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  1. I stand when I load on the 1050. Sit when I load on the 650. The 1050 sits taller on the bench.
  2. Credit card company's always side with the card holder . It is very rare that they will side with the merchant. It has happened to me a couple of times. Sucks. My 2 cents worth. Charge backs are the same as a bounced check. He is a crook. He should be banned from USPSA. My opinion.
  3. I would pay a yearly subscription fee of 10 to 15 dollars a year. 15 a month no way.
  4. Both my Legions group better with 124 JHP PD bullets.
  5. I bought 2 X5 legions . One had the LCI . Called SIG they wanted the gun back to fit the barrel . Very happy with there service. Like the guns a lot.
  6. I would like the contact info for Rick please . I emailed Double Alpha and they told me I had to cobble something together to make a mount.
  7. I bought a lightly used CK 9mm open gun from a forum member . The original owner said it ran very well. Now on a couple of different posts he is trashing CK because he said it never ran right. I have run 8 different bullets and 3 different powders thru it. I have put almost 5000 rounds thru it not one failure. One of the supplied mags had a problem. Called Aaron at MBX and he sent me a new follower and spring. Problem went away. I like it so much I bought another one. Should be here next month.
  8. Hi Colby Glad to meet you on Saturday. Hope to see you at the gun club more often. You did well for your first match. Darryl
  9. I use a case pro and a U-Die for all my 40 ammo. I case gauge every single round I reload.
  10. A long time ago we were at an USPSA match after it rained, in a very wet part of the range an an RO told us to be carefull the ground was very squishy and slippery. I was the first shooter on that stage. The ground made a squish type noise as I stepped in the shooting box. The RO called me Squishy ever since.
  11. Done 7:03 this morning . In and out in less than 10 minutes
  12. I feel your pain. My sympathies. We lost 3 of our pets in the last year. Pets don't live long enough.
  13. 23.60 Then ask if was correct
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