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  1. They are only 10 yards away. I can see hits at that distance, especially hits in a white target. Not saying that's what happened, but that could be how he "knew" it was a paster falling off
  2. Yes. It used to be explicitly disallowed in a NROI ruling
  3. I get what you wrote, but if you watched him shoot them the FTSA should never cross your mind at all. It's either just misses or pre-pasting.
  4. Also, no one mentioned this...your score is your points per second, called your hit factor. That's what you are chasing. Work on shooting mostly Alphas, but don't worry about some charlies in there. Deltas can really add up fast and misses are obviously bad, so avoid those, but this is not a bullseye match. As you gain experience you'll be able to determine when you can get good hits on a target with a somewhat blurry sight picture and when you have to have a solid fundamentals (sight picture, trigger press) to make the shots that matter.
  5. Post links to match results and get video and post it here. You will get a lot of good advice. It's pretty easy to see the big time wasters once you start looking at video
  6. I'll let the other guys answer the prematurely pasting issue but you need to check yourself on your FTSA calls. Just because a target has two misses on it doesn't mean it's an FTSA. You say in your first post you saw the guy shoot these two targets, and when you got to score them they had no hits. If he shot them, it's not an FTSA, they are just mikes.
  7. I wish you would stop replying to rules threads
  8. That's what I would have said but this thread has scrambled my brains
  9. I've seen it, as a CRO at an area match. Seated loaded table start, all mags on table. Maybe 3 or 4 people didn't load their gun at all. I guess according to this thread I shouldn't have started them?
  10. I have a kydex one from Red Hill Tactical. I won't use a race holster anymore. No need to. I have a coupon code you can use but not sure if it's cool to post here or not. If you're interested PM me https://www.instagram.com/p/BpqLsBIHbWQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. The gun isn't advertising for the movie, the movie is advertising for the gun.
  12. I like most of it but I can't stand that all the STI grips just look like a hobbiest hit them with a soldering iron in their basement.
  13. There's no need for a change. The rule covers it and if you changed it to what you suggested this terrible thread would just be twice as long with people arguing over what attempting to holster means.
  14. Stop is a range command. It's pretty easy to tell one someone is done with their loading routine and is about to put the gun in the holster. At that point I have called stop. I have done this at least 4 or 5 times in the last few years. Sometimes they hear me and stop. Sometimes they get the gun in the holster then turn to me to ask why I yelled something. Either way, I'm doing what I can to stop an unsafe situation, correct it, and then continue. I'm not going to wait until he gets to the point where his hot gun is in the holster, with a 2 pound trigger and off safe to tell him he is DQd. That's asinine. Just because you call stop doesn't mean the only ending to that interaction is a DQ.
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