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  1. I purchased one. The bull"ish" barrel restricts the gun to lim 10, and is not legal for single stack. I did not read the rule before I bought it. My original intent was to have an inexpensive Major or Minor SS gun. That being said, it was great with 8 round mags, but would nose dive with 10 rounders. I took it to Tripp for the reliability ramp work: I've fired 1000 rounds through it since then all from Tripp 10 round mags w/o any issues. Zero. The cheap 40 cal 1911 is Rock solid (pun intended). Just for tinkerings sake I added fit an EGW flat pin stop and a raised mag catch. The recoil is soft. I also added a Dawson front F/O sight. Ive got a $600 reliable 40 cal 1911 that I really like. Never benched it, but it appears to shoot well. If it was legal for SS I'd not hesitate to run it. What division do you want to shoot in? Jason
  2. I had to park my revolvers. Between my job, hand injuries and the tendonitis in my trigger and middle finger I simply can't operate a revolver trigger w/o suffering inflammation and a worsening of the audible "click" every time I bend my right index finger. The last match I shot was a month ago, our local clubs inaugural Steel Challenge match. It was chilly and damp and by the last stage I could hardly grasp the 627. It honestly made me sad. That being said, allowing 8 shot major, comps and all the bells and whistles would be fun for folks that shoot revos', but wiould have no net affect on participation. USPSA is a high capacity sport that will only get faster and more technology driven. I don't think any rule change will increase the participation. Its to hard, requires to much effort and on your greatest day you'll still be perpetually out gunned by everyone around you. Revo will fade out, then Single Stack. Maybe USPSA will replace it with something which could increase overall participation like Limited minor, giving 3 gunners a place to practice w/o being penalized for shooting 9mm. I'd still rather work to hard and get my butt kicked with a revo than shoot the G34 I picked up. But I always choose the hardest path. Jason
  3. The only " shooting" issue I have is I'll sometimes break a shot ahead of the sight aligning. Revo triggers stroke and sights align in time with the trigger stroke. Strikers don't stroke, they break. At speed I noticed the difference, though I shot 80 % A's yesterday. That is less than Revo, but not awful for the first match with a Glock
  4. Both the Dawson and Arredondo extensions bound with the longer loads. I reset my seating die this morning to a length that allowed 40 checked rounds to feed. The only downside is I need to re-seat about 700 rounds. ( the price for not checking oal more completely). I'll look into the Glock release. Thanks! Jason
  5. Howdy, Making a transition from revo to square guns. I discovered two things at a match yesterday, one I can fix and one I need gear advice on. Issue #1: the 1.150 nominal oal of the 165 grain bullets I had left from my revolver can vary enough from range brass to range brass to bind a mag or keep the slide from going into battery ( at least 6 ammo related issues yesterday). The charge is low enough I should be able to seat the "long" rounds below 1.150 and fix my ammo errors. The second issue was the mag release. It is a little mushy, but after the beep, I learned it can be challenging to push it in all the way... I'm looking for an extended mag release that is a bit proud of the grip, but not so big my largish hands inadvertently drop the mag. Any suggestions? I also had a thought/question. On the MOS Gen 5, is there any reason I can't remove the milled section of the slide and not install a plate and optic? Would this simply lighten the slide a bit and reduce reciprocating mass? I've already got the heavy mag well and guider rod installed, and have a holster ordered that will allow me to run a Streamlight frame "weight" (blinded flashlight). Would removing the MOS plate lighten the slide and not cause other issues. The pistol is being shot in Limited. Jason
  6. Does the PC have a ball detent? Jason
  7. Your experience with the 929 seems to match mine. I've found my 627 pro to be a better revo for me in every aspect. That being said, my 627 pro is dialed, smoothed and rolling, but im thinking about a back up/new USPSA/ICORE/SC revolver. In your opinion, is the 1 inch more barrel and an over travel stop on the 627 PC worth the $350 more? I know any competition revolver will need "all the usual work", be it a 929, 627pro or 627 PC, so the trigger stop and the inch of barrel are the only difference I see. What is your take? Jason
  8. I've found that the hogue tamers put my trigger finger in the right spot...I just feel the *squish* is allowing for movement I can't control. My hope was a wooden set with a covered back strap , like the GP 100 match champion would create distance but not compress. Does hogue have a wooden set that covers the back strap? Jason
  9. https://shop.dominionhobby.com/products/sw016phg8 I'm thinking about investing in these, but hope someone has felt them. I've put Hogue Tamers on all my revo's ( except the 1917, it has a modified pair of presentation grips). I find the thickness of the Tamers coupled with the closed backstrap fill my hand very well. My grip strength is good, but due to a tendon injury my hand only closes about 95%: I need a fat grip to crush grip well. The tamers do this, but squish, requiring more crush, and the backstrap compresses, allowing for gun movement no matter how hard I grip and lock out my wrists. This Nill looks like similar to the Hogue in size and shape. Has anyone handled them? Jason
  10. How many stages ? This would be a 150 mile drive, but would be worth the journey. Are the matches listed on Practiscore and Texas ipsc list? Txipsc sends out emails and might be a great way to rope in more Revolver wranglers. jason
  11. Makicjf

    Revo holster

    This is the one I use for USPSA. https://www.speedbeez.com/product/blade-tech-pro-series-speed-rig-holster-sw-4-inch-n-frame-2/ I use this one for IDPA. https://www.speedbeez.com/product/speed-beez-outside-the-waist-band-sw-625-627-629-4-inch-tactical-revolver-holster-fits-any-smith-wesson-4-inch-n-frame-idpa-and-uspsa-speed-rig/ Jason
  12. I enjoyed this one. Revolver minor: 21.39, 12 A, 6 C. HF of 3.6646. 100%
  13. We would believe you... I've never had an issue with an Apex pin, and dry fire several hundred clicks a day between my 625, 610 and 627. The 625 for IDPA/carry, 627 for USPSA and 610 for predator/pig control {2 and 4 legged}. I make enough racket clicking, drawing etc, I've been banished to outside when my wife is home. I've never used snap caps. Maybe I should. I bent a C&S extended pin in 2 matches and one week of dry fire. Jason
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