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  1. Steel-framed pistols sure feel softer and easier to shoot fast, although what actual difference they have in equally-skilled hands is smaller and much more difficult to quantify. But people shoot what they like and what the cool kids have and that's steel-framed guns.
  2. Some of the very first dots were occluded-eye style, the Armson OEG the most common (and still made it seems) For a while IPSC was declaring "if you can't see through it, it's not a lens" for rules purposes which led to some ideas, but I think they've come to their senses now.
  3. That's how mine are set up and I don't think it's a problem at all with the factory low sight. Basically invisible if you're target-focused like you otta be. Some suppressor/co-witness/weathervane sight maybe different, but the old-timer Open trick to learn both eyes open and target focus was to tape over the front of the front lens. If you still see dot on target, you're doing it right. If you focus on the dot, all you'll see is a wall of tape. Front sights aren't much different...
  4. Yes. When you're selling Fashion, you need new styles every year. Will those be at all useful for competition? No idea.
  5. If you can find one at all these days, it's a good deal. Most of the FFL distributors are out of stock.
  6. Assuming this is the usual 'we need everyone to help set up and tear down' type club, not one with paid or dedicated setup/teardown crews... If the club is setting up dumb "memory" stages, that's on them, and just one stage left where the setup crew is being crazy fiddly about something may be different, but if you're walking stages while others are being setup, it's a dick move by default so don't be surprised if a target changes or fault line moves or port closes last-minute and screws up your planning. You may help out other times but other people see you walking through and then they do too and pretty soon the setup crew notices and they're not going to say "well, it's ok for him because he helps out later, but those other people are dicks".
  7. I've got more than 70K rounds each on two open gun barrels without doing anything more than the occasional chamber wipe. No issues.
  8. You're unlikely to learn anything you can't by reading those threads, but hey, maybe this will get your post count up.
  9. You can see the weight end (most common), you can see it behind a mesh wall/protective no-shoots, etc..
  10. Pick a number for mag cap so people aren't constantly effing around with magic basepads and springs or needing to shoot this or that because they can get 40s or drums or whatever for them. ROs might not be able to count that high during the COF, but other competitors sure can. So... 30rd rifle mag cap. You can get 30's for nearly everything some crazy might want to shoot, especially if their range only has short distances and they want to Pistol+PCC it with a Tommy gun or whatever for the fun of it. 15-20 rounds for pistols. People with higher-cap mags can download. Random thought-- how about 2 equipment divisions "Limited" and "Open", and 3 divisions based on how many of your guns qualify? 2 "Open" guns = Open 1 "Open", 1 "Limited" (doesn't matter which is which) = Tac 2 "Limited" = Limited
  11. I've personally seen .09 splits, but that's not how to shoot a 50 yard swinger with uber-splits. If you can see it move at all (even if not shootable), you can react before it becomes visible, or predict based on the previous swing, so reaction time isn't really part of the equation, like shooting a sliding-mover or a clay bird with a shotgun. You know where it will be and when, so you shoot there rather than where it is now. If you are sure you can't predict where it will be, and its fast, you can put 4 downrange at .25 splits to cover a seconds worth of time, but that eats up a second, so the HF determines if that's worth doing. I have no idea if either of these was the appropriate action here. Sound like 'fling a few and drive on' worked out. There was a swinger at IPSC Nats last year that was close, but you shot through a narrow slot and couldn't see it at all otherwise. There was griping about that being a 'luck target' too...
  12. I think the top guys put 3 or 4 at it and got hits. Pretty typical to put 'safety' shots on any hard target if you can't call the first two reliably. The cost of an extra shot or two is nothing compared to the penalty for a miss unless the hit factor is way up in the teens, which seems... unlikely... for a stage with a 55-yard swinger.
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