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  1. after a few tries to get a process for making 223/556 using a 650, I can state If you want volume rifle, GET the 1050. for volume pistol the 650 is pretty good. I do not know how anyone can swing their arm so fast to get 1200 pistol rounds done in an hour... I load primers in that hour as a rest from swinging and I have no problem getting more than 400 done in an hour. the rifle rounds go at the same pace If I do not need to trim the case ... or de-crimp the pockets... I finally got the process down once I set up the lee press with the RCBS swage tool and when a primer balked, I'd pull the case, knock the primer off if it came along and then I swaged the case with enthusiasm on the nearby lee press. ( I had swaged all of them but I guess I didn't get it done evenly) miranda
  2. Miranda

    Tactical codpiece

    think: "once fired" miranda
  3. that is why we pay the price for dillon's reloaders.... I gotta say I like mechanical challenges so that one has my curiosity. From when it happens... I also can guess that the indexing cam could do that can't think of how.... hmmmm,. My guess. the index is pushing the shell plate just past the detent. On the lift the index moves back releasing the shell plate and the ball detent snaps the plate into position. miranda
  4. my 650 does not klunk or click or pop at that point in the stroke.
  5. reduced capacity case... yer kiddin'... any way to convince them to skip the step? if they just tapered the case to have a thicker wall at the bottom the volume would be reduced without creating a case with a built in stress riser. I would think that a super case for feeding any of the less supported chambers. I avoid buying ammo I know has stepped cases because I do not trust it. miranda
  6. getting stuck? how far into the case are you pressing it? mranda
  7. accuracy.... when you get to .357 sized lead bullets, coated or not, your problem is swaging them in 9mm dies unless you are careful. I get good results with FC brass. the sizing and decapping die will make for a tight fit so when you are belling with the powder funnel you may want to consider using a 38 funnel. seating a .357 bullet into a case opened by a 9mm funnel will swage the bullet. This is the most likely cause of your problem... of note here; I know lee makes two 38 funnels. I recall the long one was the one I used. Crimping is the other issue. the brass wall thickness is just enough to allow the 9mm to fit. I promise a lee 9mm FCD will swage a .357 lead bullet. my test runs were easy to disassemble, the bullets fell out. a normal lee crimp works well, just enough to pass gauge. lead is soft enough that it is hard not to swage. so try to swage it to .3565 and not .3550 I was fighting leading to sort out all that. I can't say I noticed more or less accuracy. so FC brass, 38 funnel and a light crimp. this combo just makes it inside 9mm saami specs. miranda
  8. It does not seem an odd place to find guidance for ballistic problems. I'd go down the list of usual causes of tumbling. leading causes are already mentioned and the firearm causes are off the list As you have a clear cause in 'new' bullets, check dimensions. as far as a "lab" goes, your company has one... miranda
  9. we used pennys... I don't know the amp rating for them. miranda
  10. many years back I cut my feet deep and in a couple of places. Those docs exploring and then stitching gave me a perspective on pain that has had no equal. I have read that breaking a leg bone is the most pain. ... that may be true and I will avoid it. I still find it a little hard to believe. From all I have read since the foot incident, the docs think pain meds don't seem to work on hands and feet because we have a lot of connections in our brains to hands and feet. We can't easily ignore it. I was a lot more careful about where I walked afterwards. you can have a lot of faith in yourself that you will avoid a repeat incident. miranda
  11. ok so now I am wondering if I can find armored shoes. may the stiches be painless.
  12. ummm.. the guys here know what you are talking about for a lot of video games. they rarely admit to playing the games however... and I will never forgive whoever it was who recommended fantastic contraption. that was a lot of time I could have put to better use. miranda
  13. get out yer dremel and polishing cone. Put the best shine you are able onto the mouth of the seating die and crimp die. if you use SS pins as your media, you will get shavings/dust because the media seems to peen the case mouth. miranda
  14. Miranda


    I hate drywall. use beadboard or lumber or plywood. you have to get to the studs and add something to hang cabinets if you want them to stay up. I'll make it look good next week, dear.... miranda
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