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  1. I think there's more both sides can do to incentivize shooters to take the RO class. Our Local Club, the Brazosland Pistoleros, is scheduling a Level 3 associated seminar. USPSA covers part of the cost of that with NROI. The club will also reimburse anyone that takes the class if they work the Area 4 Steel Challenge match. That's in addition to the standard RO package (Entry, Stipend, Shirt, Lunch, Brass etc.). I agree that USPSA should provide a more significant investment in training staff. Ideally I'd like to see a policy of, upon request, a club may receive 1 free RO seminar every x y
  2. 5 Steel Weights gave me the least dot movement with the fastest cycle.
  3. For folks wanting a quick clean on that port, Bore Tech Eliminator soaking (go crazy, it's cheap) followed by brake cleaner is about as fast as you can clean it. If you let it go too long and can't get any solvent on the crown the unofficial ways of cleaning are to chip it off or to use a chamber brush (nylon) in a drill and come in from the front.
  4. You might also suggest Juliann message Lena, Rheuark, Viscusi and some of the other more active lady shooters on social media. Like me, I'd bet most forum members would have to ask their significant others.
  5. The Brazosland Pistoleros will be hosting a RO class in the near future to help support the Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship. If anyone is interested message me here. Slots will go to those working the match first, then open up to the general public.
  6. Yep, @11287 nailed it. I put a SRO on my OR S2 and used the CH Precision plate as well. Roughly 5,000 rounds later it hasn't moved a bit. There's a reason a bunch of manufacturers are using the CH plate on their new models.
  7. Thank you sir! Hope to see you out this year to add another win in another decade
  8. I use JP triggers in everything from my PCC, to small frame 223 / 300 BLK rifles to large frame 308, 6.5 CM and 6 CM. One trigger, works in every rifle, every time.
  9. Right now I think we are targeting 8 am and 1 pm for start times. We need to get a few lunch details settled out as well as side events but remember, it's July. While we will have ice water and refreshments you might pace yourself
  10. Hey guys! I'll try to get the Mods (Help @shred, you're my only hope) to merge this topic under the thread with all the official details. Until then I'll answer questions as best I can. @Hoops we are setting up stages in an order that will allow good match flow and give people something to do if Smoke and Hope cycle times are shorter than Outer Limits. We have 2 demo bays and some very, very exciting vendor things planned. All the bays are quite sizable, 50 yards long and between 30 and 50 yards wide. Squad 1 will start on stage 1 though. Typically as a shooter I don't like doing menta
  11. Time plus scoring is fun as heck in this style match. Add on to that a pretty inexpensive location, somewhat centralized compared to Frostproof and the two fastest growing divisions, PCC and CO guns for Open, and it's a great value. I think the decision to go PCC over rifle dropped the price and simplified logistics for a lot of people. I'm packing 1 ammo type for both guns and I'll bet we end up seeing a LOT of that at this match.
  12. Pretty interesting that this 2 gun match is almost sold out already!
  13. Ahoy Shooters! The Brazosland Pistoleros are delighted to announce the 2021 CCI Area 4 Championship will held in Navasota, TX July 23-25 2021. Registration opened March 1, 2021 and ends on July 10th, 2021. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them here but I've included a bunch of details below which will likely answer most questions folks have. YES, we will have ice water, shade and PediaLite popsicles on every stage all weekend Match Sign Up: https://practiscore.com/cci-area-4-steel-challenge-championship/register The match fee will be $75 per entry. Payment
  14. Good lord, I stand corrected! Thank you for updating everything as far as the details on the chronos as well.
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