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  1. 20 people in single stack is a record for sure
  2. It's all fun and games until someone comes crying their gun fell in the soup.
  3. In the event that a competitor begins his attempt at the course of fire prematurely (“false start” prior to the issuance of the start signal) the Range Officer will, as soon as possible, stop and restart the competitor once the course of fire has been restored. I don't know why they wouldn't stop you right away but there isn't any time limit to the above rule.
  4. In my imagination his holster would have some of that nasty blue water on the bottom
  5. I would DQ you if I knew you put your rig on the floor of the shitter just on pricinpal. That's nasty.
  6. Exactly. It hardly if at all affects the trigger pull and is more reliable in terms of smashing primers, and it slows the slide speed down a hair, so nothing but disadvantages to go lower
  7. If you are competing seriously of course you need two guns, even in Production division. Sights break, even irons.
  8. Is it ever up to the match to provide a rulebook for the shooter to use to look up a rule? I don't think so
  9. wut? Is it really that hard to go to the website and download a file? Surely it's easier than registering for this forum and running your mouth
  10. This, not the app. Download this to your phone or if you really want, print it https://uspsa.org/viewer/2020-USPSA-Competition-Rules.pdf
  11. Download the rulebook PDF to your phone
  12. It didn't chase people out of CO though which has basically the same rules
  13. Why would allowing more guns and more modifications in Production have limited participation?
  14. My stock master was like that when new. I put in an extra power extractor spring and it hasn't done it since. Stock spring is probably around 14 or 15
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