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  1. Thanks Sigarmsp226. I tried both the Mighty Armory universal decapper with a spring popper and a Dillon .40 caliber sizing and decapping die, which also has a spring to pop out the primer. Both worked fine except that I couldn't use either and prime at the same time. The new primer would flip sideways quite often. I've since gone to using two passes. On the first pass, I only decap and swage. If the primer gets sucked back, and it never does using the Mighty Armory decapper, the swaging die will tell me right away. I then wet tumble with pins, so I also get clean and dry prim
  2. The Mark 7 auto drive powder check requires its own station. So does the RCBS lock out die. Wouldn't this eliminate using a bullet feeder and a powder check on the Dillon presses? That for me would be a big advantage of the Mark 7 machine with its 10 stations. When I decided to go to a progressive press, not being able to have both sent me straight to Mark 7. But many loaders can, and do, use the bullet feeder, do not use a powder check, and do fine. I can say that the RCBS lock out die I have installed helped keep me out of trouble when I was learning how to run my progressiv
  3. At my first match, an IDPA match, I had registered and was sitting under a pavilion with about 20 other shooters waiting for the stage briefing. My buddy had trained me on the range commands and listening for the timer beforehand, so I was somewhat comfortable shooting the stages, but I didn't recall him saying anything about safe areas. In the company of many, I unzipped my gun bag, made sure the gun was clear, removed it from the gun bag, and holstered it. No one said a word. I'm still embarrassed, and I should have been DQ'd right then and there. Anot
  4. Got it. I knew down deep that I had misunderstood. I looked back at the posts, and I see where I went wrong. Sorry for the hassle.
  5. Perhaps I misunderstood, but it looks to me like 10. Per their website, the FX-10 has a "proprietary 10 station, gear driven, rotating shell plate". I watched the video and took notes. There are 9 threaded positions and 1 case feed position, just like my Mark 7 Evolution. In the video, the press was set up like this: 0. Case feed 1. Decap #1 2. Decap #2 3. Swage 4. Prime and neck expander 5. Open 6. Powder measure 7. Powder check 8. Bullet drop and bullet seat 9. Crimp
  6. I just checked, and Quinetics still hasn't updated their video. I sent them an email making the obvious suggestion that they do so. I've been using mine for three years and it has worked great. Sometimes I pull a container of range ammo picked up off the ground, about 100 or so, and it goes quickly.
  7. Thanks for rotating the video. My neck is recovering already.
  8. Thanks! Is there a way to view this video in landscape mode? I couldn't figure it out on Safari or Firefox.
  9. I just got an email from FA announcing their new 10 station progressive press. It looks very interesting. I would have loved the dual de-capping station on my Mark 7 Evolution. Designed by reloaders for reloaders, the Frankford Arsenal FX-10 is a 10 station automatic indexing reloading press purpose built from the ground up to be the ultimate progressive reloading press. At its core, the FX-10 features rigid steel construction, multiple ball bearings, and a proprietary 10 station, gear driven, rotating shell plate which all combine to virtually eliminate powder spillage and bulle
  10. I've been using both WD-40 Dry Lube and One-Shot, and can't tell the difference. Once you start using dry lube, you'll never go without it again. You can get WD-40 Dry Lube locally in all likelihood. I got mine at Amazon, but I only see six packs now. Locally it looks like Wal-Mart, and Home Depot carry it. https://www.wd40.com/products/dry-lube/
  11. I tried three different dies, polished, with and without a bevel, and the sucked back primers continued. I then bought the Mighty Armory universal decapping die with a primer flicker spring and that has been excellent. I do have to clean and polish the tip on occasion. The new decapping die from FW Arms might be even better, but I'm happy with the MA decapper.
  12. I have the standard sight tool from sightpusher.com and it's a fine piece of equipment. What sold me was the thick steel frame, rather than aluminum. Removing the front sights on my M&P was going nowhere using a vise, hammer and brass rod, but this tool worked fine.
  13. I have switched to a two pass process too, and feel much more comfortable with its use. I just read in the newly released Mark 7® Evolution Press User Manual Version 2.0 that they strongly recommend using a sizing die rather than a hold down die in the priming station. I was planning on using a hold down die there, but am thinking now that I might not. I'm loading 9mm only. Is the hold down die in the priming station working well for you? Does the case always center itself properly? Also, I bought the Ultimate Die Pack back in March when Mk7 had switched from Lee di
  14. If the downgrade works just as well, why worry? I'll bet the new powder measure works fine, but we'll see. I'll be following this. My powder measure has been anything but 'crappy'. Smooth as silk and very consistent.
  15. Looks like a new design to me. Here is a picture of mine from my March 2020 purchase.
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