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  1. normally pcc starts in hands and handgun is holstered, so there is precedence for doing it differently. so pcc on table and handgun holstered is same concept with starting differently.
  2. davsco

    How many mags?

    wow do they give you lunch halfway thru the stage??!!
  3. davsco

    How many mags?

    match description says: Ten stages. Round count: starts at 310 but that all depends on accuracy! so roughly 31 targets per stage but a lot of us don't go one for one. so even in a target-heavy stage, and lotsa misses, yeah four super big sticks should get anyone thru any of the stages. i will be bringing 2x the minimum, again a miss or two or ten, reshoot, etc. i will be working and shooting the match, see you there!
  4. yeah if true that's a little (maybe a lot) over the top, who is going to be lobbing slugs at the enemy, out of an un-scoped smoothbore nonetheless, especially when they have AR's in their hands...
  5. davsco

    Muzzel break

    not liking the "hook" and sharp edges, seems like it could get caught on something.
  6. davsco

    In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

    on advice of a few fellow shooters, i recent got the peltor tep-100's. few matches with them including 2 gun, so far so good. not uncomfortable, decent noise reduction, decent ability to hear talk and conversations. glad i got them. also have been using the pro-ears which i really like but just didn't want all that on my head especially in summer heat.
  7. davsco

    New shooter

    hit a range that rents guns and try a bunch. and hit a few uspsa or 3 gun matches and see what everyone is shooting. most will let you fondle their guns if not actually shoot them. that said, glocks are a good choice, very reliable and a ton of aftermarket gear and accessories at decent prices. and among glocks, 17 or 34 are great choices.
  8. try emailing them http://www.grbuspsa.com/contact-us.html with the crappy weather forecast, at least up here 3 hours north, guessing someone would not show up...
  9. davsco


    +1 on pro ears. way more comfortable than the leights. although i just bought my first set of electronic plugs, the peltor tep-100's. just a couple of matches with them, including uspsa and 2 gun, and i like them. they fit good, aren't uncomfortable, and keep the gunshot noise down pretty good.
  10. davsco

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    really a no brainer. especially if you don't reload, there's a good supply of match ammo at comparable prices to 308, and definitely less wind drift.
  11. davsco

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    don't know anything about this one, but check it out http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/new-production-rifle-from-pva-j-hancock.6868424/
  12. davsco

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    similar circumstance for me. buddy and i drove some 12 hours to a match ("outlaw" steel) and we each entered in two divisions (separate days for each). he dq'd early in first day/division (also a somewhat easy 180 to break) but got to shoot the next day/2nd division. that makes sense to me, you've had an overnite to think about and fix what you did wrong or what might have been wrong with you.
  13. davsco

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    guess i didn't say it clearly. should be a dq for the entire day, so if one is shooting two divisions in one day, dq for both. again, many reasons for dq, and you should get a little time off to think about and correct it. again if you're tired, sick, distracted or the like, need some time to recover from it.
  14. davsco

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    seems reasonable to me. the dq is supposed to give you a time out to think about what you did and how you can not do it again. also, the bad act might result from being tired, distracted, some sort of ailment, etc and continuing to shoot might give another bad result. now, if you're shooting one division one day and another the next, i'd say the two should be independent of each other as you should have had time to figure out how to not do what you did, and/or get over being tired, distracted, ill, etc.
  15. davsco

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    the problem is that one (inside trigger guard) is pretty black and white, while the other (AD) is a little subjective. and folks that 'confess' to a "safe" AD shouldn't be treated worse than folks that don't. the action was either 'safe' or not irrespective of what the shooter says and when they say it.