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  1. dapribek

    What is the best cart/stroller to use ?

    Two thirds of the guys in our club who have carts use these: https://ruggedgear.com/ The other third have bought baby strollers and made their own.
  2. dapribek

    Gen 4 TTI GM Trigger Kit Install In a Gen 3 G35

    Oh, then you’re good to go, I’d think you could use the old housing pin if necessary. Good luck!
  3. dapribek

    Gen 4 TTI GM Trigger Kit Install In a Gen 3 G35

    I just changed triggers in a Gen 3 and a Gen 4 and there is a definite difference between the trigger mechanism housings. I believe the Gen 4 is pointed near the bottom and the Gen 3 is squared off. I was told by the trigger manufacturer that they were not interchangeable. Perhaps they were mistaken.
  4. dapribek

    Deltapoint or RMR

    Couldn’t find dot on RMR. Dot is right there on DPP. Sold RMR, now have 4 DPPs.
  5. dapribek

    What's the best trigger for Gen 5 Glock 17?

    I purchased Johnny Glock’s flat Competition Trigger and am very happy with it.
  6. dapribek

    What's the best trigger for Gen 5 Glock 17?

    Ok, highly recommend Johnny Glock’s Competition Triggers. My buddies and I can’t believe how close they come to mimicking a 1911’s break. Because of my lack of mechanical skill, I ran into a problem with one of the 4 triggers I changed and within an hour or so he returned my call and personally helped me out. He has a ton of instructional videos on you tube also. You will not regret purchasing one! PS For the best result, also buy his modified striker.
  7. dapribek

    FNG here, would like some pistol advice

    What about a gently used 9mm STI? They’re pretty common in the classifieds and are really well made.
  8. dapribek

    Lube for 1911?

    I have good luck with regular old Break-Free!
  9. dapribek

    Glock 17L inquiry

    Although you can shoot the 17L in Open and Limited, you’d be at a disadvantage shooting minor power factor, unless you reloaded 9mm major.
  10. dapribek

    Glock 17L inquiry

    Ok, wasn’t quite sure if you wanted a back up for your 34 and 17. That being said, a buddy shoots a 17L in our action pistol league and lives it! Shoots it better than his twice as expensive Sig!
  11. dapribek

    Glock 17L inquiry

    Did you know that the 17L is not legal for Production because it won’t fit in the box?
  12. dapribek

    Drop the hammer on rimfire?

    At our club, the shooter flags the pistol and then pulls the trigger so the firing pin doesn’t strike the bolt face.
  13. dapribek

    mill glock slide for red dot services?

  14. dapribek

    Which Ruger should I buy?

    You might want to do a search in the classified forum for a Volquartsen Scorpion. You might be surprised to find a great deal on a used one.
  15. dapribek

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    Is it possible to have someone else fire the gun , just to insure that you’re not the cause of it shooting left?