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  1. Should have looked before I asked: Matchbook show 12:30 start. Jason
  2. What time is the safety briefing , etc on Thursday? I'd like to get there early enough to find my ammo, wander about and settle in , but have no desire to spend hours of unstructured time waiting to shoot. Thanks! Jason
  3. I find roll crimps to be far superior in revolvers and consider the ability to roll crimp in my choice of bullets or molds. Often times a bit of creativity is required, though. The loads I use in my 627 are Starline 38 SC brass, a pinch of Titegroup (3.0 for ICORE, 3.1 for USPSA) and a Brazos Precision Bullets 158 round nose sized to .359. I actually roll crimp into the lube groove for an oal of 1.20. This stops bullet pull, removes the possibility of the edge of the case hanging when I throw a moon clip; and reduces the freebore to the throat. When I was casting I used the lee 150 rn and used the same method. 45 ACP 230 grain rn I use the Lee 1r and crimp into the lube groove, and I'm experimenting with Brazos Precision 250 RNFP . I've got a minimum charge of Bullseye and I'm roll crimping into the crimp groove. The oal is 1.185, but I'm only "shooting" for a stable bullet at 680-700 fps. I've not been able to chrono the load yet, as its dark when I get home, but hopefully I can check this weekend. I use the same method for 10mm and 40 using the 38/40 180 grain rnfp form brazos precision . In 10 mm cases I'll roll crimp into the crimp groove; in 40 the lube groove. I find roll crimping for revolvers, even if it takes some extra effort, is worth it. Extreme spreads stay more consistent, reloads are more sure, and the risk of bullets hopping out of their case is minimized. The only other downside is the rounds can only be fired on a revolver, but who wants to hunt down brass from a shell shucker anyway? ;0 JMO Jason
  4. Thanks! The closest ICORE is 3 hours away, but following Nationals, I'm seriously contemplating shooting my 625 and 610 in USPSA major for a while. I'll still shoot SC with the eight shot. I guess I'm just a masochist! Jason
  5. Thanks. Mine has the press fit pin without the spinny bushing. How hard is it to change? If it's awful, I may just change springs and try. If it won't light small rifle primers, I could simply change springs to shoot 454: is changing a press fit pin a pain? Jason
  6. I've got a target gray 454 chopped down to 4.5 inches and polished internals. The tank actually pack well with a good belt and a Simply Rugged holster for a 454 Toklat, though I am thinking about a Mernickle which has stouter leather. I need to shim the trigger and hammer, but it is pretty smooth. However the unfluted cylinder and the factory springs make it pretty heavy in DA. I'm tempted to lighten the springs (most of the rounds through it are Tier I 45 colt, 255 at 850 fps, Federal LP primers) but don't want to cause light strikes on the occasional 454 with small rifle primers. Does anyone know if the Bowen Redhawk extended pin will fit the SRH 454? The rumor is it fits the Super GP 100, so I'm hopeful. Jason
  7. It was nice to meet you as well! Thanks for letting me try your Super GP 100! Jason
  8. Howdy, I bumbled across one of these ( a shooter version, something I've been dying to find to pack around) on Gun Poker. I don't know if it has a roll pinned front sight or a DX quick change style? I'm hoping for the DX, though its not a death sentence if its a pin. Thanks! Jason
  9. I loaded 3.4 of Titegroup under the Brazos Precision 158 round nose for steel challenge yesterday. I didn't measure the oal, just roll crimped into the crimp groove. Out of a 5 inch 627 ,8 shots were from 773-779 from 8 feet. Not quite 125 pf, but a perfect ICORE load. If I needed to make minor, I'd simply add another .1 of Tight group and roll. I've never noticed TG making the cone or the cylinder hot, and I do a strong hand reload where my left hand is around the cylinder and my middle finger near/ against the forcing cone. However, I work with hot metal everyday and have asbestos hands. If you are going to use TG just load 32 and run them quickly to ensure the cylinder isn't to hot. Good Luck! Jason
  10. That is wisdom that goes far beyond brass and moonclip combos! Jason
  11. There is also a new player: the Ruger Super GP 100. I had a chance to handle one at the IRC which was reported to only have a spring kit installed with no polishing. The Ruger still had a hammer spur. The trigger had a nice feel, with just a hint of a click where the cylinder stop engaged. The rumor is Ruger will soon release one in 9mm as well. Just another option outside of a 986,929 or 627. My next three revo's will be Rugers. I Redhawk in 45 colt ( now that the Bowen extended pin is a go), a 3 inch GP 100 6 shot for carry, packing and Snubby Classic in ICORE and a Super GP in 38/357 for , well, just because. Though if a 38 short colt case and clip will fit in a the rumored 9mm Super GP I'll go that route for a shortening of free bore. Ruger seems far more invested in revolvers and support of revolver sports than Smith, to me. I'd like to return the favor, if possible! Good Luck on your hunt! Jason
  12. Where would one acquire a long yoke screw for fitting? I'd love to have all of my smiths fit with a full length yoke screw. Having experienced the dreaded "V' myself, I'd love to circumvent the issue before it returns. Jason
  13. That is funny, though I could see, when the mag limit was set at ten, that a top tier revo shooter might well be able to beat A class and down CO shooters with regularity. That would look back for a fledgling division. Now that the mag limit is 141 cm, I think the concern is moot, in all cases except a few classifiers. Even then, the reload times ( sub 2 compared to sub 1) should create enough disparity that a smoking revo run would only be high A class. Perhaps the powers that be should be approached again? I can't get the idea of a 327 fed, 10 round moon clipped Dot gun outta my head. That might be fun! though the market would be limited and the R&D costs prohibitive compared to the return. Jason
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