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  1. Hi Jim, if for some reason he won’t ship to Ontario, you can ship them to me and I’ll relabel and ship them to you. Let me know and I can pm my address to you.
  2. I’ve given his info to about a half dozen shooters who went on to buy the tool. He’s very prompt delivering too.
  3. Hi, this is the gentleman who makes the tool. Works great! williamlongino@me.com
  4. I just use IC for slugs and shot. The steel is pretty close on our range so IC works well for me and my buddies. Hope that helps.
  5. Here’s what I use, very happy with it. https://benstoegerproshop.com/bsps-boss-doh-holster-hanger-hanger-mount-only/
  6. There’s no 26” barrel rule i shoot a Citori with 28” barrels.
  7. If you haven’t tried the red spring, you should, and the rolling break is normal I believe. Hope this helps.
  8. So I don’t reload and have only been able to buy very snappy 115 grain bullets for my 34. To try and tame the recoil I added the usual, tungsten guide rod and grip plug. I then added a Streamlight HD, heavy because of the two batteries and then added the Taylor Freelance brass Speed Wedges to all my mags. I found that this combination has done wonders for my shooting. Hope this helps.
  9. No, this is not normal and I don’t feel this problem has anything to do with breaking in the gun.
  10. https://www.glockstore.com/SP-Sig-X-Five-Legion-Romeo3-Max-Optic-Mount https://benstoegerproshop.com/gun-parts/sig-sauer/red-dot-optic-mounts/adapter-plate/
  11. I also ordered the belt kit from m2inc for a Double Alpha belt that I outgrew. Easy installation and it worked great at yesterday’s match. No more suspenders needed!
  12. Oh, you’ll probably have to email or call them, but I don’t think it’ll fit. Good luck!
  13. No, I don’t believe there is one for the 48, but you could check Timney’s site to be sure.
  14. I had a .40 Bedell Custom open gun about 10 years ago which I wouldn’t hesitate to take into battle. It was one of the most reliable pistols I’ve ever owned. I had big sticks which I think held 24 rounds, a real winner!
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