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  1. He engaged all the steel (engaged just means shot at), did his reload, then finished, exactly as the COF says to do. No penalty. Also, this is why you shoot the paper first on stages like this.
  2. They definitely make differently sized ones. EGW has standard and "STI" sized guide rods. The heads are different
  3. Because then I'd just shoot an Open gun with a 300mm mag and crap all over the PCC bois
  4. Sweet, don't think it was me.
  5. A bunch of us in PA got cooling vests this year .They use a gel ice pack that lasts about 2 hours and will re-freeze in a cooler of ice in about 40 minutes
  6. any updates on this? Would love to pick one up
  7. None of those things involve throwing away your previous gear because the new rule made it less competitive except 8 round revolvers...and even if they did, obsoleting a $65 holster or slide stop is a lot different from making a country full of multi-thousand dollar Limited guns suddenly less competitive.
  8. That's the biggest issue, making all the current 40 guns useless. You'd have to put a mag capacity limit on it, not just mag length, then 40 minor guns would be viable.
  9. pics from the left side of the gun while holding it in one and two hands would help
  10. I shot the SF for the first time last week and immediately ordered one. My q5 is for sale. It feels like a turd now
  11. I'm not understanding what you are saying. The pace people would shoot a classifier stage at a major match is much different from the hero or zero type situation a classifier at a local match puts them in. This is always why the 18 series of classifiers was relatively easy...because the scores were set at nationals where people are not necessarily going 110% on every stage. That match is a marathon.
  12. The problem is that your premise and your solution do not align with each other. Putting a classifier in every level 2 match will do nothing. If anything, it will keep people's averages down, as they will not be willing to Hero or Zero a stage at a major match.
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