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  1. Unless you want to spin the comp off and spin on a suppressor there's no reason to go with a 16" over a 14.5.
  2. My favorite game right now is to call and ask FFL's if they have a Gen 5 Glock 19 in stock. Then I ask my real question but we both get a laugh generally. Another couple hundred rounds and a few more days of on mine and I'm really digging CO. This whole red dot division without the abusive comps is really enjoyable.
  3. Got mine from BenStoegerProShop this week with a CH plate for RMR/SRO. This thing shoots comically soft and accurate. Federal 115s felt awesome for a first go. Going to try some 124 Syntech next. Worth the wait but I'm pissed not to have this years ago. Definitely my favorite CZ outside of the Kadet
  4. Those Nordic's are a real throwback. My buddy Dewberry ran his forever and the tape was always fun to chat about. It always worked though!
  5. The Goliath is a far better design. It covers additional material above the lip for a stronger connection. I also prefer the ergonomics of the ribbed area.
  6. Hard pass on that brah. Knowing how much it takes from putting on locals, majors and Finales myself I'm continually impressed with your matches. I still don't know how y'all pulled off 9 Days in '18 but damn was that a fun time. I also love that you welcome and encourage feedback and actually implement it. I for one enjoyed the 52 yd swinger. Great work again and hopefully we can shoot together soon at a match neither of us are working
  7. I'll vouch for Shannon although there's not a single person that's ever met him that would think that necessary. He has ALWAYS been professional and receptive to feedback. Both this thread and my own in person suggestions this weekend are proof of that. He's a stand up person whose reputation is beyond reproach. He's also a hell of a shooter. As for industry support, the improvements that USPSA and Universal have made over the past few years have been spectacular. I love the direction they are going. I love what they have done to grow the sport but then again I've read the monthly BOD minutes, yearly reports and spoken with the President, Media Coordinator and AD's. Whoops (Zach), you sound like the kind of person that quite honestly I don't care to be around. If you think this sport is about prize tables maybe it's time to sell the guns and find a new hobby. Posts like this make you sound like a baby back bitch. If you want to really grow the sport, run a local club for a year. Be there every month for every match. Set up, tear down, help shooters, put the SPORT first. THEN If you want to really grow the sport, think about what a top prize table walk would mean for a RO that worked their ass off all weekend so you could shoot. Brian is there any way to sticky this horrific post to remind people not to be "That Guy"?
  8. Haha, this is a normal day for those of us in Texas. I used to bring a cooler with ice packs before I got a 2nd pistol for practice. Black guns don't cool off for us unless they are in the shade. It's super common for the rifle guys. I put Thermal Dissipators on my PCC's just to help cool the barrels this year. I remember Teemu even put up a video using a water mister to cool off his barrels faster
  9. In the 7 JP PCC's I've run I've never had any issues with mag height due to extension weight. I've never even heard of it until these metal mags came along. Maybe I need to put more powder in my rounds to weight the mags down and test it.
  10. @Kokeman Huge waste of time and money. GLOCK brand GLOCK mags among the most reliable magazines made.
  11. JP Silent Captured Spring. Nothing comes close to reducing the noise and with all the weight setups I've been able to tune my rifles to absolutely minimal recoil. Shooting 10's of thousands of rounds suppressed you really appreciate just how much better the SCS is.
  12. Kahles K18 might be king if you don't have a budget. The K16 is freaking phenomenal and I love the reticle to death. The K18 has clearer glass to my eye and the Kahles illumination goes to a blinding "11". I still think the Trijicon 1-8 is the best value and I personally loved the FFP. Vortex 1-6's should be a stupendous value at the moment with everyone dropping their 1-6's for the 1-10's. The 1-6 wont hold you back at all and it's a very well made scope.
  13. Legitimately at this point it's 75% looking cool and only about 5% hard left leans / rollover prone to avoid transitioning to support side or going full belly. Rolling the rifle over to the SRO saves a bit of time. The other 32% is so I can answer that question on #instagram
  14. 100% agreed with this. You couldn't pay me to shoot a blow back PCC with a cut apart upper. You will be far better served with an aluminum shrouded barrel and light hand guard to minimize swing weight for Steel Challenge. Most people don't even think to check the weights of the "Gucci" skeletonized uppers as most of them weigh more than a standard forged AR upper. If you must save weight go with a no FA / dust cover upper and save ounces that really don't contribute to a 9mm PCC function.
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