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  1. I have that cart with the DAA medium size backpack. It barely fits, so the pro model (which is bigger) would be too large. Also, if starting over, I probably wouldn’t have gone in that direction. A couple of my friends use the regular Zuca rolling cart (the type used for figure skating, but with modified wheels), and it is a more compact offering. Also can find them relatively cheap on Craigslist.
  2. Hunters HD Gold. The nonprescription glasses are spendy and up for debate whether worth it or not (I think they are). For prescription glasses they are a no-brainer.
  3. My revised 2020 goals: 1. Have local club matches open 2. Hopefully majors that I registered for are not cancelled
  4. Frames are a little ugly, but the lenses are fantastic. I think the magic is in the prescription lenses (if you wear glasses). Apparently you can get custom cut lenses to fit other brand frames. I really like the yellow glass - can wear in a dark indoor range or outside in the bright sunlight, making them extremely versatile. A bit on the spendy side, but relative to the overall cost of the sport, and given what they protect, I think they are worth it. It doesn’t hurt that their customer service is outstanding either. So to break it down: Cons: -Cost -Some ugly frames Pros: -Great customer service -Can have custom cut for other frames -Great for a variety of lighting conditions -Very clear lenses -Able to get prescription lenses Overall, I recommend.
  5. That’s a great point. I was thinking more about expanding into the tactical, or non-competitive market.
  6. Agree - keep the Glock mags production length. They are not that expensive, and for 2011 practice I think it’s a great idea. 1 - 2011 mags are $$$ and the feed lips can loosen up with dry fire abuse. 2 - The weight might not be exact, but it’s better than empty mags. If you want to make your mags weight more, then you are making dummy rounds. Let’s say you make up a couple mags worth, now you’ve paid $20 for components. 3 - I know others will chime in that they are safe with their dummy rounds, but this does help keep Live ammo away from your dry fire. So it may not be for everyone, but I think that argument is mostly financially based. If they were free then most would agree it’s a great idea. So at what cost do the above benefits out weight the cost. I think DAA has them priced competitively.
  7. You can use your own magazines for dry fire, but you’ll still need to use brass and bullets to make up dummy rounds for weight, and then there’s extra wear and tear on your mags to consider. I think these look promising. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-dry-fire-practice-magazine
  8. If you didn’t adjust your powder funnel, then the flare should be the same. Gotta be just the incremental up and down adjustment of the feeder die. Love my bullet feeder, but I also am running to problems with the bullets getting stuck in the die itself and not falling through. Can’t figure it out.
  9. Another thing to consider is the average age of the participants, which in the case of USPSA, I believe skews to a bit of an older crowd. This is a higher risk group, and probably not the best time to be congregating. I am not the liberal media by any means, but do work in a health care facility, and this virus is something to be taken seriously. I am super disappointed by losing the shooting season, and I don’t think it will be ending anytime soon. Stay safe everyone.
  10. Another vote for BB without finger grooves. Personal preference, but for me rubber gets the edge over wood.
  11. I have used both. The Speed Beez may be imperceptibly better for stand and shoot since all the moons are teed up at the top of the magnets. But in reality the North Mountain is just as good. As soon as you add movement, the North Mountain blows it out of the water. I had moonclips falling off the Speed Beez magnets with hard running. No problem at all with the North Mountain posts.
  12. What is the frame optic mount you are using?
  13. This post really got me thinking about this possibly happening in my last classifier - Diamond Cutter (09-02). More details here: Did I get a good classification because I used a 8 shot gun in a historical classifier, or have the HHF been updated? This is becoming a very interesting topic, in thinking about when a major paradigm shift happens in a division and how the classifications respond.
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