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  1. APL-G35

    Sti DVC Limited with island barrel

    If you grip from the front, does the slide flex enough when pinched to cause it to be hard to rack a round in? For unloaded starts.
  2. APL-G35

    40 mags not fitting the gauge

    I’d try the taran pads too, plus they are easier to take on and off for maintenance.
  3. APL-G35

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    Haha this thread is fire. I agree with Ssanders224 about the natural talent being a hindrance. Not that I have a great natural talent but most things have come pretty easy to me. I’ve been shooting awhile semi serious. Maybe averaging 6k a year and not much practice. I was at 93.8% this year. It’s hard for me to stay motivated or push to get that extra bit because it seems M class is basically where I ran out of my “talent”. I could get there but to get to GM is much harder.
  4. I agree with using the JEM stuff. That are got great and it’s a solid value.
  5. APL-G35


    I I ordered them through amazon
  6. APL-G35

    Howdy from eastern Washington

    Welcome. We shoot uspsa in Yakima the last Sunday of every month. Usually march to October.
  7. APL-G35

    STI DVC 9 Major...cracked comp question

    Go with black. It will look great
  8. APL-G35

    Plate rack times

    I did it earlier this year. Fastest run was a 2.27 I’m an M in limited. I think anything around 2.5 is a great run.
  9. Towel and liquid chalk used for rock climbing. It lasts longer than other grip products I’ve tried.
  10. APL-G35


    Boombah shoes as well. Cheaper, wider if you need that, and have held up better than the solomans I had before.
  11. APL-G35

    Everglades “Way-Back” Mount

    I think it mainly offered because some prefer that index point for the optic. I think it could become problematic for ejection though.
  12. I don’t see the need unless you have to cut it to a certain dimension. A buddy and I are going to get one to fit to a slide on an already built gun. We are both CNC programmers and machinists with access to machines though.
  13. APL-G35

    Products to make shoes sticky?

    Change your shoes. Solomon’s are terrible indoors. If you still need more grip. There used to be these clipboard type things with tear offs we used for basketball. You scuffed the bottom of your shoe on them a few times to get them good and grippy. Then it had tear offs as they wore.
  14. APL-G35

    Slide Racker

    Probably not going to be the right size dovetail. What cut doesthe M&P use?
  15. APL-G35

    300 caliber suppressor

    Whoops yeah I meant the Trash panda. The thunder chicken is their other, beefier can.