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  1. I tested the use of the .40 Dillon sizing/decapping die yesterday on my Mark 7 Evolution. Seating the primer into the second round failed, and I quit using it. The primer was sideways, just like using the Mighty Armory universal decapper with the spring upgrade. The 5 cases I decapped were decapped just fine. I finally figured out how the Dillon decapper works and ELK-K's modifications, but for the Mark 7, less spring power would probably be better. I'm almost positive I'm going to buy another toolhead and use a 2 pass process. I'm not sure if want to to swage or not on the first pass. As a slight bonus, I'll have clean primer pockets when I wet tumble with pins after decapping. I might have tried the FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Decapper/Deprimer, which claims to be almost pull-back proof, but they are out of stock. Also, I can't find many user reports about the FW die. Thanks to all for your help.
  2. Has anyone used the FW Arms decapper for 9mm range brass that includes a lot of military crimps? I'm still struggling with primers being pulled back during decapping on my Mark 7 Evolution.
  3. Thanks guys. I haven't figured out yet how ELK-K's modifications would work, but in the meantime, I'm going to try the .40 sizing/decapping. My friend decapped 150 9mms this morning using the Dillon .40 die, there were no sucked back primers, and the cases were not re-sized. I'm hoping the less aggressive spring won't mess up the priming system on the Mk7. Buying another toolhead and decapping and swaging only in the first pass is probably faster than what I'm doing now. I try to watch for the spent primer going down the tube. If I don't see it, I listen for the primer to drop into the plastic container. But I can't hear that if either the case feeder or bullet feeder motor is running. Then I manually check the case to check that the primer has been removed. Very slow, but otherwise this process works well.
  4. I having trouble with decapping 9mm range brass. Occasionally a spent primer gets sucked back into the primer pocket and the Mark 7 Evolution jams up when the case and spent primer are in the swaging station. I first tried the Mighty Armory decapping die that came with the Evolution. ThenI tried installing the MA spring upgrade, but the shock from the strong spring flipped new primers over and I got sideways primers being seated. Then I tried a Lee Universal decapping die. Finally I removed the spring from the MA die and filed the pin tip to a wedge shape. So far, this has worked the best, but not good enough. My friend has a .40 Dillon decapping/sizing die that he can ship to me. The Dillon die has a spring that isn't as stiff as the MA spring, so maybe this setup won't flip over primers being seated. Using the .40 die on 9mms won't resize the case, so it will be similar to a universal decapping die. Does anyone have any experience with trying a Dillon .40 decapping die on the Mark 7 Evolution set up for 9mm?
  5. Thanks Teros. That's a lot of useful information. I thought I was missing an important set of instructions on the web.
  6. I haven't been able to find the instructions you're referring to. Could you point me to them please?
  7. I was lost when setting up the swaging on my Mk7 until I bought the go no-go gauge from Ballistics Tools. https://ballistictools.com/store/. Then it all came together. Make sure the primer pocket is reasonably clean when using the gauge for the best results. Also, use the gauge to check if the primer has already been swaged before swaging and making adjustments. Seems like common sense, but I learned both lessons the hard way.
  8. Topic I added back again this morning is gone already this evening. I give up. I'll just scan all the unread content. These days I have the time.
  9. I don't believe that the hardware and software I'm using makes any difference as this is a website issue. But, I'm using a 27" iMac, Safari browser, and the latest Mac OS. Another followed topic was dropped overnight. I'll dutifully add it back now. Strange stuff.
  10. I keep having issues. I have been following the topic "Mark 7 - general Discussion" for some time, and it disappeared overnight, again. The other two topics and two forums I have been following remained active, for now at least.
  11. The thread I added (again) to my follow list this morning is gone again from Manage Followed Content . 6:41PM.
  12. I'm having the same problem. I added a thread to follow, and it was gone the next day (today). However, the other thread I follow that was added some time ago still shows up.
  13. I got the flipper spring working very well today and wanted to share how I adjusted it. I lengthened the exposed portion of the spring as much as I could. Then I positioned the bracket such that the end of the spring was perpendicular to the plate and almost touching the bowl. See photo. I was able to feed about 350 cases in a row without a malfunction. I have yet to see any guidance on how to make this adjustment, so I hope this helps someone in the future.
  14. For the last two hours, I've tried to make the "case feeder adjustment ramp" as Misty refers to it, work to no avail. I can't get rid of a gap between the bowl and outside surface of the ramp near the pointed end. Sometimes the point of the ramp gets into the mouth of the case (first photo) and other times the case gets jammed between the ramp and the plate (2nd photo). I've tried everything I can think of - different positions left and right, up and down, and rotated. I also did try running the case feeder without either the flipper spring or the ramp, and that actually worked the best, but still not very well. I guess I'll try the spring again now. I had that working pretty well when I first set up the press. Maybe a light will come on.
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