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  1. Labradar is expensive, but the convenience factor cannot be overlooked. You can use it indoors easily, isn’t affected by light, don’t have to set up down range. Totally worth it.
  2. I think production is the closest other division to being directly competitive, given the minor power factor, iron sights, and closest (8 vs 10) capacity. The only thing you are giving up (vs optimized Revo gear) is the race holster, and that isn’t that big of a deal. Of course you are still at a huge disadvantage, the reloads alone are like an extra second (assuming you are even that efficient), and you will probably do at least one more reload per stage. We’re not saying that you will be on the same playing field as a shadow 2, just that it is the closest apples to oranges comparison that you’ll get. Give up a few tenths on the draw to satisfy exactly the same division requirements as production, thus allowing a direct (albeit disadvantaged) comparison of scores. But as I said before, it’s really more of an academic comparison, as I would advocate registering for revolver division anyway in a local (keeps at least some representation of the revolver division in the sport). But maybe if you wanted to shoot revolver in a level 2/area match, and wanted to compete in a recognized division, then you could register for production division (hopefully one class below your Revo classification).
  3. Your best bet is to find a local kydex holster maker that can use your exact gun for a mold, since apparently there are no blue guns available.
  4. Really like this topic, and have thought about the exact same thing myself. Even to the point that I modified my 2.5” Comp-Tac holster (same kind that was shown at the beginning of this thread), and wrapped the end of the barrel in kydex to protect the end of the barrel. Yes, it looks horrible, but now I have a production legal holster. The difference in my approach is that I have never registered in production division with it, just revolver. But with the PractiScore Competitor app, I can combine Revo with Prod to see how I stack up. Could always do this regardless of holster, but now it allows me to satisfy the exact same equipment rules and compare myself with others since Revolver participation is low. Plus, as has been mentioned before, the draw doesn’t matter that much in you overall performance.
  5. I don’t know which cart you would consider the “smaller regular backpack cart”, so that could be some of my confusion. It’s the side rails on mine that is the limiting factor.
  6. I have this cart (see link below) and DAA medium bag. It actually fits perfectly, so maybe “barely fits” was not the right words to use. My point was that the large size backpack would be too big. https://www.zuca.com/control/product/~product_id=12942
  7. Yep, I have the backpack cart LG. My point was really that the regular cart is probably sufficient. However, I do have mixed feelings about it. For instance, if just making a local range trip, the large cart does fit a lot of stuff in it and just rolls into my trunk. It is when you are traveling with anybody else where gear starts to accumulate quickly, and the larger bag starts to take up precious space.
  8. Since you run small frame glocks, I think the G37 running 45 GAP would be just fine in an ammo crunch. However, even though it would share the same grip, the slide is a little thicker than the other small frame glocks, and I believe you would need a new holster.
  9. You should definitely run that 45 GAP in a S&W 625, at minor power factor, in production division.... Just to show people how dominant you are when you beat them! But seriously, production would be fine, and you wouldn’t lose out on anything - you’re shooting minor and can still have 10 round mags. If you have a G37, I’m assuming it’s not your only glock, so also keeps the form factor for you. Just curious, what was your primary gun? Glock as well?
  10. If your friend is ever thinking about selling the main gun, please let me know. I’d be happy to reunite it with it’s old sibling.
  11. I would bet your KKM barrel has 9/16 x 32 threads. The TF sight block has 9/16 x 24 threads.
  12. I’d say that Revolver also looks healthy in your area (relatively speaking, not making a joke).
  13. I have that cart with the DAA medium size backpack. It barely fits, so the pro model (which is bigger) would be too large. Also, if starting over, I probably wouldn’t have gone in that direction. A couple of my friends use the regular Zuca rolling cart (the type used for figure skating, but with modified wheels), and it is a more compact offering. Also can find them relatively cheap on Craigslist.
  14. Hunters HD Gold. The nonprescription glasses are spendy and up for debate whether worth it or not (I think they are). For prescription glasses they are a no-brainer.
  15. My revised 2020 goals: 1. Have local club matches open 2. Hopefully majors that I registered for are not cancelled
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