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  1. Just just ordered some will see how they run
  2. I switched to Redding dies big difference.
  3. Mine has no klunk or pop, it did before I rebuilt and aligned everything. The person that I bought it from had it all messed up. So I got an education in getting it running smooth.
  4. I have a Brazos and shoots great, have looked at others but for my budget the Brazos works for me. Especially just getting into the Major Limited Gun
  5. I just went through the same thing on a used 650 I bought, got it lined up and was clipping primers. Called Dillon and got the tool to line that up and has run smooth ever since.
  6. Kilrb

    No more Tactical Sports

    I bought one last year a 17 model. Saw earlier they were discontinued, looks like I will hang on to it. Was going to sell but may be best not to know
  7. Check the Rudy Project Shooting glasses. I just got some have had Oakley’s for years and I love them . But have to admit then Rudy’s are clearest I have ever had.
  8. Kilrb

    Grayguns trigger kit?

    Just checked Top Gun all gone
  9. I have used two other brands that were good. But since I switched to them this is all I use now. For the price with all of the options and quality workmanship to me you can’t beat them, also always delivered on or before date promised.
  10. I also went with the Lee FCD, watched a video from Atlas las night that got me reading about this topic. Decided to make some changes before I have some of the problems I have read about. So when I get thes rest of my Dillon parts I need and these pieces should be good to go. Seems like I learn something everyday about this topic.
  11. After reading all of these type post in the last couple of days and just starting to a reload on a 650 for .40 I ordered a Redding Double Ring Sizing Die. I figured I would try this before going the push through step.
  12. Kilrb

    Grayguns trigger kit?

    I signed up for email alert, just got my recoil spring this way from them
  13. I went through the same deal, I just bought the Rudy Project shooters set with interchangeable lenses and the insert for my prescription lenses. The set is on sale now.
  14. Kilrb

    P320 X5 Thread

    Old Man?..... Really watch out I just got one but I been shooting irons..............
  15. Kilrb

    CZ Trigger

    I had a SP01, trigger was not good. I had CGW build with the Pro Package and was much better. I ending up selling, if I did it over I would get the Shadow 2 they are good out of the box but a kit will help it a lot as well
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