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  1. I try to use 1 33 round mag, mostly because I am right handed but shoot PCC left handed as I am left eye dominant. It's feels a little funny reloading.
  2. I voted steel challenge but like both, cost is about the same in my area and I get to shoot more with steel challenge.
  3. Best of luck. I am very interested in how this works out for you. Good luck
  4. Check out High figure grips, very friendly and helpful.
  5. I have several McCormick's and they have run just fine. Best of luck
  6. I run 4.0 gr of 231 with a 124 gr bullit and it runs good in all my 9mms cleans easy enough.
  7. I would keep the 627 buy the moon clips for ammo of choice. Then go have fun.
  8. Just talked to a Sig customer service rep and was they had about 2 week turn around time. He was very helpful and some great info.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their,s. I replaced my battery about 2 weeks ago when the sight went dim suddenly. I checked the battery and it was less than 3 volts so replaced it and moved on. I have done some dry firing but not to much. Anyway it went dim at the range today so again I changed it out as I carry a spare with me. After approximately another 30 or 40 rounds she went dim again. Checked both battery's at home one 3volts the other over 3 volts. Anybody else have this happen? I am now wondering what sigs turn around time is.
  10. I practice in dry fire and at least a couple strings at the range. I also practice switching hands and strong hand only. It takes time but I am slowly getting better.
  11. I use that holster for my 686 plus and it works fine. Nice set up I like the grips.
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