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  1. But now you get to spend all that time just loading ammo and practicing with your new PCC
  2. Let me know if you want any help or a nudge to change over. I might be able to get you set up with a pretty soft shooting JP
  3. Get the JP. It will last him as long as he wants to shoot. You and the whole family can run the same gun at matches to help justify, call it buying 1 PCC for 2-3 people. You do not want to get something that will malfunction. That will kill the fun for him and for you. Prioritize reliability over everything. That road leads to JP.
  4. Thank you for the real input. Folks around me that got theirs early and also have several thousand rounds on theirs have no problems. So far my experience mirrors your own. SRO is superior in every way. Lots of internet nonsense and "my friend of a friend who might or might not have the same optic sponsor I do says not to buy one until they are proven." All good. If the guy shooting against me has another optic I know I already have an advantage.
  5. Well, we ran 4 shooters in a 250 round steel match suppressed. That was on top of practice before and demo's after. So...yeah you really technically don't even so much need the oil. Some days I skip cleaning intentionally just to remind myself how nice it is to be able to go several thousands of rounds without even a doubt in my mind that the gun will run. I honestly just bring a backup gun. Not for me mind you but for folks running other guns that go down . I'm dead serious when I say some people don't like how my gun is set up so I have a couple different rigs I loan out. Realistically, the O-rings are a wear part so you could bring them. Even if they break it would be easier to just dump out pieces and keep running then put on new ones at home. I'm sure people bring firing pins but the new design (~'17) hasn't broken yet.
  6. Oil it and shoot it. Keep extra ammo in your bag in case you want to let a friend shoot it too.
  7. I wouldn't say that's exactly true. My short stroke bolt runs quite a wide variety of ammo with any of the JP 9mm buffers available, including the various weight shorts strokes. I am however running a full JP GMR-15 with the JP trigger. No reset issues, doubling or anything common to other triggers in PCC's. Check and see you're not getting rubbing on the ejector with that lower you're running. We have seen a couple folks with various brands of receivers have either loose or bent ejectors have all sorts of problems with bolt cycling and ejection.
  8. Everyone has a preference on weight and systems perform differently depending on the parts. Your setup might have been ideal with a totally different bullet weight and powder charge as an example. I can and have doubled (or reduced by half) dot movement by changing recoil springs as an example. However objective comparison and speculation are 2 different things. I'll see if I can get a couple of snapshots of the gas redirection from the JP aluminum barrel this evening. I think you will be surprised the difference between a straight tube and the JP design. It's more effective than I thought it would be for sure. Don't forget the difference in weight isn't at a single point in space. Removing weight primarily at the end of the rifle (barrel) compared to removing weight at the barrel nut (hand guard) produces a very different feel when swinging and moving a rifle. You can also significantly affect the balance point in either a positive or negative way. So 2 rifles with identical weights do not necessarily balance or perform similarly. Think of a heavy profile 20" AR-15 barrel with a MFT stock vs a medium profile 18" AR-15 with a Magpul PRS stock. The balance of those 2 will be incredibly different with approximately the same total weight on a scale.
  9. In USPSA PCC with essentially everything being an ultra-short drag race shot there's not much of a downside to a lighter rifle. I run either a shrouded 16" Ultra-light aluminum JP barrel or a 10.5" SBR JP. For Steel Challenge lighter barrels are even more advantageous since transitions are the majority of time instead of physical movement between arrays. Lighter guns transition faster. Technically all other variables being held constant there's a slight difference in recoil between 2 PCC's of different weights. In practice it's exceptionally minor differences that is really getting into the weeds to find the tiniest hair to split. The JP barrel with the integrated compensator actually shoots very soft with all the various ammo I've shot through it. I doubt you will find it recoils any more than a steel barrel with a comp but if you do you can always add a tungsten weight to your silent captured spring to lighten up the recoil impulse. I prefer very light rifles in USPSA / Steel Challenge and a heavy pig for 3 Gun /PRS but not for recoil, for positional stability.
  10. You could theoretically just use a barrel nut but depending on where you're thinking of grabbing the aluminum and your firing schedule the shroud may be toasty. There's not really any carbon fouling to speak of coming out of the shroud on mine. I prefer a hand guard but I suppose I'm a bit rough on guns.
  11. No issue taking the dissipator off. Might adjust zero but might not. I also hate carbon fiber hand guards. They always seem to end up broken. The Taylor Freelance magwell is exceptionally well designed and it's very well matched to the GMR. You can darn near shove the mag in sideways and still nail reloads. JP 45 mount is rock solid.
  12. Or they could have realized nobody reads Front Sight Magazine? I've spoken personally with Foley, seen him work (9) 12+ hour days in a row for the job, seen him shoot, seen his results and I've seen his screw ups. Nobody is perfect, but he's the right guy for the job. Numbers are up across the board, social is up, sponsors are happier and SCSA is a real thing again. Other Mike hasn't given any specifics so I have no idea what I would have been voting for.
  13. Down here every dealer that got them sold out on pre-orders before the optics even arrived. I have a feeling they would be sold out at double the production. Just wait and be patient like the rest of us
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