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  1. i thought i read somewhere that dawson had a mag catch that prevented over-insertion of mags but not sure.
  2. max oal is just short of where you can't spin the round in the chamber because it's touching the lands?
  3. i did, thanks! i'm giving that dillon 600 bench-mounted swager i try.
  4. ok i did see those 'rings.' are the dillon 600 and rcbs bench mounted swage tools the way to go or are there better options (and what makes them better)? thanks
  5. i was referring to the dillon 600, which is a bench-mounted tool that looks pretty similar to the rcbs swage tool you're referencing. i guess it doesn't really matter if it works, but just curious - are these punching into the primer pocket, or more like drilling into the primer pocket, or something else? thanks for everyone's help!
  6. ok i still don't know what 'swaging' is, but i saw a dillon 600 tool that apparently does that. do i still use the pocket uniformer on the outside or does the swager tool do both?
  7. new to reloading. having pretty much zero issues loading handgun. used brass, tumble it, then straight to redding turret press or dillon 750 to size and deprime and punch in a new small pistol primer etc. never mess with the primer pocket and no issues seating new primers. same process with .223. used brass, tumble, resize and deprime. i do have a small primer pocket reamer that i spin in the primer pocket (don't do this step for handgun brass and have had no seating issues). still it seems like 10% of the time, the new small rifle primers don't seat properly if at all. what
  8. done a bunch with a hardwood dowel and a hammer. i don't hesitate buying cool tools but for this it isn't needed.
  9. so what is the benefit(s) to longer ammo in .40 in 2011's? does it feed better in the mag, does it go from mag to chamber better, is there something ballistics-wise going on with more room in the case for air or powder, and/or something else? thanks! reason i'm asking is i have an edge that has run perfect with "normal" 1.125 atlanta arms ammo. for a new gun i'm having built they say 1.200, which is even longer than atlanta long at 1.175. just trying to understand what makes the 1.200 better than 1.175 or 1.125 when the 1.125 has been perfect.
  10. brownells had pmc bronze .223 the other day for $900/1000 which is outrageous. but at least it lasted a full 24 hours and didn't sell out in seconds.
  11. new here - lube even with carbide dies? or are you talking about lubing inside the rim before seating a bullet? or something else...
  12. ok, why? while mine in .40 seems to work perfectly, they do seem tight for 9 and 39 super as those rounds plunk fine in the actual barrels. so that's my guess why.
  13. old post, but yeah with a grey guns spring kit, it's by far the best trigger pull on a striker fired gun i've felt. very little takeup and a short, light crisp break.
  14. i ordered 2k of 38 super brass from them on 1/21 and had it in hand within a week +/- a day or two.
  15. davsco

    ZEV OZ9

    forum member braxton1 was awesome enough to send me a few!!!
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