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  1. I bought a set, installed one spring and have seen no reason to try another.
  2. I have been contemplating a CZ P10 optics pistol with comp as a 3 gun open pistol.
  3. Unfortunately I sent my slide off just prior to the weight change, with the new weight I would have just done the optics cut.
  4. I bought a Vr80, used my Shadow 2 CO gun and added a red dot to my rifle. 3gun open. My 147 grain loads are so soft I am not sure a comp would help. I had the CZC plate system installed as I like the option to change optic brands or have a rear sight.
  5. Golfing I have used music to intentionally "cloud things out that intrude" like that little voice that whispers poor advice prior to my swing.
  6. No picture=it didn’t happen!
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