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  1. My JP GMR-13 has never had a factory round shot through it. 9000 rounds with my reloads and no problem.
  2. I would suggest trigger control. Do some dry fire and concentrate on any sight movement.
  3. When I was a Pin shooter, the pin had to be knocked completely off of the table. All of the good shooters were using .45 pistols. I was running a little over 200 power factor.
  4. I my experience, almost every time I give it to the RO.
  5. I clean about every 500 rounds. Running Titegroup, the gun gets very dirty. Several mentions above about oiling. This applies to the bolt. I run wet. @ 5000 rounds I replaced the firing pin but the old one looked good and I kept it for a spare. Also replaced the extractor but it also looked good. Recently replaced the "O-Rings" in the buffer. They were shot.
  6. Check page 5 for J-P Rifles suggestion. https://www.jprifles.com/document_pdfs/JPSM_729.pdf I followed this for my original .223 barrel and got 10,500 rounds out of it before groups seemed to open up. Just got a new J-P barrel and am following the same procedure.
  7. I dry tumble and use One Shot lube and leave it on. I run 2 different TF = 10 mags and 3 shorter mags with + 5 Dawson extensions.
  8. I'm running Precision Delta 124 JHP @ 1.120" in Glock mags with no problems.
  9. I've been shooting local matches for 3 years with a PCC. Almost all starts have been with butt stock on belt, a few low ready and occasionally, if pistols start "Hands on Xs", PCC starts muzzle on X. That's what I would practice.
  10. I have seen competitors using lasers on rare occasions and considering getting one but decided improving my shooting would pay much better results.
  11. I used the Odin AR part and drilled and tapped the original JP mag release.
  12. I switched to the Techwell and it works fine. Best improvement to the GMR-13 was an extended mag release.
  13. I have been shooting USPSA for many years in Open and Limited pistol class. The biggest change for me shooting PCC was thats its scored minor. You get 3 points for a C instead of 4 points. Concentrate on trying to shoot all "A" s. I am not shooting on the move nearly as much as I did with a pistol. I'm a B shooter is all classes.
  14. Punch and hammer works and small engraver tool works as well. Switch to JHP and the problem goes away.
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