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  1. i have two different ones by blade-tech, both work fine and have tek-lok attachments.
  2. not the OP, but my first nationals and 2nd time at frostproof (first time was years ago for a falling steel match). match was fun, not drastically different/more difficult than the local, state and area matches i have done, other than # stages of course, but still challenging. happy that there were no real involved memory stages though there were a couple that required a real plan and not just following the path. man that humidity sucks though, thought it would be a little better in november but guess not. match ran very well, really no waiting around. they had plenty of cold drinking water which was nice. other than a brain fart or two and forgetting i did actually have a front sight, it was a good match and i'm glad i did it.
  3. let's face it, shotgun is by far the most onerous part of 3 gun. different chokes, shot v slug, shells falling out of shell holders (which take up too much real estate on your belt vs handgun/rifle mags), reloads every 8-9 rounds. then some places have you sling shotguns, crazy slug shots with a smoothbore barrel and/or mixing up shot and slugs within a stage. sure folks get tired of the shotgun way quicker than handgun or rifle. i shoot both 2 & 3 gun and a fair portion of 2 gun shooters won't do 3 gun because of all this. thinking MD's have email info for past participants and can reach out for real life answers to why they ain't coming back.
  4. yeah goretex ain't all it's talked up to be. i always try to buy rain jackets with pit zips, they can let out a lot of warmth when needed.
  5. i emailed them a few years back and they were working on a straight drop piece, but i guess they're not there yet.
  6. went from howard leights to pro ears 300, no complaints, comfy, good sound reduction, can hear conversations and your steel hits pretty good.
  7. the only thing i've really done with my sti's is install the brazos tuned trigger groups to get a lighter, crisper trigger. extended/widened mag release also.
  8. the prob i have, is where the heck did i miss - low, high, ahead, behind? not like rifle or pistol where you can see the splash/dust. sure the best guess is low and/or behind, but how do you know for sure?
  9. as a customer, i like to pay at the match, and if folks register and don't show up a time or two, don't let them register anymore. stuff happens and i hate getting stuck with match fees on the rare occasion i don't attend (though i always let the MD know as soon as i know i won't make it).
  10. davsco

    downside to MOS?

    yeah just shooting with iron sights. seems their gen 5 g 34 is MOS-only.
  11. davsco

    downside to MOS?

    other than price, any downsides to the glock MOS handguns vs non-MOS relating to USPSA shooting? maybe higher sights? anything else? and since i'm asking, any backwards compatibility issues with a gen 5 regarding using gen 4 magazines, sights/sight cuts, etc? thanks! edit - this gun would not have a dot on it, just production using iron sights
  12. bringing the mags with you to a match is good, but let's just say that having them in your mag pouches and not back in your range bag, is also good, when you dump your handgun (3 gun match) and it's time to rock with your AR...
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