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  1. I don't have access to a tig welder, but I did have another extractor. The tensioning pad on the first extractor was .117. The second extractor measured .122 on the pad. I polished the lower corner and slightly rounded the hook. It was just a touch tight for feed. I bent the hook out a touch and it's working. I ran 10 through limp grip no mag and it ejected them all. I then ran 5 mags (125 rounds) without a hitch. I'm about to run another 50 just to be sure. Thanks to everyone for the lessons and the help. Jason Last 21 rounds of just over 200 from 25 yards on a C target. The Philippine Pig Iron is running! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3753773671314286&id=100000450700624
  2. I have no idea what is good , but after 23 years of shoeing horses , I have not squatted weights since 1995... I just squat horses! I don't do any grip training, but between growing up with horses/farm work/ previous weight lifting , using hand tools every day and forging my grip strength is very good. I had to quit free weights about 4 years ago, as I avulsed tricep insertion doing heavy curls. Apparently pitching, weight lifting and swinging a hammer are the three leading contributing of tricep tendon injuries in athletic men in their late 40's.... I had all three. Besides wrestling horses and forging every work day I do a workout 4 days a week. Monday 100 pushups arms wide 100 decline crunches 2 min high plank alternating legs lifts (up down, in out etc) every 15 seconds I do not rest and try to get everything done in under 4 min 30 seconds tuesday 2 minute low plank with leg slifts the last minute Wednesday 100 hands under chest pushups 100 decline crunches same planks as monday Friday I do the same as Monday, then reverse the next week. The Urologist warned me not to do much more, as he thought my remaining kidney might get overloaded by my muscle mass and activity level by . So far my values have been stellar. After my right nephrectomy it took about 2 months to feel any strength, as my abs had been split for about 8 inches to get the kidney out. I can still see the incision sight raise when I do sit ups. If I can't kill it or pick it I don't eat it. No bread, no pasta, no potatoes nothing with added sugar. The only time I sit is if I'm typing, reloading or sleeping. Apart from tearing my calf muscle at Nationals last year, and becoming overheated at area 4( good god was it hot) and, I've never experienced any fatigue problems. JAson
  3. After reading through the encyclopedia of knowledge here, I had come to the thought that you stated ;" his 40 cal extractor setup is sounds like the pinch depth is too deep". I put the original extractor back in and the feed cycle is smooth. The factory extractor doesn't have a tensioning pad, but appears to simply rely upon the bend for tension. Can I reduce the claw height to change the pinch depth, or am I misunderstanding the suspected differential diagnosis? Thanks for all the input, though most of it is over my head! Jason
  4. You are correct. I'm fitting 2 extractors to 2 different guns. A 9mm , which went easily. The 40 is being problematic. I was thinking about simply running 500 rounds through the 40 and seeing if it wore in to smoother feeding, but woke up this morning wondering about the case rim difference . I'll try to clarify my question. I think the rim of the 40 (.420+/-) is rubbing and binding on the right ( if it was a horse's foot I'd say 'abaxial') side of the extractor body under the claw. When I place the claw on the 9 mm case I can see a hint of daylight under the rim, between the rim and the extractor bidy; With the 40, the rim touches the extractor body. My question: should I reduce the extractor body under the claw where the case slides in until I can see a bit of light between the case rim and extractor body? In this article, they call the area in question the "belly" of the extractor. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/ejection perfection.htm Clear as mud, I'm certain! Thanks for the help! Jason
  5. Howdy, I'm finding I need to have pretty loose tension to have good feeding. I rolled and polished the bottom "feed" edge end reduced the bottom edge of the claw. The extractor I cleaned up and put in the 9mm is flawless. Nice tight hold and even under slow , hand controlled feed, the round glides fully under the extractor and eases into the chamber. The 40, with the same prep and good tension, locks up under slow hand feed. It will feed if the slide is dropped. In order to get smooth feeding, I have to have exceptionally light tension. I *think* I know why . The overall width of the 9mm rim is .390; the overall width of the 40 s&w csae rim is .420-.422 depending on which piece I measure. The 40 brass slides under the claw where I increased the round and polished, but binds with good tension. I bet the area in front of the claw needs reduced: here's where my math skills fail:. Do I need to reduce the area .15 ( half of the difference) or , less likely the full .30. I could just reduce until function, but that wouldn't improve my understanding. Thanks! Jason
