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  1. shred

    World shoot for non pros?

    The slots each region gets is all there are. The regions can request additional slots from those returned by other regions that won't use them in the 'second round', but IIRC the policy is any additional slots USPSA gets are distributed the same as the other USPSA slots. There's also some slots into the pre-match, but those are mostly for officials and sponsors and the like, plus the USPSA President gets a few to give to whoever they want. FWIW, most of the 'individual' USPSA slots have gone to non-pro shooters in previous years.
  2. shred

    New .40 model-- the '.40 XL' !

    We're not making the 40L anymore, and the program changed a little but drop an e-mail to sales@shockbottle.com and they can get you the details. Same for people that somehow got the wrong caliber gauge for X-mas.
  3. shred

    9x19 "Super Match" gauges

    They are not a regular production item, but we have a few in stock leftover from whenever we last made any. If you ask them nicely, your favorite retailer can probably order you one, or they are posted on the Shockbottle.com site at full MSRP for those that like spending money or have prize table gift certificates to spend.
  4. What we have in the way of Blems and refurbs and one-of-a-kind type things (as well as case gauges at full MSRP if you just have some extra $ you don't want) will be posted on the Shop Outlet site-- https://www.shockbottle.com/shop
  5. shred

    Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    Not a Dawson mount, his early "Awesome" mounts were dovetailed to the scope so you could swap in a new pre-zeroed scope as they broke.
  6. shred

    Shockbottle Products and Info

    That's not good. We'll need to do a bit of investigating to see what's going on with your gauge. If you can e-mail contact@shockbottle.com with the number on your gauge, we can go through the analysis a bit easier. In previous cases, the issue is often a combination of a slightly short chamber-leade combined with a bullet loaded over it's designed OAL such as truncated-cone bullets which need to be loaded shorter than 1.169" in 9x19. If the gauge is out of spec, we'll replace it with another although for a refund you'll have to work with your retailer.
  7. shred

    40 Long

    Most STI/SV shooters load their .40 loads longer (around 1.200" plus or minus) for reliability, even with current generation magazines. It also gives less chamber pressure and a tad more safety margin for fast powders.
  8. If you fly a lot with guns, tape a clear plastic pouch or ziploc bag or something to the outside of the gun case. It's a great place to put the 'unloaded firearms' declaration tag where it won't get lost. The extreme level of locking the case to the bag frame goes like this, but it's kind of overkill.
  9. Quick update. I'm not able to keep up with current status here, so best drop a line if you're interested in something. Also, Blems and Refurbs now mostly have a spiffy lasered datamatrix code and B/R letter by the caliber to indicate the status.
  10. A forum for PCC technical, equipment and accessories forum is now open. Some posts have already been moved there by the hardworking Moderator team. Please read the PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING" post before posting there. Thanks. http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/forum/318-pistol-caliber-carbine-technical/
  11. This forum is for Pistol Caliber Carbine technical questions, or PCC-specific gear and accessory inquiries only. Post specific competition rules-type questions in the appropriate Shooting Sport forums (eg: USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun, Clays, etc), whichever is appropriate. Please make an attempt to start all new threads in the correct forum. (Doing this will increase your karma factor by 200 hit points, not to mention the love and benevolence you'll generate from the moderators.) Thanks!
  12. shred

    Fixed time comstock stage

    There's no Hit-Factoring in Fixed Time so actual run-time is largely irrelevant. As for the 'shooting challenge', as long as the stage runs relatively equitably, it's the same argument that we don't fine-tune every stage so the shooting difficulty is identical for tall/short fat/thin shooters and so on (see: swinging bridges, low ports, high ports, hang-ropes, dummy-carries, etc) In this particular case shooter weight didn't seem to matter much if any. The cart weight was a significant fraction of the total.
  13. shred

    Any advantage with a Single Action Only?

    It might be interesting is to allow Single Stack Minor gear (and only that) to compete in Production, all other rules the same. Same 10-round limit, you're trading a skinny grip and better trigger for a wider magwell and nicer holster position. I doubt 8-round major would make much sense, but that could be done too I guess.
  14. shred

    2016 Open Nationals

    I saw something that Limited wait/signup list would open on July 25th, and squadding Aug 25. Open shouldn't be too far off those dates I'd guess.
  15. shred

    Fixed time comstock stage

    A long time ago the wacky folks at Coleman and San Angelo put together what could well be the best fixed-time stage ever. They built a roller-coaster track sideways across a long sloping berm. The shooter sat in a little boxcar with an open port downrange, riding on said track. When ready, release the brake and shoot the targets as they increasingly fly past the window. At the other end of the track the cart crashes somewhat controlledly to a stop. Score is what points you hit. The targets were unavailable from the stop, so disappearing. The time was fixed at the time it took the cart to get from the start to the end. Subsequently the rules were changed, limiting fixed time to short courses and standards which prevent this much fun from being possible now.