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  1. Make sure that it has the proper STI follower. One of mine had the previous generation in it, wouldn't work at all.
  2. The timer is designed to wipe out your short term memory, so that's normal. I'm also 68, but have been shooting USPSA/IDPA for 17 years. It takes practice to plan stages. Watch some of the more experienced shooters. Ask other shooters, most will gladly help you out. Use the walk thru time to repeat the course over and over. Some people say shooting a higher capacity gun helps. Hope this helps...
  3. BadShot

    shadow 2 optic change

    I like the dot better. I like both sights about the same. I think the DPP and Sig Pro 1 are the only ones that share the same footprint. I had the DPP on my Legion while I waited for the Pro to become available. Some people say that other Sigs have the same footprint, but the screw sizes are different. I have 6 moa RTS2s on my open guns and revolver, it's my favorite...
  4. BadShot

    shadow 2 optic change

    I just put a Sig Romeo 1 Pro - 6 MOA in place of my DPP 2.5. I had it on a Sig P320 Legion X5. It's easier on the eyes...
  5. This is what is see no matter what I enter: 0)) $graceflag = 1; //within the grace period if ($gracedays <= 0) $expiredflag = 1; //totally expired list($year, $month, $day) = split("-", $row_Recordset1['Expiration']); // get the expiration date for printing // check expired flags or grace flags or neither if (($expiredflag == 0) and ($graceflag == 0)) //member still current { echo ""; } if ($expiredflag == 1) { echo ""; } if ($graceflag == 1) { echo ""; } } else //here to write Life instead of status { echo ""; echo ""; } ?> To view all classifier scores, click on ICORE Number For privacy last names are limited to 3 characters. ICORE Num Last Name First Name Status Expiration Classic Ltd Ltd 6 Opn Current "; echo date('d M Y', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month,$day,$year)); echo " Expired "; echo date('d M Y', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month,$day,$year)); echo " Grace "; echo date('d M Y', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month,$day,$year)); echo " Life U';} else {echo $row_Recordset1['ClcClass'];} ?> U';} else {echo $row_Recordset1['LtdClass'];} ?> U';} else {echo $row_Recordset1['L6Class'];} ?> U';} else {echo $row_Recordset1['OpnClass'];} ?> This page was last modified on 17 March 18 This page was last modified on 17 March 18
  6. Hey All, I was trying to look up my expired membership to see if I have any classifiers on record. It keeps giving me errors. Is the website broken or is it because my membership is not yet current? Thanks
  7. Just curious, why is there both a PCC link and a regular place to post? Thanks
  8. If you look at the very, very fine print, I give you full credit for it...
  9. I run 2.9gr of TiteGroup under a 160gr Bayou bullet loaded to 1.160. It gives me 132 power factor. This is with Starline brass and Federal Small Pistol primers...
  10. Ron, I'll probably bring my 627 to CrossRoads next week. I usually have a red dot on it and shoot it in minor open. Lots of revo guys over at the CIPS matches. Let me know if I can help.
  11. BadShot

    TK custom

    Fenwick, I bought the parts and had Rick down in Osceola do the gunsmithing part. He did a really good job for me.
  12. Why do 1911/2011 guns stop at 2 or 3 rounds when this happens? Why don't they go until the mag is empty?
  13. I think the original poster was talking about the Big Dawg steel match. There are about 4 of us on this forum shooting it for the first time since it has moved to our range. From what I understand, it's 15 courses with the plate racks being shot 4 times at each course. That's 60 draws for the match. I'm thinking the holster might make a difference in this case. It's different from anything that I have shot before.
  14. I have a .45 ACP moon clip that I keep on each post. When there is a table start, I pull these to the top of the post to hold it away from my belt....
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