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  1. That is awesome! I have an old shooter war horse with a 50k # that I'm about to start shooting in Bolt Action Military and ad hoc Wild Bunch with the local Cowboy Action group. The first run is this Saturday. The action is smooth but heavy. Do you know how well these function with a lightened Bang spring ( when I can find one)? Also, is it feasible to insert a brass bead into the existing front blade? Every so often I lose the front blade in the shine either side of the rear trench. How much modifying was required to fit the hogues you have installed? All my other revos have an X frame Tamer,but the 1917 has a presentation grip: the difference in feel is disconcerting. Thanks for sharing! Jason
  2. Thanks guys. I'll most likely just shoot unclassified. I'm just hoping the world opens in time! Jason
  3. I'm about to register for the ICORE southern regional in L6. I'm unclassified. Should I simply register unclassified? The closest ICORE club is 3.5 hours away, so the odds of me classifying before are pretty much nil. Do I have any other options? Jason
  4. Shot my first revolver match since blowing up my calf on day 3 of last year's uspsa nats. I shot the 4 inch 625, and after the first stage, it was a good day. I shot nearly all A's and was able to move my feet about 75% without pain. I shot about 75-83% (9.23 seconds 56 points)on the 19-1 classifier. 9.23 seconds but palmed the 2nd shot, second target and through a high D. Oops. I've really missed being able to move decently; I really missed shooting Revo, and had forgotten how cool Revo Major is. My new 5 inch should be here this week! It's gonna be a good year. Jason
  5. I'm thinking about killing to stones with one bird and picking up a 25-5 classic in 45 colt. If its cut for clips, I get 45 colt and 45 acp . Jason
  6. I'm glad I don't rely upon my prognostication skills for my livelihood! I wrongly assumed no one would want a 6 shot major revolver: apparently the whole world doesn't realize that revolvers are obsolete and six shot guns are no better than overly heavy, to0 low capacity inefficient paper weights. Plus, we all "know" 45 ACP is an unnecessary, superfluous waste of 230 grains of lead. Who'd want a Fudd gun in an outdated Boomer cartridge... When I went back to bid, someone had bought the 625 for $900. I'll keep looking! Jason
  7. They are addictive !
  8. Can't have: Too many revo's Too much ammo Or too many moon clips Jason
  9. I'm trying really hard not to buy one at $700. Really hard. That little inner voice says " you need it for limited 6 and USPSA major. That inch of barrel over your JM REALLY matters. I love my 625 JM, but I love more 45 caliber revolvers even more. Somebody save me from myself. Talk me out off it! Jason
  10. When I was teaching myself revolver reloads, I tried my best to mimic Jerry's method, but found all of the gun rotation required to use my thumb on the ejector rod frustrated me. I modified my monkey see monkey do to using my left index finger. I found it required less fine dexterity: that is a plus for me. Thanks for making the video and adding input! Jason
  11. I saw the same thing. I've begun trying to modify my own reload to mimic the MWP chest high reload. Here's what I've divined: After last shot open cylinder release, rotate muzzle slightly upwards and break backwards at the hip. As ejecting pull gun straight in . I I've found when my elbow is at 90 degrees i'm bent forwardd. The body movement does 90% of the Revo re-orienting. The strong hand drops as soon as the cylinder latch is pushed, grabs the new moon and meets the waiting downward facing cylinder in the traditional semi auto work space. Insert, close , regrip and push out. This seems to create far less distance for the gun to travel and rotate, a physical index of my left arm against my side which is always the same, and increases the speed of the next shot by starting from high ready, as opposed to essentially nearly the pre rotate out position from the holster. Truly genius! Seeing it is one thing, executing it and retraining reloads to minimize gun movement are another. Also, if this is consistently orchestrated, doing a "one step" reload then moving hard might become faster than reloading as you move. one could focus on reload, then hard movement. this would allow better consistent positioning coming into positions hard, gun up sooner, and more true paths into and out of positions. I'm going to try and emmulate this, for certain. Jason
  12. Perhaps "intended" to be .355?
  13. Something to think about: your muzzle is very close to the vertical 180 when you are ejecting. As already stated, make sure your gear is tight, eject on the way down and move your hands quick. I tend to focusu eyes and point my index finger at the 11:00 o'clock hole, one fine point of focus and a tactile index The vertical 180 can bite you, I've been warned on it at the 2018 IRC Good luck! Jason
  14. My range at home lets me shoot is exactly 100 yards from the fence to the back of my small berm. I have an old acetylene tank half buried and with my 625,627,TR8,SRH 454, 610 all the blackhawks, and even my little 7 shot Taurus snubby;1911's in 45 and 10 mm I can smack it 95% of the time from a field rest ( my arms resting on the fence) with full power ammo. I struggle to consistently hit 60% with my 9mm 1911. I don't know why. I'll start sessions from the 50 yard line, drawing and engaging the tank from that distance. I've dropped a modest sized Texas buck, DRT, with the 454 shooting 45 colt (260 flat nose at 900 fps 10 ft from the muzzle) from 97 yards , a 500 LBS angry herbivore with a 158 flat nosed hopping along at 1400 fps 10 ft from the muzzle (1980 Lyman .357 load data is smokin) at about 85 yards. it was also amazingly effective. I shot a 180 lbs hog at 60 yards with a Glock 20, but hit it in the ribs instead of the shoulder and she ran a bit. I'd not shoot farther than 100 yards with any of my hand guns, but depending upon the gun, the game, the environment etc, 30 yards may be to far, and 100 yards could be within reach. I'm lucky enough to be able to shoot when I want, whenever I want. This has improved my accuracy at extended hand gun ranges with appropriate packin' pistols, but has not really translated into greater match performance passed a certain level. Its fun to ring steel at 50 and 100, though! Jason
  15. Thank You! I'll give that a try! Jason
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