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  1. Thanks. I checked my drill bit sharpener and it does have a diamond wheel. What degree should I use to sharpen the bit?
  2. I bought the Lyman, it's telling me the pull weight is 5.5lbs. on average. It's lighting off Fed LPP good but real hit and miss with Winchester.
  3. Thank you for the kind offer. I have a drill bit sharpener, haven't used it In a long time but it may have a diamond wheel. If not, I'll get back to you. Also, what do you use to measure your trigger pull weight?
  4. No not really. One side of the hammer has flats and the other has two different surface heights, that's what got me.
  5. Well, I received the carbide drill. It took 3 days to get it and 20 min. to break it. Broke the cutting edge at the tip of both flutes. Is it worth having it sharpened? It was $35.00 with shipping.
  6. That would be very nice of you. I'm thinking 13/64 would get me started.
  7. Where would I get such a thing, and would it be expensive?
  8. I had no idea. I have a new respect for MIM.
  9. I can't say for sure. Just didn't want to go that far right away I guess.... Hell, I can't even drill through the areas I wanted to remove. I will be shooting ICORE and IDPA,
  10. First off, as hard as I'ved tried, I can not find any post with Mike Carmony describing his 'hammer bob" prosses, or pictures. Next I have to ask what does it take to drill through one of these hammers? I thought they were only surfaced hardened. My drills are not cheep. I knew right away it was a no go The picture below is what I'm shooting for. I thought I would drill out the places I wanted to remove and then use the Dremel with stones to finish with.... Not looking good for me at this point. Suggestions.
  11. Thank you gentlemen. I'll do the search for "carmonized hammer"..... I will look into this also.
  12. I finally got the hammer cut today. This is where I ended. It all went well. I hand held it while grinding with air tools, slow but worked. I scribed a line at the start you can see in the photo. This was with the hammer at the fired position . The cut I made is in the unfired position.. I must admit, even after the good advice I have gotten here I was still apprehensive of going to far. Got finished up and tested the trigger pull and can honestly say I can not feel a real difference.
  13. Something to consider. Good to know. This may turn out better then I expected.
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