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  1. If you put on an aftermarked base pad instead of the STI base pad with the floorpad lock, your spacer will sit lower due to the missing floorpad lock
  2. I don't know what an STI Host looks like but the vortex viper and venom don't share the same footprint?
  3. There also seems to be an adjustebel stop at the bottom, the pinol skrew and bolt (to adjust the missing handle for a purpose)
  4. I use Lovex DO37.1 for 9major with a Magtech magnum primer for cleaner powder burning.
  5. They are color coded, earlier modules i dont think are, i have one without any color
  6. I have one on my open STI with their mount (it's a copy of Arredondo's mount) for a year and half on the same battery. Only drawback is the lens is made of acrylic and is not coated and therefore very easy to scratch.
  7. Nice (why is there a link in my previous post - i did not make one in there?!)
  8. That is a cool base pad for your MBX magazine, is it custom made?
  9. Para mags with SVI +2 Base pad and Dawson mag well on a Para frame.
  10. Your'e welcome i have a pair of old style 130mm STI magazines (preban?)where i use those original Para base pads in open but without the insert.
  11. You need to push the " interior key" futher in, in order to release the base pad - a big push
  12. Here you go i have not tried the +1 SVI base pad but suspect they will fit too. out off stock unfortunately here. http://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=SV92&n=SVI-Base-Pad--Aluminum-+2
  13. You can use SVI +2 base pads on your Para magazines with the Dawson well for Para.
  14. Mine started as a buzz and progressed over ten years too a high pitch and my solution to live with it, where to accept this is now a part of being me for presleep i shift my focus to something else, preferably my breathing and relaxing my body.
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