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  1. considering they're selling thousands of 80% frames, and now finished/serialized frames, and also considering that aftermarket slides are allowed, seems that the frames with aftermarket slides should be allowed in CO.
  2. when i've shot my open gun with the cmore i don't remember any sun problems. at a recent match using my CO gun with vortex viper i had a handful of probs shooting into the low sun.
  3. i have a couple of the arrendondo's for my various glock mags and they have worked great. just loaded up a couple of glock 17 mags today and got 23 9mm in them. i have not tried them on pmags though.
  4. does your bladetech have a drop and offset piece? with that piece removed it sits pretty close to you, so decent concealment. with the dos piece it drops and puts it away from you for easier draws for competitions and the like.
  5. i understand why it may be nice to have. i am trying to find out if there are any downsides of having the LRBHO feature. does it run less reliably, does it need a 'nicer' bolt, etc?
  6. well, alrighty then, with magpul making drums and aero getting into the pcc game, might have to get me one of each!
  7. what if any downside is there to having a LRBHO feature on a glock magazine lower receiver? reliability, functionality, something else? i'm looking at some receivers that have this and some that don't. my opinion is that with the mega-mags one should be reloading at some point before going empty, but i guess the LRBHO feature is nice if one runs empty.
  8. i'd just put two pieces of wood on each side, maybe paint stirring sticks, and throw it in a vise (or maybe vice grips). then rotate it as necessary to get the various sides/ends.
  9. maybe also double check your optic. is it on tight and centered. if you have elevation and windage locks are they tight. all i did was sight mine in at 25 yds and went shooting at matches, but i don't remember even thinking twice about any lack of accuracy. i will try to check with a variety of factory ammo (i don't reload) and will get back to you.
  10. if you like the 1911 platform (and who doesn't...) get a double stack 1911 (2011) with comp/porting and a red dot, and have lotsa fun in Open division.
  11. what magnification scope are you using? just a non-magnified red dot? if so, do you have a magnified scope you could throw on?
  12. https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/IDPA-Rulebook-2017.pdf 8.1.8 Non-IDPA-Legal Features and Modifications for All Divisions The following features and modifications are not allowed in any division unless otherwise specifically allowed in the rulebook. A. Compensators of any type including hybrid or ported barrels
  13. two venues each an hour away for me, mostly selling out, today's match was full, couple of no shows. 3rd venue started up last year. i do love 3 gun but not having the shottie really makes the match fun/easy.
  14. don't think so in uspsa as guns must generally be production legal (and striker or sa/da). of course, could always run it in Open. in idpa they should be legal as esp (incl single action) guns can be used.
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