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  1. Aftermarket slides are allowed so basically anything is legal.
  2. Whatever the answer is, NROI is going to clarify this in their blog within the next month or so, and it will be a DQ going forward. All of their articles are responses to Enos threads, it seems.
  3. Double plug all the time. Even when I shoot minor. No reason not to. You're damaging your hearing otherwise.
  4. Negative. They each carry their own line of Tanfoglio stuff. The Defiant lineup is IFG and Witness is EAA
  5. Sell it on gunbroker and lose $50-100 rather than dump more money than that into it which may or may not fix it.
  6. Shooting with better shooters is obviously better. You're not going to learn from lower skilled squadmates. Whatever feelings or reactions you have to shooting with the better people is on you. Whatever you have to tell yourself to get yourself to relax can help. In the past it has helped me to think of it like "we" are out here to kick this match's ass when I get squadded with a top guy or something like that. I'm not out there to shoot against him necessarily. We are both there to crush everyone else.
  7. Don't slow down. Aim a little more. Focus on shot calling and visual patience while still moving fast and shooting fast. The guy that won that match was 4 seconds slower than you and was shooting Minor, but he didn't have your 4 mikes and he shot twice as many alphas as charlies , but you shot more charlies than alphas. Look at results from majors with guys like Christian Sailer, JJ, etc. They are accurate as hell, and still fast. That's how they are winning.
  8. For me it's more about not being surprised by anything on match day. Keeps the heart rate down and the mood mellow when you know what you are getting into on each bay. One thing to not do is go to a match the day before and spend 8 hours on the range in the heat watching people and bullshirting, then waking up dehydrated.
  9. I think this strategy of being a scaredy cat regarding the use of your own gun that you chose is bad for the mental game.
  10. The good thing about SS is that if you shoot a match in that division you're going to win. Because you'll be the only one there.
  11. Most of the GM bois come over the top with the thumb like that for all their guns. It's one of those things that sort of just starts to happen. I don't really recall learning it from anyone myself either. It's funny, when I teach my intro classes, of all the things I show them and demo, the thing that gets the most questions is "how do you rack the slide like that?"
  12. And people think I'm an a_-hole when I suggest people sign their posts with their USPSA number and classification
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