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  1. Thanks! That horse saved my life.Yes sir, my ribs are much better. The kidney, and the tumor which resided within are gone, as well. My 627 is operational, with a "spare" in the works Registering for the IRC this week! Jason
  2. I've got a story for you! I decided last August I'd be attending the 2018 IRC: I signed up, snail mailed my ICORE renewal, bought my plane tickets and reserved a room. I was really excited, as I'd never attended any major match, let alone one dedicated to revolvers! I upped my dry fire time, and attended every local match I could locate (USPSA, IDPA wild cat USPSAish). Late in August I broke 95% hi average for USPSA. One of my personal goals met, I was stoked to go compete with other revo shooters! September 12, while working on the right hind foot of a sedated Fresian mare, she snapped awake, exploded and kicked me in my right lateral chest. I simply could not breathe. The ER radiographed my ribs and stuck me in a CT machine. My ribs were badly bruised and my diaphragm had gone spastic, but the CT revealed a 5 centimeter renal cell carcinoma in my right kidney. Once the shock wore off, we scheduled a nephrectomy for Oct 12....so I could attend the IRC. Me and my short breathed, bruised ribbed, cancerous kidneyed self kept preparing, though a bit more gingerly. The Sunday before I flew out, on the 5th stage of the day, my yoke "v" notched and simply fell out of the revolver during a reload... I discovered that the yoke form my 610 would work. The cylinder required a hammer to open it, the alignment was off, and my revolver was now a lead spitting pattern shooter, but I boarded the plane. I honestly expected to crash. I survived the flight, but the combination of short winded, bruised ribbed, psychologically shocked with a revolver which wouldn't open and shot unpredictably ( about 6 inches at 15 yards offhand) resulted in a predictably mediocre shooting performance. However, the experience of shooting with passionate and like minded individuals was all I could have hoped ! I'd place prizes pretty low on the list. However, I'm pretty self motivated to meet my own imposed goals. The greatest benefit of the IRC, IMO, is shooting with other revo shooters and getting to share the range with the best of the best. That is why I would, did and will continue to attend! Jason
  3. Would a grip which lengthens the distance to the trigger help? Even with hogue tamers if I grasp high the natural placement of my trigger finger is in the first joint. Jason
  4. This makes sense to me. What are the components to the formula to grow ICORE? The growth is really the point, right. Jason
  5. The Apex extended pins have worked well for me. Jason
  6. "....letting the grip cancel the yank" I had a hand injury and developed a nasty case of tendonitis in my trigger finger, plus, the insipid arthritis in my hands hates the cold...on two cold days this January I learned I was doing exactly what you described. The first was an IDPA match where the temp was about 40 degrees and my hands were stiff...I could not grip tight and couldn't hit at all... The next week at a USPSA match, again cold, not only was my grip weaker than normal, my trigger finger simply quit extending and I could not control well where I gripped the revo off of a reload: I had trigger finger freeze. Four months off from any revolver shooting and my hand is better. But I'm going to have to refine my technique beyond " letting the grip cancel the yank" I'm deeply interested in what you discover! Jason
  7. Does it use * standard*, brass specific moon clips or Ruger proprietary clips? Does the trigger have a stop when the cylinder stops/locks or is it a straight stroke like a Smith? Does the Bowen extended Redhawk firing pin fit? My GP's polish easily and smooth, but the stop before the break just bugs me. I'd love to see/dry fire/ shoot one. Actually really excited about this revolver. Plus my hand has healed and I shot my first Revo Steel Challenge since January today. My revo shooting starts anew, so a new Ruger might be the perfect new toy! Jason
