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  1. Can you tell me more about these belts? I have a DAA rig that is just to stiff for my liking. I only shoot IDPA and ICOR and I feel that a very stiff belt is not necessary for the little weight that it has to carry. So, I'm looking for something not so stiff.
  2. Can you give me more detail on your process?
  3. The cylinder throats are .3575, measured with a telescoping gauge. The slug will drop through the cylinder with out resistance. The gun is a k frame smith. I wrapped a strip of aluminum can around the slug to measured it.
  4. Great minds think a like. I did that very thing on another gun, worked good.
  5. Well; the slug from the bore measures .356 after it goes through the tight spot at the barrel frame juncture. I'm going to try to slug the bore before the restriction. Half way sounds good.
  6. Tighter groups is what I'm after. A slug from the barrel is at .356.
  7. I looked at the LBT web site, what a mess. I could not find a price any where on his kit.
  8. Who here has fire lapped a revolver barrel. What did you use, or who's product did you use. I have a 38 spl with a very noticeable tight spot at the barrel/frame junction.
  9. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Well, I cast some bullets, lubed and sized them, took them out and shot them. Ran 12 moons thru it and it looks like I'll be ok. Some traces of lead but nothing extreme. I haven't cast bullets for 40 years, I forget what a mess the lubing part is especially with bevel base bullets . I'm liking the powder coat idea more and more. I mounted a red dot to test for accuracy and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Two inches at 20 yards...... works for me. Looking down the bore, the rifling looks almost non existent, I'm surprised it shot so well.
  10. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Thanks for the replies. Seems your all shooting coated bullets, I was interested in regular cast with no coatings. Why? Because I have the molds and a lot of lead. Anyone shot naked lead and experienced leading?
  11. Drillbit

    625 JM

    Any one have problems shooting lead cast bullets in their 625 JM? I'm thinking I read somewhere, there was a leading issue do to the EDM cut rifling, or something to that effect.
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