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  1. Cuz, just a quick suggestion, I wouldn’t use red loctite, I’ve had to switch sights and the blue loctite made it difficult enough to remove the sight. Red might make it a nightmare!
  2. https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Carry_Optics_Official_Rules.pdf States lasers are allowed. This rule supersedes Rule 8.1.8.(G) found in the 2017 Rulebook.
  3. Just so you know, there’s 4 week turnaround once you send it to him.
  4. He suggested that I use the red Timney reset spring, which I did. Didn’t even try the silver one.
  5. Just received and installed my 3 Johnny Glock tuned Timney triggers. Installation into my Gen 3 Glock 26 went off without a hitch. The installation into my two Gen 4 Glock 34s required pretravel adjustment (turning the set screw out) until I had a reliable reset. Took all 3 guns to the range and they all functioned perfectly. All three pistols have trigger weights at about two and a half pounds. The resets on all three are incredibly short and positive. Hope this helps anyone trying to decide to go this route. Best triggers I’ve ever had in my pistols.
  6. I don’t think an experienced gunsmith would have the knowledge of what to do. JG adds a pretravel set screw, adds his tuned connector and also does something to your striker which you also send to him. Unless your gunsmith is also a Glock expert, you might be disappointed. Sorry!
  7. Oh, I used Breakfree with no problems.
  8. I used a variety of 115gr, Herters, Remington and Blazer Brass. Everything ran well. If I were still reloading, I would have tried 124s or 147s to reduce the felt recoil. The 115s are very snappy!
  9. I think Dean12m would gladly just order it if he could, but because he’s not in the states, the parts companies aren’t allowed to ship to him.
  10. For those interested, the stock 44’s trigger pull was almost 8 lbs. The Vanek’s pull was 3lbs 6 oz. Huge improvement, well worth the money.
  11. Hi , in USPSA, your Carry Optics pistol is allowed to have a rail mounted flashlight. Is this also allowed in IDPA, thanks.
  12. You’re very welcome, hope you find a solution!
  13. Sorry, didn’t see your previous post. Good luck!
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