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  1. esp in this environment, just use it and enjoy it, super nice piece of kit. if you want to sell it, put it on gunbroker auction.
  2. i'd go with a spare identical to what you have in your pcc. why introduce another variable.
  3. i know it's not a lubricant, thought we were talking about degreasers here and when i've used wd40 to clean/break up gunk, it's done a pretty good job.
  4. rather than creating yet another ruleset, maybe consider using what's already out there - uml, mid atlantic multigun, 3gn, us carbine association (defunct but rules are out there). and of course for the 3 gun rules, shotgun would be n/a'. given all the carry optics hoopla, would be neat to have a tac/carry optics division. basically the usual tac optics (rifle with variable scope, production/limited handgun with slide mounted dot).
  5. if starting slung with mag in empty chamber closed bolt, or mag out empty chamber closed bolt, no need to jerk around trying to put the safety on at make ready. overkill and frankly more unnecessary manipulation may lead to more errors.
  6. i generally clean after every match. and disassemble and brush/clean all the mags also.
  7. for uspsa, limited or open? that's pretty spendy for glock mags! i just use arrendondo +5 extensions on my stock glock 22 mags. i've tried a couple of magpul 140mm 9mm mags on my glock carry optics gun with no issues. had no idea mbx (nor sti) was making glock mags.
  8. as RO i've fingered a magwell or two where i wasn't sure the shooter dropped the mag, and/or looked for a clear magwell (and chamber) when checking the chamber for empty. i've saved a few from dq that didn't drop their mags. as a shooter i normally do rack it a few times, just to be sure, but it's more of a total redundancy after visually looking for clear & empty.
  9. If you're going to screw a lefty with a tight shot, balance it out by screwing a righty! LLM.
  10. wow i've had stuff from fed 124 fmj to blazer aluminum 147 fmj run fine thru it with zero issues.
  11. try a freedomsmith racer trigger in that canik before you give it up, makes a big diff. and yeah what boomstick said, ask everyone at your next match if you can fondle if not shoot their guns after the match. best way to see what would work best for you.
  12. in my truck i hang it around the rear seat headrest. in the car, just thrown in the trunk, on top of range bag etc.
  13. also some may want practice/more fun with their 3-gun pistols.
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