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  1. I know this is an old post but.....is this piece still available?

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    2. Joe4d


      Hah found it, shoot me a smart phone number or an email address I can send you a picture I just took if you want to buy it,   Had to really dig to find the add, good pics there as well nothing has changed. $75 shipped. Paypal, (no wont ask you to lie and say we are friends) Check MO,,, and Now I have Zelle

    3. vegaspete61


      702-672-3286 to text the pics.  I'll paypal you the $75 

    4. Joe4d


      Ok got it, will get it out Priority mail soon as I can get to PO will post tracking. Any other Para specific parts you need ? I have some takeoffs,

  2. i ordered 40's from BBI. Tracking says delivery tomorrow.
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