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  1. I'm not talking about practice shots, talking about standing there with your gun in hand, at waist level and BANG. Not over the berm and not within 10 feet. So we're cool with that?
  2. What if you make read, load your gun. Stand there for a bit with your gun out, then launch one. Still cool?
  3. waktasz

    Part guns

    It's absolutely legal in USPSA now with the 2020 rules having recently been released. You're on your own for IPSC, I don't know anything about their rules and won't be downloading them. Since you are in the US you are unlikely to see any IPSC matches anyway.
  4. waktasz

    Part guns

    It makes a pretty big difference because USPSA and IPSC rules are not even close to the same. There are only 2 IPSC matches a year in the US, both in Florida though, so which is it? In USPSA, you can pretty much do whatever you want now, so it's fine. For IPSC, I doubt the caliber change is legal.
  5. Can you draw your gun and mags without the belt moving? Can you run without it falling off? Then it's fine.
  6. Yes, 9mm extractor. I had some extraction failures in the beginning, but ONLY with Blazer ammo. There's another guy somewhere in the tanfo section here with the same issue in his normal 9mm Stock 2. I took some material off the pad on the extractor so it would have more tension on the rim and those issues went away.
  7. Same for me, except I just got a 9mm barrel and threw it in my 40 slide and it works great. I will be getting one of these slides for CO, but for now my 40 slide is working fine with the PD 9mm barrel.
  8. Drawing and firing a shot seems to be a lot different than standing there and having an oops for no reason. If someone draws, they thought they heard a beep for some reason and started the COF prematurely. If you are standing there in the ready position with a PCC and hip shoot a shot by accident that seems a lot different. I'm sure the "correct" answer is "there's no rule to DQ him for that" but I stand by DQing him and letting the RM or arb committee sort it out. F that guy.
  9. 10.4.3 A shot which occurs while loading, reloading or unloading a firearm. This includes any shot fired during the procedures outlined in Rule 8.3.1 and Rule 8.3.7. 8.3.1 is "Make Ready" which signifies the start of the COF. Even though standby was issued it's still after Make Ready, during the COF, so 10.4.3 still works for me.
  10. There is a rule for that 10.4.7 A shot which occurs while retrieving a staged firearm, when the competitor is not engaging targets, and the shot does not strike a target.
  11. Yes, as long as it fits the box, which unless it was yuge, it should.
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