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  1. No I've never ran dry living in a Free State. Like others have said we agree it's not necessary but it can be a convenience.
  2. JP and several others have short stoke factory bolts now to work with LRBHO. @davscoNo disadvantage to a LRBHO on a PCC. All I use mine for is a convenient way to flag or make ready.
  3. @midvalleyshooter if you want something that will run flawlessly you buy the JP and never look back. My rifles are loaned out at pretty much every match I shoot. 1, 2, 5 shooters, it doesn't matter they just run. I even left my GMR's with Federal at their demo bay at 2019 Nationals. The backup was there the whole time and the primary was there when I wasn't shooting it. No idea how much ammo they put through it but it didn't matter. I didn't bother cleaning it or doing any maintenance the entire week (PCC/Open + Limited/CO). After hundreds of thousands of rounds of probably every type of 9mm you can find through my JP's I'm sold. Like @rowdyb, I prefer shooting PCC not tinkering with PCC's.
  4. I have not noticed any issues with Federal Syntech or Blue Bullet reloads.
  5. Zero issues with MG JHP's, PD JHP's, Hornady XTP, Federal HST or CorBon DPX. I run full JP's though so like your initial setup, my guns just run.
  6. Area 4 at USSA, Old Ft Gun Club or Triple C were exceptionally well run matches at top notch range facilities. Stages were good, matches ran well and I had a good time. I haven't been to the LA location yet but I've heard good things. Just like any match, Area matches have a flavor from the range and MD putting on the match. Find the ones you like and shoot those
  7. A recent search about a JP SCS recommendation turned up one of your posts and it said you're happy to discuss solutions/recommendations. Mind if I put a question to you?



    Thanks, Alan (just joined tonight)

  8. I was summoned. (Thanks @egd5) The roller trigger is nice if you like it. It seems to be 50/50 in that people that either love it or prefer a traditional / straight trigger. I have one on my LRP07 in 6.5 Creed and love it but most of my other guns have either traditional curved or flat straight triggers. The side charger is a great option but it's not as much of a "must have" as it is with a precision rifle where maintaining a sight picture while charging is critical. For a new baby budget, go with the Radian Raptor standard option and be happy. You can always get another rifle later For attaching various parts other than JP stuff you can get a Pic Rail (JPTR-LRC) and mount directly to that. I like black because of aesthetics, outlaws wear black. There's some slight advantages to the black nitrided coating that are consistent with every other part but if you really like the polished stainless look go for it! Do note it's not a chrome coated bolt, it's polished stainless. Congrats on the new baby!
  9. Pick up the JP Short Stroke Conversion kit (#JPSCS2-9SS-4/5K) and 2 Tungsten Weights (#JPSCS-TUNGSTEN). This will let you swap your current standard SCS to a 5 weight Short Stroke with all 5 weights being tungsten. This is my preferred buffer setup for suppressed or hot ammo.
  10. Be careful about swapping to "hotter loads" without having her test them first. Some hot 115's might end up hitting harder in her hand despite keeping the muzzle flatter. The Federal 115's might be better suited to your wife's setup as the power factor is the same as the 147's just with more gas to help help the compensator a bit.
  11. Also remember to make sure your spikes fit inside the guide bar. Love our bars and Big John (Email: ironman5669@yahoo.com) is a great dude.
  12. I'd recommend getting just a 75 lower as well. With the Kadet you wont shoot the 40 upper much anyways.
  13. My experience does not support this theory. We get quite a few bullet recoveries in our sandy bays and this is a typical image of the base of a Syntech round. This is also typical of Blue Bullets. Note the complete coverage of the base and lack of exposed lead. If you want to use JHP's, that's cool. You do you. The OP has had good experience with Federal already and I'm going to recommend he stick with it.
  14. The Area 4 matches I shot at Triple C in Cresson, USSA in Tulsa or Old Ft. Gun Club in Van Buren have all been fantastic matches. For us the match rotates between venues so it has more to do with the venue and match crew than the match itself whether you will enjoy it or not. In 2020 Area 4 will be hosted by Old Ft. Gun Club again and I have it on my schedule.
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