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  1. That is funny, though I could see, when the mag limit was set at ten, that a top tier revo shooter might well be able to beat A class and down CO shooters with regularity. That would look back for a fledgling division. Now that the mag limit is 141 cm, I think the concern is moot, in all cases except a few classifiers. Even then, the reload times ( sub 2 compared to sub 1) should create enough disparity that a smoking revo run would only be high A class. Perhaps the powers that be should be approached again? I can't get the idea of a 327 fed, 10 round moon clipped Dot gun outta my head. That might be fun! though the market would be limited and the R&D costs prohibitive compared to the return. Jason
  2. I don't have any interest in shooting an optic at close distance. Though my hands and knees are declining, my eyesight is still good. When I screw up, its between the ears. not because I can't see. That being said, the trend in USPSA is towards higher cap and optics. Adding an optic option to revolver would kill the division in my opinion: In order to keep up, one would have to have an optic. However, I don't think allowing optic equipped revolvers in carry optics would cause any harm. As, I type, I second guess myself; allowing optic revolvers in CO would pull shooters from Revo. USPSA is a high speed, technology driven sport... revolvers don't really mix well. Why are Optic mounted Revo's specifically excluded from CO? Heck, I'm don't trust dots to work when I need them, but a 10 round 327 federal moon clipped revolver with a reliable dot would be pretty slick... Why are Optic Revo's excluded from CO? Jason
  3. Does anyone have info on the match hotel or hotel/motels close to the range. Also, any contact info on where to ship ammo? Thanks! Jason
  4. These work great. I got them on the arts and crafts isle at Wally world. 240 rounds per box
  5. I flew with them last year. They actually met all of the criteria. I double checked and went to the TSA at the college station airport before I tried to fly. I'm overweight for United, though . Thanks! Jason
  6. Mike, How do you plan on getting the extras home? I'd like to ship in 720 ( 3 moon clipped containers). But I'm not certain how to get extras home. United Airlines limits me to 11 lbs of ammo. I'm thinking about shipping 480 clipped, and flying in with 100 extra. I can just stow the empty brass in my luggage and put any remaining rounds in my gun box. If I knew a good plan for shipping home extras, I'd ship 3 full moon clip boxes (720 rounds) Jason
  7. Do we know the round count? I'd like to ship ammo this week. Jason
  8. Do you find that longer nosed, longer bearing surface, heavy bullets are more accurate than blunter, lighter bullets? Though I've never benched, I get the best groups with SC cases with heavier, long bullets. right know I'm shooting Brazos Precision coated 158 rn .358's over 3.1 of Tightgroup at 1.180 roll crimped into the lube groove. I'm actually waiting on the Brazos Precision 160 which has a longer, pointier nose. I'll start at 2.8 of TG and roll crimp into the lube groove. I'm hoping to further improve accuracy and reloading speed with the pointier, longer nose http://www.brazosprecision.com/38-158gr-Round-NoseBevel-BaseGroove-664ct-00632bullet_p_18.html http://www.brazosprecision.com/38-160gr-Round-NoseBevel-BaseGroove-657ct-0064bullet_p_39.htm Jason
  9. I'm an unskilled monkey who can sometimes follow explicit and clear written directions! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. Jason
  10. Toolguy, Is this ratchet binding the cause of the Ruger staging clunk? I *think* I understand why the fat nose of the hand created this hitch: as the hand lifts, it slides along the inside of the ratchet. When it get to the "corner" or curve in the ratchet, just before hammer fall, the thickness in the nose of the hand creates a bind. If this is the correct, the 2 possible methods for getting rid of the bind would be to reduce the curve in each ratchet, or narrow the nose of the hand and round the transition off of the hand. Of these two, altering the hand would be the simplest, and the cheapest to rectify if you over file. You also only need to address one piece, not 5,6,7 or 8. If this is correct, and the Ruger staging clunk just before the break is caused by hand/ratchet binding, would adjusting the hand make the stage point go away? My 454 SRH does not stage, nor clunk, but both GP 100's I've had did. Sorry for the incessant questions, but my knowledge borders on none and I find this fascinating! Thank You! Jason
  11. The end of the nose was fatter than the rest of the engagement portion of the hand. I followed your directions, brought it back to uniform and rounded the edge. The Ruger clunk is gone. This 627 is super smooth. Thank you, Sir! Jason
  12. Where do you get the powder/what type of powder do you use? Jason
  13. Thank you! Jason
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