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  1. I’ve read that removing the liner, polishing the inside of a new liner and installing it will improve the trigger pull. I’ve done it to my 4 Glocks and noticed a very subtle improvement in feel. I think the average shooter might not care about the difference.
  2. By getting the CORE, I believe you would have many options when you wanted to add an optic. If you have your slide milled, you’re locked into that particular optic. I did that with a Glock and that was a mistake.
  3. Yes, from what research I’ve done.
  4. Hi, need your help! Bought used mag online and it was supposed to fit my Beretta CX4 9mm carbine which uses Beretta 92 mags. This is just a little too large and will not fit. Hoping someone can tell me what pistol this is for so I can give a forum member a great deal on it. Please pm me with info. Thanks
  5. .40 is allowed and unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your second question.
  6. dapribek

    Red dot for G17

    With the 2.5 DPP, I had a hard time finding the dot. The SRO, with the 5.0 dot solved my problem.
  7. I feel a tungsten guide rod is a big help and if you don’t like the trigger, a Johnny Glock trigger is excellent.
  8. If you do decide to go the custom route, you should definitely consider Bedell Custom. Dan does incredible work and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You can find one of his open guns listed in the classified section every now and then.
  9. Since the Square Deal B isn’t mentioned on the page, I would guess that they definitely would not fit.
  10. I don’t know if it will be covered, but I’d certainly contact Aftec. Mine has 15-20 thousand rounds with no issues. Looks like a defect to me.
  11. The Shield, although a fine firearm, is really not suitable for competition, unless you just wanted to practice with your carry gun and didn’t care about where you placed.
  12. Used Power Pistol for 40 and 45 for minor and major loads for years. Great powder, no problems. Friends always enjoyed the muzzle fireworks!
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