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  1. i'd rather the shooter focus on remaining safe and getting his run on, vs taking his eyes and his mind off the gun while trying to find a place for the flag. same at the end of the run. just like the pistol guys that are more concerned about finding and picking up their ejected round than getting their gun back in the holster safely. when i'm the RO i think it's my job to make it easy and safer for the shooter.
  2. i'd contact the range and ask them, can't believe you couldn't have ammo shipped there. likewise, if you print out a ups label and bring tape, etc and box it back up, would think they'd let you put it in their ups pickup pile.
  3. i got my advice from a bill wilson (wilson combat) video, oil everything, then grease where you see wear. frankly if you clean it a lot, not sure what you use matters, though thicker stuff may hinder slide/bolt movement etc when colder.
  4. wow that's a pretty onerous rule. rowdy, doesn't it show an exception for reloading? maybe that's also a gamer way to improve your grip?
  5. i clean all my guns after every match. every once in a while i'm lazy and go two matches. and i do lube (oil) them up pretty generously. any mags that hit the ground also get cleaned, though not too many hit the ground when shooting pcc...
  6. jp and maintenance are oxymorons!!! everything d13 said above.
  7. i shoot a lot of 2 & 3 gun where the RO's generally grab the flags from the chamber (so shooter can keep both hands on the long gun) and hold them. so as a shooter i'll hand it to the RO or as the RO i'll grab it from the chamber, although some pcc shooters prefer to pull it and keep it on them, and some RO's seem offended if i indicate for them to grab it from my chamber. whatever works i guess, not that big of a deal.
  8. depends on what it is setup for from the factory. if it is set up for major power factor, then a lighter recoil spring for minor and vice versa. though above they're saying it seems to be set up for minor, as was my steelmaster, from the factory.
  9. but is it feasible or plausible...
  10. if you changed the recoil spring after the syntech was working (and that was your only change) and now it isn't working, putting the prior # recoil spring back in seems like that would put it back to working again. based on atlanta's and federal's published velocities, the 205 syntech has about 12% less muzzle energy than atlanta's 180, thus less recoil.
  11. interesting, still makes major i assume? what bullet weight? thanks. this should be a somewhat less expensive option. yeah i'd measure the two. fyi my edge has been 100% using atlanta regular length reload .40 (and various factory ammo), haven't tried the long, no need to.
  12. go to uspsa website and click on major matches, they're saying 450 rounds for hicap nationals. guessing that's minimum so prob bring more if not a lot more (a few misses, reshoot...). https://uspsa.org/matches/major
  13. still don't get the retaining strap rule, how is that still in effect? especially with open holsters where if the gun goes up just an inch it's gone. and whomever told you you need to bungee your gun at the start, to quote john mcenroe, surely cannot be serious.
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