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  1. I shot a downloaded 35 for years, very soft shooting, worked great!
  2. Dawson rear, fiber optic front, good results.
  3. I’ve read nothing but good reviews on the Timney Glock triggers. Don’t think they’re available for the large frames yet.
  4. Yes , I did receive it in a few days. Never had a problem with OP. I’ve probably ordered 3 or 4 thousand dollars worth of scopes from them over the last 5 or 6 years and no issues whatsoever!
  5. Just bought one this week from Optics Planet, they had 4 more when I ordered mine. Hope this helps.
  6. You’re very welcome, hope she’s successful with this technique.
  7. New sights, perhaps Tritium night sights, and the laser flashlight combo are great ideas. If after shooting many many rounds through it, you decide the stock trigger needs improvement, I’d highly recommend the Johnny Glock Combat trigger. I installed one in my carry gun and it was a great improvement. if this is your first Glock, I’d recommend having a gunsmith install it for you. Hope this helps. https://johnnyglocks.com/collections/trigger-kits/products/edc-trigger-kit?variant=12348875866154
  8. JBP55, very interested in hearing your comparison of the JG and Timney triggers. I have 4 Glocks with JG triggers and was contemplating trying the Timney in one of them. What’s holding me back is how good all 4 triggers are!
  9. Hi, one of our B level open shooters solved this problem and many of our smaller shooters adapted her technique. She was a right handed shooter who used her left thumb to depress the mag release as her hand went to her rig to get another mag. With a little practice it was much faster than rotating the pistol to hit the mag release with the strong hand thumb. Hope this helps.
  10. My M2 has interchangeable chokes but no noticeable flair!
  11. I switched to loading just Precision Bullets, 40 & 45, because some clubs didn’t allow FMJ at their indoor ranges. Never a problem with them, great product!
  12. I hand a DW for awhile, great gun, quality very close to a custom gun.
  13. I couldn’t get used to the trigger and sold it to my buddy, a revolver guy, who shot it really well. I’d buy one if you want one and hope your gunsmith can fix any future issues. BTW, my two buddies who have them have had no issues with theirs at all.
  14. Have to agree with Firewood. I’m 72 and getting slower by the minute. Thought about ordering a Black Mamba, but in my heart I know it won’t help my scores!
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