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  1. I've been afflicted with the sickness to shoot major for uspsa through next years Nats, Limited 6 for the IRC. The best major load I've found in my 5 inch 625 for major: Brazos Bullets 230 rn (actual of 234 +/- .5 grains) 3.8 Bullseye 1.250 oal .469 taper crimp does 730 fps with a very tight ES. I tried 3.5 of Bullseye, but the ES opened a bit and 2 rounds out of six were below 705fps. The recoil is soft enough at 730 I'll accept it for a good "Major margin". Minor loads 3 grains of Bullseye 1.250 oal .469 taper crimp doe
  2. I had a 929 which would lock up at random. I eventually sold it, with full disclosure of the issue I was having. When the new owner received the revolver, he noted the ball detent notch had not been milled into the frame. Under "recoil" ( does a 160 grain bullet at 800 fps really have recoil?)the cylinder would pop out of alignment and , thankfully, freeze the cylinder. He sent it to the mother ship, they milled in the slot, and the problem resolved. This may or may not be your problem, but it might be worth investigating! Jason
  3. Firstly, I'd not make the 'mitsake' of selling you 625 accoutrements; no matter what you decide know, someday the allure of the 625 ensures that you'll have another. Revo's are a virus and you are, obviously, not immune... Good luck on your impossible decision: I'll hazard a guess that within a year you have a 625, a 929(or 627) and are eyeing a new production 61o with the 6 inch bbl... As others stated: If you are going to shoot USPSA and Steel Challenge an 8 shot will be a much more enjoyable experience. If you are looking into a crossover IDPA/USPSA revo a 625 JM or a 610 sh
  4. Howdy, I've been tinkering for a year or so converting a Rock Island 10 mm double stack to a poor mans Limited Gun. I shoot revo primarily,but a horse decided bend my left thumb back and the thumb over thumb crush grip I use is simply not possible: my left thumb is pretty useless for the near future. Thumbs forward auto grip doesn't require crush strength in my left thumb, so its time finish the tinker project and learn to run the thing. A bbl change, ramp angle changed and polished, new extractor, extended single side safety, mag well and 5 functioning 20/21 round mags wi
  5. I went the route of a 25 LBS mainspring, a 24 lbs recoil spring and an EGW flat pin stop. The brass ejects about 12-16 feet but is a tight group. Moderate range loads (180 at 1200 fps). I can also shoot 40 S&W level loads of 180's in 10 mm brass at 1025 fps with perfect function. The ejection distance is 6-8 feet. As stated, you'd better man up to run the slide. The guns are a single stack and a double stack Rock Island. They have been phenomenal , kill hogs dead. I pack the SS a lot, lately. I fit a 40 S&W barrel to each, and the double stack is now my poor mans limited
  6. That's what I was thinking, though I don't recall changing out the return spring. If need be, I'll pickup a new factory return spring and see what happens. Hopefully, full sink won't be required and the sticky return will go away. Thanks Jason
  7. I have access to harder large pistol primers at a great price, so will be shooting Major in USPSA until the primer crisis abates. I picked up 5k, but my 625 will only break 50%. I'm a strain screw filer, so I ordered 2 new strain screws. The screw in 5 five inch has a thin head, while the hard primer, new screw has a thick head. When I ran it down to tight, the trigger return was sluggish, so I pulled it out, replaced the Federal strain screw and hoped to find fed primers. I've decided that's simply not going to happen. I have about 3800 45 acp with fed primers loaded and 2500 fed lp
  8. I have 9 of the hd+p mags: I added a magwell, and they sit just below flush. The Wilson page says there extended bumpers only fit the 47. Do I have any options for bumper pads? Jason
  9. One of the great things about Steel Challenge, in my opinion, is that the indian is truly more important than the arrow. Parity between divisions is much closer for revo's (especially optic revo's) than in any other shooting sport. Good starts, crisp transitions and breaking shots as the dot touches the plate should go along ways towards equalizing the trigger pull time advantage of auto .22's. Moreover, your risk of malfunction ,given a proper set up, is substantially less than a .22 auto. I'd say precise, dedicated practice should get you close to the "any given Sunday" point in RFPO.
  10. Could the difference, in this instance, be the free bore before the bullet seals the throat, allowing gas to escape the 627? The amount of free bore in the 929 will be much less,which could equate to less lost gas. In a 627 to comparison,that should not matter. Different throat dimensions, greater cylinder gap, etc could account for velocity disparities, in those cases. Jason
  11. I've got to dehorn all of mine, or the hammer pokes the meat of my hands as it strokes back. Its disconcerting, irritating and disrupts the sight picture just as the hammer breaks! Jason
  12. In reality, what you state is most likely how the process functions: combination of all relevant factors, hopefully the tolerances stack up in a positive way. Jason
  13. I find this conversation fascinating! I have several Ruger Blackhawks with 45 acp cylinders. They, for certain, headspace on the case mouth. When I "plunk" test for any auto pistol, be it Glock, CZ, any 1911 I'm ensuring that the round seats and headspaces properly. Though some debate exists, in an auto pistol headspace is created by the case mouth and extraction is provided by the extractor. A notable exception is my Glock 20, which holds the brass so snuggly against the breach face I *can* reliably fire 40 S&W , though excessive wear on the extractor due to the extra duty may occur.
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