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  1. Will they be replacing them with something new or are they getting out of the open gun business?
  2. We've had 4 new ones show up at our club this year. One had some ammo issues for a while. One of mine had issues with the mag release, which STI fixed. Now they all seem to be running fine. I'd buy another one...
  3. I asked the president and my area coordinator about this in 2016. Both responded quickly and answered my question. Their responses are below. Sounds like they should now be open to talking about it by now. I think this was before they announced the higher capacity for CO. I pitched this to the board in January, and again unofficially since then. As of now, it is a no go. Email your AD for sure, so that I can get support for this. The driving factor was that we didn't allow anything without a reciprocating slide mounted optic on it. Thanks. Mike Skip, I completely understand the desire for not so young eyes to use a dot. The board did discuss this but felt the division needed to get settled in before considering a change like this. I am sure it will come up again and now that I know your thoughts...I will make sure it comes up again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sherwyn
  4. I see some comps have a large port then a couple of smaller ports and some have a smaller port then larger ports. Does this affect your choice of powder and bullets? If so, how? Thanks
  5. I really don't shoot rifles that much so I can't say. They really are nice for my open gun. I had a set of MSA's, which were fine for prod, but they weren't near as good as the Impact Pro for my open gun.
  6. Look at the Impact Pro. They are 30db, auto shut off, use AAA batteries, and are about $60. I really like mine...
  7. I mix up a 40/40/20 solution of Kroil/Hoppes #9/Slip 2000 carbon killer in a needle bottle. I put this in the comp and let it soak over night. The next day I put some Slip 2000 on one of these big q-tip gun cleaners and wipe it out. This will take out about 90%. Once in a while I use one of these brushes in my Dremel on the lowest speed. One of the local guys told me about spraying Dillon case lube in the comp before shooting, it helps too. I know it doesn't need all of this, but I'm retired and have some free time to tinker....
  8. Mine was a CYF with no issues...
  9. Which barrel on the CZCustom site are you talking about?
  10. Gomar, Ankeny Ikes has IDPA 2 Thursdays and 1 Saturday each month. It's a long drive for Thursdays....
  11. Hate to be negative here. I don't think it will bring in any new shooters. USPSA is now a high capacity game. Look at the growth in PCC and Carry Optics. I enjoy putting a red dot on my 627 and shooting open from time to time. I don't see me investing any more money so that I can now shoot major. I think revolver has gone the way of the manual transmission. There will always be some guys out there that like them, but I don't see a path for any growth.
  12. I noticed at the Western State Revolver shoot there were 5 guys shooting open minor. I wonder if this a test to see if there is any interest...
  13. I've got a new one coming soon was just curious....
  14. Is this one of the newest ones with slide racker milled in to the slide? Did it have the new grip? If so, how did it feel to you?
  15. I like mine. I use the 3 plastic trays and the aluminum for .380. Kind of noisy and dusty.
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