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  1. 464 matches since 2014. That's 5.5 matches a month. Most of the clubs here shut down in the winter months .
  2. I stand when I load on the 1050. Sit when I load on the 650. The 1050 sits taller on the bench.
  3. Credit card company's always side with the card holder . It is very rare that they will side with the merchant. It has happened to me a couple of times. Sucks. My 2 cents worth. Charge backs are the same as a bounced check. He is a crook. He should be banned from USPSA. My opinion.
  4. I would pay a yearly subscription fee of 10 to 15 dollars a year. 15 a month no way.
  5. Both my Legions group better with 124 JHP PD bullets.
  6. I bought 2 X5 legions . One had the LCI . Called SIG they wanted the gun back to fit the barrel . Very happy with there service. Like the guns a lot.
  7. I would like the contact info for Rick please . I emailed Double Alpha and they told me I had to cobble something together to make a mount.
  8. I bought a lightly used CK 9mm open gun from a forum member . The original owner said it ran very well. Now on a couple of different posts he is trashing CK because he said it never ran right. I have run 8 different bullets and 3 different powders thru it. I have put almost 5000 rounds thru it not one failure. One of the supplied mags had a problem. Called Aaron at MBX and he sent me a new follower and spring. Problem went away. I like it so much I bought another one. Should be here next month.
  9. I shot this today 3.17 sec. 1.25 Draw 38 points 11.98 hit factor Should be around a 90%
  10. I have been shooting IPCS for about 15 years. IDPA for 2 years. 3-gun and mutli-gun for 3 years . Still love it. I am always switching from open to limited , limited 10, production. Helps me keep it real. Most of the shooters I shoot with help keep things very positive. I try to stay away for people the take it to serious. (I have seen to many good people come and go) . All of us want to win . But what do we win? Money ? Fame? I think that when people burn out it is the next step to move on to the next thing that trips there trigger. Golf, racing, biking, whatever. I have seen it happen in o
  11. Squishy

    45 acp

    I use 4.4 grs of V V N310 with a 230 fmj Zero bullet to make IPSC major. The softest shooting load I have found . Clays is the second softest.
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