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  1. Kilrb

    STI Gen2 2011 grips,available?

    I would like to put the Metal on mine I like the weight. Hard to justify to me I had rather wait and order one built the way I want it
  2. Kilrb

    Does the Edge still hold up?

    On their web site it is not there and based on what I read is discontinued. Brazos and Dawson still have them for sale. I really like my Brazos I just bought
  3. Kilrb

    Transition from 2011 to TSO

    Not really much difference in recoil main thing grip with Beaver Tail Safety biggest difference, triggers are both good. Muzzle Flip almost nothing on 2011. I just need to practice like I did with TS. I have to get grip figured out and I think rest will come with time
  4. Kilrb

    Lower Cost 2011 for Limited

    Watch the classifieds that’s how I got my Brazos Edge, will save you some cash for a good gun
  5. Kilrb

    Transition from 2011 to TSO

    I been shooting a regular TS in .40, I just got a 2011. I am better with thE TS, I am sure that will change but I will be practicing a lot.
  6. Kilrb

    CZ FO Sights

    I use Dawson or Cajun EZD 40 on all of my CZ’s
  7. Kilrb

    Does the Edge still hold up?

    Brazos has tuned Edges also
  8. Kilrb

    Does the Edge still hold up?

    I just bought a used Brazos Edge off of this forum. I don’t reload yet and have shot Blazer ammo with no problem, also just ran some Precision Delta which is long ammo and runs perfect. Gun is better than me for sure.
  9. I started shooting limited with 9mm TS, guys in major kill you with the “C’s” as rowdyb says. I bought a .40 slide setup for my TS and have already started moving up .
  10. Kilrb

    Front sight fiber optic or black?

    Went red to green fiber, switched back and forth finally settled on green.
  11. Kilrb


    I want to see and handle the new Q5, had a PPQ M2 5” switched to CZ and love them but this one has me curios but the price tag.....
  12. Kilrb

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    I been experimenting the last year. I have worn progressive for years started shooting pistols and then is when I started trying different lenses. Tried bifocals all kinds of setups that was a mess. Been using my regular prescription in safety glasses and I am okay. I talked to Decot this week and they recommend a script to see my front sight and that’s all. Haven’t decided on that may send them my script and see what they recommend. Debated on Rudy Project and Oakley as well hate to keep putting cash out.... Damn getting old
  13. Kilrb

    Large magwell for Tactical Sport

    I used Factory magwell with Henning grips, works great
  14. Kilrb

    Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Never had any ammo problems with mine
  15. Kilrb

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    This is what I went with after a lot of debating , never have regretted it