  8. Long live 45 Colt! They kill water moccasins pretty much as you described, too .
  9. My 625 is an amazing field carry piece: packs easily, throws a 260 WFN at 900 fps without any effort: mild recoil, can ring an 8 inch plate out to 100 yards, shoots through a hog stem to stern while making a .800 wound channel the whole way. I carry it every day as its lighter and has a much better trigger than my SRH 454. It has night sights, so it also sleeps on my night stand. The ONLY gun that could replace it would be a 25-5 in 45 Colt with night sights. The only advantage to the 25-5 would be ammo parity with my 92 lever gun which lives in my truck. A 260 WFN sounds like a steak being dropped on the floor when it impacts flesh and bone... most things I've shot drop DRT or take very few stumbling steps then expire. One deer, hit behind the shoulder from 100 yards ran 30 yards. However, even from that range you could hear the impact, see the whole open in the ribs and see the spray as the bullet exited. His lungs were jelly. If I'd shoulder shot, he would have planted. Amazingly, at that range I'd guess the velocity to be 725-750 fps...mass and meplat, to paraphrase John Linebaugh, are our only constants in terminal performance. My 625 has always performed terminally, with no punishment to the shooter. I like it better than my 610. Its dead in USPSA. Its THE wheel gun for IDPA. JME, Jason
  10. Subsidizing an item rarely saves it. The sports you mention ( except Steel Challenge) have evolved to exclude revolvers by rules and by volume of shots fired unless a person is stubborn and slightly masochistic. JMO, Jason
  11. I'd say this: the 10mm is a fairly potent round that starts with a "4"; it can give you .357 ballistics with heavier bullets and wider meplats in a revolver.. If someone wants a hi-cap packin' pistol, the G20 is a great choice for field carry. I also have a RIA double stack 10mm I wouldn't trade for anything its as reliable as gravity. If you are asking what is the benefit of a revo chambered in 10mm compared to a woods carry 45 acp( in a modern 625), a Redhawk level 45 colt, 454, 44 mag etc, I'd offer this thought: A 10 mm with good bullets and loads, is potent enough for deer and hogs hands down, and offers a much milder recoil and report than all of the above except a 45 auto rim heavy load. Its more user friendly and is just big enough. I just bought mine because I wanted one. I'll say a good .357 load is just as effective on game, plus can be fired from a lever gun. It just takes "Old School" loads from a 1980 Lyman cast bullet handbook. I have a 160 WFN mold with a meplat of .305 which loaded to 100% case capacity (1400 at the muzzle from a 6 inch gp100 or a 6 1/2 inch Blackhawk) of H110 kills large animals inside of 75 yards as well as my 45/70 or a 12 gauge slug. It is astoundingly deadly. I don't know if a 10mm kills as well because I've only killed one pig with one... from 8 yards away ( I was seeing how close I could stalk). By the numbers, equal meplat and equal velocity will equal the same wound channel. All that being said, in a revo a 10mm is a .357 with less blast. In an Auto you gain capacity. JMO Jason
  12. I purchased one. The bull"ish" barrel restricts the gun to lim 10, and is not legal for single stack. I did not read the rule before I bought it. My original intent was to have an inexpensive Major or Minor SS gun. That being said, it was great with 8 round mags, but would nose dive with 10 rounders. I took it to Tripp for the reliability ramp work: I've fired 1000 rounds through it since then all from Tripp 10 round mags w/o any issues. Zero. The cheap 40 cal 1911 is Rock solid (pun intended). Just for tinkerings sake I added fit an EGW flat pin stop and a raised mag catch. The recoil is soft. I also added a Dawson front F/O sight. Ive got a $600 reliable 40 cal 1911 that I really like. Never benched it, but it appears to shoot well. If it was legal for SS I'd not hesitate to run it. What division do you want to shoot in? Jason
  13. I had to park my revolvers. Between my job, hand injuries and the tendonitis in my trigger and middle finger I simply can't operate a revolver trigger w/o suffering inflammation and a worsening of the audible "click" every time I bend my right index finger. The last match I shot was a month ago, our local clubs inaugural Steel Challenge match. It was chilly and damp and by the last stage I could hardly grasp the 627. It honestly made me sad. That being said, allowing 8 shot major, comps and all the bells and whistles would be fun for folks that shoot revos', but wiould have no net affect on participation. USPSA is a high capacity sport that will only get faster and more technology driven. I don't think any rule change will increase the participation. Its to hard, requires to much effort and on your greatest day you'll still be perpetually out gunned by everyone around you. Revo will fade out, then Single Stack. Maybe USPSA will replace it with something which could increase overall participation like Limited minor, giving 3 gunners a place to practice w/o being penalized for shooting 9mm. I'd still rather work to hard and get my butt kicked with a revo than shoot the G34 I picked up. But I always choose the hardest path. Jason
  14. The only " shooting" issue I have is I'll sometimes break a shot ahead of the sight aligning. Revo triggers stroke and sights align in time with the trigger stroke. Strikers don't stroke, they break. At speed I noticed the difference, though I shot 80 % A's yesterday. That is less than Revo, but not awful for the first match with a Glock
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