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  1. https://blade-tech.com/collections/holster-finder/products/classic-owb?variant=6067183058972 this one comes with asr and teklok
  2. they sell most as 'doh' which is dropped and offset, sort of a hanger. if you take that dos piece off, the holster mounts right to the belt piece, close to the belt. get their asr mount (two belt loops) vs tek lok as the asr spreads out further on your belt for a sturdier mount. the teklok will work, i just like a bigger footprint for a gun, the tekloks are perfect for individual magazines. https://blade-tech.com/collections/holster-finder/products/signature-holster?variant=8169825894490
  3. a couple of local clubs have shut down outdoor matches now, color me very bummed. as noted above, i think there are ways to manage it without too much difficulty. and if MD's are worried about not enough folks showing up to justify match costs (time and money), just specify a minimum signup (perhaps including a little slop) or the match is cancelled.
  4. i use blade-tech for a couple of different guns i shoot in idpa. believe they have a 20% off sale right now. if they don't do 4.25" a 5" should work just a little more room in there than needed.
  5. i was going to say 'damn where do you live' but then saw it's AK!
  6. securely affixed or not, no way she's getting kicked off of my squad!
  7. not a gunsmith and haven't handled a staccato, but i have their dvc, tactical, edge, steelmaster and eagle models and frankly they're pretty much the same as far as internals, frame tolerances, triggers and the like. it's not like one model is a dud and another is awesome, and you can switch out internals to meet your preferences (for example, where i didn't have dawson or brazos work on the trigger via their supertune or hp packages, i dropped in the brazos trigger kits). i love all of them and use all of them in various competitions.
  8. two local clubs said they're continuing to do matches, but check-in & payment are outside the clubhouse/office and keeping squads at 10. fredericksburg mentioned above did cancel their april match.
  9. this weekend's uspsa match cancelled at one local club. i dunno, everyone's pretty spread out, it's outdoors. RO and the Shooter are somewhat close. easy enough to keep hands away from face and wash after the match from timer and nook/ipad handoffs.
  10. you don't have to lose the dovetail, at least with the milling companies i looked at. they can mill it in front of the dovetail. also you could have it milled at the back, thus losing the dovetail, and they could cut a dovetail in front of the milling (more expensive option of course with 2x milling). personally i wanted the milling as far back as possible to help keep the optic back from the chamber exhaust and flying brass, and not using a rear iron sight so no dovetail needed. i bought a slide from zeroed in armory and had them mill it for my dot (vortex viper). they had a super black friday sale if you can wait that long, basically buy the blank slide and milling and slide cuts were free. not sure if they have g34 slides though and of course no guarantee they'll repeat that sale.
  11. stuff happens. just give the md as much notice as you can (including w/d via practiscore).
  12. davsco

    ZEV OZ9

    crap, every time i'm close, another bad if not horrible review. @bad karma and others that use the zev frame with a glock or aftermarket (non-zev) slide, any issues? i've been tempted to just buy their frame and use a slide/dot i already have, but then if i have problems they most likely will blame the non-zev components and i'll be screwed. if uspsa would just let me use a 80% lower, i'd most likely just go that route, but a little extra weight seems like a good idea.
  13. these will prob require some road time but check out greater richmond blasters and fredericksburg. also, the va state uspsa match will be at fburg. https://practiscore.com/clubs/greater-richmond-blasters https://practiscore.com/clubs/va14-fredericksburg-ps
  14. never been there but believe they did 3 gun and perhaps others. at summit point raceway in wv they used to do uspsa & 3 gun but i believe the govt took over the range facility for training.
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