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  1. I run the TF 41 extensions and download to 40 so I can seat a mag with a closed bolt.
  2. I still have the magwell shown but replaced it with a Techwell. I don't know about the Odin Works mag release.
  3. Its an Odin AR part. I drilled and tapped the original mag release.
  4. I've been running C-Mores for 25 years on pistols and rifles. The dot stays in the center when adjusted. On my JP I run it in the most forward position attached directly to the rail and have no issues.
  5. I'm a Super Senior with classifications in Open, Limited, Limited 10, Revolver, and now PCC. I've sold all of my competition pistols but have a HK VP9 I like to shoot. I would enter in Limited Minor so I can use my existing gear and not worry about how I finish.
  6. In my JP GMR-13, I'm running 124 JHP bullets with 3.7 gr Titegroup for 129 PF or 3.8 @ 135 PF. I use the hotter load for KD steel.
  7. In my 14.5" JP GMR-13 I run 3.7 Titegroup and get 1042 fps or 129 PF. I up it to 3.8 for knock down steel.
  8. Parallax is not dependent on magnification. Set it for distance and check by moving your eye to see if the reticle stays on target. The distance shown on the parallax knob may not be exact.
  9. I've had a torn bicep for 2 years and it has not affected my shooting. Overtime it has, to some extent, slowly healing itself.
  10. You can shoot 9 x 23 in a Super barrel but I don't recommend it. Its obsolete and brass is difficult or impossible to find. I shot it for years and have a 95 gr. steel load if interested.
  11. I've been a Super Senior for 15 years (You used to only need to be 60). I try to hit the gym 3 days a week and alternate between the Concept 2 rowing machine and an Espresso bike. I do 5000 meters on the rowing machine and somewhere between 5 and 8 miles on the bike. I don't do much weight training but do dead lifts, pull downs, and chest press on a machine to hit the muscles not worked with the rower. Back in the day, I kept a tennis ball in the car to squeeze at traffic lights.
  12. I running the same bullet with 3.8 grains Titegroup @ 1.12 in a GMR-13 and getting good accuracy and no leading in the comp.
  13. My JP GMR-13 has never had a factory round shot through it. 9000 rounds with my reloads and no problem.
  14. I would suggest trigger control. Do some dry fire and concentrate on any sight movement.
  15. When I was a Pin shooter, the pin had to be knocked completely off of the table. All of the good shooters were using .45 pistols. I was running a little over 200 power factor.
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