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  1. It's funny because Cooper's 1974 rules said you could use a scope if you wanted, but had to use it the whole match.
  2. Yeah, each airline has their own rules. These days most US airlines don't even want to look at the guns, let alone count them however.
  3. The rule currently says : "Metal no-shoots in the general size and shape of authorized cardboard targets may be used. " Rule 4.2 that lets you cut targets is titled "4.2 Approved Targets – Cardboard", so while cut partials may be 'approved', the rules don't call them 'authorized' You'd have to find a USPSA "Authorized" partially cut-away target (maybe some of the pre-cut ones are?) to match the steel NS.
  4. Seems to me the intent of the rule was to get away from the longtime "don't-ask-don't-tell" that went on around springs and polishing internal parts and just go with "does it pass the trigger pull test or not?", which is both way easier to enforce and way easier to implement. But then again, I'm not IPSC...
  5. That's stepped brass for you. Ammoload is one of the main headstamps on it around here. There's also some brass-plated steel cases out there as well, but a magnet dragged through the brass bucket usually catches them, or one of the slick casefeed tube magnets if you don't have many.
  6. Yeah, the overall is going to be disabled by about zero club match directors. But the lone revolver and L10 and Single-stack shooters will love it-- "100% across the board, ma!"
  7. FWIW, Stock Lim Pro LF with Henning sight plate, Deltapoint Pro, Henning basepad and Grams spring is 44.7oz
  8. Another place you can drop a skosh of weight is to trim down the magazine brake plate. It only weighs 0.2oz to start with though.
  9. So is it not-news now when a 9-major gun runs? Seems like the 38 shooters don't ever need to say that (that was not always true-- back in the early 90s a 100% running Super was a thing to behold). That's been my yardstick for 9 major. Seems like we're getting close. I haven't really followed it much.
  10. My proposal is to allow SS-legal minor single-stacks to compete in Production. It makes the pond deeper and changes nothing. Practically speaking, it's where they belong. No need to allow major in PD or any other changes to the PD rules. What difference it makes is we no longer have goofy division splits "because reasons' and it lets the same-same guns compete for the same high hit factor on stages. If you are the only SS minor shooter at a match, you are either 100% on every stage or ranked against Open and PCC hit factors in the "unofficial combined" results, and anyone that's shot for more than a few years knows about flip-flops between division and combined results.
  11. The current-hotness USPSA Production guns-- CZ Shadow 2 and the Tanfoglioos weigh more out of the box than the SS max of 43oz. Then they get to add another 4oz if they want. Bull barrels and so on are also g2g on PD guns. Magwells maybe make up for the different in mag opening to begin with. Grip safeties? Is that still a thing? There really is no difference that matters.
  12. FYI, the 9x19-size gauges are sized to fit sideways on the 1050 Dillon ammo bin (the 30230 Akro-bin) if you want to load it without lifting, although we do suggest the load-and-lift for critical ammo,.
  13. It would be nice if there were Production-type availability rules around scopes too..
  14. The original 1911 patent has just the grip safety. There's a number of people with a vested interest in revisionist history trying to claim otherwise... JMB's personal copy of the 1911 patent came up for auction several years ago and had pencil sketches of what would become the thumb safety (called 'slide latch' in the sketches IIRC) scribbled onto it.
  15. Or just use the diagram in Appendix E3 that already illustrates "hands and arms hanging naturally at sides".
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