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  1. Kilrb

    CZ TSO Holster

    I contacted Comp Tac when I got mine since I had some of their holsters, told me that they would look at them in the future. Like my Red Hill as good or better. Thanks for info on pouches wondered about them. Have Ghost for one gun will stay with them again
  2. Kilrb

    CZ TSO Holster

    Red Hill Tactical
  3. I have a PM 9 it is an amazing gun for a production gun. Was my first 1911 I debated a lot before buying and compared to several 1911’s, never regretted buying it.
  4. Kilrb

    Am I too old?

    Your not to old, a friend of mine that is 78 got me in it a year ago and he still shoots. A lot of the people that shoot in some of the local matches and action pistol matches are my age 64 or older. I do it for fun, keeps my reflexes, coordination and mind working. I find myself trying harder to improve, I have taken some classses which helped me a lot. Do it you will meet a lot of nice people that are more than willing to help you and you will have fun.
  5. Just tried Fast Grip going back to Pro Grip like it much better.
  6. Kilrb

    Buying a used STI?

    I just bought a used STI Brazos Edge off of the classifieds here. Gun and all mags work perfect.
  7. Kilrb


    Hand warmers are what I use. Stick in my gloves until time to shoot.
  8. Kilrb

    What holster / belt / mag holder ?

    I use Shooters Connection belt, Boss Hanger, Red Hill Tactical holster and Ghost pouches for my CZ . Been pleased with that so far, tried other holsters but like Personally like a Red Hill best.
  9. I have shot a lot of different ammo since I started USPSA, took classes with a Ben and Frank Garcia. Just as you stated what I have learned after a lot of rounds over 3000 between the two classes with them, grip and trigger control. This is what I focus on now.
  10. Kilrb

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    Buy all of my CZ mags from Greg Cote just bought 4 Tactical Sports. Have bought SP 01 and PCR and 75B. Good prices and great service
  11. Kilrb

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    Hennings best to me, tried several kinds settled on these on two guns
  12. This is what I just did, sold some to get mine.
  13. I waited and just got a used Edge .40 and saved some cash for sure
  14. I just bought a 2011 yesterday been shooting CZ’s for the last year. Going from TS to 2011 .40 Brazos HP Edge.....
  15. Kilrb

    A few CZ questions

    Call CGW they are great, built two for me triggers are huge improvement