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  1. Not at all. There are plenty of budget minded factory options that will get you out to play. Hell I took my 223 3 gun rifle and just swapped the optic. Didn't do well but had a blast. Nowadays I'd actually recommend going out to watch a match and try it with a buddy if you can. Ammo is super easy to come by most guys are more than willing (read: excited) for you to shoot their guns. Our local matches actually have a robust loaner program. If anyone is in the Austin, Houston or Dallas area, check out TX Precision Matches. I think we are up to around 4 loaner rifles in 6.5 Creed for our monthly PRS matches and 4 loaner rifles for our Precision 22 matches.
  2. This is why CZ shooters love shooting our guns. You take out the old base pad, spring and follower. Put them somewhere, it doesn't really matter where. Put your new follower in the tube, then spring and finally put on the new base pad. The order does matter as you want the follower in contact with the bullets. Once everything is put back together you load bullets in it and shoot.
  3. Always JP, let me know if you need help. I just finished a 300 BLK pistol build with JP parts. What started out as a period correct troll build off the old JP VTAC handguard turned into one of my favorite setups.
  4. I am loving my SRO on a 45 degree offset! Trijicon reliability with a huge window.
  5. As a PCC shooter I'm all for this elimination of PF to increase fun all around
  6. H110 is a rock star for 300 BLK. We use it for everything from the 110's to 160+ grain bullets in our 10.5" barrels. It's almost difficult to find a load our barrels do not like. It's also pretty nice when suppressed due to a lack of residue buildup.
  7. Depends on your shooting style, build preferences etc. The Ultralight transitions incredibly fast. I brought it and my 10.5" SBR to shoot Nationals. I ended up shooting the SBR due to the advantage of moving between walls but I would have shot the Ultralight just as well most likely. I definitely prefer the Ultralight over a 14.5" pin/weld as the transitions are so much faster. It will depend a bit on you and how you like your rifles set up though so if you can try one out for sure try it.
  8. I haven't had this problem with Blue Bullets or Syntech.
  9. Very glad you are enjoying the JP! @Hi-Power Jack the short answer is the JP will not let you down. It will run and run and just keep making you smile. Several folks have made the switch to JP from various platforms because they enjoy shooting contests, not troubleshooting contests. As a side benefit, when your friend's gun is having issues at a match you can be a big hero and the JP will run for him too.
  10. Darqusoull13

    AO1 LD Review

    Saw that picture of the Acro. It's simply amazing how low you guys got that thing in the slide. Beautiful work! I'm assuming since you cut a slide for the Acro, a milled slide for the SRO is also a possibility?
  11. I can tell you I DID go with a CZ TS because of parts availability and support. Both the CZ and Tanfo shoot fine and are reliable. I preferred how the TS grip fit my hand and I already had CZ guns so it made sense for me. All of my CZ's have been extremely reliable and I enjoy shooting and practicing with them. One thing that also played into my decision was the CZ Pro Staff had always been extremely nice to me and other shooters. They went so far as to answer pretty odd questions I had. If this is your first foray into USPSA and you're in the US shoot me a PM. I'll make you a deal on a Tac Sport (not orange) I have for sale on the forums (link) for under what it's listed.
  12. Shoot it as you got it for a couple of months. Once you have an idea of how the rifle performs re-evaluate if you need to change parts or just shoot more.
  13. That's odd, did you hear the same thing I did?
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