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  1. BadShot

    Am I too old?

    So, if one was to start shooting around the 60 year old range, what division would be a good choice? I'm thinking optics are pretty much mandatory. I shoot CO now, but am considering a move to open. I don't like the idea of PCC, but that's just me.
  2. BadShot

    Cz open, checkmate or 9mm TS build

    Thanks, I already have a RTS2 and a Delta Point Pro, just trying to keep costs down. Would the Tactical Sport frame hold up to 9mm major loads?
  3. BadShot

    Cz open, checkmate or 9mm TS build

    If a guy already had a 9mm Tactical Sport Orange: Installed a red dot frame mount for an RTS2 Had a gunsmith fit a threaded barrel(not sure where to get this) and comp Get some higher capacity mags Load up a 9mm major load Would this make a reasonable open gun? Sorry, I didn't notice that was a year old thread
  4. BadShot

    Carry Optics vs Open

    Zomby, Just curious, what kind of open gun are you shooting? What are you using for optics on it? Is it a big difference between a frame mounted sight and a slide mounted? The range has installed lights on the ranges. They want to extend to shooting into the evening hours. I'm thinking optics will be mandatory for me.
  5. BadShot

    Carry Optics vs Open

    Okay, now a slightly different view. We have a nice bunch of super seniors at our club. Since we are all in different divisions, how we finish in the overall standings is how we determine bragging rights. Not exactly fair, but it works fine. I'm guessing that switching from CO to Open would produce about 10% improvement in the overall standings. Does that seem reasonable? It looks like buying a nice used Open gun would the route that I would go....
  6. BadShot

    Carry Optics vs Open

    Very good point, thanks. I was ready to make the jump a few months ago, but hesitated after reflecting on my past shooting experiences. I have a lot of revolver and single stack shooting history. The low capacity divisions made me very accuracy minded. Part of attraction of open is allowing me to shoot with less emphasis on accuracy. If I ever made B in open, I'd be really happy.... Thanks for all of the replies everyone..
  7. BadShot

    Carry Optics vs Open

    I'm currently shooting carry optics with a CZ Accu-Shadow. I have a low B classification. I generally hit about 90% A's, but I'm somewhat slow(I'm 67). How much of an improvement would I see by switching to open? I'm sure mag capacity and major will be a help. I just wonder if the difference between a frame mounted optic and one on the slide would be a big advantage. Thanks
  8. BadShot

    Pain Management

    I blew a disc out in my back 7 years ago. I had injections in my spine, took dilaudids, gabapentin, etc. After a year, I could walk without a cane. Since then I started working on building up my core. Huge difference. I'm 67 now and all I need is a couple of Tylenol before a match and I'm good to go. Try doing some planks everyday(start slow) and see if that helps. Good luck...
  9. BadShot

    Red Dot mount for Accu Shadow??

    I have the one from CZC, it works great, although I went to the RDS plate. It's way better. Did you call CZC and check on the dove tail? It seems like the inventory on the website is not always accurate...
  10. BadShot

    Red Dot Knockoff

    Never mind, I just found a beat up RTS2 that still works(it doesn't hold zero very well) for a nice price....Only took 5 minutes!
  11. BadShot

    Red Dot Knockoff

    I have a CZ 85 that I want to use for dry fire practice this winter. I have a CZ custom multi optic red dot mount to use with it. I was thinking of getting a red dot knockoff to use for my dry firing. Anybody found one that works and can be mounted using this mount?
  12. BadShot

    CZ Custom - failed to meet expectations

    Just got my Accu-Shadow back with the RDS cut for my red dot. Way early and the work was perfect. Great company to deal with....
  13. BadShot

    DPP still having problems?

    I had 2 Delta Point Pros go bad at about 5000 rounds. Sent them in and got them back in about 5 weeks. They have been fine ever since(about 3500 rounds).
  14. BadShot

    Mark7 Evolution

    I really had no idea that my Dillon presses (550 and XL650) were such awful products until I found this thread. I'm thinking that I might just pick up a used 1050. These presses seem to be pretty nice stuff, just more than I need at this point. Just curious, how much money does everyone have invested in their new press by the time they have it running?
  15. One is used when you have one of the aftermarket bearing kits, the other is without.