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  1. I’m running 12# and 17# ISMI Springs in Brazos a Edge with 180 grain, shoots pretty flat
  2. I have a friend a DVC L and it runs with no issues.
  3. I know a lot of people running stock no problem. I had gunsmith change my trigger and improved my Brazos.
  4. I like it, shoots better than me. I had to do normal maintenance as previous owner had weird springs in it but a friend of mine that is gunsmith helped me with that other than that it just runs.
  5. I picked up a Brazos Edge on here a few months ago. Watch them and the CRP’s do come available.
  6. The builder that built mine told me to load 1.20 as he designed for this. I have run factory loads but this runs better.
  7. Tried Fast Grip but like Pro Grip better, you don’t need much of it.
  8. Agree, I had one sold it after three weeks. I just like my metal guns better......
  9. I run the Ghost now but have had some break at the wrong time. As some others posted carry spare, next I get will be Safariland.
  10. I have been getting used to a 2011 as well. I made a lot of changes in dry firing but have found love fits practice adjustments have helped me more.
  11. I bought a used Brazos first 2011 I have owned, had to replace some tired parts to get the gun where it needed to be. Gun is better than me
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