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  1. Those are smokin'! Essentially the only way to train your eyes and hands to go faster is to go faster: that's what I'm hearing. Now to implement! Jason
  2. Sometimes, well, many times I'm a bit slow on the uptake: I've found my solution. If I shoot Steel Challenge Irons with my 625's and 610, I can shoot USPSA and OSR with my short colts and still have 5ish months if 8 shot primers and ammo. I'm not smart, but I can lift heavy things ... Jason
  3. I'm *not* a numbers guy ( I'll invert them when I right them down in series), but I tend to rationalize with general numbers and intuit (divine, spelunk) their meaning. Let me see if I follow: My last Speed Option for OSR was: 1st-3.30 clean 2nd-3.38 clean 3rd-3.20 clean 4th-4.01 (makeup) 5th-3.35 I was shooting to hit, but not really being careful that would make my "bottom" window 12.8. My make up is .75 off, so that would make my make-up around 16. 12.8-16. Honestly, at this stage in my development, I just want to shoot 3.30 or less co
  4. That's a wealth of information! Thanks for sharing! Jason
  5. 235 actual does 750. 4 grains of Bullseye and nice recoil impulse. Thankfully, they reload well, because standing reloads are a part of life. I've learned that running really hard helps make up some time, but I'll still be behind. Fat bullets do thump steel! Jason
  6. Despite my best attempts at alchemy, I fear I'll run out of small pistol primers if I shoot Nats minor. My original plan was to shoot major until April, shoot 2 matches 4 times ( Revo and L10 minor) then shoot Nationals. I simply don't have enough SPP to support steel challenge and USPSA. The upside is every USPSA match I've shot ( not many) since January has been Revo major. I haven't shot a match minor since last year's Nationals. I've got enough lpp and 45/40/10mm to shoot all year and we'll into next: how much of a "disadvantage" ( not like I'll win, but...) is Major compared to m
  7. This Revo has been utterly reliable, but I've upped the pull to break fed small rifle primers. I'm down to 1200... I have a line on a good amount of Winchester SPP which should arrive in May. Hopefully before I run out of ammo and primers . After I put the mount and Dot on, I cut the rail and re-mounted it for a bit more weight. I'll have to put the package in the scale to see what it weighs. Do you find that keeping the weight down expedites transitions? I added the touch of weight to mitigate recoil, but know that you state it, I realize in SC recoil recovery occurs during a tra
  8. Gentleman, I really like the R8, so I'm glad the thinking is its plenty durable. As was suggested, mine smoothed up very well, though I had to change strain screws to break non-federal primers ( actually that is the case with all my smiths now) I'll keeping pinging away with it. Now I just need to find a 4 inch Pro I can dot up and pack! Thanks! Jason
  9. I put a dot om my R8 on a whim and started shooting Optics in Steel Challenge. Much to my surprise I really enjoy it. I do have, however, some concerns about wear on the R8. I'm shooting two six stage matches a month, and in the summer a 4 stage match every week is possible. A generous guess is 5k rounds of 130 pf 158 grain 38 Shorts or same PF 38 specials a year. The plus side is I don't actually dry fire with the optic at all, nor shoot any practice with it. My level of suck is much greater with the irons, so all of my practice (dry or live) is with the 627 PC. Irons practice seems
  10. I'm looking at a 2.5 inch 686 NIB, but its online. I'm assuming the ejector rod is shortened, but am not certain. Does anyone have a nubby 686? Does it require a smack to eject 38's 130 pf , or will polished charge holes eject with index finger pressure and turned up ala moon clip ejection? I'm guessing that 357's would need a smack. Jason
  11. Physics aside, and for me personally, if I don't bob the hammer, the hammer spur is obstructed by the meat of my right hand between the thumb and forefinger. I find the spur hitting my hand disrupts my trigger press and bobbles my sight picture. Most of my DA's are bobbed flush for this reason. The two exceptions are my SRH 454 which just misses my hand with the hogue tamer installed ( its the only DA i shoot in single action) and my 1917. The 1917 is the only revo I own for the sake of ownership. I may have 500 rounds through it, but was most likely in Europe, and is , imo, the finest
  12. USPSA Locap Nationals ( still not sure if I'm shooting major or minor primers will decide) Wait listed for the Speed Shooting Championsips (decided to late) Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship ISR and OSR IRC ( not sure if I'm shooting limited or L6 , primers available will decide) Jason
  13. I'm looking at a 3 inch GP 100 with a trench rear and black forward slot, pinned front sight. Is there a fiber optic option available? If not, would drilling through and cutting in a slit for light be an option? This would be a great packing pistol! Jason
  14. The Beretta 2021 LOCAP USPSA Nationals presented by Federal Registration | PractiScore The USPSA Locap Nationals (this year ) is all 4 locap divisions in one big match. There will be about 40 revo shooters, if I were to guess. Jason
  15. I hope you're correct! Jason
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