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  1. Blake Drills. All the Blake Drills. Various distances, various target spreads, left to right and right to left.
  2. If you have a nice gun that you enjoy shooting more than some other cheap gun, it can indeed make you better, because you will practice more. This happened to me when I switched from Glock to Tanfo.
  3. The sights are mounted to the slide, so the play between the slide and frame doesn't affect accuracy at all
  4. Mounting plate yes, but not one that goes in the dovetail of a standard slide.
  5. Milling it in makes it lower and easier to adjust to when switching from irons. You can adapt to having it on a plate, I just found it easier to pick it up right away if it's lower. This is coming from someone who has shot less than a dozen matches in CO after 15 years of irons.
  6. No you still don't understand. You are going to be FASTER shooting major, because you can aim less.
  7. The people that say to run it back to back are right. Go out with both guns, build some stages, and compare your hit factors between major and minor. It should be so obviously evident to you after that, that this thread wouldn't have to exist.
  8. The general aiming area you are using does in fact get larger, therefore you can go faster, when shooting major. With minor yes, the gun recoils slightly less, but the target area is smaller so you must be more precise and go slightly slower. 2-3 extra rounds is small advantage, on a small percentage of stages. I shoot CO and Limited currently, and on field courses I will do one reload in both divisions. On the rare 22 or 23 round stages, I don't have to reload in CO, but there is almost always a place to fit in a reload if you have to on those stages. I've timed myself and if the position involves 3 steps or more, it's not any slower to do a reload compared to not. If it was an advantage in any way at all, don't you think someone would try it at a major level match? NO one does. The closest thing you have is in Single Stack, where you get 25% more rounds in your gun with minor. In that case it may be worth it, but nationals results still say Major is better.
  9. It's not that the advantages to minor are negligible, it's that there are none.
  10. Consider this.... When you shoot major, the target get bigger. Can you shoot a larger target faster than a smaller one? (I can't believe I even bothered to reply in this thread, lol)
  11. If that's what you want to do and your members are into it, fine. But that's one example of a club I'd never ever go to.
  12. He made it blue so you better listen
  13. Does any of that matter? A brace is specifically disallowed, regardless if it's a rifle or pistol or AOW or firearm...so yea, a rifle with a brace isn't suddenly a pistol, but it's still not legal for the sport. So what are you saying again?
  14. Well every hammer is legal now so...
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