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  1. Using a TF +10 with a Glock 33 mag, I've never had to reload on a normal USPSA stage. The last match I shot was a Monster match and one stage was 62 rounds but no issue reloading during movement. My buddy ws using a MBX 57 round mag which eliminated all reloads except for the stage previously mentioned.
  2. I have used Delrin in the past to make auto racing suspension bushings. No failures. Trying to save 1.7 Oz when a loaded mag is pushing 1# seems like a waste.
  3. That mirrors my experience. GMR-13 with 14.5" barrel. 3.6 gr Titegroup, Precision Delta 124 JHP is a good all around load. I shoot USPSA as well as KD Steel and occasionally Steel Challenge. Previously tried 115 and 147 bullets.
  4. Ruger factory shooters James McGinty and Dave Olhasso just came in 1st and 2nd in PCC out of 124 PCC shooters at the Blue Mountain Classic Steel match.
  5. JP recommends changing out the firing pin after 5000 rounds. I recently exceeded that and changed out the FP. No issues before the change.
  6. I've shot a lot in NY and NJ in the past with an AR. Your state "legality" doesn't matter. You have to comply with the laws of the state you are participating in. The main issue is mag capacity. Check that out and comply. If I remember correctly, when in NY I had to have the rifle case locked when traveling.
  7. I have two Glock mags with the TF extension. One mag worked from day 1 with no mods and the other took light filing to work.
  8. Ran a C-More for 68,000 rounds on an Open gun, Added a new one to my PCC, 6000 rounds No Issue. I don't use a riser on the PCC.
  9. My last trophy, dated 2004, was for High Super Senior Open. They may have changed the age requirement but I suggest riding your bike and go to the gym.
  10. Running 124 JHP over 3.6 Titegroup getting 124 PF from a 14-1/2" JP. Running light buffer spring and swapped one tungsten weight for steel. Lightening buffer setup reduced velocity.
  11. Back in the day I was into shotgun speed shooting. There was a shotgun side match at the PSA shootout. Start was barrel on a low post, 5 poppers spread out about 10 to 15 yards away. My buddy and I practiced for this and out goal was first shot at .5 and .25 splits. I did a 1.57 and my buddy did 1.52, some guy named Jerry Miculek did a 1.42. My best time on a Texas Star was 2.14.
  12. I've settled on 124 Precision Delta JHP over 3.6 grains of Titegroup on my JP GMR-13. 6000 rounds, no problem.
  13. I've been reloading .223 for many years but just now am planning a ladder test. You can chrono your loads without shooting for accuracy, just look for similar velocity within a group of powder charges. Once you've selected a charge shoot at longer range. A red dot will not be accurate enough and you should shoot at closer to 300 yards. For .223, I'd vary the powder charge by .2 gr
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