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  1. Yes but the majority of members just download their stock mags. They don't use 10 round mags
  2. IDPA just had their nats there and no one seemed to care on match day. The members initially had similar concerns though
  3. If you are actively engaging targets, even transitioning between them while moving you're fine to have it in there. If you can't see the next target or have a bunch of steps between targets and you aren't actively aiming at one, it should be clear of the trigger guard. (disclaimer: These are sort of rules of thumb, I'm sure there are exceptions so don't come back here and blame me for nothin!)
  4. The reload is done after the mag is inserted, per the glossary in the rulebook. In reality, once the gun is pointed in a safe direction and being presented toward the target, with both hands on the gun.
  5. It's not a gray area. The rule says finger must be outside of the trigger guard, not "trigger must not be on the trigger" No to the second answer but I almost don't want to answer that because you're showing your ass right now.
  6. Send him packing and don't second guess it for one minute.
  7. Then you have to have a 40 minute RO walkthrough before every match like in IDPA where everyone argues about everything on every stage because the rules there aren't well defined enough to just have a short WSB.
  8. What's really so broken about it? The GMs generally win the match followed by everyone else, pretty much in order. There are sandbaggers and grandbaggers, sure, but the match results reflect that. Yes there are GMs that have no shot to win a national title (me included), but it's like that in chess too. There are GMs and there are super GMs. Some of the super GMs could win 100 games in a row against a "normal" GM, but that doesn't mean the other GM isn't in the top .1 percentile of players also.
  9. http://www.super-tactical.com/2020/02/blake-drills-explained.html
  10. Doing away with all steel and just going to two hits on brown would fix everything and make pasting go much faster!
  11. Well since you won't be back and I won't see you for a while or ever, if I had one drill for you to do it would be the Blake Drill. Transitions are big time important Here's an example from the only time we've both shot a match together, WAC last October. I know it was a long time ago but the point still stands. Each of the tall spikes on the brown color is movement. The smaller spikes are transitions between targets. Notice how the blue chart transitions and splits are very similar while you can easily see on the brown graph which shots for yours are transitions. My splits and transitions are between 20 and 30. Your splits are around 30, pretty good, but your transitions are between .50 and .90. That really adds up.
  12. Gotcha. I probably won't be back there until the GFDS postal match in November.
  13. CZ p10f is the best production gun then. Or maybe an XDM. Any other guns hold 19 rounds out of the box?
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