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  1. Darqusoull13

    9mm barrels

    What's old is new again. If you want to spend more time shooting get the JP. No mods, no gimmicks the JP will eat it if is stamped 9mm and fits in a GLOCK mag. I trust my GMR's without question. PM me if you want help picking up a JP barrel. JP can cut and thread to 8.5" or shorter if you like.
  2. Darqusoull13

    Jp SCS2

    No pin needed
  3. Darqusoull13

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    Some of us prefer to go feet first and ..... deep
  4. Darqusoull13

    need help with CZ mag feed lips

    I have not shaped any of my CZ mags and never had a problem. Are you sure this is not your ammo causing an issue? For reference, I have CZ 18, Mec-Gar 17 with stock basepads, Shockbottle basepads, TTI basepads etc. I have used round nose 147, 115, 124, truncated cone 135, 125, flat point 147, 150 and JHP 124 grain bullets at various power factors. I honestly can't recall an issue with feeding with any of the above combinations.
  5. Darqusoull13

    Council after the COF

    I 100% agree with you and Rowdy at level 2 and above matches. There's a rule book and it is not necessary for a RO to say anything other than the range commands. However, at local matches at times we have first time shooters that come unknowingly very close to breaking a rule without realizing it. Let's say they have no idea how to reload right to left as a correct handed shooter and are clearly walking cautiously but come to about 175 degrees in a direction they obviously didn't mean to point the gun. I think that's a situation where it's appropriate to have "the talk" and explain to the newbie how to be safe. Nobody wants to get s#!t on their first match, so obviously it's a polite conversation. The after stage talk is not as useful as the pre-stage seasoned shooter to new shooter talk about how to perform a retreat or how to reload should be happening. Objectively we have found that having an experienced shooter talk a new shooter through the stage and how to safely move BEFORE the stage is far more effective than an after stage heart to heart.
  6. Darqusoull13

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    Just show up and ask for help. At our local matches we are assigning new shooters to more seasoned shooters to help them through the match. The new shooter's only goals are to be safe all day, have fun, and finish the match. Don't worry about divisions or anything else until you're good and addicted. For your first match, bring your gun, a safe holster, enough mags and mag pouches (pockets) to get you 45-50 rounds on your person and shoot
  7. Darqusoull13

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    Did you perhaps leave a couple quarters in your buffer tube by mistake from a previous attempt at short stroking? Just thinking of how you might be getting issues with your trigger resetting. I know my 3 JP triggers all reset with the 2 different SCS systems I have. I know you asked about the HF. If anyone needs help buying either the SCS upgrade or would like to know where I ended up on my SCS weight optimization journey feel free to PM me.
  8. Darqusoull13

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    Correctamundo! Subminor 115s or 95s had a different optimal setup. Both ran just fine with any combination, we are talking fine hair differences but folks do like to tinker.
  9. Darqusoull13

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    Yep! Tinker away fellas! I would recommend starting at 3T, 2S for USPSA and 5S for steel challenge.
  10. Darqusoull13

    2019 Rules are released...

    Considering he could never start a loaded and holstered stage, I think you're reading too much into this.
  11. Darqusoull13

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    If you want something you can trust on both the range and at home the JP will serve you incresibly well. I agree with Trace above, 18" is just about the perfect length for 3 gun but inside of 200 yards with a red dot, go 14.5 pin/weld for sure. JP does have their Tac Comp which is quite effective as a comp but not as flashy as the standard 3 port. It actually annoyed me at a night video shoot because it was far less flashy than I had hoped. The Patrol Rifle Upper (RU-JP15PU) is right at your $1000 budget and is a very solid upper. I'd also suggest contemplating a JP upper with a silencer quick detach compensator installed. JP stocks Surefire but you can do any brand you like. I have become spoiled by being able to do most of my rifle practice suppressed and it is soooooooo much more pleasant. If you ever get a chance to run a shoot house or indoor class, believe me, a can is a beautiful thing.
  12. Darqusoull13

    Short Stroking a regular JP 9mm SCS?

    Just to be clear, my factory JP short stroke systems show extremely minimal wear after several thousand rounds on each. I have only had them for a month or so but they are wearing similar to other SCS systems which is to say hardly noticable. I understand some folks enjoy tinkering. That's definitely cool. For those that want to purchase a complete product the JP short stroke SCS is rock solid and will put up with more abuse than most will inflict in multiple seasons.
  13. Darqusoull13

    PCC minimum barrel length

    USPSA has no practical restrictions on length. I will say 5" is too short for my long arms. I prefer a 10.5" with a comp and a 9" handguard. Its handy enough in tight stages but still comfortable for my frame. The shorties are also lighter so if you, or your lady, prefer something easier to move with they are a nice thing to have. SBRs are tons of fun in USPSA. I just picked up a JP GMR15 lower SBR for USPSA. Definitely recommend it, JPs run darn near forever. Now if only we could get suppressors OK'ed for PCC and make this sport really fun!
  14. Darqusoull13

    Different start positions by Division, is that legal?

    Can revolver shooters use 140mm mags to make revolver more equitable as well? Asking since in your match divisions compete equitably against one another.
  15. Darqusoull13

    Short Stroking a regular JP 9mm SCS?

    For those impatient souls like me, just buy the short stroke SCS now and set aside the 4 weight for future conversion in your 2nd build It's very fun! Let me know if you need any help or have specific questions. I'm about done testing springs in standard length barrels .