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  1. Thanks for posting sometimes I just need hear these things to stay positive.
  2. II can not even find rem oil wipes to clean my guns. Everything gun related is gone.
  3. Thanks for the video should be helpful. I am 6.4 and shrinking, not sure I will shrink enough. Haha. If you post a video on roundabout I will for sure watch it. Thank you.
  4. old558

    22/45 lefty woahs

    Check out Tandemkross they have a few things 22-45 related
  5. Very good to hear this. I have been considering a Volquartsen, just waiting to see what he new year brings.
  6. Was lucky today and found 2K Winchester M-22 40gr 1255 FPS. Hopefully they will be ok, otherwise the grand kids will have lots of fun.
  7. I have 3 of the Romeo 1, just received the 3rd one from Amazon. Great sight in 6 MOA.
  8. Wondering if you tried the Ghost holster as I am interested in it also.
  9. Good information thank you. Also thanks everyone for your input.
  10. I use 4.0 grains with a 125 grain LRN. I use a Lee bullet mold and I powder coat them. I use these for steel challenge.
  11. Thanks for the replys. I understand that there isn't a good place for these in compition as they would be open class. I mostly shoot steel challenge and I have a long way to go before they would hurt my scores. As I said these would be for fun.
  12. Just wondering if anyone who has both or has shot both, how much better is the XC and is it worth the difference in price? I already have the P DUO and like it a lot but wonder if I should have gotten the XC. I just would use these for fun guns not for duty or carry.
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