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  1. No harm at all (except for a few cases that might be oversized and develop a hard ring on the bottom), and that is what I do for 38 super processing. I like to use a regular die, then a U-die without the decapper installed to size it down progressively. After that I do a condition and case length check, and then reload them. Using pre-checked and processed brass makes the reloading process go super fast with very few issues.
  2. When I ran out of 231 went on a search for a good general purpose powder for 9mm minor and .45acp. Tried several and had great results with Alliant American Select. Very clean, meters well, low recoil, and is consistantly accurate. It has become my go to powder for .45 and 9mm minor. Worth a try if you are expirementing with different powders.
  3. Been using the POF flat trigger in PCCs and they have been flawless. Price is excellent and it comes with anti-rotation pins. Maybe not the latest and greatest, but rock solid with no drama. I like that.
  4. DWS



    You responded to my post about that old Caspian where I was asking for advice.


    First, thanks for your advice and assistance.


    Next, you mentioned that you may have some grip panels that you may sell. I would likely be interested in buying a pair.


    Thank You,

  5. For me shooting 9mm vs. 45 at Level I club matches was mostly a draw, with the edge going to 9mm for the extra rounds and ammo convenience. For larger matches I'd probably go with my .45 for the major pf points 'cuz those guys really know how to shoot a single stack and I don't.
  6. As others have said that is a nice old Caspian and you got it for a great price. I like the Caspian frames a lot and have a couple myself. The weak point was a consistent off the shelf source for mags, and now that MBX is making tanfo/Caspian mags that is a non-issue. Personally, as already mentioned, I'd put a C-more on there and ditch the pro-point (I still have a Ross Deane modified pdp3 on my workbench as a paper weight). The screw spacing looks odd in the picture and it is hard to tell if it is the new standard spacing or not. If it isn't you could get a blank mount from a place like Cheely Custom and drill it to match your gun's spacing. If it is standard spacing, then your choices are wide open. (and yeah, I had a Redbuff on a Caspian frame, good tasco mount back in the day but not good for a c-more!). Also, I'd get either the EGW mag well or if you can find a Dawson Ice magwell those work well, also. You can pin the EGW magwell in place on the Caspian frame by using a long STI mainspring housing pin for a STI magwell and notching the EGW magwell. This will keep the EGW magwell from walking on you. The Trik Trigger from Caspian is also a nice addition, it is a flat trigger and feels great on these guns. Lastly, if you want grip panals there are a few sources for nice grips. Alumagrip makes a real nice one, but so does Hogue and Caspian and you can find used on these forums on occasion. If you need grip panels let me know as I have a bunch and have been meaning to do a garage sale in the classifieds. As Steve said 4756 was a good powder that is now discontinued. Depending on the age they may be loaded for 175 pf if they were loaded for USPSA. If you have access to a chrono you could chrono a few and if you feel safe shoot the rest...or just pull them and reuse the case. The Shuemann barrel is a good barrel, as long as it was fit correctly. They seem to like jacketed bullets more than coated or lead. If you are shooting major just pop for some Montana golds or Precision Deltas and get on with the loading. As for powders, you can search 38 super loads on this forum and find a lot of options. I have guns with three port Shuemann barrels and they seem to work best with the slower powders and either 115 or 124 gr jacketed bullets. Personally, I like AA#7 and has been my go-to 38 super major powder for years. HS-6 is good, but blasty to me. N105 and 3N38 are good and if you can get some are worth a try. Also, N350 is good...a little snappy but it is super clean. Autocomp and Silhouette are also good, but are like HS-6 as far as being blasty in a super (just my opinion - you can try them all and tell us what you like!) Here is a person with a similar post from a while back. I am "Guest". My original "Bamboo" account (with a 2006 join date and a few thousand posts was nuked by a forum glitch) http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/213601-newold-shooter-gear-question/?tab=comments#comment-2376056 A little TLC and some updating and that gun will run with the best of them. Good Find, and enjoy open (they have cookies, but don't tell anybody!!!)
  7. Tell them you do electronics projects as a hobby, and you are wanting to make sure your soldering station ventilation is working. BTW - the best solder has lead in it and is not lead free. Or that you are casting fishing weights, or doing stained glass work. I have my BLL checked nearly every year and have loaded cast bullets for years. Never had any alarming BLL. Highest i had was when I shooting a lot at an indoor shooting range, and even that was below 15. Now it runs about 6 and has for years. I think that practicing good hygiene and not putting my-hands/fingers around my face have helped. Good luck!
  8. I've been using C-more tactical railways with the spacer with good results. Have another pcc I'm building up and have a Holosun HS510c on it, and it is a nice sight with a small 2 minute dot and a larger 65 moa ring like an Eotec. It can be used with just the dot, or just the outer ring, or both and they look crisp and is a nice sight picture. I think the Cmore is a great red dot for pistol stage PCC type shooting and it is really light. But, the HS510C with its price point, 2 minute dot, bright and crisp dot and ring, easy to use controls, and Ti shroud make it a real contender for the Cmore. However, I wish it was a little higher. It is sized to co-witness with iron sights like a lot of sights these days, and it does...but I would like to buy or make a 1/8 - 3/16" spacer to get it a tad higher for a more heads up position. The initial marketing photos of the HS510C show it with a vented spacer, and i have emailed Holosun to see if you can buy them but no answer. Anybody know if you can buy a spacer for the HS510C?
  9. The POF AR15/AR10 3.5lb straight Trigger w/ KNS Anti Rotation Pins from Joebobs is PCC friendly and a nice trigger at a nice price. Have them in a couple of PCCs and no regrets.
  10. No damage to home, lost one small decorative tree everything else OK, lots of duff in the yard but the oaks look cleaner. Got power and water back around noon today. Missed the air conditioning.
  11. These things are fickle. Live on the East coast and was in the track a few days ago, and was reluctant to evacuate so early. House is storm strong and we are provisioned up, but still....having even a Cat 3 pass nearby can be kind of crazy and makes the family nervous. Did all the preps, watched the reports and now it looks like the West coast will get the brunt of the storm. A couple friends went to family in Tampa and are now driving back to the East coast to get back to their homes before they close the bridges. It's nuts. Anyway, best of luck to everybody and stay away from downed powerlines, and crazy people. ;)
  12. TGibe- That is a good deal. Let us know what you think of the upprt after you have shot it some.
  13. Bamboo

    Glen Campbell

    Dang, that is a bummer. I saw the documentary about his last tour and his battle with Alzheimer's, it was pretty sad at times. He was a heck of a performer and an incredible musician - a most awesome guitar player. Hope he is now part of the great Wrecking Crew in the sky.
  14. ^^^ Same here, have POF triggers in PCCs and an AR. Never had any trigger issues with them at all, very high bang for the buck. FYI - Joebobs has them on sale now for a good price and they include anti-rotation pins. The Revolution 308 looks interesting. Time will tell how robust it is.
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