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  1. Shoot one gun. Once it starts to get worn, get another one and keep the first as a backup / practice gun. It's rare that a good gun craps out, but when it does, it does, and it's usually at a big match.
  2. www.txipsc.net has a link to a Google Map of ranges with matches in Texas. It's not 100% up to date but not bad and shows where the ranges are as well as what clubs shoot what where. Then you can also sign up for my TXIPSC e-mail list where many match announcements up and down the I-35 corridor are posted. From Volente, you're close to a couple ranges (Eagle Peak -- strictly slow-fire) and Copperhead Creek is further down 1431), although most of the matches are a bit of a drive.
  3. If you get a holster with a lot of adjustability, you can swap them back and forth, but the Stock 2 is considerably narrower than the Shadow 2 IIRC.
  4. Yeah, my bad. Because the bullet's still going up with a close zero you have to hold low at distance..
  5. On Open guns, nearly all the flip is when the slide hits the rear stop. I did some 1200 fps video of them many years ago. Of course you'll still get flip if you lock the slide closed or revolvers wouldn't, but the hit is a large contributor.
  6. FWIW, it took 3-4 thousand rounds but I got a DPP on an Open frame mount to have the battery-contact slip failure, so it's not limited to just CO slide mounts, although it seems to take longer..
  7. Many factory guns come with 7-10 yard zeros. Which puts the aim point for 25 into a 12-o-clock hold on an NRA bullseye target because the bullet is still going up.
  8. Could be because its' the same price as the Max and the only glass difference is in width. That and it seems even 6 MOA Max's are easier to find... It does look a bit more rugged so once they hit the streets people may take another look
  9. The Max adjustments are with a 1.5mm hex key (included, also used for the battery door). There's no locking screws to mess with, just put the wrench in and turn it click by click. I prefer wide-slot adjustment (use the rim from some brass or whatever's handy) like the SRO has because you can tag a mark on it to make sure it hasn't moved, but hauling around a 1.5mm hex key is not a gigantic burden.
  10. The 3 Max I have is extremely bright with the regular battery. It'll flare-out the dot even in full Texas afternoon sun.
  11. That came up in a between-Nationals CRO class. Jay said "if you are 100% sure you remember the previous hits, score the new ones and drive on". I have no idea why scoresheet-reviewing was disallowed, assuming the scorekeeper is sure which one is on which line-- it didn't used to be, so must have been driven by some Arb or fiasco somewhere, like most new rules.
  12. I posted this a few other threads, but for completeness I'll put it here too. I have a 5 min SRO and a 6 min 3 Max on two otherwise identical Open guns and now around 1500 rounds through the SRO and about 600 on the Max. I think the Max has a slight edge in that application, but I can swap back and forth instantly with no noticeable change in times on drills, so will probably put the SRO on my CO gun if the Max holds up.
  13. 3 Max has a nice thin frame, and the glass is rounded off at the bottom so the center of the 'circle' is a bit lower down. I don't think it's a coincidence how similar it is to the old C-more Max used to run in Open. IMO the important dimension for a window in our game is the height above the dot-center. That's where you want to see the dot. Your eyes can see around the scope just fine for target acquisition, unless you are still tracking the dot. The SRO has a thicker frame, but one with some depth to it, which is convenient for picking up the dot in awkward situations, almost like the tube scopes of old where you could just shoot through the tube on close targets and ignore the dot entirely. That never worked out real well with the old C-More...
  14. I've been running a SRO in Open and like it a lot. Just got a Romeo 3Max for the backup gun to see how that goes. So far it's up there with the SRO, maybe even a bit better for Open. Feels / looks more fragile, but who knows if it really is.
  15. I have been running both on Open gun frame mounts. I think the Max is a bit better as an Open sight and will probably move the SRO to a CO gun where it seems more at home if I get another Max. Either are very good sights, assuming they hold up.
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