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  1. I use Xtreme with 4.0 gr of 231 with good results, interested to see what you find.
  2. Have you checked out the XC Duo?
  3. Guess I'm not sure why it matters.
  4. I bought a Staccato P DUO and so far I am very happy with it. Not much else in it's price range that compares. I have other STI guns and never any problems.
  5. I ordered a wolf spring pack and setteld on a 13lb spring. The 12lb spring would have been good but ejection was all over the place.
  6. old558

    XTG Module

    Received the grip module today and so far I like it quite a bit better than the X5 module. I find the grip to be slightly larger and fits my hand just a little better. It also has amuch better grip surface I got to say this thing with a fully loaded magazine (dummy rounds) is a tank, but I like that as it is almost the exact same weight as my 627 V comp revolver.
  7. Toolguy thank you for the info. I shoot mostly steel challenge so I rarely need to reload but I tried to do it as you recommended and found it to work very well for me even though I use 38 special brass in ranch moon clips and do not sort my brass Pointing downward is key Thanks again.
  8. old558

    XTG Module

    Ordered the TXG module and will see how it works.
  9. I do not know anything but I'm listening. Love revolvers and always looking for something new
  10. Only changes made are grips, magwell, fiber optic front sight, over size mag release, and the occasional spring change. Trigger is allready very nice. Every change has been done to give me better control, and I see no reason to think this may get me into any kind of trouble. On aside note most people in general would look at it and say hum its not a Colt .
  11. Today I am carrying a full size Les Baer 1911 in 45 I compete with this gun as well sometimes.
  12. old558

    XTG Module

    whats your opinion. I am very interested as I have the X5 and wondering if I should invest in the module..
  13. try putting a dot or something in the middle of target and see if that helps.
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