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  1. anything for taran tactical base pads?
  2. the larger the lens, the higher that dot is going to sit up, which is a problem for some folks like me that go back and forth between irons and optics. everything's a trade-off... i have a couple of vortex vipers, seem to have the lowest dot above the bottom of the base distance that i've seen from various specs. but a smaller window.
  3. took apart and reinstalled everything. poked the leaf spring left, right, up and down and it seemed to stay put. racked and 'fired' a bunch again with zero issues.
  4. Britin thanks for the DAA sale, ordered up a belt and mag pouches!
  5. please post them here! mbx has 15% off mags. what else?
  6. now that it's "working" I'll have to take it apart and check that sear leg. when installed and closed up, is there a way for the sear leg to get under the sear?
  7. so where the leaf spring bottom fits into the slot in the grip, i wrapped one layer of tape around the bottom of that slot, that at least in theory should keep the leaf spring stable and as high as possible. a layer of tape isn't much, and who knows how long that will stay in place, but after re-assembling, i did another 100 racks and the hammer stayed locked back until i pulled the trigger. is this just temporary luck again?
  8. not the greatest pic, but would you say the sear spring is centered correctly and up high enough? where the bottom of the leaf spring plugs into the frame, there is maybe a playing card width of play up and down (with the leaf spring in that slot).
  9. well, you were temporarily the MAN... hammer wouldn't stay back during 3rd stage today. the loctited grip screws were still tight. tomorrow i'll check for a cracked grip (it's the factory dvc stippled grip) and take it from there.
  10. you, sir, are the f'n MAN!!!! left one was a little loose as was the one in front of the trigger guard. blue loctited and tightened all three and 100 racks no issues. now, time to do that to its other stablemates...
  11. i will check. this is a dvc open in 38 super. i've had it since they came out and shoot it in a handful of matches each year so it hasn't been shot a whole lot. trigger etc is all bone-stock with no adjustments, unless something came loose etc. i have a couple of the brazos trigger kits (hammer, sear etc) in some of my other sti's and may try one of those in this gun to see what that does.
  12. ok so working from bottom (msh) up i got everything disassembled... when i put it all back together without the slide, with manual cocking, the hammer started locking back periodically but then 100%. but with slide attached, if i rack it slowly it locks back most of the time, but almost none of the time when i rack it somewhat quickly. i don't see any damage or missing to the sear or hammer but maybe the pics and/or narrative will help someone please diagnose.
  13. so 2nd stage today, my hammer (sti 2011 with double sided safety) stopped locking back after shooting first target. so not sure what is causing that. trying to take the gun apart, but even with the hammer held back manually, i can't get the safety high enough to pull it out, normally halfway between off and engaged it isn't too hard to pull out. thoughts & ideas greatly appreciated!
  14. you know what the perfect double is - alpha mike... speed up til you get rid of those pesky doubles!
  15. BIL and i both have these, not extensively used but no issues so far. i think we both got them from shooters connection.
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