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  1. yow... I had not considered setting up a program to continuously ping a vendor for an item... I do consider it rude to do such a thing. and there is a reward for anyone who does so, they get the item. email notification/reserve may be the only reasonable option. tis a pain in the backside for all involved. miranda
  2. yeah burrs are likely... buuuuuut... load a bit longer to put a little less pressure on that bullet. the bullet is being obturated by the pressure miranda
  3. perhaps if we all start discussing how to refill primers, we can embarrass the primer companies into providing them after all, if we learn to make good primers, we will quit buying them... the only reason I am not learning to make h-48 priming compound is that I don't know how to properly clean the residue... such arcane knowledge you see. miranda
  4. If that was 9mm... I say try slightly fatter bullets. or... check if your bullets got swaged during seating. miranda
  5. in some poking around... the only guess for the chemistry I've read is that it is a variant on h48 priming compound. if so, it should be ok. and you will need to clean your firearm after use. I'd consider it real emergency priming. miranda
  6. went googling... from sharpshooter-22lr? looks interesting.
  7. press parts? I hate to seem overly enthused... what did you make? I can think a lamp holder or camera holder for checking powder fill. some one had a bullet feeder for a die station. I saw some one made a chess set buuuuut I don't need that. ... like I need incentive to get a printer. I'll start saving and looking for best prices and performance. miranda
  8. once I get one... read if... for the next few months, I'll be back here looking for help. what happens if the printer is not level? miranda
  9. how companies act (or react) in Supply and Demand Scenarios is a lot of fun to sort out. the more expensive the production machine, the more likely the machine is to run 24/7 and if you can decide what demand happens to be... you will only buy enough machines to meet that demand. for the most part the two ideas above are not related. They can be, however, the connections are variable. this connection is an exploration of the meaning of 'efficiency.' I usually think of supply and demand as labels on the same box. right n
  10. SoggyCashew, you make it look easy. I maybe I'll get a 3d printer miranda
  11. dillon may shoot me. I am pretty sure you can order the 750 press without the casefeeder... I suspect you can make a cheaper casefeeder. and to defend them a bit, dillon's casefeeder is pretty good. ---------------------------------------------------------------- onward, I have to point out a bit of logic that has been bopping around in my head. lets say a 3d printer that can make a casefeeder... and a bullet feeder.... and a birdfeeder and well anything you may want that costs 350 dollars... I can not
  12. Cool! please let us know how it goes? miranda ETA: poking around castboolits is also a warren of rabbit holes.
  13. ... that was disconcerting... discord wants a lot of somewhat personal info to play along with demands to be on my phone and... it sure looks hard to find any useful and relevant posts. I think I'll poke around castboolits instead. miranda
  14. ok... how might I find the reloading discord channel? I am looking for a url... google is a little flakey when it thinks guns may be involved... miranda
  15. hmmmmm....... the price of ammo and components is going up. miranda
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