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  1. I always bring a couple of boxes of factory ammo just in case and have loaned it out a few times. I wonder why I do that?
  2. I say for steel challange to just go shoot and have fun. A holster and a few mags is all you need to get started. Welcome aboard.
  3. I use corn cob media from a pet supply store, add pieces of dryer sheet. I set mine outside and let it go, dust is not a problem.
  4. Just shy of two weeks for my Romeo 1
  5. My JP has been great. No problems and very accurate.
  6. Thanks for the info.I am considering one so this is nice to know.
  7. Thanks Trace. I will probably end up with one if they show up in my neighborhood. I can always shoot it in outlaw steel. Can you tell me, does she shoot pretty flat, and transition well. I would like the XC but that is a huge jump in price for me.
  8. Thanks for the reply's. I mostly shoot steel challenge in revolver. I do have an x5 for carry optics, and do not see much difference (X5 or Staccato) in what they were designed for. It's winter and I'm in MN, witch means I bored and looking for something to play with.
  9. Thinking of possibly getting one and was wondering if it good to go for Carry Optics?
  10. I run a Sig Romeo 1, 6 MOA dot with Allchin mount on my 627.
  11. Welcome aboard. I am also from MN. I hope you won't be needing that snow blower so much this year.
  12. old558

    New To The CZ Game

    congrats, great looking shooter
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