  6. Maybe I did drop it, maybe I broke the 180 when I fell. When I picked it up from my butt, the backstrap was facing the rear berm and the muzzle was breaking the 180. That in and of itself would DQ me even if I set it down. I didn't realized I had been DQ'ed until quite a bit later. I think the match MD told me. So, in retrospect, I was more than likely and properly DQ'ed for breaking the 180. I couldn't have finished, anyway. I couldn't walk with a grade three calf tear. Universe 3/ Revo Jason 0. I'm done! LOL Jason
  7. I have shot revolver for the last 5 years, sometimes well, sometimes not and always with a passion. I've had some hurtles and let downs, some of my own doing : Like the squib on the second shot of stage 13 of the 2019 IRC. That added 230 seconds to my total time. I had a really good match going, at least in the top 8 in limited division. PFFT... match gone. The year before I was kicked in the ribs by a horse, bruised badly and diagnosed with kidney cancer 6 days before the 2018 IRC . Three days before I got on the plane 'v' notched my yoke and the cylinder fell out. I went with a crane from my 610 put in my 627, spitting lead, shooting 9 inch patterns at 15 yards, a cylinder I had to force closed ; I couldn't breathe a facing a right nephrectomy a day after I got home... I had a very mediocre performance. Revo nats 2020 I performed poorly the first day, but started to roll halfway through the second. Day three on the long run stage 2 I left the second position took a step, turned to angle around the wall, stepped in the divit from 3 prior days of shooting and obliterated my medial calf muscle. As I was falling I was trying to figure out how I shot myself with an unloaded, cylinder open revolver. I hit the ground , set the gun down and looked for the blood. No blood, but I earned a DQ for putting the gun hitting the ground. I was carried off the stage... Somehow I got crutches, got my gear home and haven't touched a revolver since November 9th. I spent 10 weeks in an air cast... I've shot a bit of Steel Challenge in SS, and am learning my way around a cheap Rock Island 10 mm HC by turning it into a low budget 40 cal limited gun. I picked up an SP 01 and tuned that... Don't know where I'll land, but I'm not shooting Revo again. I give up. Nothing could make me shoot revo again: I'm afraid of what might happen ! Jason
  8. I'll write it out by the numbers: Strong hand obtains firing grip; thumb rides on engaged saftey; index finger straight along holster. Support hand against mid stomach. 2) Draw straight up until my arm locks out ; rotate muzzle down range; index finger indexed on slide stop pin bump , thumb disengages saftey . 3. Push gun out, meet support hand, aquire sights/target and index finger enters trigger guard. When sights align on target depress. I'm pretty cautious as regards to slack take up on the push out. After years of da revolvers, I'm fearful I'll roll on the trigger instead of feeling the wall. The saftey is engaged until the gun is pointed downrange and my finger is out of the trigger guard until I'm into pushout and sights are on target. Is there a better, safer method? I've also left the trigger at about 5 lbs and fit the thumb saftey so it requires effort to depress. Jason
  9. I polished all the contract points and it locks back without fail with all mags. Thanks for the help! Jason
  10. The Bullet Proof extended safety seems to fit my hand far better then the ambi factory part. The right side of the factory safety contacted my knuckle almost from the start. Polishing the caps and the interfacing portions of the safety and slide stop seems like a simple and rational approach. I have a new slide stop ordered, so that will wait until it arrives. What system do you use for checking safety plunger/detent alignment? Thanks! Jason
  11. Howdy, I replaced the factory ambi safety on both my 9mm single stack and my Rock ultra HC that I converted from 10 mm to 40. I had serious issues disengaging the safety with the ambi: I'd ride the safety with my thumb out of the holster, but the first knuckle of my index finger would push up on the safety. I was fighting my own hand and twisting slop into the safety. Both extended single side safeties function very well, click up and down sweetly... however I managed to lose the safety plunger assembly for one of them and had to replace it. If I use the older, factory safety plunger assembly, the slide stop functions even with the use of the 40 cal HC with factory mags, Taylor Freelance Rock extension and Grams 11 coil springs ( 21 reloadable after a bit of use). If I use the new plunger assembly the slide stop is very stiff and will not engage on empty. I'm torn: should I simply allow the new spring to wear in; should I modify the plungers to allow slide lock now ( which may allow early slide lock as the spring wears); or simply let it go, as the only time I slide lock is at home during practice.The pistol has functioned well with the stiff plunger spring. The heavy slide stop function could work as insurance against the potential of a blunt nosed bullet engaging the slide stop. I'm learning a new grip, a new division and putting together a new gun from a low budget start ( Rock Island 10mm ultra HC) . I'd appreciate any advice! Jason
  12. Howdy, I want to replace the slide stop with with the Wilson Bulletproof, but one for 40/10 mm is not listed. Does anyone know if the 9mm/38 super slide stop works? Jason
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