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  1. But it is a very, very welcome change!
  2. @ChuckS, thank you for the detailed update.
  3. I just see this way of proofing stages in general as odd. When we host majors matches stages get proofed in local matches, tweaked and then run at the big match. We know the stages being used well in advance and can put everything together in a nice book to physically reference. There's also a good amount of space for sponsor advertisement. Others matcheshave local RO's shoot the match as a standalone match the weekend before to iron out the stages the same way.
  4. They will send an email if they get them done before match day. I will say it's odd that they proof stages on the ground this late.
  5. Proof makes phenomenal barrels in both stainless and carbon fiber. I wouldn't hesitate to use a Proof barrel in any rifle. If you're building an AR-10 I would strongly suggest sticking to a minimum number of manufacturers to avoid some headache in the build. There's not too many standardized parts and you run into far more compatibility issues. I tend to recommend JP parts for building because of the success I've had with their 6.5 Creedmoor LRP-07's. They work working amazingly well and as a system they really do become more than the sum of the parts.
  6. I have been running the new bolt for a while now. It's solid and it works exactly how I expected it to work in my GMR-15 with the LRBHO. The Short Stroke SCS improves the recoil cycle more than any other part on the rifle. Right now I'm running the 5 stainless Short Stroke SCS in one of my rifles. Actually I just had 3 guys run the same rifle at our local match Sunday. The words "Witchcraft" and "Dark Magic" came up with regard to that PCC.
  7. The picture shown is the next generation competition version. It is angled forward to provide a faster, easier to operate handle based on a ton of feedback form competitors. It's also a convenient height for table starts. The other design is swept in to prevent snagging on clothing per MIL/LE request.
  8. Interesting, thank you for the detailed response with this and the 260 / Lee method as well.
  9. Have you rigged this to a Dillon progressive? Seems possible from the image but I'd like to know if it's been done what worked.
  10. You can run into a problem with too little mass. Running your bolt "with the weight removed" might not be how the system was designed. I don't like mixing and matching operating system parts for that reason. My secret sauce is a JP 9mm bolt with a JP Short Stroke Silent Captured Spring, either in a 5 stainless or 3 stainless / 2 tungsten configuration. All the other SCS setups work as well, but these are what work really well for my particular setups / loads.
  11. Woah woah woah. What is this crazy talk about selling a gun now? The last thing you want to do is put limits on your own life. Let's think of this like reloading. You wont shoot your other AR less, just shoot your new JP way more!
  12. Bias aside, piecing together a build from multiple manufacturers tends to result in a higher chance of building a system that does not function correctly. Manufacturer support will be nill in most cases. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with cleaning or replacing parts excessively, having to run some oddball bullet profile to get the rounds to run or worse having to run metal GLOCK replacement mags to have a functional rifle. I took a chance on a build early in PCC and was not satisfied with the result. Now I shoot JP. My guns get loaned out to new shooters, folks having gun issues and demo'ed at the end of matches. I know the new shooter will have fun because the gun will run. And they are pretty
  13. Sell the old assembly and buy a new one. Clearly the new gear is going to increase gains far more than any amount of practice with outdated gear. Milled is a more solid mounting system and way more importantly aesthetically pleasing to me. You want to look good when you're shooting, right?
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