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  1. J_Allen

    Limited Ready Glock17

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing the other day. I ran a Glock in production for the second half of this last year, and am trying to transition to a 2011 platform for limited next year. For some reason I think I like the Glock better. It could just be familiarity with the platform, or maybe I am adverse to thumb safeties.
  2. J_Allen

    fiber optic rod

    Dawson red for me as well. A couple of the above responses do have me curious to try some different colors though. I have defaulted to red, as that’s just what I have always used. Maybe it’s time to branch out a bit.
  3. J_Allen

    Nerd, Boss, QLS Compatibility

    I had to drill a hole in my Nerd pistol coffin to match the blade tech pattern (it was originally on invictus hanger). Now it works great with the boss, and the inner kydex rests on the boss hanger where it extends out a bit mid way down (this was an original attachment point for the invictus hanger), which adds a little more passive support. Ultimately, I ended up cutting off the top of the kydex where it protects the rear sight (using for uspsa rather than 3 gun). After all the modifications I really am digging this combo, but am left wondering if I should have just gotten a cheaper holster to begin with. Unfortunately, not too many 6 inch options out there.
  4. J_Allen

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    I just started loading 38 short colt - used 38/357 sizing die, and 9mm for everything else. I personally like the Mr. Bullletfeeder expander over the Dillon for your powder die in the 650. Bayou 160 gr RN and Titegroup so far. Having a chronograph is invaluable for working up loads because you’ll be outside SAAMI specs, even for minor power factor. Agree TK moonclips are good, but I have found them very stiff. Another option is Revolver Supply (which has different sizes). One thing to note is that rimmed cartridges will differ in groove diameter, so you need to match up your moonclips to whatever brand of brass you are using. On the topic of moonclips, you will also need tools for loading/unloading. I really like the BMT mooner, as long as the brass isn’t too tightly fit into the moonclips. I also carry a Revolver Supply pocket moon clip loader and tubular unloader. Good luck (as well)!
  5. J_Allen

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    Ha ha! You got me there. The denominator isn’t exactly that large!
  6. J_Allen

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    I respectively disagree. If optic sight revolver was it’s own division, then more people would shoot revolver. I’m not claiming it’s the next PCC or anything, but people would play for sure. Maybe it’s the same people that are shooting OSR in steel challenge, or others shooting in ICORE (i.e. already hard core revolver shooters). But if it was a division, then there would be a place for those guns to run (more practically speaking than in open division). There would be past revolver shooters that may have migrated to other divisions, or perhaps a newer shooter with a TRR8/R8. Regardless, I bet participation would increase. Of course, all of the predictions above also probably reflect the demise of the regular revolver division.
  7. J_Allen

    My revolver progression

    Week #5: I’m getting a dry fire routine set up. Got Stoeger’s dry fire book, and already had Anderson’s book as well. So between those two, I hopefully should be good for the next year. I hit my goal for the year, and that was C class. Granted, it was in Production and not Revolver, so maybe doesn’t fit well into this diary entry. I have too many interests and not the time to pursue them all. Anyway, I am looking at only a few matches left this year (live in a cold climate), so as I start thinking about goals for next year (which would be my third): Year 1 - D class, Revolver Year 2 - C class, Production Year 3 - A class, Limited Yes, for a goal I skipped right past B class. Is this realistic? I don’t know right now. In all honesty, B class is a long way off for me. However, I haven’t really done a consistent dry fire program, so I know there are gains to be had. Anyway, I think I’ll let this diary die a quick death right now, but may resurrect it in the future as I gravitate back to the wheel gun. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read these entries. Hopefully I can get better at general skills that will cross over between the divisions.
  8. J_Allen

