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  1. davsco PCC muzzle

    i never did carts til i started 3 gun. then, since i have one, nice to use for uspsa etc. nice having your crap off the ground, not taking space up on a loading table, etc. in no way do i equate cart = weenie. easy and smart certainly doesn't mean weak. not sure why some are so rabidly anti-pcc. they're a bunch of fun and great practice for a sd/hd event that hopefully never happens. just like handguns. we certainly should not be pointing them at ourselves or others, but again with the flag in the chamber, it's pretty much a broomstick. bending over with a handgun may result in it being pointed at someone, and certainly holstering and drawing (including the few shooting themselves in the leg and foot). just saying, let's not be range nazis with visibly and physically inert pcc's when we do make some allowances for handguns. that said, rules are rules and must be followed. just hoping that rule makers and enforcers take all this into account.
  2. davsco PCC muzzle

    that's a little carried away. pretty sure there's a rule that says no walkthru's with firearms or firearm replicas.
  3. davsco PCC muzzle

    except that bagging is needlessly inefficient and frankly the extra gun handling (bag in one hand, pcc in the other) diminishes safety. flagged = inert = broomstick. it is as simple as that, and it should be as simple as that.
  4. davsco PCC muzzle

    thinking most if not all don't want to be carrying a slung pcc all day long, poking, banging around, etc. flag the pcc, whether it blocks the bolt or goes down into the chamber, the pcc is INERT and really don't understand all the hoopla over this. at that point it's like a shovel, mop or broom - inert.
  5. i have a bunch of sti's and love them all. that said, having a real gunsmith go over the gun, and especially, do a trigger job, is worth it just to proactively deal with any possible issues up front (every company has a lemon here and there). also get a 4 pak of their 'tuned' mags and if your gun is like my brazos edge, it will be 100% perfect in reliability. not saying an untouched sti won't, but you remove any chance. and btw, in speaking with dawson's recently, seems like they're doing their supertune pkg again (different animal from their CRP which is just some bolt on parts). basically same thing as brazos hp. i have a dawson supertuned eagle and also perfect (other than one or two ftf's over many years and many matches, that were mag-related).
  6. davsco

    IDPA Stage Design

    there's nothing wrong with a fast, low-round-count stage, as that prob mimics real life hd/sd scenarios, but run a couple of strings for that stage to bump the round count up (two hands, strong hand, weak hand, r to l, l to r, going forwards, going backwards, etc)
  7. davsco

    STI question

    love my sti's. i have two tactical double stacks - lightweight and regular, both 4".
  8. folks at jp said to just buy the cheapest 9mm you can find. i've used blazer brass and aluminum 115, fed am eagle 115 and similar with zero issues. just ordered a case of fed aluminum 115. super cheap at targetsportsusa with free deliv and rebate.
  9. davsco

    Blade-tech vs CompTac for Competition

    i have a bunch of blade techs for the various games and guns and they really leave me wanting anything else. haven't tried comp tac but from what i've heard they're pretty much the same thing. at your next match(es) look around and ask who's wearing what, surely after the match they'll let you try them out.
  10. davsco

    Council after the COF

    yes, it never hurts to proactively point out some potential issues on a stage and frankly i think it's an excellent idea and i try to do that.
  11. davsco

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    first, just bring what you got and have gun and be safe. find the match director, let him know what you have, and ask for his advice as to what division to enter. but yeah production sounds like the right call for 9mm and 10 round mags. congrats for jumping in!
  12. davsco

    Torn.. HK P30 vs 9mm 1911 for CCW

    i had a 3" 1911 9mm and despite using several different brands of quality mags, had feeding issues. don't want that in any gun but certainly not in a sd/hd gun. the majority of my game guns are sti 2011s, but for hd and sd i use glock 31 and 32. all the glocks i have have been 100% all day every day. so out of your 2 choices i'd pick the hk over a 9mm 1911. but glock would be (and is) my choice if you take all three into consideration. ugly, not the best ergos, but they just work, plus a ton of aftermarket and accessories available for them.
  13. davsco

    Sig P320x5 vs Canik TP9SFx

    based on past usage, i recently bought a canik sfx with the vortex viper. this combo for me has been the easiest carry optics gun for picking up the dot. better than the x5 and romeo and glock mos with trijicon, two other carry optics guns i've tried. in slow fire i think the sfx is a little more accurate than the x5 but both are very accurate. the stock trigger on the x5 is WAY better than the stocker on the sfx (WAY too much takeup). with the grayguns trigger in the x5 and the freedomsmith racer in the sfx, they're both pretty close but i will still take my 2011 triggers any day. the sfx fits pretty good in my glock 34/35 holsters.
  14. if you haven't done any comp's yet, make sure at each stage you let the RO know you're new and they'll let you go last. and if you let your squad know you're new and want some input, sure you'll get plenty.
  15. davsco

    PCC Safety Flag

    all the 3 (and 2) gun matches i've done, all longs guns are always flagged. not sure why anyone would gripe, flagging a long gun (including pcc) couldn't be any easier and is an excellent way for everyone to see it has been rendered inert.