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  1. Since this post is back from the dead, I have found that my 870 would get hard to rack using the shells I shoot with my Beretta. I fixed the problem by using Remington field loads that I ran over to Walmart for. They seem a little stiffer and that seemed to be the issue.
  2. Remington mags are $20.
  3. I had that happen, just turned out to be dirty as hell.
  4. I saw one of these on the shelf recently for $399.
  5. I hate to be the guy, but with good prep and rust inhibiting primer, Krylon camo works pretty well.
  6. You can convert that Shadow 2 for I would guess a grand.
  7. I dropped down to 46 rounds and the mag works well in limited testing.
  8. Yes, pro shooter sponsored by RIA, can’t remember his name currently.
  9. CTJer, I might tear mine apart for lack of use/need, let me know...
  10. https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/category-s/411.htm
  11. Oldie but goodie https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/166814-benelli-m2-20-ga/
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