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  1. Kilrb

    A few CZ questions

    Call CGW they are great, built two for me triggers are huge improvement
  2. I am on the fence as well have a Tactical Sport now, looking at either Chezmate or 2011 kind of torn. Like the CZ’s as they just run 2011 heard and seen both them do both
  3. Kilrb


    Two on Gun Broker was three on sold this morning
  4. Kilrb

    Holster recommendation for Canik P9FSX

    Red Hill with Boss Hanger
  5. Kilrb

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    Look at CZ lot less cash and they run well and lots of aftermarket available. Edpecially where you are you are close to Cajun Gun Works
  6. Kilrb

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    I started shooting in limited a few months ago. I swapped some guns for a CZ Tactical Sport in 9mm. I just purchased a complete .40 Slide Assembly to switch to major a little later. Looked at STI but am going to hold off on that for a while due to cost.
  7. Kilrb


    Second the Shooters Connection belt
  8. Kilrb

    Dan Wesson PM9 vs STI Trojan

    PM9 love mine
  9. Kilrb

    Help me develope a dry fire routine

    Got three of Bens books all are good
  10. Kilrb

    CZC vs Cajun vs Automatic Accuracy

    I have two guns built by CGW both were well worth the wait
  11. Kilrb

    CZ TS Front sight (not orange)

    Did the same as you want to do. I called Dawson measured my sight and ordered from them. I love their sights have them on four CZ’s
  12. Kilrb

    fiber optic rod

    I use Red on all my Dawson’s, tried Green but went back to Red just easier for me.
  13. Kilrb

    Shadow Sp-01 Grips

    Second the Hennings I have them on a SP01 and Tactical Sport
  14. Kilrb

    Sti company

    Friend just had an open gun in for warranty work. Was there almost three months
  15. Kilrb

    Good Ammo Prices

    Use Ammoseek as well