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  1. I think the extractor is all you need to replace.
  2. Try the sights, some of my buddies love them. If you find yourself having a difficult time shooting it accurately, after a while, you might look into a better trigger, Johnny Glock and Vanek are two I’ve had experience with and they’re both a huge improvement. You can add a grip plug weight if you’d like a little help with the recoil. Hope this helps.
  3. That’s some nice shooting!
  4. “ After getting it sighted in I consistently hit an eighth inch steel plate at 50 yards.” Hi, do you mean eighth inch square or an eighth inch thick? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. dapribek

    22LR Conversions?

    Most run well with CCI Minimags and almost nothing else at our club.
  6. Yes, had it happen to me once! Luckily I was able to use the round in my Glock 9-22!
  7. I agree with PrimaryBruce, but I found the glass too small and had a really hard time finding the dot. Switched to a Leupold DPP and had no issues.
  8. This works well and is legal. https://www.glockstore.com/Thug-Plug
  9. dapribek

    CO optic

    I think the new SRO is a step up from a DPP. I’m switching fro a 2.5 MOA DDP to a 5 MOA SRO when mine comes in.
  10. I recently sold my STI Limited gun and am concentrating on CO. I had been finding it difficult to use iron sights and so I had my Glock 34 milled for a Leupold DPP. I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having being able to hit steel easily again! If you’re over 50, I’d switch to CO.
  11. I think it just boils down to the butt of the handgun not being below the top of the belt. From D4: • The drop offset type holster is allowed in Production division as long as the heel of the butt of the gun is above the belt per, and the rest of the criteria are met.
  12. My buddy just ordered this, 4-6 week build time. http://www.fire-4-effect.com/CZ-SHADOW-2-CARRY-OPTICS-BUILD_p_260.html
  13. His biography doesn’t indicate which year he stopped shooting those sports. https://sevignyperformance.com/biography/
  14. Precision Bullets are terrific, you might try a heavier bullet for less felt recoil.
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