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  1. What's preventative maintenance? You mean staying on top of ammo supplies? The only time mine has stopped is when I ran out of ammo to feed it.
  2. I'm 6'3" and I still prefer to shoot my SBR. It's handy in tight spaces and I tuned it to be quite soft. As a bonus, the guys that hate PCC REALLY hate me enjoying all the extra fun of a shorty until they get to shoot it too I haven't had any issues with my JP GMR-15 SBR. Usually I run 2-3 shooters a match on it. Last night we ran a shoot house stage about 20 times with 5-6 people all using their own ammo. Did I mention you can get red accents?
  3. This is not how you post a completed project. We need pictures!
  4. Yep, that will be the Short Stroke with 5 steel weights. It's a solid choice for a very fast, soft cycle.
  5. Here you go sir! If you selected the "Enhanced" 9mm (JPSCS2-9MM-5H2) you can swap the bumper to the one shown in this link to make it a Short Stroke (JPSCS2-9MM-SS). Ooooorrrr you can call in / email and double check your order . Short Stroke is the way to go.
  6. Brazosland Pistoleros run a Steel Challenge match 4th Saturdays in North Zulch.
  7. Order the kit and use the supplied buffer to short stroke it. I did it, works great.
  8. Yes. I like the Radian Raptor but any standard AR-15 handle works.
  9. Darqusoull13

    p-10F issue

    Getcha some man hands , do a bit of sanding or buy the release. The P10F I shot wasn't terribly stiff but it was stout. We obviously have different size hands but I had no issues getting it pressed. Why are you not OK with autoforward? It's a bonus feature I like to have. I obviously train to forward the slide with the release. Having the auto forward happen in a match nothing changes as the thumb is still depressing the release.
  10. JP 14.5" barrel homie, much less than your post indicates. Let me know if you want to upgrade your current barrel to the best
  11. This was just posted on the JP Facebook page. 100 yards, 5 shots. More details over there.
  12. Ready Rifles and the available inventory section like the SHOT/NRA demos ship in a week. Always worth checking if you speced something out and it's already made. Picked up 3 ready rifles that shipped in less than a week.
  13. This made my day. Thank you
  14. I haven't seen any difference in accuracy at 25 yards with a red dot.
  15. I'm biased. My first GMR has 100,000 rounds on it. Now I'm think I'm up to 4 GMR's including the 15 with all the bells and whistles like the Short Stroke SCS and last round bolt hold open bolt. I've loaned out the GMR's to all sorts of shooters and they run regardless of the ammo, factory or reloads as long as they fit in a Glock mag they ship. JP's are popular because they are damn fine guns and they flat run. If you want a super light gun without the SBR hassle the new aluminum ultralight barrel might be right up your alley. Ping me if you need help building one in the rifle builder or one of those homie hookups
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