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  1. dogtired

    G43x and 48

    I shoot my production loads with no difficulty.
  2. It is a nice system. So far I have never installed the sight plate.
  3. I assume you are looking for electronic. If you want good ear pro an audiologist can make some form fitted plugs that are not amplified for a reasonable fee.
  4. Canik makes an optic ready compact pistol.(spfx9c or something like that). i have a p10 OR which is nice. Glock g48 MOS with 15 round steel mags.
  5. I got my sights installed, shooting to point of aim. The Dawson sight finder is priceless. I like how the gun shoots, I can see the front well enough to run it in a match.
  6. I have a Shadow 2 milled with CZC optics plate. I tried the Sig Legion and liked it a lot but it did not do anything the CZ could do, so I moved it. Another option is the CZ P10 OR in the f or c version. Easy sticker price, great ergos, lighter (if you like that). I have one as a 3gun open gun.
  7. I have the old Dawson brass magwells which add some nice weight.
  8. No optics in heavy metal yet.
  9. Local store has them on the shelf. $50.
  10. I just bought a G41 for heavy metal and am looking at sight options for black rear and FO Front. Since I can not see the front sight and am shooting optics otherwise, I am looking at choosing perhaps an oversized front FO sight and am looking for ideas. Henning has a .150 and .180 rear notch and there are many options for front heights and widths thru Dawson. Just wondering if anyone has played with these options or ideas on optimum sight gaps? Any help appreciated. If you have a theory please state it as such, experience preferred.
  11. I have some out of stock mags, with followers.
  12. The S2 trigger is pretty nice. Only one DA pull per stage...
  13. SP01 Shadow or Shadow 2 in carry optics will do what you seek. For someone who does not shoot USPSA, doesn’t reload and wants to shoot a red dot, Open is not what I would recommend.
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