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  1. Good Lord, there was a giant cover-article in Front Sight about 4 issues ago on the Shadow 2 OR where they call it "ideal for Production and Carry Optics". If anyone bitches at you about it, shove a copy of that mag at them.
  2. This is the chart from Dawson Works well as a starting point.
  3. Threads merged, maybe some continuity problems. Steel is way nicer to shoot in the heat. FWIW, there was an Area 4 Steel Challenge in 2004 at the Clark's range, which may have been the only other. Got the plaque on my wall
  4. I can confirm that storing pasters in uncontrolled sheds outdoors does hurt their stickiness over time. It doesn't really matter much which brand IME.
  5. If you don't have a lot of cash to spend, you'll probably have to partner with somebody with the machines and come up with a profit-sharing deal. Prototyping and iterating and so on is time consuming, and time costs money in a CNC shop. There are "Job shops", including some with FFLs that will machine parts to your drawings, but expect high charges for one-offs. You can get them to quote off your drawings or solid models. Every now and then I have people want me to prototype stuff for them (btw, I don't do ARs) and are surprised how much work and time is involved. If you can
  6. Yeah that was true-- they were new and cool, but around here only one shooter had one for years. Wasn't until the mid-late 90s that everyone got one. Merle won in 94 with a tube (PDP?) and TGO likewise in 95 (Aimpoint), so the C-more haters had those to point to, but that was it for tubes from then on (except Grauffel, but he was studiously ignored by the US people) at the top. Burner won a couple more nats with the Holosight mixed in with Todd's titles, then Max came along.
  7. The comp doesn't look Smoking Hole although maybe it's a replacement or a version without the heart-shaped ports. They did do a lot of things to make the guns look cool and those screws are pretty distinctive. You can probably get a good idea of the timeframe by Barnhart winning Nationals with a Holosight in 1996. They were popular for a couple years, then faded away when Todd and his C-more started crushing everyone. That matches up pretty well with the sight and frame dates.
  8. No. The angle of the taper at the top is too steep and they won't fit without major surgery to the STI frame.
  9. WS point distribution has always varied somewhat, but if you can top 10 and shoot enough qualifiers, you should have no problem earning a slot to the Handgun WS, which has been by far the highest-demand one. The other WS have been much easier to get into. There are also pre-match slots available to sponsors. Budget to hit a few IPSC Level 3 & 4's on the way too if you can. How IPSC does things is just enough different from USPSA that some IPSC big match experience will come in very handy. (US IPSC nationals is better than nothing, but not really the same thing.)
  10. Well, you can pay a whole lot of money and be an IPSC "Patron" member and get a WS slot that way, assuming any such memberships are still available.
  11. It's not the chamber (where the brass goes) per se, it's the throat/leade that is different and short in CZ's and other European pistols. The CIP 9x19 spec is worse than the SAAMI one in regards to those details even though they are copies of each other for the most part. There is no SAAMI 'chamber length' beyond the .9258" reference dimension because the barrel is a hollow tube at that point and if your bullet isn't at or under .354" by the diameter spec at .8113", all bets are off -- the spec was written expecting a round-nose bullet and not a bullet profile designed for a different purpos
  12. 2nd not-ignoring the angle. It can be finicky with some bullets. Mine with the old bracket sometimes slowly changes over time as I dump bullets in. I know it's out of whack when bullets start coming down nose-first...
  13. shred

    147gr 9 Major

    IIRC KC shot them for a while. IDK why or if he still does though.
  14. Lack of sufficient crimp is the reason most rounds I get in for evaluation won't fit a gauge. Put a magnifier or zoom in good phone camera on the case mouth of a loaded round. If there's a visible gap larger than about 1/5th of the case mouth brass there, add more crimp. If it measures over .382" right at the case mouth, add more crimp. Gun writers over the years have got people afraid to crimp at all. Unless you're loading sintered powder bullets, 12,000 lbs of force on the back end of the bullet will swage most any crimp right back out. Non-concentric seating and grossly-ove
  15. Load up a mag with the problem-child bullets. By hand, slowly pull them out the front one at a time. The next round should 'snap' into place instantly. If it doesn't, if there's any hesitation or flopping around or sluggishness, your bullets are dragging in the mag and that needs to be fixed, likely with OAL. If the mags pass the snap test, then you get to slow-feed them through the gun to see what might be happening (dummies or pull the firing pin preferably)
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