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  1. I'm a bit disappointed in the stages. But, it's their first ICORE match that I've seen there and I'd like to help get it off the ground.
  2. Could you take the comp off and fire some rounds thru it to see what happens?
  3. I got my moon clip saver this morning. I had 11 moon clips to fix. 9 of them went smooth as can be, some required 4-5 of the required pressing down. 2 of them required all of that and some tweaking of the prongs with a pair of needle nosed pliers like Mike mentioned. But all of them now go thru my moon clip checker, which has much tighter tolerances that my revolver. Very good product that works just like everyone said that it would. Again, thanks for your input...
  4. I now have 13 moon clips that need help. So, I have ordered the moon clip saver from TKC. I'll report back on my progress. Thanks for all of your input.
  5. Has anyone tried TK Custom's moon clip saver tool? I have about 10 moon clips that I just can't get quite right and was wondering if this could do the job.
  6. I had a 627, bought a 929 and set it all up but found that I liked the 627 better. The gun itself was nice. But it was things like finding bullets that worked, brass that worked, cleaning the 627 was much easier, the BMT moonclip loader for the 627 was easier to use. Now that I can't use iron sights, the longer barrel is less use to me.
  7. If you were starting from scratch and were going to buy an 8 shot revolver for competition, what would your choice be? Would you stay with what you have now or switch to a different gun/caliber?
  8. I got my classifiers in, renewed my ICORE membership, and signed up....
  9. I took a break from shooting my open gun last night and shot my revo for a change. I can see why most people don't shoot them anymore. It's hard. You have to break down stages different from anyone else. Sometimes, you are you to have to make 8 shots without a miss or face a standing reload. They are hard and slower to reload. It's hard to blaze away at close up targets like an auto. Instead of being in the top 3rd of the standing, I was in the bottom 3rd. I wish they had never started showing combined scores in the first place. On the opposite side of things, it was a blast. I'm looking forward to shooting ICORE at the end of next month...
  10. Hey Ron, Off subject here, sorry. You gonna shoot the ICORE match over at ENPS? Skip
  11. Do you think that ENPS will become an ICORE club and hold regular matches?
  12. I've got 5 of them with no issues for the last 2 years.
  13. I get those occasionally, my CZ doesn't seem to care and shoots them just fine. If it was my open gun I would put them in the practice pile.
  14. Very good points. I don't mind shooting my 627 with a dot in Open, it's just for fun for me. Just throwing this out: If a dot makes a gun 10%-20% more competitive, why not allow 625's to have a dot? Maybe even allow them to shoot minor, but to be scored as major. A 5-inch minor 625 would be really nice to shoot. It might help make up some of the 2 round disadvantage.
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