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  1. I didn’t have any tolerance issues but it will wear pretty bad if you use Kydex.
  2. That just seems like a ton of money for me to get that info. I think I would be better off putting that into practice ammo.
  3. I try to insert a phrase or though at make ready. For me the biggest part is learning to stay positive and process focused even after a mistake.
  4. Would think it would be kinda hard to do a tungsten sleeved barrel in a glock. Maybe if you open up the bore in a slide.
  5. Some metal. I want to get pumped up to go fast.
  6. Ben stoeger dryfire book has great drills. If you don’t want to go that route why not just work your way thru simulating classifiers. Lots of gun handling with those.
  7. No problem with a Glock for limited. I used to run a G35. Open glocks on the other hand are a joke. I wouldn’t touch one with a 10ft pole.
  8. Ah, if it’s $500 for purely cosmetics then yes, spend that money on .ammo
  9. Won’t make much difference but I’d probably go butler cut for a 9mm
  10. Rainier Bullets has a double plated design for this purpose. There is quite a few open guys locally that are using them.
  11. Some draws at the safety table unless there is a practice bay. If there is a practice bay I’ll warm up just trying to track the sights.
  12. I think I run mine around .115-.125 deep but I’d have to check. I run a deep, wide notch.
  13. Yep check the extractor first. If you saw a model of where the ejector hits the rim you wouldn’t spend much effort trying to “adjust” it.
  14. I wouldn’t attribute it all to cheap labor. There’s plenty of junk made in China and Mexico. But they are apparently doing things right. Be nice if they could import more.
  15. Check out the Q thunderchicken
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