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  1. Perhaps because of rising Covid cases in the area? Or perhaps because of either the ammo shortage or the primer shortage?
  2. I think the stock barrel may be as accurate as you might need. I switched out barrels so I could shoot lead through my Glock. I never found that it was more accurate though. Hope this helps. PS I have no experience with the Marksman Barrel.
  3. Glock 42 its small enough for pocket carry pocket B in Open, Limited, Limited 10, Single Stack and Production C in Carry Optics and PCC
  4. I think this is why you did well with the Browning, a dedicated trap gun. “High shooting 70/30 POI is ideal for trap”
  5. I have a sight pusher I no longer use because I shoot Carry Optics now. PM me if you’re interested.
  6. A set of tritium sights would help on the dark stages in IDPA, and would probably be more rugged than a fiber optic. A fiber optic would be more visible during daylight shoots. I wouldn’t just add a tritium front sight, I’d add a set if you go that route. For my competition guns , I used to run a fiber optic front and my EDC runs a set of Trijicon night sights. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi, I’m not able to answer your question, but I did own a Pointman for awhile and I thought it was very close in quality to the custom pistols I’ve owned. If it falls near your price range, it’s well worth the money. Hope this helps.
  8. If you can find it, try SK Rifle in the yellow box. My buddy is using it in his Ruger Precision with very good results. It’s only $50/brick.
  9. If you decide that you’d like a Beretta Storm instead, just pm me for details.
  10. I’m from Western New York and for now the word is that the competitor was reloading during the stage, dropped his gun which went off and killed the RO. I just shot a match with the RO and his son a couple of weeks ago. Tragic.
  11. Shot Open with a Bedell Custom .40 2011. Never saw a downside to it. There always seemed to be a spot in a stage to do a reload. Very cheap to shoot!
  12. I’ve used Cmores and if you’re not locked into one because of budget concerns, I’d recommend the Trijicon SRO instead. Much easier to zero in. The 5 MOA is great on a pistol.
  13. I think your best bet is find a buddy with the same press you’re using and get a lesson or two from him or her. That worked for me.
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