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  1. We put an optic as the top prize for PCCI. Shooters thought it was pretty funny and not just the 4 PCCI folks. The numbers aren't a theory, it's what the BOD will want to see. I get it though. There's a lot of rabble about "we want to shoot every gun we own but only against guys shooting guns like us." That won't help and neither 1016 entries for a single year. That's not even a percent. Show an increasing trend of revolver shooters and you might get some traction. Bring 10 guys out to A4 next year and I'll recognize the 22's. Otherwise I'll keep growing the underrepresented divisions the only way that works, encouraging gamers to game with awesome trophies and prizes.
  2. Right, so we had zero rimfire revolvers at A4. Until you begin tracking those numbers over 2021, how many ISR and OSR competitors were there in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016? 5 years of increasing participation will help you make a case. Again, I'm trying to help you. But being really interested and wanting a fair shake aren't concrete numbers you can take to the board. It's a hand full of guys on the internet.
  3. Show me data that there will be shooters. I've shown you I put up and tried to support revolver despite the division not even coming close to making. All I'm asking is for data to support what this topic is suggesting. Show me data and you have my support. Otherwise it's the same group of 20 people in a section of the forums all agreeing when in reality the Revolver section is that not all that active compared to the any other sections of the forum.
  4. As you can see, I did not skimp on the Revolver trophies. Actually quite the opposite, I put more $ per shooter into revolver division trophies than any other division. You can further ask @Makicjf my position on whether Revolvers are welcome at any match we have hosted together. What I'm asking is, "With participation in Revolver Divisions so low already, what objective data do you have to support adding additional divisions?" National and Area match division percentages do not show a reason. Does a 5 year trend across all entries down to the local level look positive? Have you requested those statistics from Jake Martens? He has them. I'm asking you to convince me with objective data, not heuristics and hand waving because the numbers I'm looking at do not support adding divisions. NOTE: I'm not even saying I want to remove divisions. I actually plan on shooting both wheel gun divisions starting early 2022.
  5. @revolver45 and @DS-10-SPEED I think we are talking about 2 different questions. We had 3 people over 5 entries out of 300+ entries in the Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship. WSSC had ~640 entries with 28 revolver entries. Quantitatively there's no reason for us to add 2 more revolver divisions for those same 3 people in our area to shoot when I can focus on growing the match in other divisions. So to each of you, how do you propose to convince the organization and large area / section match directors it's worth the time and energy to pursue this? The "If you build it they will come" didn't happen at Area 4. One of those shooters literally borrowed 2 revolvers to try and game trophies. Is it REALLY a competition if there's 3 shooters? Are you personally going to sign up for Area matches and travel? Will you be promoting the match to other revolver shooters to justify the division? Are you willing to say if there aren't 20 RF_ISR and 20 RF_OSR shooters then the division doesn't make and you wont be scored? What level of personal investment do you plan to put into this to grow your division? If you don't care about trophies, only about seeing your name on the scores, what is keeping you from entering RFPI and RFPO with revolvers? The "I wont shoot unless you add this division" mentality doesn't make sense.
  6. So HOW do you get them to sign up and shoot? Help me help you
  7. As a match director, NO. Numbers will never be there. Focus on getting Revolver to have more than 3 shooters across the already unfilled 2 divisions at a 300+ entry Area match. A4 Scores This coming from a MD that already put Revo Trophies for both Wheel gun divisions and enough prizes for every shooter that shot the less attended divisions (ISR, OSR, PROD, LTD, SS) to receive a significant prize. Believe me, I WANT people shooting as many divisions as possible. It increases competition and makes everyone better. @MWP I'd like to know how you'd grow Revo at Area and Section matches. It would help me justify adding the trophies next year.
  8. The CCI Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship is a WRAP! Thank you so much for coming to shoot with us this weekend. We hope everyone enjoyed shooting the match as much as we enjoyed hosting it! If you would like to see anything bigger or better for next year be sure to drop us a note either below or message me privately. We want this match to be the BEST POSSIBLE EVENT we can make it! Congratulations to our Winners! Open, PCCO, RFPO, RFRI, RFRO Grant "Super Human" Kunkel CO - Cameron Templin SS - Anthony Veith PCCI - Bridget Cunningham RFPI - Trinity Lambiase Production - Jason Tielke LTD - Jason Tielke ISR - Mike Dines OSR - Mike Dines Thank you again to each and every one of our supporters who made this happen!
  9. It's finally match week! We are extremely excited to see everyone come out and enjoy this event! For those that like to wait until the last minute there are a few slots still available https://practiscore.com/cci-area-4-steel-challenge-championship/register
  10. Speaking about I was referring to Area 4, a L3.
  11. Yeah, we actually need to remove that from our match. It's only used by USPSA / SCSA when running classifications. It means not a member, either expired or never a member. Just found that out recently. Live and learn
  12. Great News! Please read this ENTIRE note. CCI and Federal Premium have once again stepped up to help active competitors in our community. CCI and Federal are keenly aware of concerns about ammo availability. They have heard you and you may have seen they are doing everything they can to help the competition shooting sports. Ammunition has been made available to be sold to Area 4 Steel Challenge shooters to support those who are active in the action shooting community. The Brazosland Pistoleros will have a LIMITED supply of Federal 150 Grain Syntech 9mm for sale for shooters registered for the match. We will also have an EXTREMELY LIMITED supply of CCI Clean 22 (Red 40 Grain). Again, this ammo is ONLY meant to be shot at the match. Ammo will be sold Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning from 7:15 to 7:45 am and afternoon from 12:45-1:15 pm. We cannot reserve any ammunition. Once we are sold out, we are sold out. Please bring EXACT change. Each shooter will be limited to 300 rounds per Division Entry. Pricing has been mandated at MSRP.
  13. Neither my Techwell -13 or TF -15 fit.
  14. Mine use standard JP Triggers.
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