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    I don’t think allowing revolvers into CO would change a thing. So revolvers can use dots in Open, but not Carry Optics - but does it really matter? I don’t think a revolver would be competitive in either division, so if you wanted to run a dot, then it would be because you wanted to with the expectation of just playing for fun. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it - it actually sounds like a blast. But I would know that I’m going to get a beat down, regardless of division. Now I am what you would call a pretty poor yardstick. But would an upper tier Revolver shooter really get a lot of satisfaction by beating up on C and D class shooters in CO? I can't imagine any scenario where they would be competitive with someone of equal skill. Now, if CO had kept 10 round capacity and revolvers were allowed, then it may present more of a challenge. As it stands, we can currently run an optic in Open, and deal with major power factor, 170mm mags, etc. just for the fun of it. Therefore, the only way to put an optic on a revolver AND be competitive while doing it, would be to make it a stand alone division. And I would play that game.
  9. J_Allen

    My revolver progression

    Week #4: Got my 38 short colt load dialed in. Made it to the range once, but was mostly working with the chronograph, rather than on any particular skills. At least now that’s done, so can move on to other stuff. I know this is a boring diary right now, but it’s serving the purpose of keeping me on task. I have about a month before my last match of the year (level 2 out of state), so I could work specifically on reloads, and if I can get comfortable with them, I think I’ll run in the revolver division, rather than production. However, at my weekly match this week, and possibly another level 2 in a couple weeks, I’ll probably still run the auto just for fun. Then I’ll start getting serious!
  10. J_Allen

    My revolver progression

    Week #3: Not getting frustrated with revolver, rather getting frustrated by myself and lack of time to put in. I did get one day of draws in last week, but pretty minimal. I spent most of my free time reorganizing my reloading room, and I do finally have my press set up for 38 short colt. I had been waiting on a 9mm crimp die, which finally came in. So next I have to work up some loads, but luckily this should be pretty quick since I already have some good advice from the previous owner in terms of what made power factor. The argument I have floating around in my head is whether I have enough time in the next month to get my load figured out and adjust to a new rig. That is why I am thinking of finishing up this season with my bottom loader, and then dedicating next season (along with off season training) to my 627. Since I am still in D class, the jump from 6 shot to 8 shot should help, as well as fall/winter/spring dry fire practice. End of summer is getting busy with kids activities, etc (can’t believe it is going so fast)!
  11. J_Allen

    DAA Alpha-X disappointed

    I have a Glock that I had to do minor fitting. After watching the video, it was really easy. I didn’t have to break out the dremel or anything, just a little sandpaper to file down the edge corresponding to the inside of the trigger guard. I know it might be a little intimidating at first, but if you go slow it will be ok. In regards to one of the previous posts talking about having modification rendering the holster unsafe - this would be modifications to other parts of the holster (the area where the lock engages for instance). As long as you are sticking to the trigger guard area, and the lock engages fine, then the holster will be completely safe (even if the gun wiggles a little). If you take a little too much off and are unhappy with the fit, you can always give them a call and can order a replacement locking block (it’s less than $20).
  12. J_Allen

    My revolver progression

    Week #2: A little disappointing. Had one day of draws/reloads, and a couple of days monkeying around Getting my press ready for 38 short colt. Otherwise pretty quiet. Am thinking of finishing up the season with the semi, and switching focus back to revolver sometime in the fall.
  13. J_Allen

    My revolver progression

    Week #1: Didn’t get much time in this week. Spent about 30 min/day x 5 days working on USPSA activities, but 3 of those were related to organization/reloading. Of the two days I dry fired, I was mostly working on general skills. Steve Anderson’s dry fire drills 1-14 and draw/index. Also learning to use my par timer. So not much progress, but we’ll keep at it. In the meantime, I’m trying to decide where to concentrate the rest of the summer: Revolver vs Production vs Limited. I like the revolvers the best, but still accumulating gear for reloading 38 short colt, and by the time I work up a good load I don’t know how much trigger time I will have before my two level 2 matches. I have one more classifier and I should hit C-class in Production, so that’s the agenda this week.
  14. J_Allen

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    Interesting, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.
  15. J_Allen

    Alaskan454's Range Diary

    How are you closing the cylinder of your weak hand is already on the grip? Just curious, as I have found weak hand reloading works for me, and am trying to figure out possible nuances to practice. As an aside, I would have defaulted to strong hand loading off the table, even though I am running with a weak hand reload during the stage. I really should practice weak hand off a table, but just didn’t think of it before.