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  1. looks sharp! any idea in terms of % how open or closed your gas block is?
  2. i guess i'm not the only one that doesn't look at their front site... but that (whipping out their pistol while walking to score targets) is messed up and certainly not on you by any stretch.
  3. do the rules (or any rulings) say this? the plate pics in the appendix exclusively show plates that rest on stands or the like, with no tension or other means of attachment or retention. is there a rule or ruling that says that texas stars and any steel that doesn't simply rest on stands are nonetheless considered 'plates' not subject to calibration?
  4. as i explained above, i think the star should be treated as a popper and not a plate, so it's up to the competitor to leave it, keep shooting it til it falls, or ask for a calibration. so the RO shouldn't have stopped him. but the stop command seemingly started before the shot that resulted in a squib, so i'd say it's a reshoot.
  5. i'd think that texas stars would be treated as poppers and not as plates, given that there are retention devices on the stars, similar to setting a popper.
  6. yeah, wouldn't put too much credence in the stage diagrams. get there an hour early and walk the stages. even better, ask the MD if they need help setting up the match and do that. what are you going to shoot from where and where will you be doing reloads so that you're not standing still while reloading. at each stage let them know it's your first match and they should let you go last or at least down the roster. air gun your reloads and make sure your 'muzzle' is def pointing downrange.
  7. i'd try it without having the port worked on. i used a sbe2 before my current m2, and because the sbe takes 3.5" shells, that port is already pretty big and frankly i found it easier to load, totally stock, than my m2 with welded lifter and extended port. and as noted above, because the sbe2's are sprung for more powerful 3.5" shells, mine didn't work 100% with any of the walmart 4-box packs of regular power shells (fed, rem or win), but it did work 100% with the slightly more expensive (ie faster) winchester super sports. and it worked fine with the fiocchi low recoil slugs.
  8. so i just opened the steiner box. looked thru the reticle and that center is super tiny, thinking i wouldn't even be able to see a red dot that small. but turned it on and up and that is def a nice, bright, relatively large daylight dot! i think i will like it, thx everyone for the advice and input! now i just need to get my seekins adj gas block set. i turned it all the way in, backed it out some, case not ejected. backed it out a half, case not ejected, backed it out a half, case ejected but didn't load a new round, backed it out a half, case ejected but didn't load a new round, same again, backed it out a half, and this time the case didn't eject, crap! was doing this in my backyard trying not to piss off the neighbors too much. will do it all again at the range after my next match.
  9. and just fyi, dawsons sells the sti mags at $50 and free shipping.
  10. man as expensive as base pads are, i'd just buy some new generation 140mm's directly from STI, they lowered prices to $50. so i just grabbed a 126mm mag, put on a dawson base pad, and it won't fit in my eagle with a magwell.
  11. my tube that holds 10 sticks out about an inch past my 26" barrel. so another ~5" on top of that. make sure you know your POI for slugs at various distances! and actually for your shot also, especially as you tighten that choke up. i remember an early 3 gun match where i went to full choke for the first time. missed everything, had to dump the shottie and get all the little plates with pistol, + all the pistol targets. trust me i took my time with the pistol targets as i knew i was running out of ammo and finished with either 1 or zero rounds left.
  12. that's pretty neat! my one club has some pretty tight targets and there i'll be shooting way more close stuff than 100-300 yd stuff. i'll play around with different zero distances and see what works for me.
  13. well the steiner better not suck as i just ordered one, without the opportunity to look thru it first. just wanted something lighter for a lighter ar-15 build i just did. what i know i don't like about it is it has a bdc reticle set up for a 200yd zero. this rifle will be used mostly if not exclusively in bay stages (ie 50yd max), occasionally going out to 300yds. depending on how far the 200 yard zero is off from ~25yd poi, i may just zero it at 25 or so and put up with some weird holds at 100-300yds.
  14. davsco


    unfortunately, 180 dq is a judgment call. i'd guess there are very very few who could accurately spray paint a 180 line 20+ yards from the back berm. i've handed out my share of 180 dq's but they were clearly well past 180. in most cases, folks running from right to left and doing normal reloads which points the gun left of their path and thus uprange at least a little.
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