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  1. Isn't his website great? Some very knowledgeable folks hanging out here...
  2. Okay, problem fixed. I took the gun to our local guru gunsmith. He recut the feed ramp and polished it up. He also took a bit of metal off the bottom of the ejector. It now feeds Everglades JHP(V1 and V2), round nose bullets, and minor factory 9mm rounds flawlessly. I ran the factory 26 and 20 round mags. I then put in my 29 round CZC spring kit and base pad, which also works perfectly. Thanks for all of your input.
  3. Actually they are bit smaller than the data posted above.
  4. Craig, I went down and checked that, no luck. I loaded it up with 25 dummy and started racking it and it jammed. As I looked closer at this round, I noticed that it shifted to one side. Another one looked the same way.
  5. What would be the proper spring length for these?
  6. How did you tune your mags? Just the lips or squeezing the tube in a vice?
  7. What if I swap out the stock parts for CZ custom or a different company's basepad, spring, and follower setup? Will that eliminate the need to be tuned?
  8. I took my new Parrot out this morning for some more breaking in. All mags were left fully loaded for a couple of days and had at least 50 rounds each thru them. The factory 20 round mags work perfect. The 26 round mag not so much. It would jam on each of the first 7 rounds. After that it would work just fine. I ran 125 rounds thru it. I am using Everglades 124gr JHP loaded out to 1.150. I use these in all of my guns with no issues. I ran one mag of factory 9mm and still had the same issues. Any thoughts? I know there are some tuning posts out there, but is that needed for a stock factory mag? Other than the 1 mag, this is one sweet gun...
  9. BadShot

    New Czechmate

    Couldn't wait any longer. This is my new toy. I like the C-More much more than I thought I would....
  10. BadShot

    New Czechmate

    I would also like them to go to a compact red dot, like the RTS2 etc...
  11. BadShot

    New Czechmate

    Since CZ now has a Shadow 2 and Tactical Sport 2, is there a Czechmate 2 on the horizon?
  12. I don't think it splits it. Revolver stays as it is, with no one participating. Today if you want to you use an optic, you go to open. If there is no one else doing the same, you compete against no one. If you can use it in Prod, it give you someone to compete against. Not very even, but it's something.
  13. Since revolvers are already allowed in production, why not let the production revolvers use red dots? They wouldn't be totally competitive, but it's closer than being in open.
  14. I have some AutoComp and a lot of AA7, will AA7 work okay in a comped revolver?
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