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  1. It’s no knock against anyone who is not going. We all have busy lives and it is understandable that fielding a full roster is difficult given the smaller denominator compared to other divisions. Just unfortunate, that’s all. This is especially true for a relative newcomer to the sport who missed the glory days of revo participation. Then again, innovation has given us new opportunities.
  2. I am the third signed up, and will switch too if there aren’t enough. I’m actually planning on shooting limited this year, but was willing to take one for the team and run the revo at area 3 to get it recognized for someone else.
  3. J_Allen

    hogue grips

    I don’t find minor power factor to be too bad with the wood. Though I admit full power magnum loads deserve some tires.
  4. Some much more experienced folks will be along shortly, but here is my 2 cents: Trigger: you can do it yourself (there are a couple good videos on YouTube), but to ensure reliable function with all the primers you noted, I would probably send it out to someone that knows what they are doing. Moon clip holders: Personal preference with North mountain (posts), Speed-E-Rack/DAA (magnetic), or James Austin server (spring loaded), amongst others. Holster for lefty: Unfortunately as a righty, I’m not much help here. Extended thumb release: TK customs or Hogue are two options. Moons: These are really brass specific, as the groove is not as standardized on rimmed cases (as opposed to a rimless case like 9mm). Lots swear by TK customs, but they are really stiff. I personally like revolver supply (the thickest nickel plated), but again make sure to match your brass. The one thing I do know for certain, is that this can start to add up fast. However, you don’t need to go whole hog right away.
  5. Ha, I was just joking anyway. I’ve always wanted a 610 as well (because... well, just because!). But it can’t stop you from an 8 shooter.... unless you get them both, of course!
  6. Nooooo! You were so close to converting to the dark side! On the other hand, I guess you could always load it with hot rod 10mm major loads to really make a splash.
  7. Yep, I was thinking of a different one - didn’t even know this one existed.
  8. Bladetech will be a little faster with the front cut out, and the Comp-Tac is more “Production legal”. I think the Comp-Tac would be a good solid choice to start, and then you could always transition to a race holster later. That way you have a nice holster for your son to use as he gets used to drawing the gun out slow and steady.
  9. Absolutely can use it. Also worth mentioning is that since you are just shooting for fun anyway, power factor shouldn’t really matter. You could always run 44 special in minor rather than major.
  10. I’m already in for area 3 - unfortunately I’m a nobody.
  11. Somehow the font seemed to change on my last post mid way down, and I have no idea why (typing on my phone). No emphasis was implied.
  12. I feel like this thread has the potential to derail quickly. However, here are my honest thoughts: 1. I like revolvers, but not at the expense of semis. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. 2. When I first started shooting I found the double action pull of the revolver was more accurate for me (it helped me stabilize myself), rather than jerking the trigger. Now that I have a little more experience this isn’t necessarily the case, but it was when I started and probably influenced me. 3. I grew up playing “cops”, and the cap guns were all styled after double action revolvers. In contrast, men in my dad’s generation grew up playing “cowboys” and some of the guys I shoot with seem to like single action revolvers. 4. I hate losing brass. 5. Jerry Miculek I’m sure there are a million other reasons why someone would prefer one type of firearm over another, it is all personal preference after all. I tend to think all the divisions have something to offer, and am having trouble trying to stay committed to only one this year.
  13. I actually kinda liked the strategy of managing a long field course with only 6 shots. Very unorthodox approach compared to everyone else (and that was part of the fun). For me, I just want a couple of others to compete against that have to deal with the same constraints, so I can see how I stack up. In almost all cases they are going to beat me, but at least I can see where I am falling short (looking at points vs speed).
  14. Alright, so now I feel obligated to pad the statistics mentioned above, and am officially the first revolver shooter registered for area 3. I know I am no competition for the rest of you, but I’ll give it a shot if anyone else wants to join in the fun. I promise you I’ll no longer be D class by August (aiming for B). If nothing else, you are now one step closer towards being recognized.
  15. Just found this thread and am inspired. Really impressive work, it would have been entertaining to see it unfold in real time.
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