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  1. Unless your pistol is actually a steel gun built for low power loads, in a USPSA built-to-run Major loads Open gun, if you want flat, shoot near-major powder charges and light bullets. You want soft, download or change powder to lower velocities and run as light bullets as work 100%, but the dot will move more.
  2. Difference between eating at a fast food place and a restaurant. You PAY for the food both times, but in the fast food place they expect you to carry your food to the table for FREE and clean up again later for FREE. OMG! It's a wonder those places stay in business.
  3. If you are shooting "official" ammo, you will want to do the forms and such. IIRC a few shooters at a recent Nationals got scored major PF even though the match ammo came in a bit below major PF at chrono.
  4. Like Shootoffs then. As long as you have shooters of reasonably equal skill level, it works well. When everyone knows who will win, then the interest in man-on-man fades out. Then you can get into all kinds of handicapping if you want.
  5. Look for "Pro-Am" and "AASA" and "American Handgunner Shootoffs". Those should find plenty. Not too many do 3-gun, because rifle reset is tedious unless you have auto-resetting rifle-grade steel.
  6. Not uncommon for them to ask for ammo off the belt or just give them ammo, or sometimes they'll want to pick. Really depends on the stage ROs in most cases as the RM rolls by with a stack of baggies and hands them to the CRO saying "collect 8 rounds from everyone", and drives off on his 4 wheeler to the next stage.
  7. Those have been slide mounts. The ones on frame mounts have been rock solid so far. Having been in new product development, there's a lot of things that get considered when designing a product and then implementing fixes to them. More than likely some engineer looked at the specs for the adjustments and it said something like 'withstand +/-60g for 25,000 cycles' or something and they declared 'sure, that'll work'. But, for some reasons that didn't work out or take into effect elevated temperatures or manufacturing tolerances or lubrication seeping from somewhere else or improper
  8. Best thing I've found to drive spikes is a sliding sleeve over an inner hammer made from a cut off factory tool. Holds the spikes well and doesn't leave them sticking out unless you want them to be. Take this drawing to your local fab guy or dude with a welder that fixes your target stands along with the cheapest solid-shank tool bit you can get (preferably with a flare at the working end-- chisels work well) and say "make me something like this". Ordinary black iron pipe will work fine for the sleeve. Using aluminum for the bushing cuts down on the noise a bit, but otherwise i
  9. Last one I made a 10-second phone video. Showed spot of paint on windage screw, shot 6 rounds SHO while filming, focused back in on spot of paint on windage screw now half a turn around the dial. Previously I've explained how I shot a string of rounds off a rest at a plate and each landed an inch further to the right than the one before it. I call support (plan for a wait on hold), explain it (emailed the video) and they email a return label. Btw, the online support is much slower, and if you just randomly send one back with a complaint, I have no idea what they do.
  10. I have no problem getting Sig to replace them. The problem is that seems to be all they do, grab another one off the shelf and send it. That said, the last couple replacements have had more clickiness to them so maybe they are catching on. Lately I've started putting a drop of paint on the screw to see if it moves after the gun is zeroed and I'm thinking maybe a glob of something like fingernail polish or other strong but removable goop (superglue might be a bit much) could help keep it from moving too.
  11. Yeah, the issue at local matches is we never sync during the the match, so unless the "random" order is the same without a sync, it gets annoying.
  12. The popper calibration rules are left over from when basically everyone shot major PF, and if you shot minor, you were a noob or wierdo screwing around or -- you screwed up at reloading and were shooting 160-ish PF minor. Poppers were still calibrated with 125 PF so there was a huge disparity between 'must fall with' and what people actually shot them with. Even the cheaters were typically shooting 140+ PF by shooting a lighter bullet than claimed. In those days it was very rare to get hosed by poppers. Small poppers had an L-shaped foot on them (you've probably seen
  13. We've seen 'random' give the same (randomized) order on multiple tablets. I thought it was a feature since it's handy at a match with tablets per stage. If not, maybe it should be-- have the randomizer give the same order from a given seed number and have a way to enter that seed on tablets once squads find a 'random' order they like.
  14. Couple stories here... I've been shooting since the early 1990s, so seen it a few times. First shooter on a stage at an Area match. The stage right after chrono. I was shooting a 9x25 Dillon and just chronoed at least 177 PF, probably more. Dead center hit on the big popper, which activated some stuff. Opening a door later in the stage also activated that same stuff and needed to be opened to shoot it. Opened door to see said stuff not moving, saw it start to move, thought 'well crap', shot the rest of the stage, saw popper up with perfect center hit. Called for calibrat
  15. Lots of good clubs within a reasonable drive of there. Just don't let that PCC pusher over in Bryan let you use his JP.
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