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  1. It's likely all your classifier scores are invalid too if your club did this. I've already dispatched an email to Foley and an investigation will be enacted regarding all scores issued at your club.
  2. Looked ok except for the target at :47 in the second video is misplaced. You should not be able to engage it from the left corner. First video is me.
  3. I didn't shoot it that way, but since you asked...
  4. You could skip the center but it requires a decent lean from both ends
  5. yes. It has always been allowed. Drones flying over the stages is what you guys are thinking of, and was not allowed in the past
  6. No such thing as metric targets anymore
  7. Also, if you didn't already know, there are tons of clubs in the area. Lower Providence, New Holland, Ontelaunee(biggest and best match on the east coast, every month), West Shore, York, Eastern Shore (MD), Quinton(NJ), Central Jersey (NJ). I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting.
  8. The MD there definitely won't notice, lol. But there are some other people there ROing and shooting that may. I wouldn't even bother emailing him. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  9. I'm usually at that match but won't be there this weekend. My guess is you would get away with running the big mags at that club. Not that I advocate cheating, but most 9mm Carry Optics mags hold 23, so just download them by one until you get proper base pads.
  10. I was able to attend a UTM Munitions force on force demo day on Saturday for a few hours. At the end of the demo they allowed people to gear up and have two on two "battles" using the sim guns. The guns were Sig 226 with the UTM sim adapters. Here are some videos. Can you guess which guys are competition shooters?
  11. There's 5-8 PCC shooters at any given match around here and seems they are all GMs, lol. Lim and Production are the most popular but CO is pretty strong
  12. The applicable rule for sweeping (10.5.5) says during the COF...
  13. Ha, awesome. Never thought of that
  14. The rule is to prevent these
  15. I was mostly referring to the sweeping rule. Go to safe table and use a bushing wrench on your 1911. DQ for sweeping? No, it's not.
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