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  1. I mix up a 40/40/20 solution of Kroil/Hoppes #9/Slip 2000 carbon killer in a needle bottle. I put this in the comp and let it soak over night. The next day I put some Slip 2000 on one of these big q-tip gun cleaners and wipe it out. This will take out about 90%. Once in a while I use one of these brushes in my Dremel on the lowest speed. One of the local guys told me about spraying Dillon case lube in the comp before shooting, it helps too. I know it doesn't need all of this, but I'm retired and have some free time to tinker....
  2. Mine was a CYF with no issues...
  3. Which barrel on the CZCustom site are you talking about?
  4. Gomar, Ankeny Ikes has IDPA 2 Thursdays and 1 Saturday each month. It's a long drive for Thursdays....
  5. Hate to be negative here. I don't think it will bring in any new shooters. USPSA is now a high capacity game. Look at the growth in PCC and Carry Optics. I enjoy putting a red dot on my 627 and shooting open from time to time. I don't see me investing any more money so that I can now shoot major. I think revolver has gone the way of the manual transmission. There will always be some guys out there that like them, but I don't see a path for any growth.
  6. I noticed at the Western State Revolver shoot there were 5 guys shooting open minor. I wonder if this a test to see if there is any interest...
  7. I've got a new one coming soon was just curious....
  8. Is this one of the newest ones with slide racker milled in to the slide? Did it have the new grip? If so, how did it feel to you?
  9. I like mine. I use the 3 plastic trays and the aluminum for .380. Kind of noisy and dusty.
  10. Just curious. If you are shooting IDPA, where you have to retain unfired rounds/moon clips, can you keep the revolver in your right hand to do the reloads?
  11. OP, I've been looking at them, too. It looks like the 2019 has a different slide racker (maybe it can still swap sides), 3 less slots on the top of the slide, and the less aggressive grip that you mentioned. Also, the color combinations are different. The hard chrome with the gold barrel is no longer offered. Everyone else, if you could get one for $3400, does that change you opinion of the DVC?
  12. I had much the same problem. I found out that my calves were getting way too tight, causing the problem in my feet. I did tons of stretching before and after. Made a huge difference.
  13. This is from the VigLink page. Scroll halfway down the page to find the Insert panel: To tone Insert down, click the slider and drag it to the left:
  14. I started in revolver, then production, single stack, limited, carry optics and now moving to open. I'm a B in all but open...
  15. BadShot

    CZ SP01 optic mount

    Craig, I have the mounting plate from CZ custom on my CZ85, it work great. Skip
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