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  1. Photo of revolver in profile, opinion invalidated. Thread closed.
  2. Disco = disconnector It probably won't go away with the titan
  3. Very common. Trigger isn't coming forward enough to pick up the wing in single action. You have to remove material from the back of the disco
  4. I don't know why 40 minor would need a heavier spring than 9mm. 40 at minor speeds is lower velocity and pressure compared to 9mm and from experience I definitely needed a lighter spring when setting up my 40 minors guns compared to a 9mm.
  5. wow. You're the only person I've heard of that did that. I could lose an eye and both legs and I'd never ask them to demote me. F that.
  6. What does hitting dryfire a ton mean? How much are you training live fire now? How much could you, with your current ammo stash? Is your problem with moving up to A class simply choking on the classifiers (nerves/mental game, etc) or that you don't have the skills yet to perform A class stuff on the classifiers?
  7. What does that have to do with anything though?
  8. Trijicon seems to release them in batches to all of the retailers, then they are available for a few days until they sell out again. Seems to happen once a quarter or so.
  9. I prescribe two million hours of dedicated dryfire with par times.
  10. Open rulebook Ctrl+f type "butt" Press enter The answer will appear. As you get to know the rulebook knowing what keyword to search for becomes easier. You were on the right track with "butt" but I guess it's easier to post here and wait for some knucklehead to answer (possibly wrongly) than to look it up yourself? I dunno
  11. Magnet on the belt was not a bump to open unless it was used.
  12. None at all? I don't believe you. Safety probably won't actuate now.
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