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  1. Just talked to a Sig customer service rep and was they had about 2 week turn around time. He was very helpful and some great info.
  2. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their,s. I replaced my battery about 2 weeks ago when the sight went dim suddenly. I checked the battery and it was less than 3 volts so replaced it and moved on. I have done some dry firing but not to much. Anyway it went dim at the range today so again I changed it out as I carry a spare with me. After approximately another 30 or 40 rounds she went dim again. Checked both battery's at home one 3volts the other over 3 volts. Anybody else have this happen? I am now wondering what sigs turn around time is.
  3. I practice in dry fire and at least a couple strings at the range. I also practice switching hands and strong hand only. It takes time but I am slowly getting better.
  4. I use that holster for my 686 plus and it works fine. Nice set up I like the grips.
  5. I have the speed beez and like it just fine but it is very hard on the finish. Should have gone with the Double Alpha,
  6. old558

    625 JM

    Yes try powder coating it's very easy and much faster. Check out Cast Boolits forum, its very helpfull
  7. old558

    Red dot for TSO

    I also have the Cheely 90 degree mount with C more, very easy to find the dot with this setup.
  8. old558

    625 JM

    No problem from my 625 with lead. I also make my own but I now powder coat. Much faster
  9. Congrats on the new shooter, X5,s are really nice.
  10. Yep my first 320 Sig a with Romeo would loosen up at the wrong time, very irritating.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are ok
  12. I have the Rock 9mm and for the money it just makes me smile every time I shoot it. Best of luck with yours.
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