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  1. anyone found the solution to the mbx problems ??? My sons pcc has been nothing but problems with them
  2. Ive been lucky with BNB 124gr 1.120oal and 3.4grs of E3 w/ Remington SRP about 145pf BNB 135gr 1.120oal and 3grs of E3 w/ Remington SRP about 143pf ( this one is super soft and accurate... dot hardly moves ) this is out of a 14.5" JP stainless steel barrel
  3. Now do use the same of big matches??? And is there a ton of smoke??? I'm thinking of using 124gr or 135gr BNB hytek coated bullets ...
  4. We've all have mess up ... rounds with no primer or bullets upside down, or loaded a case thats cracked... Or pulled bullets from rounds we've picked up at the range. I know I can reused the primer and some of the brass ... but what do we do with the used powder ??? I have a little container of mixed powder ... What do you guys do or what can we use the mixed powder for ... Ive used the mixed powder to start little fire camp fire... what else can it be used for ???
  5. Ive used titegroup, n320, ramshot comp, solo1000, hp38 and wst ... out of all of them N320 was my favorite for a while but was expensive and disappeared on the selves. And found out the Ramshot Comp and E3 is alot cheaper and softer... 9mm 135gr 3.5grs of N320 vs 3.3grs of Ramshot Comp vs 3.2grs of E3 ... E3 is the softest out of all of them and is very accurate but seems to like being alittle compressed because the diviation tightens up as you do ... so morale of the story is; get what ever powder your wallet can afford to maintain... hehehehehe I like E3 cheap and soft and accurate ps. I used a bunch of N320, Ramshot Comp, WST and still have about 40lbs of E3
  6. Any one have experience with these hytek or polymer coated bullets and ran them thru your open ??? I recently started loading BNB Casting bullets for my glock 26 and my production pistol. And noticed these barely show any smoke... Is it even possible to use these thru an open gun ???
  7. you guys can order direct and Umberto ships pretty fast... My pal filler died finally after giving me years & years of service since 2011. Umberto sent me 2 replacement motors with in a week and half... Great Customer service
  8. heres my addition. mouse farts 200gr Bear Creek 1.165 oal Remington/Winchester/CCi SRP 2.8gr of N320 650fps 130pf make sure you run super light recoil spring
  9. its what Ive been getting... thank you
  10. Thats actual diameter after the crimping station. I use a LEE FCD and Ive always used 0.371 - 0.372 as my crimp. Tried a looser crimp before but it didnt have good results.
  11. nope; I need to bell it enough to make it so the bullet doesnt fall out ( after the bullet feeding station ) when I rotate the shell plate on my 1050.
  12. maybe thats it ... but its definitely inside the slide by the chamber area. It looks golden soo it might be unburnt powder
  13. Ok let me start with my specs : - 124gr CMJ Montana Gold - 8grs of Silhouette - Remington 6.5 SRP - 1.175 oal - 0.371 crimp -mixed brass - 1420fps ( because its flatter up here and softens up considerably and no pressure signs at all ) This is out of 5.4" SV Infinity Barrel and 1453fps out of a KKM barrel. - less than 1" groups at 25yrds with the SV but 1.25" out of the KKM ... All loaded on a 1050 ... I get a little bit of specks of brass on the slide right where the chamber is ... Is this normal ???
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