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  1. states that does not apply in this situation. The only thing that applies is is it a significant advantage or not?
  2. waktasz

    DQ event

    Yep. If the RO tells me to put my hands over my head I will just turn my back to the COF and stand there. As the RO I will do as Sarge stated above.
  3. It came with a 16# Wolff spring but I need to try something else
  4. Just picked up a Glock Jentra tungsten rod. Works fine
  5. They work fine, but put the dot quite a ways above the top of the slide.
  6. Seems like every year the Area matches try to outdo themselves with dumb things. Last couple years it was a3, and now a6 is in the lead.
  7. Tried a Spingco guiderod at the match today and it's much better than stock, but doesn't close the slide with enough force. Had a jam after inserting a full mag because it doesn't have enough force to close the slide. Would really like to run a normal steel or ideally tungsten uncaptured rod and a normal spring. Someone make one or find a rod from another gun that is compatible! please!
  8. 507c arrived and I like it. I think I will end up liking the circle crosshair and dot combo. Turns out the DPP I borrowed was just a regular Deltapoint, not a Pro. I am not a big fan of the triangle, but shooting it for the first time in a match was probably not ideal.
  9. This is why it's stupid they got rid of Virginia count. Nothing wrong with doing what you are planning to do. I'd probably plan to shoot some extra makeups from the 7 yard position also.
  10. Broke my viper after less than 500 rounds last night. Match tomorrow so I'm borrowing a DPP and have a 507c on the way, but it won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon
  11. That's true, but it's up to you as a competitor to know the rules of the sport. The "RM" at most local matches is usually the MD, and he's not guaranteed to know the rules
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