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  1. I’m already in for area 3 - unfortunately I’m a nobody.
  2. Somehow the font seemed to change on my last post mid way down, and I have no idea why (typing on my phone). No emphasis was implied.
  3. I feel like this thread has the potential to derail quickly. However, here are my honest thoughts: 1. I like revolvers, but not at the expense of semis. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. 2. When I first started shooting I found the double action pull of the revolver was more accurate for me (it helped me stabilize myself), rather than jerking the trigger. Now that I have a little more experience this isn’t necessarily the case, but it was when I started and probably influenced me. 3. I grew up playing “cops”, and the cap guns were all styled after double action revolvers. In contrast, men in my dad’s generation grew up playing “cowboys” and some of the guys I shoot with seem to like single action revolvers. 4. I hate losing brass. 5. Jerry Miculek I’m sure there are a million other reasons why someone would prefer one type of firearm over another, it is all personal preference after all. I tend to think all the divisions have something to offer, and am having trouble trying to stay committed to only one this year.
  4. I actually kinda liked the strategy of managing a long field course with only 6 shots. Very unorthodox approach compared to everyone else (and that was part of the fun). For me, I just want a couple of others to compete against that have to deal with the same constraints, so I can see how I stack up. In almost all cases they are going to beat me, but at least I can see where I am falling short (looking at points vs speed).
  5. Alright, so now I feel obligated to pad the statistics mentioned above, and am officially the first revolver shooter registered for area 3. I know I am no competition for the rest of you, but I’ll give it a shot if anyone else wants to join in the fun. I promise you I’ll no longer be D class by August (aiming for B). If nothing else, you are now one step closer towards being recognized.
  6. Just found this thread and am inspired. Really impressive work, it would have been entertaining to see it unfold in real time.
  7. I think these last two posts might hold the answer to more participation - getting the word out to others already in the game that have the equipment, but for some reason have drifted into another division (rather than trying to recruit new shooters). I would definitely sign up for revolver if I knew there was more competition, but it is hard being one of the first, not knowing if anyone else will sign up or not.
  8. I think you would want to keep extended cylinder releases in moons and open divisions, but maybe keep the speedloader division more stock. Note that I am just wishlisting here, and am specifically not advocating for further dividing up the revolver division. While I would personally like it, I don’t honestly believe it would increase participation.
  9. I started two years ago in USPSA, specifically shooting revolver. I definitely don’t have the experience that others (pretty much everybody) have on this forum. I started shooting a 44 magnum I had, using speed loaders and 44 Russian hand loads. Within that first year I picked up a 625. Why I didn’t go 8 shot you ask? Well, I did know about this forum, but only just barely, and there were no other local revolver shooters to help me out. So that got me through the first year, but I was always the only revolver shooter at my local club. I tried to convince one other guy to shoot his wheel gun (as he had in the past), but I was most likely not enough competition for him. The state sectional that year did have another higher class shooter with 8 shot minor, but we weren’t in the same squad and I never met him. So then started second year with same equipment (6 shot major), but switched over to production so I could compete with my friends. I picked up a 627 and had a load ready by the end of the year (thanks to some good advice on a starting point from the guy I bought it from), and did manage to shoot one sectional with it (not my own since I was shooting Production for that one). I did terribly, but wasn’t surprised since I really need to dryfire (but don’t). However, there were a few other revolver shooters, and even though I wasn’t squaded with any of them, it was a lot more fun to do the data analysis on PractiScore after the match. So now this year I think I am going to try Limited, with the intent of going back to Revolver next year. But, if there were more competition, I would gladly roll back to Revolver in a heartbeat. I am signed up for one bigger level 3 match, just for fun. If there are a couple of Revolver shooters that end up competing, I would be so tempted to switch divisions, even if I am the sacrificial lamb (someone has to get last).
  10. Well, if he puts money into his current gun to make it better and more practical for him and keeps using it, then I would agree that it is money well spent. However, if he is putting money into his current gun just to be able to play the game, and that money could go towards a separate gun, then I would consider it a waste. This is exactly what I did, and regret it. The cost of specialty 44 moon clips and getting a cylinder cut would really add up fast, compared to say a 625 and stamped clips. Wouldn’t exactly need TK moonclips for 45 acp. And then if USPSA is the game, he’s going to want to go 8 shot anyway, so better to save up for a 929/627. If you are putting money into a gun (any gun) for no other purpose than to compete, then it is typically better to put those dollars to use by going with the gun already designed to work (rather than retrofitting something that wasn’t specifically designed for that purpose). Same argument could be said about building up an open Glock, rather than buying a used open gun on the forum (yeah, I’ve made that mistake as well!). I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from trying out Rev division with what they have... it’s just that I have made the mistake of slowly bleeding money into a gun, only later to realize that I should have waited and not spent a dime until I knew I wanted to commit. Still play, just don’t put money into a platform that isn’t designed for it. We would all agree that a Scandium framed 6 shot 44 magnum isn’t exactly designed for action pistol games, so it really comes down to what the OP wants to get out of his current gun.
  11. Run the 329 as you have it until you have saved up for a proper competition rig (depending on what you end up in - IDPA, USPSA, ICORE). My advice is not to sink any money into your current gun though. You’re going to end up getting a new gun anyway, so don’t waste the money on getting the cylinder cut, etc. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.
  12. I know I’m really late to the party here. For USPSA I chose a 627 and with 38 short colt. A 929 would be essentially interchangeable (just get the right moon clips). I haven’t done steel challenge, but have heard a TRR8/R8 could be better due to no double “taps” and faster transitions. However, the TRR8 and R8 are not interchangeable. Aside from the fixed vs removable rail, it is important to note the barrel rifling it different. TRR8 = land & groove (lead is ok) R8 = EDM (lead is a no go?)
  13. Funny, I was thinking the same thing the other day. I ran a Glock in production for the second half of this last year, and am trying to transition to a 2011 platform for limited next year. For some reason I think I like the Glock better. It could just be familiarity with the platform, or maybe I am adverse to thumb safeties.
  14. Dawson red for me as well. A couple of the above responses do have me curious to try some different colors though. I have defaulted to red, as that’s just what I have always used. Maybe it’s time to branch out a bit.
  15. I had to drill a hole in my Nerd pistol coffin to match the blade tech pattern (it was originally on invictus hanger). Now it works great with the boss, and the inner kydex rests on the boss hanger where it extends out a bit mid way down (this was an original attachment point for the invictus hanger), which adds a little more passive support. Ultimately, I ended up cutting off the top of the kydex where it protects the rear sight (using for uspsa rather than 3 gun). After all the modifications I really am digging this combo, but am left wondering if I should have just gotten a cheaper holster to begin with. Unfortunately, not too many 6 inch options out there.
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