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  1. Wow! I had no idea you could remove that much material. Did you have to overcome any problems after?
  2. That was one of my questions. How low can I / should I go. Thanks
  3. It sounds easy enough, but I ordered a hammer from Numrich Gun Parts to get started on. If it turns out ok I'll use it. If not, I still have a hammer.
  4. Thank you very much. My plan was to just remove the hammer spur. I have seen some that are almost flush with frame... Thoughts?
  5. I want to bob the hammer on my 625-8. The part of course is MIM. Can I grind the hammer spur as if it were machined steel?
  6. Just ran across this thread. I had the same problem. Aluminum on aluminum tends to gull. I used Dielectric grease on the cap threads. It didn't fly on, but it helped a lot.
  7. I'd like to here more about this "spring bending." What is the process?
  8. I started off with the stock moon clips, then read about the short colts in the reloading forum and gave them a try, I liked the results. The thing is, everything worked fine for three years and then misfires started. I'm going to have to dig deeper.
  9. That's the first thing I checked.
  10. I measured .015 with the TK moon clips for Starline brass and Starline short colts. The TK clips for the short colts are .025. The regular TK 8 shot clips are .035 but do not hold the short colts. The combo of the Star Line short colts, and the TK clips for same, make for some lighting fast reloads. I guess I should mention the reason for my question has to do with the sudden rash of light primer strikes I've been getting lately. I've changed nothing for 3 years and was thinking it maybe due to excusive cylinder end play.
  11. Could someone tell me the min. and max space between the cartridge face and the recoil shield? This is a 929 revolver using Starline .025 moon clips.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll have to give them a call.
  13. Can you tell me more about these belts? I have a DAA rig that is just to stiff for my liking. I only shoot IDPA and ICOR and I feel that a very stiff belt is not necessary for the little weight that it has to carry. So, I'm looking for something not so stiff.
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