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  1. Miranda

    What I like...a broken water softener....

    That was the movie; " Looking for Mr. Goodfrog" right? yeah, I refused to watch it. too much violence. Now when Marvelous Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphones return... I'll be there! miranda
  2. Miranda

    What I like...a broken water softener....

    I am Southern! I come from Aroostook county ( look it up) it don't get more Southern. and being Southern, I have a sense of Honor. hold my beer, I'll get a PCboard for you to slide under that bum. miranda
  3. Miranda

    What I like...a broken water softener....

    I claim fake! no water softener, no PCBoard besides that looks like a car accident. miranda
  4. 'possums in the news! this link https://verizon.yahoo.com/news/possum-attacks-python-wins-back-083228735.html For when that goes stale or for those of you who fear being rick-rolled a python attacked a baby possum and the mother possum bit and clawed the python until it released the baby. with a few pictures .... oh the horror of possum pictures. Heather Janetzki inthe article said "possums can generally be quite feisty animals, so that doesn't surprise me." hohohohohohohohho miranda
  5. Miranda

    Dear Abby

    dear abby dear abby you won't believe this. my stomach makes noises when ever I kiss. my girlfriend she tells me says its all in my head my stomach it tells me to write you instead when ever I read "dear abby" this song pops in my head.
  6. Hi beerbaron, did you look at the gears? they are the one thing that I would think would wear. miranda
  7. Miranda

    Is Revolver officially dead

    the air got sucked outta the room.... I am very fond of railroad Steam engines and I think that we are better off with the diesel electrics. Those diesels are booooooooooooooooring. I do not have a love of revolvers and I like gizmos so I should want a revolver. I have to state here that I do not think revolvers will disappear. they may not survive in competitions simply because the rules do not favor their use. miranda
  8. Miranda

    Is Revolver officially dead

    and given how big the high bypass blades are getting.... you could make a case that propellers are making a reappearance. I don't have a revolver. If I felt a round gun was some how better than the bottom feeder I have, I would consider getting one. miranda
  9. Miranda

    You Tube and Citibank Change Regarding Firearms

    both Businesses are problems. the bank... avoid it if at all possible. you tube is a BIIG problem because They are worried about being sued for things that are posted there. firearm manufacturers have some immunity however, we can't seem to be allowed an easy way to show people how to be safe. we can make u tube vids about gory and hyper realistic violence depicted in games. Use a real gun to show where the safety and magazine release and how to remove the ammo? That is to be avoided... and the search engine will often not find it if it exists. grrrrrr miranda
  10. Miranda

    What I like...a broken water softener....

    well, I figured you got a new one... and since you didn't take any pitures of the outline of the dead frog that we were not going to get the news the frog army finally got the softener. :-D how is the mower doing? miranda
  11. Miranda

    Lee Loadmaster 9mm w/ Titegroup issues

    fill in one hole in the auto-disk, drill it out smaller. I'd use a chopstick and epoxy, then drill out with a taper. wide at the top and smaller at the bottom keep carving until you hit the weight you like. miranda
  12. Miranda

    a small explaination of zen

    backwards is nez I have found meditating easy feeling unbound is rare and possible. the explanation of how is difficult and not possible. Flatland Shooter, If the above didn't help... go with this: I dunno what he said either. :-D
  13. OOOoooo Good idea! can I buy one too?
  14. oh what pretty photos. brass snow flakes and jacketed bullets with lube grooves. do you anneal the jackets before you swage them? miranda
  15. Miranda

    3D printed bullet collator

    ah the marvelous things the're doing with plastics nowadays tom lerhr I am still reading about the bullet collator. the nose down version seems easy. for round noses any way. at some point some kind of logic circuit may be needed for the wad cutters. and I can imagine that carbon fiber can do a lot to reinforce a thermo plastic metal powder will not add to tensile strength. miranda