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  1. From the looks of that match (I didn't shoot it either), and based on shooting several nats & matches at USA, Lo-cap Nats at Frostproof is unlikely to look much like that.
  2. Generally, SS major trends a few % advantage overall at major matches (those with more long/tight shots than most. Local "Level 2 hosefests", maybe, maybe not. When it was at PASA, it seemed they went out of their way to make it major-friendly, but I think even at Frostproof there was a slight Major advantage. Then again, there's Magnus Cup where Jeremy chose to shoot Minor and walked away with it.
  3. Switching guns to stay motivated is important for me. Generally that means a division switch, and being ok with not doing as well for a while, but whatever works, works. As I tell Ryan and Wade when they hassle me about shooting open again ""It's not really about what you want..."
  4. Once you start to wear a gun out, get another one and use the old one as backup. Until then, use whatever's handy as a backup.
  5. Rotate the targets so they are parallel to the lines on the lined paper. Get an RO that won't be bullied into 'it's a double' calls on oblong single hits. Job done.
  6. I asked Ray about it during CRO class at Nationals a few years ago. He said something to the effect of they do what they could to make targets that could only be shot from within the 180, but there are always limits on what you can do with what you have. I don't really care if some target is visible if you swing over past 200' or so, but to have a target visible at 185' and an RO that's hot to call it is a recipe for problems. Most of the time I see it at local matches its because nobody has thought about it and doesn't take that much effort to fix. Some stages it's a lot more difficult.
  7. As a stage and match sponsor, getting my banner into pictures is far, far down the list from having a good match that shooters enjoy.
  8. There's a wacky thing called a "Glossary" near the back of the USPSA Rulebook. "Allied Equipment" is one entry worth looking at. When I was switching between USPSA and IPSC with a magnet that was/wasn't allowed, I had a small plastic cover with a bit of metal inside that I'd stick over the magnet when it wasn't allowed. Prevented any mags from sticking and problem solved.
  9. shred

    Rule 11.4.2

    I've seen them posted with the match results (including Nationals), but that was a long time ago. IIRC they were mostly 'I was DQed, but want back in, so I'm putting down $100 and pulling the handle and hoping to get lucky"
  10. Yes, it's a change to the stage. But... A shooter would have to arbitrate that it caused a significant competitive equity change to get the stage tossed. IME, having been on several Arb comms, if the organizers did it because of weather, that would be a difficult sell unless there was other circumstances like you could see some activator's action or something besides just the targets sooner. Match organizers should hang banners where they aren't a problem, since I've seen same thing happen between Staff Day and Match Days as well when there is no weather concern.
  11. The POWER reward is a reward for power-on-target, as it was considered at the founding of the sport that peripheral hits with Major loads were more effective than peripheral hits with Minor loads. It's not a reward for the difficulty of shooting. If a dude wants to shoot a lightweight Officers ACP, or Glock 27, that's fine, but we don't give them more points because it's more difficult to shoot than a full-size 1911. Jeff Cooper, 1974 "Practical Pistol Competition":
  12. One of my pet peeves. Competition pistols and gear are not "investments", they're "expenses". Investments are expected to increase in value over time. Absent very unusual circumstances, competition gear does not increase in value, especially when used. Rule changes are always affecting competitors gear.
  13. Yeah, the risk of an iron gun winning Nats is very low now and the classifier HHFs have been established, which was the other excuse to not-allow irons in CO, so there's really no reason except "It says Optics in the name!" which is about as good a reason as the old Bullseye shooter saying I should shoot one-handed because "it's a HANDgun, not a HANDSgun".
  14. I've been advocating Mid-PF at ~140 PF to match defensive/LE loads and then score C's as 4 points (or just raise Minor or lower Major, same-same) Minor shooters can still shoot 125 PF for that super-soft .22 feel, but within a few years not many will bother. Major shooters could still get that extra point for a D at 165PF, but within a few years not many will bother. At that point we can whack both Major and Minor and be back much closer to 'real world' caliber choices, plus simplify the heck out of scoring and divisions.
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