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  1. Trust me, M and GM doesn't mean a thing either...
  2. I had to learn to catch ejected rounds at the World Shoot in Ecuador. Since the US ammo shipment never made it, I was scraping by with what I could cram into my luggage and borrow. Those 36 rounds were important to finishing the match. So, not always financial.
  3. As a sponsor, being asked for cash sucks. That comes straight off the bottom line and nobody even gets a thing to say "thanks for this cool thing I won..." I've posted before that sponsors can expect between zero and maybe three 'thank you for sponsoring' emails after sponsoring a major match and it's very difficult to see any blip in revenue from it (I've talked with several regular sponsors about this, so it's not just my experience here). I donate stuff to a prize table to get it in the hands of someone that wants it. Random "here's your prize bag" is the worst. Random 'pick one from the table' and order of finish tables are both ok for L2s (just specify that in advance how it's going down so people know). That rant over.. for L2's and the like one thing I haven't seen posted yet is making the stages look decent goes a long way to making a match feel 'bigger'. Clean up the trash and old junk in the berms and give somebody a bucket of paint and spraygun to at least make the walls a consistent color (don't give the stage ROs a couple cans of spray paint and tell them to decorate the stage. That rarely works out). FWIW, IPSC has a 'clean' initiative for their matches-- just walls, props and targets on the bays and away from the "High School Musical" decorations. A search on pics and video of the EHC 2019 European Championships will give a pretty good idea how that looks.
  4. Plus if you ever go to an IPSC match, the gun check usually tests the half-cock works too. https://ipscalberta.com/uploads/documents/IPSC Handgun Equipment Check Handbook - Jan 2019 edition.pdf
  5. +100 I lent my backup Open gun to a well known US lady shooter at the 2012 Australasians. Due to airline snafus, her guns didn't make it to New Zealand. It would be a total d-bag move to say "no, I'm keeping this one just in case I need it later".
  6. FWIW, you may need to change the ejector in the frame as well when switching.
  7. They had the "Stacatto R" (the R may change) Single Stacks at Single Stack Nats in a demo bay. Seemed ok although those (the first 6 made) needed some minor tweaks to be USPSA Single-Stack legal. On the frame they said they talked with USPSA and they were ok with the 'frame' being metal and the rest of the grip being grip. I vagely remember a BOD minutes that says they talked about it, but haven't gone back to look.
  8. Some IPSC gun checks test for the existance of a half-cock notch. They don't seems to care if it's captive or not.
  9. Todd won all the Areas, Nats and the World Shoot one year IIRC.
  10. IPSC has a classification system where you can go up and down. Nobody cares about or uses it. Why that is can be left to speculation.
  11. That's exactly it. Flip the scope around and see the glass cover for the dot module. That's where the sun-reflection dot is coming from. Did you try the sunshade trick?
  12. Decap pins. Lots of decap pins. Spare powder measure parts-- bellcrank cube and connector body collar or just an extra powder measure. Those take a while to break, but when they do it's always at the worst time and there's no good way to 'make do' unless you have facilities to fab up new ones on the spot.
  13. My paster stayed on fine, but I swapped for some black tape for a permanent fix. Clean any oil off the scope first for better adhesion. I looked at making a 3d printed part to cover it and unless you use the mount screws or cover the side ports, there's not a good way to attach one that isn't glue, and so we're back to tape...
  14. People tend to think 'IPSC = more running' but random sprints thrown into a stage is rare. What it is is less targets and more movement between them. They'll use a whole bay for a 12 -round stage. This stage, takes up an entire bay and the shooting area could be 20 yards wide. Hit factor in the 4's-- you'd better be accurate and have good movement skills.
  15. Try it and see how much springs vary from what's written on the packaging... But it really doesn't matter much unless you're looking for some crazy-magic combo.
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