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  1. Red Hill has a rush option if you need that fast. Before I sold my TS I had holster from them. I have had five from them top quality. The wait time is normal for a gun like this.
  2. Agree on frames, I looked at them but frames turned me away. From what I have read lately they will custom make lens for your frames
  3. I have a closet in my office I have mine hanging on Velcro straps on the closet rod
  4. With a Dan Wesson PM, just shoot it. Mine was good out of the box
  5. I have Dawson’s and they work well. Easy to remove and clean magazines
  6. Dan Wesson I have a PM9 and Guardian both run well
  7. I used Precision Delta before I started reloading , always were excellent.
  8. I have used both, I like the Dawson myself. I have the Manny Dot that came one one of my limited guns. I ended up putting the fiber all the way through, I never really could get used to it.
  9. Agree I used these until I started reloading
  10. I have a Red Hill for sale on this Forum PM me if interested
  11. Phoenix Trinity makes a wide one as well
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