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  1. Makicjf

    929/986 Bore Diameter

    Your experience with the 929 seems to match mine. I've found my 627 pro to be a better revo for me in every aspect. That being said, my 627 pro is dialed, smoothed and rolling, but im thinking about a back up/new USPSA/ICORE/SC revolver. In your opinion, is the 1 inch more barrel and an over travel stop on the 627 PC worth the $350 more? I know any competition revolver will need "all the usual work", be it a 929, 627pro or 627 PC, so the trigger stop and the inch of barrel are the only difference I see. What is your take? Jason
  2. Makicjf

    Nill Grip question

    Will do. Thanks
  3. Makicjf

    Nill Grip question

    I've found that the hogue tamers put my trigger finger in the right spot...I just feel the *squish* is allowing for movement I can't control. My hope was a wooden set with a covered back strap , like the GP 100 match champion would create distance but not compress. Does hogue have a wooden set that covers the back strap? Jason
  4. Makicjf

    Nill Grip question

    Thank you, sir
  5. Makicjf

    Nill Grip question

    https://shop.dominionhobby.com/products/sw016phg8 I'm thinking about investing in these, but hope someone has felt them. I've put Hogue Tamers on all my revo's ( except the 1917, it has a modified pair of presentation grips). I find the thickness of the Tamers coupled with the closed backstrap fill my hand very well. My grip strength is good, but due to a tendon injury my hand only closes about 95%: I need a fat grip to crush grip well. The tamers do this, but squish, requiring more crush, and the backstrap compresses, allowing for gun movement no matter how hard I grip and lock out my wrists. This Nill looks like similar to the Hogue in size and shape. Has anyone handled them? Jason
  6. Makicjf

    New ICORE Club in East Texas

    How many stages ? This would be a 150 mile drive, but would be worth the journey. Are the matches listed on Practiscore and Texas ipsc list? Txipsc sends out emails and might be a great way to rope in more Revolver wranglers. jason
  7. Makicjf

    Revo holster

    This is the one I use for USPSA. https://www.speedbeez.com/product/blade-tech-pro-series-speed-rig-holster-sw-4-inch-n-frame-2/ I use this one for IDPA. https://www.speedbeez.com/product/speed-beez-outside-the-waist-band-sw-625-627-629-4-inch-tactical-revolver-holster-fits-any-smith-wesson-4-inch-n-frame-idpa-and-uspsa-speed-rig/ Jason
  8. Makicjf

    18-06 For That Day

    I enjoyed this one. Revolver minor: 21.39, 12 A, 6 C. HF of 3.6646. 100%
  9. Makicjf

    Dry firing with an extended firing pin

    We would believe you... I've never had an issue with an Apex pin, and dry fire several hundred clicks a day between my 625, 610 and 627. The 625 for IDPA/carry, 627 for USPSA and 610 for predator/pig control {2 and 4 legged}. I make enough racket clicking, drawing etc, I've been banished to outside when my wife is home. I've never used snap caps. Maybe I should. I bent a C&S extended pin in 2 matches and one week of dry fire. Jason
  10. Makicjf

    Round count question

    Once I'm fully healthy, I may shoot both. I think I have a wheel gun addiction, or maybe its just an abusive relationship... Its hard to quit! : ) Jason
  11. Makicjf

    Round count question

    You do know me, we were on the same squad @ th IRC: me and my broken revolver...: ). I was thinking about the new Ruger again this morning. My list for the upcoming year is a 627 PC, a 929 or the new Ruger. I am well invested in 38 Shorts so the 929 would be firing those. Has the barrel length been settled on for the new 8 shot Ruger? The concept of using the same platform between primary and back up makes sense, but I'd also like to try something new. Do you know when it will be released? Jason
  12. Makicjf

    Round count question

    This is great information. Thank You! Do you see better accuracy with the 38 sc in the 929? I'm wondering if the lack of free bore pays dividends. If I were to look for a longer barrel for a 627, where would be a good place to start? I appreciate all the info! Jason
  13. Makicjf

    Round count question

    Thanks, ya'll! The more I think on this, the more sticking with a Smith makes sense. I've asked this question before, but with less specificity: will a 929 function well with 38 Short Colt? I'm aware of the need to resize in a 9mm dies. The possible advantages I can think of are: 1) a .358 bullet in a .357 bbl 2) the 929's I have seen appear to be reamed to headspace 9x21, thus a 9x19 case requires a stiff moonclip to minimize the risk of light strikes. 38 Short Colt brass would headspace on the rim. 3) I shoot more A's with a 6.5 inch bbl than with a 5" or the 4" on the 627 pro I'm shooting now Possible negatives 1) I'm not certain if the first firing of 38 SC in a 929 will result in sticky extraction due to brass over expanding. 2) I don't think 38 SC brass resized for the 929 will fit in my 627. I'd have to set aside ammo for the 627 Are all of these worth 1.5 inches of barrel over a 627 PC? I'd like the longer barrel, but don't know if the risk is worth the reward. Could {should} I just have a 929 bbl fit to a 627 frame? Would that work? Lots of questions for wiser minds than mine! Jason
  14. Makicjf

    Round count question

    My 627 came back from the mother ship yesterday. The yoke had been replaced. I noticed a few changes.The slip simply said "replaced Yoke". Firstly, the cylinder release functions far better than it ever did. Through 2 years of competition and practice the cylinder has always been a bit "sticky" to open ( with the wrong crane/yoke in it in an emergency for the IRC it was almost impossible to open). This is gone and very smooth. Secondly the new yoke screw appears to be visibly longer with a much more pronounced point. The screw also counter sinks more deeply into the yoke screw slot. My guess is a "bit" more fitting went into the replacement yoke and screw. I had just enough time last night to put the lighter hammer spring in a crack off 24 rounds before the world went black. It functioned perfectly. My question is this: I need a second 8 shot competition revolver so I'll have a BUG. This should avoid the fiasco of running another IRC with a broken, inaccurate revolver that I cant open the cylinder w/o a hammer. In my frustration, I had decided to wait for the new Ruger 8 shot; though this would be an unknown, the cylinder retention system would not lend itself to catastrophic failure. However, now that I'm no longer disappointed and frustrated, the 627 PC would be a known quantity. Moreover , all my gear (holsters, clips etc will fit, which may not be the case for the Ruger). I'd also have the cylinder retention system upgraded, and if possible have the smith retrofit either the old style screw, or buttress the existing spring system. Do ya'll think I should wait for the new Ruger or go with the known 627 PC? Jason
  15. Makicjf

    Round count question

    I agree. The notch wore in from use. It's my humble opinion that the new design is not durable enough. If I was using push loaders, the system might easily fail in 6 months of matches and practice. Jason