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  1. Darqusoull13

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Excellent, as long as it's available! Now we just need to bug CZ-USA to start getting these here
  2. Darqusoull13

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Apologies aleks10, I was unclear. I meant to ask whether, in addition to the optic mounting plate, if the S2 optic model had a plate that functioned as a traditional rear sight.
  3. Darqusoull13

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Did this come with a rear sight plate?
  4. Darqusoull13

    Benelli lubricant?

    I took this man's advice on many things and I will always remember, there is ALWAYS time for lube
  5. Darqusoull13

    Shadow 2 malfunction

    Uh, maybe 20,000 rounds ago? You mean I can't just wipe the old lube off and add more? Every now and then I'll bang mine upside down to get the large chunks out of the trigger. I apparently run ~135 PF reloads, they told me at Nat's, with a Blue Bullet 147 for a good long while without issues. What ammo was this with? Factory or hand loads? If hand loads, what was the powder charge, bullet brand and weight, overall length and how was the brass processed?
  6. Darqusoull13

    PCC laser on target at start

    Keep shooting faster, you will know when
  7. Darqusoull13

    PCC laser on target at start

    Don't forget "I'm a little teapot start" with gun held above head, pointed downrange, hip cocked. There's a difference between shooting challenges such as low ports and asinine nonsense like starts actually described and done at a match. If you dislike PCC, maybe just stay out of it and shoot whichever division brings you joy. I'm not a revolver shooter but even at our all falling steel match I consider the 1 token wheel gunner in my stage designs. He's a great dude and I'm glad he is around. Maybe think of PCC as more people enjoying a match rather than a group of folks that shoots fast splits and gets all the chicks. ?
  8. Darqusoull13

    PCC laser on target at start

    That's idiotic. Not only did you make it borderline dangerous / impossible for a small shooter, you still dont understand that divisions do not compete against one another. That's like saying Open can only draw with the left hand because you want to make race holster draws as slow as Single Stack. Clubs like this need to really question if their "clever " ideas are really growing the sport or just ensuring folks, especially juniors, don't come back. PCC shooters only compete against other PCC shooters. Doing ridiculous circus crap only reduces your shooter turnout.
  9. Darqusoull13

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    Parts flying everywhere but not an overpressure. Just beat it to death.
  10. Darqusoull13

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    Actually, High Power factor was 191 PF when an unknown Brazilian shooter nuked his gun and borrowed a CK gun to finish the match. He re-chrono'ed with the borrowed gun to ensure he still made PF. Turns out he didn't have to worry too much.
  11. Darqusoull13

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Mission accomplished, I had a blast!
  12. Darqusoull13

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Well, I shot all 9 days and I would do it again. I really hope USPSA and Jake do a similar format for next year. This match was a fantastic undertaking from a MD's perspective with so many moving parts that really did come together quite well. Every schedule ran on time and the RO's were almost all universally friendly, despite being left in the Florida sun for 9 straight days. Maybe next year USPSA will increase the match fee to offer the RO's more incentive or a nice package to give a bit more back to this ultra-dedicated group in our sport. As a shooter, I felt all the "repeat" stages other than the classifiers were completely new stages each time. The minor modifications of the large field courses were very, very well done to ensure stage plans couldn't be repeated for each division. I particularly enjoyed the shoot house changes each day. The stages really did play well to the divisions. I enjoyed the "new classifier" stages as they broke up the field courses. I probably would have been happier with short courses and less mandatory reloads. Actually, I think everyone would have been happier with less weak hand shooting and fewer reloads. The awards banquets were very nice as well. The food was good and myself and many other folks enjoyed the fact that not only did the venue go out of their way to support USPSA, the whole of Polk county seemed to love the fact that "the shooters" were back. There were a couple things I would change. Stage 8 of optics nationals was an abomination. I heard how that stage was initially designed and how it was implemented. The tight targets on either side of the walls were just downright dangerous for no goddamn reason. Oh well, 1 bad stage out of 64 is still a very good event. Obviously nobody enjoys shooting directly into the rising sun, especially on a strong/weak hand classifier. I suppose everyone got at least some in the eye although I think folks would appreciate it if the berms were higher or there were trees to block some of that bright Florida sun. Overall, this really was a once in a lifetime type event that I hope happens again every year.
  13. Darqusoull13

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Wait, you mean if you treat someone as a professional and compensate them accordingly you will have more qualified candidates competing for the position? Instead let's just make folks to pay to take a weekend off and get trained as RO's, pay their way to matches, get them half a hotel room and compensate them by "letting them shoot the match" on another day off while also proofing stages. I'm not saying a quality online training program solves everything, but it at least increases your potential pool of quality applicants.
  14. Darqusoull13

    JP GMR15 recommendations

    The only reason to have a 16" barrel is of you want to suppress it but do not want to SBR. 14.5" pin and weld is the way to go, again, unless you want to be a cool kid and go 10.5" plus stamp. If you have another side charge AR or just prefer them like I do it's a great option. So if you want to keep manual of arms consistent do it but you really only use it at unload and show clear. ? Trigger is just your preference. Flat, curved or roller. Pick your favorite or pick up both shoes and swap just that part in the modular unit if you find you dont like one. I run all curved because my girlfriend like them more and I just want to pull triggers. Domestic tranquility. In a 9mm the thermal dissapator is mostly a nice place to add color and match your other accent pieces if you go that way. 223, 308 or 6.5 creed it's mandatory. Happy building and remember to update this post with pictures when it arrives!
  15. Darqusoull13

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    I read that and was reassured. As long as that statement holds true and there's no hardcore parkour going on I really don't even need WSB's. Let's just hope it's really true and there's no pool noodles to navigate, heavy objects to perfectly place or ropes to pull ?