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  1. Another thing to consider is the average age of the participants, which in the case of USPSA, I believe skews to a bit of an older crowd. This is a higher risk group, and probably not the best time to be congregating. I am not the liberal media by any means, but do work in a health care facility, and this virus is something to be taken seriously. I am super disappointed by losing the shooting season, and I don’t think it will be ending anytime soon. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Another vote for BB without finger grooves. Personal preference, but for me rubber gets the edge over wood.
  3. I have used both. The Speed Beez may be imperceptibly better for stand and shoot since all the moons are teed up at the top of the magnets. But in reality the North Mountain is just as good. As soon as you add movement, the North Mountain blows it out of the water. I had moonclips falling off the Speed Beez magnets with hard running. No problem at all with the North Mountain posts.
  4. What is the frame optic mount you are using?
  5. This post really got me thinking about this possibly happening in my last classifier - Diamond Cutter (09-02). More details here: Did I get a good classification because I used a 8 shot gun in a historical classifier, or have the HHF been updated? This is becoming a very interesting topic, in thinking about when a major paradigm shift happens in a division and how the classifications respond.
  6. Last classifier this summer. Revolver: Time - 6.19 sec Points - 32 (80% - 4 As & 4 Cs) HF - 5.17 59.19% Alecmc, I know I’m quoting you in an almost 7 year post, but was curious about the switch between 6 shot and 8 shot guns (especially given a contemporary post in the Revolver forum right now regarding the same issue). When you ran this I’m guessing you did it as 6 shot major with a reload, correct? Would the HHF have been updated with the transition to 8 shot guns in the interim?
  7. Well, I didn’t reach C class in Revo this year, but did get close - am currently 39.5% overall, with the next classifier to drop being a 24.4%. So barring a disasterous run (anything below a 28%) I should make it. My last classifier (09-02) was a 59.2% run with the 627 (no reloads were required). I have been dry firing the semi-autos this fall, and was averaging 4x/week for about 3 months leading up to Thanksgiving, but the holiday season has really taken a beating to my free time. I am hopeful to get back into it for 2020, and have been kicking around the idea of making my New Years resolution to be putting in some serious Revo time. Only time will tell, but there is an A class Revo guy at the club I’m looking at going to be shooting matches at next year, so that is motivation to have someone better than me to follow. Jason
  8. I personally wouldn’t worry about feeling like you cheated the system or anything. Although a 100% run can pull up your classification percentage, if that one score is what is bumping you to M, then you were close anyway. It sounds like you shot the classifier like any other stage, so you approached it the right way, rather than trying to hero or zero the stage. So in my mind enjoy the bump and congrats! I am in the opposite boat - I started USPSA in Revolver after the transition to the 8 shot minor guns... with a S&W 625. Standing reloads on 8 shot arrays will really hurt your classification scores. So while I am a solid C class shooter (in other words totally pedestrian), I am still stuck in D class Revo because I haven’t run enough classifiers since switching to my S&W 627 (most of last year I shot Limited instead). I would have done it last fall at the last club match I shot, but we ended up doing the Go Fast, Don’t Suck postal match instead, so no classifier. Jason
  9. Ha! Just giving you a hard time. It’s really tough when anyone can chime in on a thread, and it’s difficult to know who to listen to if there are differing opinions. After all, I do it time to time!
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I find it kind of funny that there is quite possibly another person in the thread worth listening to... Hint: he might have the entire forum named after him
  11. Agree with the observation, but when was the last time you found a date at the range? Yeah, thought so!
  12. Mont1120, I’m surprised you were shooting low with the Glock - usually you shoot high after transitioning from the 1911 grip angle. Do you think you were pushing the gun down anticipating recoil with the lighter frame?
  13. Exactly. However, I did the math a little wrong in the above example. I had reversed the August and June scores, so after the initial classification of 75%, then the the next two scores of 50 and 50 are used (40 and 25 are lowest 2 of recent 8 scores, and June’s 75 is not used), so then 66.67% but still A class. Then only scores above 70% are used. I don’t think you get the “B” flags until you have 6 scores counted. So if you only did a special classifier, the top 4 would give you initial percent and classification, the next week it would run all 6 and give you a new lower percentage, since the 2 lowest scores would be factored in, but your overall class would stay the same. Then you would start using “B” flags for new scores that were uploaded.
  14. This exact scenario happened to me this year in limited. Still unclassified after first 3 classifiers, then add in 6 more for special classifier match. Those last 6 were sorted with highest being most recent. Initial classification was the 4 highest from special classifier. In this example: 90, 80, 70, and 60 = 75% (A class). Then the next week it recalculates top 6 of 8 (add in 75 and 50) for initial classification % of 70.83%, but still A class. The 40 and 50 are the lowest 2 of 8, so not counted, and the June score of 25 is never used. From that point forward scores below 70% are flagged for below A class, and you go up from there.
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