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  1. hi ExStreetWalker, I think I agree with you... and I suspect you make not think I am, after I say what I am planning to say. First, tin is expensive, compared to lead. Yes, and one should be careful to keep costs down. Most of my 'lead' is from wheel weights. I think it has some zinc and copper and silver in it also... just enough that it does not cast as easily as plain lead. I add antimony to stiffen it as I think the bullets should be a bit harder. the tin? is in there because I can not get decent fill of the mold without it. how
  2. hmmmm... ok, I can't think it is possible to make an imaging and sorting system without at least 3 sensors. The camera is one. A way to know 'take image' as the second. Depending on overall speed at least one more (third) to know you have the case sync'ed to the image for setting gates or awaiting image processing... if not both of these last two. I would be very tempted to use optical or light break methods for case position sensing. micro switches tend to wear and can interfere with cases in motions. dirt is an issue with either choice. buuuuut li
  3. perhaps using sound or a touch sensor or light break to synchronize picture to case. Have a picture frame request and let the case advance the next sensor, that will be known to be that just pictured case. I think I'd test how long each picture takes to process. see who arrives first, case at next sensor or case identified. eta my case feeder is definitely faster than 800 rounds per hour. I have no way to easily test past that. my guess is that with the feeder relatively full, it can go at 1600. and I see I miss-read your speed tests and b
  4. short sighted resellers... I'd like to buy the bot that succeeded in buying primers. miranda
  5. Miranda


    I had to look up BFE. I call that place East Jesus. miranda
  6. I truly have no explanation. I've not ordered from them. I am hoping some one has an answer. miranda
  7. you have no idea how puzzled I am... please don't explain, I think I understood the post... but what a puzzle.
  8. spamming? because I am sitting here in stunned silence? your posts take a bit to digest. some thoughts... build to your satisfaction first. If you are thinking about those who may follow you, some details I will need re re-read to gather. If you are asking about number of decision gates for brass. how difficult is it to build them? are they linear? in general I'd think sort to 4 buckets. once you have this, I'd think 8 and 12 and 16 are logical upgrade modules if the computer is less than a pi and a camera
  9. at some point you have to make decisions with what you know. Dillon is from all I can tell an unusual company. straight forward in products, availability, and customer service. I have no reason to think any of that has changed. I'd hate to think anyone would call this jaundiced cranky character a fanboy I do not think that Dillon makes the best of everything... However, it is a rare reloading item that I don't compare to Dillon's offering. ammo boxes spring to mind.... I expect Dillon will continue. our current eco
  10. Hi Pjb45, you appear to be taking comments about Dillon personally. a heads up is why I said it. I read of the many manufacturing ideas and complex systems as examples for programming computers. I do not like a lot of the principles found in JIT. And if you look at a Dillon 650/750 as an example of JIT, you can see the merits of such a manufacturing system. Along with the problems associated with hiccups, in that same process. I truly do not know how big Dillon is as a manufacturing concern. thus I don't know how much benefit t
  11. first I have seen of that stamp. I'd reload it. just to see how it acts. :--D you can tell us! miranda
  12. got a picture? I can't find the stamp. if brass and without step I think I'd reload it... sadly I scrap some automatically AMERC is one. miranda
  13. always. an example... I read the rules to a wargame... set in feudal Japan as I recall. There were some unusual rules for victory points. I want to call one of the points counted is personal power points These PPP were gained by being a badass. You gain them by a quick clean kill of an insolent peasant and winning small battles and as the game progressed larger battles. roll of dice outcomes for events and totals etc. In the rules was ,I kid you not, killing an old woman cost PPP. So old ladies have a kind of protection. no one gains
  14. all this thread about not having parts. yall know you can make them? ... or a working substitute. I know you can put primers into the carousel one at a time. I have hand wound/formed springs. this country has a seriously boned economy. If you think Dillon has done something wrong or abandoned you as a customer, you may want to look around. They are not the only company in the same bind. cast bullets. make parts become friends with someone who has a big lathe or mill. right now a lot of people are st
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