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  1. Theres the EZ / Original styles with different weight springs to change pull weights etc. I have both those and the new drop in style trigger packs. They all function more or less the same with the exception a JP installed traditional is slightly more amazing. I'm not a fan of the hiper because they tend to bumpfire and double. Not my cup of tea.
  2. Just wanted to updated this thread. Passed 100,000 rounds on one of my JP GMR-13 triggers, other one sitting somewhere near 80,000. Stiiiiiiillll going. I'll probably slow down racking up rounds on those because I've got a GMR-15 to break in . It's only at like, maaaybe 10k? Hard to keep track when multiple shooters use them as loaners at matches
  3. I love the various short stroke SCS's in every barrel length and comp / can setup I tested. If you're looking for a recommendation JPSCS2-9SS-5H2 would be my all purpose suggestion. There's some advantages to either 5 stainless (Steel Challenge bias) or 5 tungsten (Soft Recoil) if you want to go down that rabbit hole but in general the 2 tungsten, 3 stainless is an ideal middle ground. JPSCS2-9SS-4/5K will convert the standard 9mm to a short stroke. The nice thing about all the SCS systems is they all function 100% so you really can just pick the one you prefer and run it.
  4. You're going to need to check that the old way. I know all of JP's 9mm comps are good to go but I can't speak to a part I haven't touched. Happy to spread the love , hope you are enjoying them as much as I enjoy mine!
  5. Just to follow up on this, if any member is cruising the forum looking for help with JP parts, options, troubleshooting a build or the rifle builder feel free to PM me your questions. Team JP guys are around for much more than to toss out discount codes. We actually do enjoy sharing what we have learned about the sport with others. Aside from that role many folks here actually do believe in helping answer questions and sharing knowledge. I know I personally read and benefit from the advice of guys like Kurt M, Cha-lee and other regular contributors here for years.
  6. Please clarify with a specific city or county so we can answer. Texas is a big state so you could be talking 6 hours from the border and still being "South Texas" Brazosland Pistoleros USPSA - 3rd Sunday USPSA in Navasota, TX https://www.facebook.com/brazoslandpistoleros/ https://practiscore.com/clubs/brazosland-pistoleros
  7. Shoot it. The JP SCS and Short Stroke SCS will cycle just fine. I've shot sub 105 PF ammo through a good many configurations and they all cycle. You have to get pretty low for issues to start. Happy shooting, let us know how you enjoy the kit
  8. Your statement is akin to saying "I think we should report Revolver as a separate division than Open so people stop switching to a winning division and stage designers stop designing stages for 30 rounds magazines. " Every single division is reported independent of other divisions. Your standing overall is exactly as meaningless as the comparison between Open and Revolver. Divisions offer unique challenges and competition ONLY within a division based on the rules which define it. Reducing or eliminating pistol practice from your life is not an inherent problem in shooting PCC. If you neglect training your skills will degrade over time. Should shooters be forced to also shoot pistol? There are shooters that find no joy in pistols but now they pay dues to USPSA either directly or indirectly because of PCC. The core of the sport is Practical shooting. Your focus might be pistol. Go have fun and leave PCC alone if you don't want your PCC classification to affect class placement in pistol divisions.
  9. My thoughts exactly. I'm happy with all of my JP's and I gladly sold most everything else. I'm of the opinion that the quality and reliability of the JP GMR's easily justify the cost.
  10. What's old is new again. If you want to spend more time shooting get the JP. No mods, no gimmicks the JP will eat it if is stamped 9mm and fits in a GLOCK mag. I trust my GMR's without question. PM me if you want help picking up a JP barrel. JP can cut and thread to 8.5" or shorter if you like.
  11. Some of us prefer to go feet first and ..... deep
  12. I have not shaped any of my CZ mags and never had a problem. Are you sure this is not your ammo causing an issue? For reference, I have CZ 18, Mec-Gar 17 with stock basepads, Shockbottle basepads, TTI basepads etc. I have used round nose 147, 115, 124, truncated cone 135, 125, flat point 147, 150 and JHP 124 grain bullets at various power factors. I honestly can't recall an issue with feeding with any of the above combinations.
  13. I 100% agree with you and Rowdy at level 2 and above matches. There's a rule book and it is not necessary for a RO to say anything other than the range commands. However, at local matches at times we have first time shooters that come unknowingly very close to breaking a rule without realizing it. Let's say they have no idea how to reload right to left as a correct handed shooter and are clearly walking cautiously but come to about 175 degrees in a direction they obviously didn't mean to point the gun. I think that's a situation where it's appropriate to have "the talk" and explain to the newbie how to be safe. Nobody wants to get s#!t on their first match, so obviously it's a polite conversation. The after stage talk is not as useful as the pre-stage seasoned shooter to new shooter talk about how to perform a retreat or how to reload should be happening. Objectively we have found that having an experienced shooter talk a new shooter through the stage and how to safely move BEFORE the stage is far more effective than an after stage heart to heart.
  14. Just show up and ask for help. At our local matches we are assigning new shooters to more seasoned shooters to help them through the match. The new shooter's only goals are to be safe all day, have fun, and finish the match. Don't worry about divisions or anything else until you're good and addicted. For your first match, bring your gun, a safe holster, enough mags and mag pouches (pockets) to get you 45-50 rounds on your person and shoot
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