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  1. It went to the mother ship about 10 days ago. I'd guess they are working on it.
  2. Learning to count to six again is a bit challenging, but solving the puzzle for six is a lot of fun. My reloads SUCKED all day, but another shooter pointed out for some reason only known to my inner idiot I was throwing the revo to the left as I ejected. Working on correcting this and keeping my elbows coming straight in just as they go straight out. Area 4 this Saturday is going to be entertaining shooting Major! Sorry, Didn't realize the video was so grainy
  3. Mark, I think you are correct`. The 230's for the 625 I actually roll crimp into the upper lube groove of the lee 228 1R mold... they reload very easily. The 200 grainers do not have a lube groove, thus would have to be taper crimped. Maybe I'll use the 200's for my 1917 when I shoot Outlaw Wild Bunch/Doughboy with my 1917 and Mosin. They really don't load as slick as the 230 round nose with a roll crimp. Also, at Major PF I can't tell one iota of difference in recoil or shot recovery. I only have about 200 cast, so I'll need to pour some lead pretty quickly; at least I already have the load worked up! Thanks! Jason
  4. Thanks for the warning! I assumed all of ICORE PF was still 120 with one round over counting. I was debating shooting 6 minor at area 4, but if I can gain a few points for major I will. I couldn't talk myself into shooting minor. My minor load for the IRC is a 230 chugging along at 600 fps... It's remarkably accurate, I was afraid it would be unstable. I'm trying to decide if I want to load 230's or 200 for Area 4 Major PF . Any thoughts? Jason
  5. Howdy, Just stumbled across the Area 4 make up match for July 19-21. We have 4 revolvers since I registered this morning: is anyone close enough to shoot the match and add another revo or 3? I'm actually shooting Major to practice for the IRC Limited 6, so there will only be 3 shooters who will be competitive and one who will be reloading to much...:) Another few zrevolver shooters would be nice. Jason
  6. Thanks! That's what I thought. I was on hold earlier, but had to go . I'll call again in a bit. Thanks Again! Jason
  7. Howdy, In trying to decide if I want to shoot my 610 or 625 in L6 at the IRC, I decided to smooth up my 610, add The Bang springs, apex pin etc. When I removed the trigger, the trigger post came out with the assembly. I thought (wrongly?) this was normal, just a variance in design, as on the 610 the hand spring is pinned, on the 625 it is not. I polished, changed the rebound spring and put it all back together... the pull would change, be hard to start, then be perfect; sometimes it would firmly engage the single action sear, and other times firm thumb pressure on the hammer would allow the hammer to drop. I took it apart, cleaned everything, and reassembled for the same result. After three more attempts ( I'm slow to learn) it dawned on me the trigger might be moving do to the "floating" trigger pin/post. I took the guts out of the 610 and put them in my 625 and they functioned perfectly. I'm pretty sure the trigger pin is supposed to be a post: did S&W ever make a 610 where the trigger post was a pin that fit into a small hole? Jason
  8. I was impatient: the email informed me they need a snail mailed check/m/0
  9. Howdy, I just registered for the 2019 IRC and classifier match, but no payment screen/option appeared. Have a messed up, or will the payment option present itself when I'm approved? Thanks! Jason
  10. I'm curious as to why, as well. If the SGP trigger is the same as a GP 100 it can be made very smooth. I dislike the hitch before the break, but that's because it feels different than a Smith. I, too, want to like the new Ruger. I just hate to shuck out $1200+/- on a Revo I've not ever touched. How did it balance? Jason
  11. Howdy! Has anyone handled and/or shot one yet? I'm curious about the length of travel for the trigger and if there is a stop before the break? Also, does anyone know if the Bowen extended firing pin for the new redhawk fits the Super GP? Thanks! Jason
  12. Awesome! Thanks! Jason
  13. Howdy! I ordered an sp 01 tactical w/safety to begin shooting a bit of production. I order from Ben Stoeger pro shop a boss dropped offset comp tac holster for the "SP o1 and variants": in retrospect, I don't know if the holster actually fits the sp 01 with a rail. Does anyone know if it does? I can call Ben Stoeger pro shop on Tuesday and sort it out, if necessary. Though I'd prefer not to need to call. Does anyone now if the comp tac SP 01 and variants holster fits the sp 01 tactical? Jason
  14. Thanks! That horse saved my life.Yes sir, my ribs are much better. The kidney, and the tumor which resided within are gone, as well. My 627 is operational, with a "spare" in the works Registering for the IRC this week! Jason
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