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  1. YES, seen that happen, always tell the shooter to tuck it in.
  2. kinda late for this, but didn't see anything posted. any great deals out there?
  3. yes a dq in idpa and uspsa etc, during a course of fire even if the gun is empty. do yourself a favor and read thru the rulebooks, esp sections re unsafe gun handling, disqualification, etc. there are things you can get dq'd for that technically aren't unsafe, but the rules are proactive/redundant to hopefully stop shooters before they are actually unsafe. if you're new to the various gun games, never hurts to do a dry run (with your hand & finger as gun) and ask someone to watch you for anything 'unsafe' or inefficient regarding the stage.
  4. for range/match use i just keep a small aerosol can of rem-oil in my bag.
  5. with forster not seeming to have small base dies, i got the redding full resize small base die and their micrometer competition seating die. do i also need a taper crimp die (again, use is jp ar-15 with 69g out to 500 yds, possibly also with 53-55g)? playing around, i did resize/deprime, trim and chamfer, and seated a bullet (skipped primer and powder steps for time being) and seemed to go relatively good. seems some die sets come with just two - size/deprime and seat, and others have three - incl taper crimp?
  6. something just moved, down there... i see few to none uber-expensive handguns at the 2 & 3 gun matches around here. lotsa edges and eagles. on top of 2/3 gun, can be used in steel challenge, falling steel matches, even idpa if the gun isn't too crazy. and yeah, some shoot these in uspsa as practice for 3 gun.
  7. not seeing 180's listed at precisionbullets.com, maybe they're just showing what's in stock?
  8. thanks! i'll give e3 a try, along with titegroup the only other "pistol" powder i have so far. heck, i don't even have the dies in hand yet!
  9. alliant calls this a shotshell powder?
  10. Yep if it's not 2-3 boxes, I'm not interested.
  11. zzt superthanks! brand/model rec(s) for the tc bullets?
  12. oh, and in some reading, there are .40 and .401? again, i've been shooting atlanta arms 180g reloads, minor and major, and my 2011 gun is fine with the regular (not long) lengths. just want to try and duplicate those.
  13. brand new to reloading. i've been shooting atlanta arms .40 minor and major in my sti edge, 180fmj. looking to reload, a lot of bullet types (fmj, coated, plated, etc). can someone please help me understand the options, or even rank them from love to hate. this will be for uspsa, 2 & 3 gun, falling steel, etc. thanks!! and bonus points to anyone nice enough to spec out minor and major load recipes. i have a jar of titegroup so far... and yes, zero primers...
  14. i don't even know what i'm talking about, but JP says to get a "small base" full length sizing die for use in their AR's. Looking at forster's dies, I see no mention of small base. Do I need small base, does Forster have small base, or what? thanks!
  15. brand spanking new to reloading, have the press (redding t7 turret) etc inbound. first job is .223 for 2 & 3 gun out to ~500yds, going to try either 69g smk's or 53g vmax. range pickup brass. so i think i need a sizing / decapping die (full length size, small base) and then a bullet seating die (perhaps with built in micrometer). just the two dies or perhaps a crimping or similar or other die? die types and brand & model specifics greatly appreciated! below are size/decap and seating dies i'm looking at. yea or nay? oh yeah, and please rec and find me some
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