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  1. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Well, I cast some bullets, lubed and sized them, took them out and shot them. Ran 12 moons thru it and it looks like I'll be ok. Some traces of lead but nothing extreme. I haven't cast bullets for 40 years, I forget what a mess the lubing part is especially with bevel base bullets . I'm liking the powder coat idea more and more. I mounted a red dot to test for accuracy and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Two inches at 20 yards...... works for me. Looking down the bore, the rifling looks almost non existent, I'm surprised it shot so well.
  2. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Thanks for the replies. Seems your all shooting coated bullets, I was interested in regular cast with no coatings. Why? Because I have the molds and a lot of lead. Anyone shot naked lead and experienced leading?
  3. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Any one have problems shooting lead cast bullets in their 625 JM? I'm thinking I read somewhere, there was a leading issue do to the EDM cut rifling, or something to that effect.
  4. I'm not sure I understand the "step cut." What gun do you have it on?
  5. Their showing "out of stock" right now..... Also $60.00. That's more then I would have thought.
  6. Thank you, just what I was looking for.
  7. Stock 17 rnd. 2.0. I've seen it mentioned on this forum but can't dig it up again.
  8. Drillbit


    This is very interesting Mike. I tried it on some other known loads I've made and it's very accurate. Because I will be adjusting down, I feel safe in giving this a try.
  9. Drillbit


    This is all good info every one, thanks.
  10. Drillbit


    I know this is a broad question. I'm loading 9mm with 148rn coated HI-Tec bullets using Sport Pistol. The velocity are more then I want. If I wanted to reduce velocity, would a tenth be meaningful, or go 2 tenths? I realize that all powders are different /burn rate etc.. just looking for some accumulated knowledge.
  11. I had thought about the epoxy before I read your post. I'm going to give your mod. a look. Thanks
  12. Thanks for that, something to consider. I thought about building up behind the trigger with something like an epoxy putty and then work it down to just past sear release. That should also shorten the reset. What do you think?
  13. All I have replaced in my 2.0 so fare is the sear, and it made a big difference. The other thing I would like to improve on is the overtravel. Did you buy your stop or make one?
  14. "Maybe it helps the next guy out if I ever sell it" That was my main thought, the next guy.
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