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  1. If you look at the very, very fine print, I give you full credit for it...
  2. I run 2.9gr of TiteGroup under a 160gr Bayou bullet loaded to 1.160. It gives me 132 power factor. This is with Starline brass and Federal Small Pistol primers...
  3. Ron, I'll probably bring my 627 to CrossRoads next week. I usually have a red dot on it and shoot it in minor open. Lots of revo guys over at the CIPS matches. Let me know if I can help.
  4. BadShot

    TK custom

    Fenwick, I bought the parts and had Rick down in Osceola do the gunsmithing part. He did a really good job for me.
  5. Why do 1911/2011 guns stop at 2 or 3 rounds when this happens? Why don't they go until the mag is empty?
  6. I think the original poster was talking about the Big Dawg steel match. There are about 4 of us on this forum shooting it for the first time since it has moved to our range. From what I understand, it's 15 courses with the plate racks being shot 4 times at each course. That's 60 draws for the match. I'm thinking the holster might make a difference in this case. It's different from anything that I have shot before.
  7. I have a .45 ACP moon clip that I keep on each post. When there is a table start, I pull these to the top of the post to hold it away from my belt....
  8. How hard is to load the server when you have a USPSA course that states all mags/moon clips must come from the table at the start. Do the moon clips have to overlay each other in some special order? I use my revolver mostly for USPSA and we see this from time to time. The idea of reaching for the moon clips at the same location sounds promising.
  9. Makes good sense, thanks for the answer....
  10. How could that be any faster? On the Ghost, the gun is clear of the holster in about 1/2 inch. That looks like it would a good 2 inches. I don't think that I could be any faster(or slower in my case) with either of them.
  11. I have both the Race Master and the Ghost holster. I prefer the Ghost...
  12. A forum should be set up for carry optics. The only thing that it has in common with open is the red dot. It's a large enough division to have it own forum.
  13. 70 bucks plus shipping. I put it on my 627 and took it to the range. The dot is much brighter in full sunshine. I had to have the glass replaced also from my carry optics gun induced damage. I have 2 v4's on my open guns. I'm not sure that I will send them in to be upgraded. Open guns seem to be not as hard on the optics...
  14. I broke 2 DPP red dots and 2 RTS2 red dots in about 3000 rounds on my CZ SP01. Both manufacturers backed them up and my DPP has another 1200 with no further issues.
  15. Good post. The only thing I would add is that the carry optics red dot scopes are still a weak spot.
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