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  1. I just switched to Phoenix Trinity they are machined
  2. Just getting adjusted to the different frames, lens color I choose. Prescription is no problem as far as vision correction
  3. I tried all kinds of lens set up different ways last year. I finally got Rudy Rydons with inserts with my progressive prescription and quit experimenting and learned to use the. I just switch to them about 45 min before starting to get my eyes adjusted
  4. I use one of these from Amazon 5W COB LED Work Light for Milling, Lathe, Work Bench Led"Gooseneck" Lamp
  5. I got rimless works great just have to get used to. Usually put them on at least half hour before match to get used to
  6. I went this way when I started, saved me money as well helped buy the others by what I saved.
  7. Shooters Connection, good service fast shipping
  8. I’m running 12# and 17# ISMI Springs in Brazos a Edge with 180 grain, shoots pretty flat
  9. I have a friend a DVC L and it runs with no issues.
  10. I know a lot of people running stock no problem. I had gunsmith change my trigger and improved my Brazos.
  11. I like it, shoots better than me. I had to do normal maintenance as previous owner had weird springs in it but a friend of mine that is gunsmith helped me with that other than that it just runs.
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