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  1. https://practiscore.com/pntc-may-2019-super-steel-am-match/register https://practiscore.com/pntc-may-2019-super-steel-pm-match-1/register this is a uspsa-ish match guessing an hour north of h-burg, just off i-81. 5-6 stages, run around and shoot falling steel. join me in squad 4 in morning and 8 in the afternoon. they do this on sunday as well. less complex stages than uspsa, but lots of steel, high round count, i'd bring 300 for each. a LOT of fun. shouldn't be too far out of your way on the way down saturday. https://practiscore.com/maryland-practical-shooters-association-may-2019/register actual uspsa match just north of frederick, md, guessing 2 - 2.5 hours from h-burg. join me in squad 5. if you were going home sunday this would or could be on your way.
  2. what match & date is it? sure someone here going to that match would let your order what you need and ship it to them, i would.
  3. either work up a minor load or buy a few boxes of atlanta arms minor .40. that does feel softer in my edge vs 9mm in my eagle, granted that the two guns are slightly different. now if you get a 9mm, you will have a little better mag capacity than with .40. and to confirm above, yes, if you shoot minor in limited at any stage (or chrono) then you are scored as minor for the whole match. no bump to open in this scenario.
  4. yes they have a good if not great rep for cs. but even better would not be needing cs. so far so good with my various vortexes though.
  5. i have and like the harris s-brm 6-9". added a pod lok handle and an adm converter to attach to a rail for easy on/off. keep in mind that most 3 gun matches don't allow bipods unless you shoot in open division.
  6. that's funny. i have a stable of sti's and shoot with others that are similarly very satisfied, but it's just my opinion, while you have an informed decision. anyways seems both our minds are made up, which is fine.
  7. man enough of this crap. i have more than a handful of sti's and love them all. just took delivery of another one today. wouldn't be doing that if i was experiencing any 'crap.' the only thing i can remember having to replace is an ejector on one of the guns after thousands of rounds.
  8. shoot/do what makes you happy and excited. i don't think there are too many trucks given away at shooting matches, so make them fun.
  9. this. or actually, both these.
  10. i've shot my g35 in limited major. moved on to sti 1911s for the better trigger and ergo's, but the glocks work. the prob i've seen with open glocks is you lose the glock reliability factory with a lot of mods to the gun. if you want a dot, do carry optics with a 17 or 34.
  11. it's fun. it's challenging. it's different.
  12. the md overrode your dq without talking with you first, or was the shooter lying about that? i wouldn't call his attitude casual, i'd call it almost if not actually criminal. and i would have gone straight to the md after the dq and had him walked from the premises.
  13. yep, all these things, plus low cost of entry (gun and mags)
  14. atlanta arms reload .40 (regular, not their long) has been 100% perfect in my edge, no need to pay more for their new ammo, not that their reloads are cheap.
  15. if there is loose clothing around the holster, i always say something. most are appreciative, but yeah some aren't. i'd still rather be the safety nazi than the guy calling 911.
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