very, very 8 round major friendly.
  8. The 10 round limit is the main thing, along with minor scoring,that differentiates Production from Limited. I don't want all the divisions to be the same.
  9. I'm going to be that guy... Don't bother shooting the Hipower unless you already have a rig for it. I wouldn't waste money on a holster and pouches because you know and we know you're not going to end up shooting that thing in matches long term. Here's how I'd do it... 1- Decide what division you want to shoot 2 -Go to a match, beg to feel as many other people's guns as you can. See if the answer to this step changes your answer to the first step. If not, 3- Buy one, 10,000 rounds of ammo, and a full day practical shooting class with a well known trainer, or at the very least, your local hot shot. If you let us know where you live I'm sure we can recommend someone.
  10. It allows you to replace small parts, but explicitly disallows grip panels that have a built in thumb rest...but a slide stop thumb rest is allowed? So silly. The truth is it won't matter and no one is going to win because of it, so I don't really care enough to even do anything about it besides make this post, but it's still dumb.
  11. It's in my printed book of classifier diagrams from 3+ years ago
  12. You can turn off the fisheye in the settings. I like it on because it shows more of my hands during reloads.
  13. Correct-o Yep, I miss them too. Comparing back to my old footage though, the 60fps with image stabilization from the Gopro is really terrific
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