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  1. If anyone is looking for help with a build or needs one of those "hookups" PM me. About to finish off this beauty with paint today.
  2. Uh, yeah, a few barrels worth of life on mine as well. You can check it when you clean your rifle for wear but I wouldn't expect to do much other than wipe and relube for a while.
  3. Darqusoull13

    Shadow 2 holsters

    Bladetech with the big thumb tension screws for USPSA, Safariland GLS for 3 Gun.
  4. When it comes down to it you can build it yourself as much as you want. You will end up with a very nice rifle. And you can do everything the right way to get a great fit and finish. When you buy a JP you're buying something put together by someone that day in and day out lives rifles. Not just in the shop, but as a shooter and competitor themselves. JP grew from the ground up to push the competition envelope. Either way you end up with a solid rifle. As far as brand preference, one of my favorite "tests" is to look at a jersey shooter. If they don't have a rifle maker on their jersey you can bet there's JP parts in the gun. PS, I'm biased But feel free to reach out if you have specific parts questions.
  5. This is pure gold my friend. Back to the thread, I've run everything from 14.5" to 20". The shorter, lighter barrels tended to be more difficult to shoot positional with less mass keeping the gun in place. Ballistics are also worse once you start shooting at distance. I prefer heavier, longer barrels as well but I'm not physically dainty. Well, I shoot 223 for 3 Gun and use a scope but RELATIVELY speaking...not dainty.
  6. JP, in 6(?) PCC's they all have run 100%
  7. It's not even that hard. 1 form and you can even fill in the PDF electronically.
  8. 10.5" uber rifle, can't wait for the next one
  9. They come with a standard 9mm SCS. You can pick up the Short Stroke Conversion (JPSCS2-9SS-4/5K) when you order to save the wait time of building a custom or you can order a custom with the SCS and design your dream rifle
  10. @farinx absolutely! You can use as many certs as you have on an order as well. Feel free to reach out if you have build / parts questions!
  11. Haven't seen Proofs as an option in small frame. You can always request the build sheet which will specify the barrel. Maybe check for a JP laser mark on the barrel as well . I'm not sure if JP did any recent CF SHOT builds but I haven't ever been in the booth to look. @caz41 gets to touch way more of the fun things than I do The Proof CF's are offered in large frame builds and MR-19's but that is presumably not what we are talking about...
  12. Looked like a great match. Out of curiosity, if 2 gunning is regression, is adding a 4th gun evolution?
  13. Awesome. I'm kind of surprised you're running a buff. Have you shot it without and compared to a spring only? I've never had to do any of the ultra detailed 2011 style tuning on any of my CZ's. Seems like when an issue pops up it's usually due to an extra part.
  14. @philmadxx regarding the last part, look at the number of USPSA/SCSA matches and 3 gun matches in your area. If you have more of one than the other, or none of one, that can also help you decide. More shooting is always the goal.
  15. 14.5" for USPSA, 5.5" for Steel Challenge. Hit me up if you need the full details or "the hookup".
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