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  1. If you regret it you can sell as easy as you bought it, and somebody won't have to be on a wait list. That's how I got mine and never looked back just enjoy every time I shoot it
  2. So far I have TTI Sights installed, Trigger Work ,SLR Magwell coming, Vickers Tactical Slide Lock and Mag Release coming. Next we see what it likes for ammo
  3. Just got one myself first Glock, sights with a tune-up already set up.
  4. I have tried Wolff 12# as well as Wolff 14#. I switched recently to ISMI 12.5 as so far this has been better for the loads I run.
  5. I tried CGW, CZ Custom as well as CZ's. Ended up with Henning's on every CZ I owned.
  6. I looked for weeks last year and what you did find was to big as well as overpriced. The WRB that Eric posted is nice and reasonably priced and nicer that the one I have.
  7. Lotion tried spray didn’t like as much. I use Shooters Connection and get a bottle or two when I place orders
  8. I got rid if mine first thing, they lock up or break
  9. That’s what I did waited until I found used. Verified SN with SVI as well as last rebuild by them with all new and original parts with 4 mags for less than $4k.
  10. Best way to get like I got mine buy sell trade, or buy when someone else is upgrading. If I could buy new don’t if I would. A lot of the used guns are in good condition.
  11. I switched to a Lee U die as well. Fixed the bulge, I looked at Roll Sizer and Case Pro but can't justify the cost.
  12. I just had some made by PremEAR and they are great.
  13. Following this I need one as well to set my glasses up. Tried several different ways okay but could be better I think
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