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  1. Pounding on the racker to get the case out does not point to an issue with the extractor or extractor groove. Extractor grooves do vary quite a bit amongst rimless Supers, from tiny (old Lapua) to big (TJ & newer runs of Supercomp), but I don't think this is related to that. 9x23 brass is a problem if it gets in with the Supercomp. You should feel it reloading but it will likely cause a jam if you try to fire it. I'd suspect that first if there's any chance 9x23 is getting into your brass supply.
  2. Around here they don't even want you taking a cab or an Uber or anything not involving a very trusted person. Because one of the last drugs they give you going under is an amnesia drug so you don't remember things you did while wide awake, even afterwards. A nurse I know tells this story-- she got a colonoscopy and insisted with husband beforehand "when I'm done, we're going to Waffle House". She gets home and says "Hey! We didn't go to Waffle House!." He says "Yeah we did, here's the receipt".
  3. FWIW, until recently SS had to have the frontstrap of the pistol above belt height. IDK if it made and significant change to the 100% numbers, since I'm pretty sure I never set one (although I did win an Area match and have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express), but it added a couple ticks to my draw to get the thing out of my armpit. With the new holster and mag pouch rules, anyone not previously anatomically-perfect for the divisions has a bit better chance to do well now. IME the pointy-ness of Prod mags helps a bit if things go sideways more than the dinky SS magwell does, but most of those boned-up loads aren't 100%-ers either... FWIW IPSC is in general much more stringent about the trigger finger than many USPSA clubs. Know a couple dudes that got DQed at international matches for doing the same thing they got away with all the time at home.
  4. Right. Gold star target paster. Now try "completely inside" versus "inside".
  5. Bonus question for NROI then-- does the pic qualify for "completely outside"?? or not. If not, why not? It would be really simple if the answer were based on 'Are you faulting a line?', but that seems hard to grasp.
  6. Seen a lot of Connexes half-full of jumbled crap and very few well organized ones. People get lazy and dump stuff wherever when they're hot and tired at the end of the day. They're also narrow so you have to leave an aisle which loses a good chunk of the width for the whole length. Get 20 footers or put a door in the middle unless you have tear-down staff that will ride herd on getting everything into its place every time. At least then the piles of junk are closer to the door. Wider sheds are better. Trailers are even easier, but unless you cover them, all your stuff is out in the great outdoors.
  7. As someone that got hosed by a popper being held up by the wind at a Nationals in St George (Ray shot it down during a lull in the wind storm and agreed it was very likely the wind), this change wouldn't have helped me at all, except in delaying the match further. Meh. The way I see it, there are two camps of shooters "Poppers recognize power factor and should only fall to good hits" and "Poppers are targets and should fall over whenever they're hit" You'll never get both camps to agree. Anyone shooting in the last century remembers how US poppers had a "calibration foot" that biased them forwards of the hinge point so they wouldn't fall unless they were hit hard enough. Our host here even has a rant about it: https://brianenos.com/hate/ (about halfway down.) The best thing we could do is drop the calibration ammo PF lower so there's at least a measurable difference between it and some shooters line-pushing 'Minor' loads, but that adds another level of complexity unless USPSA can get some company to make 'calibration ammo' rather than grabbing a random Minor shooter at a club match.
  8. It would get things closer to the "All pistols compete together equally" principle that was there at the founding, and not the watered-down version that's there now.
  9. We make NROI-approved Official USPSA boxes that come with a straight-edge bar that has to slide across without hitting anything on the pistol for it to qualify. Cheaper and more accurate than a hinged lid, plus easier to see where the problem is and avoids people mashing on and bending a lid trying to force it closed. So, no a lid is not required, but your pistol still needs to meet the depth requirement as well as in length and width. That rule has not changed.
  10. Yeah, I have one on my Tanfos. Don't know who made it but got it from BSPS so they'll know. Get the tiny pin-punch too if you don't have one.
  11. Overcharged rounds look and act just like that when they blow. Occam's Razor suggests overpressure some way, some how. Too much powder, too much bullet, too-deep-set bullet, who knows. More than likely your extractor has no tension now either. That always seems to happen when a case blows. This one chronoed at something like 1200 fps when it blew several years ago. Loaded on an 1100/Mark 7 with 231. You may notice a bit of a resemblance.
  12. Easier to dump the dot requirement for CO. It's long since outlived any usefulness it ever had.
  13. In IPSC, minor compressing of sights is ok. I think the USPSA rules are silent on it. USPSA "match" boxes usually have the extra 1/16" tolerance added in, which helps, although it's not required.
  14. Problem is you aren't clear enough of the grip by then. I had seen a banana mag or two before looking into the engineering and deciding to pick lower-hanging fruit. The NRA Museum has a crazy 40-round single-stack 1911 .45 mag in their collection from WW1 pilots-shooting-at-each-other-with-pistols days that curves once it gets out of the grip. GSG makes a curved MP5 22 mag that holds 25 in a single stack. Kel-tec does a bunch of interesting stuff with 22 mags. There are some straight-to-curved hicap Marlin .22 mags out there. Ram-line made fragile plastic 12-rounders for the Ruger using a constant-force roll spring 40 years ago. It's doable, no question, but doing it in the existing Ruger 22 envelope reliably and cost-effectively is a different engineering challenge.
  15. ... Also using major match results is probably undercounting the shooters that have difficulty with one stage or another. The people that don't shoot majors are the ones that don't like Pendulum IME. They're also 70% or more of the club match attendees. I think its the extended frustration of many hard plates versus one or two on the others.
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