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  1. I mean, most everyone that's shot at matches KC is at has seen him do something "For the 'Gram" that's exceptionally high risk, low reward, super high cool factor. Example: 2019 Nationals in Utah where he jumped and tried to smash some targets in the air to avoid another position. I believe he was the only shooter that tried it, but it was his profile pic for a while and the video was hot fire in slow motion I don't think that was the stage @CHA-LEE RO'ed that year but he might have seen him do the move? Christian is what happens when a high level athlete enters the sport and dedicat
  2. Ask Froelich or contact DA directly. Both are easy to get a hold of and talk to.
  3. @racerba stage requirements can absolutely be dumb and shooters can and have avoided returning to specific matches because of them. I'm not saying that excessive option is warranted in this case. Heck I wasn't even there. I'm just saying there's no aspect of shooting tested in this scenario making it out of place at a shooting match and dumb. Implemented cleverly this could have been an interesting stage. I've done dumb things in stage design before too. In some cases I've done them despite discussion prior to doing them with feedback indicating it would be dump. This isn't meant to call
  4. I buy CZ's specifically because I can shoot a practice session of 1000+ rounds, dump them in a bag, fly to and shoot Nationals, fly home and shoot another local match then put the pistol away until the next match. Do I add oil? Yeah, it's the most effective way to get crud out. Oil in-->oil and crud fly out. A pistol is not a needle and we aren't comparing transmission of bloodborne pathogens to cleaning a pistol.
  5. Or maybe going full Max and refusing to shoot with the super squad?
  6. Yep, no reason to chance things on something you can prevent as has been said. You can put your hand on the pistol to prevent it from jostling as you run but I would never trust that holster again. This also looks like a stupid stage. There's zero shooting test in moving the ballot with the strong hand. Had the ballot been held in the weak hand and targets placed from the start to the bucket, then that would have been at least an argument could have been made for testing the choice of going SHO or freestyle with a ballot in your paw.
  7. Unless you are shooting a thousand rounds an hour you wont need the thermal dissipator. I'm also in Texas and thats about where things get too toasty in July / August. Roller is an acquired taste to some. I like it but still prefer flat or curved. Go flat if you know you like flat. 2 tungsten 3 steel is a nice middle ground, especially for factory 124s but that will run most everything. I use the competition / recreation on my GMRs and they light off small rifle magnum primers just fine.
  8. I'd honestly just say a recoil spring for when you wear yours out. I went a ridiculous number of rounds with only generally spraying junk out and picking out the chunks. I went with a 2nd Shadow 2 as my backup parts kit. But I can understand tossing $30 in parts in a kit to get that same peace of mind at a match.
  9. 3 mag pouches. Typically I'll only come to the start position with 2, a starting mag and a backup mag downloaded for emergencies. For classifiers with a mandatory reload I'll add a mag, also downloaded, for 1 starter and 2 downloaded reload mags.
  10. Another Kindle Fire. We use the Kids cases to protect them and make handling easier with the integrated handle.
  11. I run a SRO offset. Switched over from the RMR for the larger window in the SRO. I'll likely swap to SRO main, SRO offset for 2021. I wasn't sure how I'd like them compared to the MRO but the smaller body of the SRO seems to be faster on the timer so far.
  12. If I was chopping a Shadow 2 I would go with Primary Machine for a SRO / RMR pattern. If CZ took much longer to release the S2OR I had already sent Bruce at PM a few quick emails and was planning on going that route. If you're wanting to use another dot go with the CZC cut so you can swap plates / dots. I picked up the S2 optics ready and use a CHPWS plate for the SRO. So far so good and from the feedback around the no BS folks, CH definitely seems like the way to go.
  13. Sounds like a fluke but definitely not great to happen. I can't really give much advice on why it would fail that way either given I've only taken 1 to failure intentionally myself. Keep an eye on it and check for any future premature wear. I doubt it's the lube as I know plenty of guys using CLP. I use Mobil 1 5W-20 to lube all my guns nowadays. That's partially for performance and partially because I have a bunch of it leftover from oil changes. I just let the remainder of the empty bottles drain into a catch bottle for gun lube
  14. That's extremely odd. I've run my o rings to failure in "testing" several times and they go well beyond 5k (several times that). I change the match gun o rings at the 5k for super cheap insurance but I've run a multi year test before and it takes a lot to shear the retaining ring off... Are you using a full JP build with a JP Bolt? Which weight SCS buffer did you order as well? If you're in a pinch for a match you can grab the short stroke conversion kit to replace the parts you need.
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