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  1. I'm also running a JP and due to lack of Titegroup, developed 2 loads using Winchester 244 which is similar in speed to 231 and is supposed to be cleaner. 124 JHP, OAL 1.120". 3.9 gr. = 1040 FPS, 4.1 = 1098.
  2. OP, If you are hitting the "A" zone consistently it's probably not worth shooting major. The difference is the points scored shooting C's or D's. Major scores 1 more point on those hits.
  3. I load on a 650 and use a lot of pick up brass. I've had a few pieces that I can't resize and I'm thinking they were 9mm major brass as most of my brass comes from my club that runs USPSA matches. I have reloaded quite a bit of Norma, the issue has been that they (along with many other brands)won't fit flush with my EGW check gage. All of the Norma shoots fine through my H-K VP9 and my JP PCC.
  4. My primary mag is a Glock with a 10 round extension which holds 41 rounds. I load 40, no issues after 4500 rounds.
  5. I finished up my 4# can of Titegroup which I use for both my H-K VP9 pistol and JP GMR-13 PCC. I used 3.8 gr Titegroup and 124 JHP bullets for both loads. In my area there is no pistol powder to be found but I did buy a 4# can of Longshot. I doesn't look like I'll be able to use the same load for both guns. Here's my chrono results for the JP. 4.9 gr. Longshot = 1159 fps and 144 power factor. 4.7 = 1130 fps and 140 PF, 4.5 = 1050 and 130 PF. My loaded length is 1.12". I use pick-up brass which tends to give poor Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation numbers.
  6. I can't help with 115s but with 124s and 3.7 TG I'm getting 1088 fps = 135 PF through a JP GMR-13 @ 14.5".
  7. I joined USPSA in 1994 and was very active for about 16 years. I shot a sectional match in 2004 and totally screwed it up. Much to my surprise the next week I received a trophy for High Super Senior. In 2010 I stopped shooting USPSA and went to other shooting sports. I bought a JP PCC in 2017 and tried USPSA again. I shot a few matches and was classified as a "B" shooter. I had sold all of my old race guns and recently modded my carry pistol to a Carry Optics gun. I'm (Slow) but back!
  8. No one has replied but I would say it is a decent time. A good draw would be about 1 second, .2 second split on each double would be good for a .45 with no comp. Add .5 for each transition and you're at 4 seconds.
  9. 7.8 of N350 gave me 1400 PFS with 125 gr bullets with my 9/23. Should be similar with 38 Super
  10. I went from when everybody shot a 1911 .45 single stack to Open (Also a 1911 Single stack with a comp). Did Limited followed by Limited 10, just for fun got classified in Revolver. Left USPSA for 3-Gun. Bought a PCC and discovered I could shoot it in USPSA. Got a B classification in PCC. Recently shot Production twice and decided it sucked. Just shot my first Carry Optic match. As you might guess, I'm a veteran Super Senior.
  11. This data is from my 9 x 23 but should be close for 38 SC. 7.8 gr N350= 1409 FPS, 8.2 N350 = 1424
  12. Steel shooting is all about speed. If the sights are anywhere on the target pull the trigger and move on. Don't wait to hear to "gong".
  13. Titegroup would be my choice but hard to find, N320 is very good but more expensive N350 would not be my choice for 9 mm but I did try it for 9 x 23 Major loads.
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