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  1. The Canik is a great pistol especially for the money. The grip is too small for me. I really like the Legion but have a milled Shadow2 which is hard to beat. Looking for a P10 to hold and decide.
  2. Gunbroker. I don’t see the listing anymore. Tanner Sports 267-500-7080
  3. I use my CO pistol and I can’t imagine it shooting any softer.
  4. I have limited experience with it but it has worked well.
  5. Remington STS has a rebate currently, good ammo with a stiffer hull.
  6. I think they were .110. The holes angle about 30 degrees away from the shooter. I bought the gun recently second hand, assuming he could not get it to run.
  7. You could drill two opposing ports at a time.
  8. This is hard for humans to embrace. I am burned out in other areas of my life, so why try to do it here... I think this is my life motto regarding USPSA. I realize I do not have the psychomotor skills to be a M or GM, that is an assessment of my place in life. I have seen the performance of the highest level shooters and I do not have that focus or determination, I still am in awe of that skill set. I shoot a different gun frequently because I want to master my gun safe, not an individual gun. My daughters own guns and occasionally shoot, not because I want them to be top level USPSA shooters, but I want them to teach their sons and daughters how to shoot (if they marry some panty waist skinny jean wearing idiot). I am a better gun handler because of this sport. I enjoy it every time I do it. I try to encourage women and youth participation when ever I can. I have seen some of the high end shooters who cannot embrace the new shooters. While that may be an individual choice, we do not have that luxury with the world today. As a group, lets not discourage the inheritors of this sport.
  9. dogtired

    CZ 22 fun

  10. dogtired

    CZ 22 fun

    No mention of the Shadow 2 on the CZ website blurb, and advice Stuart?
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