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  1. I am still playing with mine but used a Glock flatwire 12# recoil spring and a 3 # striker spring from the Theta trigger kit.
  2. Taylor Freelance has a 140mm extension for the compact that installed on the P10f mag gets you over 155mm. They will supply a longer spring. I have not tried one yet.
  3. I think I may be using a 12# glock 17 flatwire and a shortened g35 steel guiderod. I set it up as a 3gun open gun with comp and it shoots pretty flat with minor ammo. I have a Theta trigger but may go back to stock as I think I get a lot of trigger slap. I stuffed tungsten putty under the backstrap to add a little weight.
  4. It has little use in USPSA but it will be a fine shooting piece. I have a cheap 45 “steel” for heavy metal 3 gun.
  5. Was he wearing a mask when he stole it...
  6. I bought a Strike industries extension to try. It gets you to 24 with no mods but is greater than 140, less than 170 mm. They are $18ish.
  7. That is a very servicable pistol, take the same parts as the higher end Tanfos. It offers an exchangeable front sight that the Witness “steel” and poly do not offer. I would say $500 would be “cheap” in todays market for that pistol.
  8. Taylor Freelance makes a mag extension for the Mecgar and RIA doublestacks. It may work but don’t know if it will make the gauge on longer mags than Mecgar.
  9. On my original slide milling I bought a second slide and had it milled with the CZC plate system, the reasoning is my optic choice may change as new stuff comes out. Once receiving it the quality was so good that on the next one It would be mill the original slide. When I had the S2 milled I used the CZC plate system, added the rear sight plate and good to go. I do not think this will effect my resale (if I ever sell it). I did hold out with the P10 for the optics ready version and it is nice, and would not regret the S2 optics ready if I buy one.
  10. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=68700.0 https://www.springfieldforum.com/articles/the-springfield-p9-cz75-clone.3/ https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/Three-Semi-Automatic-Pistols-A-Springfield-Mode_F584FCB900/
  11. The first few time it is an exercise in swearing.
  12. Here is a method: https://ezine.m1911.org//reckonrail.htm Can you measure the radius, this seems help:
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