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  1. The OP didn't specify the age or size of his son, but I did learn something great this weekend. A customer's very small son shot my T/CR-22 at our local SCSA match and it was much too big for him. I measured his Length-of-Pull and it only was 10.25". The LoP on the rifle is 13.5". I checked the Blackhawk website for the specs on the Axiom for the 10/22. It goes all the way down to 9.5", which should be plenty short for this young man, so we ordered one. I wouldn't go too expensive on the compensator. IMHO, the only real purpose for a comp on an RFRO is to make it loud enough that the timer will pick up its shots. Additionally, the skinny barrel on the base model T/CR-22 is plenty light. No real need to pay for a carbon-wrapped or aluminum barrel. (My T/CR-22 weighs 4.57# with the SPARC II optic. My MLR-22 is right there at 4.72# with a C-more.)
  2. Not definitive by any means, but here's what I do: 1. I run a KKM barrel. I don't think it is NECESSARY with coated bullets. I've run Blues thru an OEM barrel with no problems. 2. I like 124s, as the recoil impulse seems to be over with quicker, IMHO. I run 4.1 gr. of N320 or 3.8 grains of TiteGroup behind Berry's or Xtreme plated bullets. 3. I use tungsten uncaptured guide rods with a 13# or 14# spring. You have to be careful to test your individual gun, ensuring that pressing the trigger doesn't cause the slide to unlock whenever running lighter-than-stock recoil springs. My gun wanted to do this with 11# springs, so I went with 13's.
  3. Yes they do; part of the specs on the military gun that the 19X was intended to be.
  4. In my experience, a 15# is about right in a Limited Major gun. The tuning of the recoil spring simply helps the gun return to the point from which it left at ignition. Too strong of a spring and the front sight will likely be low when the eye picks it up again (the slide is slamming closed too hard). Too light of the spring, and the second shot will likely be too high, because the slide isn't closing with enough authority and is not bumping the front sight back down far enough.
  5. The only real advantage to the Maritime Cups (if you ain't swimmin' & shootin') is that Firing Pin velocity will remain high even if you get a little oil, cleaning solvent, or other liquids down into the channel. If you don't do this (or religiously clean the channel), the Maritime Cups are a waste of effort and money, as noted above.
  6. Due to COVID-19, the Memorial Service was postponed to THIS SATURDAY, 20 June, at 2 pm in the Griffin Gun Club clubhouse.
  7. I got my 9mm unit in today. I loaded a hundred 147 grainers (which have been giving me fits on my AutoDriven 1050; at least "one in twenty" was toppling over). I ran this hundred at 1900 rph and no adjustments on indexing speed. It ran like a champ. I did have to do a little bit of adjustment to my powder die, but I was expecting that.
  8. I don't have that problem with 124s, but the top-heavy 147s are a PITA. I have a Shooting Sports Innovations expander funnel on backorder. Supposedly, it expands a little further down without flaring excessively, which I think may be the cure...
  9. I finally got around to loading a bunch of 9mm today after installing a BulletSense a few weeks ago on my 1050 Pro. I found that the sensor will stop the press if the bullet topples immediately upon entry at the Seating station. If it enters standing upright and then falls over as the toolhead is coming down, the sensor won't stop the machine until the bullet and case are mangled. Is there a cure for that or do I still have to stand there with the Remote Stop button in my hand looking like a Jeopardy contestant, ready to pounce to press it fast enough?
  10. Has anybody tried running a LabRadar on one of the 10,000 mAh battery packs? I got a heckuva a deal on a twin pack at BJ's today. They'll run 2.1 amp output, so (according to the book), they should suffice.... I'm really just curious about the longevity of the setup. Will one charge run the Radar for an all-day session at the range?
  11. I am 99% sure that it is a 10-round Tanfoglio mag for their 9mm guns like the Stock II.
  12. Braxton1


    But...loaded right, you can get some 9mm to get VERY close to .380ACP in recoil. I have a 100 grain load that runs about 1090 fps. I want to work up a 95 grain load soon.
  13. Leonard Johnson (USPSA FY55178), a long-time shooter and volunteer with Griffin Gun Club and the South Atlanta Practical Shooting Club passed away on 14 Feb 2020. He had been in the hospital for approximately 3 weeks. Leonard always made himself available to help with setup and other maintenance at both clubs. Despite being in his upper-70s, he seemed tireless. He and his wife Mary volunteered for many years at Camp Perry for the National Championships and at Ft. Benning for the NRA Collegiate Championships. The Georgia Gang will certainly miss him.... A memorial service is planned for Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 2 p.m. at the Griffin Gun Club clubhouse.
  14. If Steel Challenge is on your radar, March 6/7 is the Georgia State Steel Match held at Griffin Gun Club. https://www.practiscore.com/georgia-state-steel-match-2020/register
  15. You'll be shocked at the cost (if Pelican hasn't re-vamped their pricing structure). When I re-built one of their cases a few years ago, the foam was like 100 bucks....
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