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  1. I shoot steel challenge! Last 8 stage match I shot only had 35 entries and several people shot 3 guns, myself included. Only 3 people shot the main match, one CO one Open and myself in OSR. So to me your concern is very real. This has been the trend all summer.
  2. Good on you. Always feels good to help someone.
  3. enjoyed this video thanks for posting.
  4. old558

    What if?

    I will stick to my V comp, but I only shoot steel challenge. Would love to try a 929 but they seem to have to many problems.
  5. I had very good luck with them. I only wish I had bought a lot more at 17.99 a thousand.
  6. welcome to the forum, lots of great info and help here.
  7. I have both and much prefer the Black Mamba. I will say I have not had any issues with either of them. The Mamba just feels that much better and I also shoot better with it. Best of luck with what ever you choose, I'm sure you will b fine.
  8. Very nice of you to pass on your old loaders. I just passed on an old RCBS progressive to a friends son as he is now getting in to shooting sports.
  9. I load on a LNL AP with case feeder with no issues.
  10. Have never given this a thought when registering for a shoot. Now I will, I don't like starting on smoke n hope. As I'm slow and old I need to build up what little speed I have ha ha. Thanks for the tip
  11. Good call. I bought my evo trigger kit from Apex and it came with the extended firing pin.
  12. I'm no gunsmith but I installed the Apex evolution trigger in my V Comp and trigger pull is 5.5 pounds with 100% liability with Federal primers.. Also trigger return is very good for me.
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