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  1. I was worried I might have Covid since I was in Florida 13 days earlier. I thought it would have been a dick move to show up if I was showing symptoms of an illness, so I did it for YOU!
  2. I worked chrono on Saturday then got a wild migraine and decided to sleep it off in the hotel. Very sad
  3. Just because you have a keyboard and internet access doesn't mean you have to use it every day.
  4. Strange they won't do it. It's not different than threading on a comp for an open gun.
  5. Honestly if I was having to buy factory ammo these days and had your practice range situation, I'd find another hobby.
  6. The question is if phrasing it as "ifffffffffffff you are finished, unload and show clear" is ok or not
  7. 21.1 ALL Factory safety mechanisms, whether internal or external, must remain functional. Not sure how else that that can be interpreted
  8. You also have different requirements than me. I'm a super gamer and don't really care about the tacticals, so for me I'd shoot whatever I'd get the most enjoyment out of, not the gun I'd necessarily use to shoot people with
  9. I'd rather shoot the STI all day but will yours work for 1800 rounds without cleaning? My 2011s will, if you know your gear and it will, do that. Or do whatever you want, why are you asking me anyway?
  10. 21.1 ALL Factory safety mechanisms, whether internal or external, must remain functional.
  11. Interested to see the WSB for this. It was only one procedural if you didn't put the thing in the thing? I wouldn't even have bothered
  12. If the "gun" is a Shadow (frame) then you aren't removing a safety by using a slide with a provision for the firing pin block. The gun never had one.
  13. I use the big brass knobs on my RHT holster because I can really crank them down in the event of a stage like this.
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