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  1. Does this formula keep the gun flat shooting? I tried just using minor loads from my CZ and the dot was all over the place. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the answer. Sounds like they are at least safe to give them a try. I was worried that they might not hold up at all. I only plan to use them if the supply gets really short.
  3. I have a good supply of Federal Small Pistol primers for my revolver. Would they be safe to use in my 9mm major open gun? I'm using 6.8gr of AutoComp with 124gr JHP bullets. Thanks
  4. Rowdy, Slightly off topic here, sorry. I see that CZ Custom's site still offers lightening of the Shadow 2 slide along with the optics cut. Would you lighten the slide or just do the optics cut? Thanks
  5. Make it a +4 for Pinnacle. I'm very happy with the work he did on my 627...
  6. I use TiteGroup for all 3 of those calibers. Works great, cheap, ton of data, and easy to find.
  7. What optic do you plan on using?
  8. I did it by hand. I just put the barrel in the vice with some leather on each side, put the reamer in a handle, oiled up the barrel, did a couple of turns on the handle. Let the reamer do the work. I then cleaned the barrel out and chamber checked the ammo. I think I just had to do this twice. Must have worked, no more problems, and the gun is still really accurate.
  9. I just bought a finishing reamer from Brownells and did my CZ myself. One load works for all my 9mm guns.
  10. A little off topic here, has anyone tried the Lucas Ultrasonic cleaner in either of these machines?
  11. I looking for a small table top unit. Just wondering what you guys think of a Hornady Ultrasound versus a generic table top parts washer. It's just for the yearly cleaning of my handguns. Thanks
  12. I just tried some 124gr in my Shadow 2 and it loved them. Fed well and were very accurate. My bullet feeder didn't like them at all. I kept getting upside down bullets every 10th round no matter what I did.
  13. I initially didn't think that they should have increased the mag capacity. Now that I have shot it some, I think it was a good move.
  14. I'm now 68 years old and shoot mostly for the enjoyment of the game. I shot CO for one season in 2018 and liked it a lot. I then discovered Open. The dot was much easier to see and with major scoring you just aimed for the center of the target and pulled the trigger. A lot of fun and you could go very fast. I'm now kind of bored with it. I picked up a CZ Shadow 2 Orange and have been shooting limited minor and can see why people like it. But, the sights are really hard for me to see. I'm probably going to wonder back to CO next year. Side question - Would it be against the wishes of th
  15. BadShot


    I think this is unique to the Orange guns.
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