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  1. So, how would you handle magwells, race holsters, magnets, and equipment positioning with these combined divisions?
  2. I like this one, too. Would the SA/DA guns be able to start with the hammer back and safety on?
  3. Check out this Enos link, it is amazing: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/191773-cz-tuning-101-with-professor-atlas/
  4. Okay Warren, not trying to be argumentative, what in the geometry do you see that would cause excessive stacking? It looks like they added a couple more friction points.
  5. I only have S&W revolvers, are other brands coil springs?
  6. I got an email about this from TK Custom(Adjustable Coil Spring Speed Hammer Kit for S&W N-Frame - TK Custom). In this time of spotty primer availability, it might be an interesting way to adjust spring tension.
  7. I had 2 SP01 Shadows with the CZC milled mount. I sold those and got a Shadow 2 Orange. I really didn't want to cut the slide, so I bought an optic mount for my RTS2. I actually like it better than the CZC milled mount. It's been solid as can be. It shoots about an inch low up close and about an inch high at 25 yards. I don't even think about that stuff anymore. When I pull out the open gun or my red equipped revolver there is no adjustment at all. I don't think that you can go wrong either way.
  8. Being as I am well in to my Super Senior years, I was wondering who is the oldest active shooter in USPSA? And what does he/she shoot?
  9. I just picked up a Shadow 2 Orange this spring. Incredible gun, very accurate and very reliable. I want to be able to shoot it in CO, but couldn't see myself cutting up the slide. I installed a CZ Custom dovetail mount and have very happy with it. I had an AccuShadow with the RDS mount and I like the way the Orange points better. I do have to allow for about an inch at 7 and 30 yards.
  10. I have a 6 inch 617-2 10 shot with an aluminum cylinder. Wonderful gun, but the aluminum cylinder fouls up really fast and is harder to clean than my other 617. I'd like to buy a stainless 10 shot cylinder to replace it. I know it will change the balance of the gun, I'm okay with that. What can I expect for issues with a project like this? Thanks
  11. I tried a legion and a CZ shadow 2. The CZ fit me much better and I like the trigger much better, too. The DA/DA was not a biggie to me. You somehow have to try each to make a decision. It really depends on what you like. I went with an RTS2. I have them on all of my other guns.
  12. Can you use the whatif option on Practiscore and change yourself to production?
  13. Does this formula keep the gun flat shooting? I tried just using minor loads from my CZ and the dot was all over the place. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the answer. Sounds like they are at least safe to give them a try. I was worried that they might not hold up at all. I only plan to use them if the supply gets really short.
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