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  1. The shooters at our club go to skip any targets because of the FTE penalty, so I think it’s working!
  2. I think it’s necessary because gamers would just skip difficult targets to avoid penalties or misses.
  3. Never red, in case you have to remove it. Just a little blue works great.
  4. dapribek

    Red dot for G17

    I think you might see more RMRs simply because the SRO is so new.
  5. My buddy used the tungsten putty in his 17, liked it.
  6. dapribek

    Red dot for G17

    I have the 5MOA Trijicon SRO. Not sure about the auto shut-off, but I really like it much more than my Leupold DPP.
  7. Hi, don’t know how far you are from the Buffalo, NY area, but our club has a lot of Ontario members. We have a monthly match the last Sunday of the Month. Just search for Western New York Practical Pistol Club on Facebook.
  8. They worked fine for me, thought they might have been a little harder than the average primer.
  9. BTW, you might want to stow a flashlight in your gear bag in case there’s a dark stage. We just shot one this weekend.
  10. Thinking of shooting here in NY, only 10 rounders allowed!
  11. Your G17 is ideal for SSP. Ten rounds in your mags, two mags on your belt and one in the gun plus a stripper mag. I’d review the rule book before shooting, it would be very helpful.
  12. I’ve had about a half dozen of their barrels and have never noticed that.
  13. The Area 7 match I shot years ago was very well done.
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