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  1. Great Idea. I'll try that, thanks.
  2. I did the JB Weld over travel bumps. I thought I was being clever.... I guess not that clever.
  3. The hardest part on the M&P is compressing the spring.. There's no support for the spring until you get the guide rod pushed all the way into the spring. Not so on a 1911.
  4. I have to agree on this. An uncaptured guide rod in the M&P is a freaking nightmare to install. For some reason I thought it would be something like the 1911. I thought wrong. I will be shopping springs for the original guide rod, a much better setup in my experience.
  5. If you forget about the optic mount... Is the Performance Center C O R E 9mm that much better then the standard 2.0? Worth the money performance wise other then the slide cut ?
  6. Another question. Why would S&W use a guide rod that is clearly more expensive, and maybe more labor intensive then a non captured one. Not trying to shade anyone, just a question. I'm going to give the Wolf non captured a try. I'm thinking 14# spring to start. I shoot some factory, but mostly reloads. Sound ok?
  7. Is there any difference, other then the obvious, in a captured verses a non captured guide rod. Any advantage, disadvantages? Is one any better then the other? I'm wanting to try some lighter springs in a M&P 2.0 9mm.
  8. I agree... Either would be slower. I shot an IDPA match last month and won the revolver division shooting a 625. Of course I was the only person shooting revolver. So I'm thinking, two clicks would work.
  9. Once again, reviving an old post. I had Pinnacle Performance cut my 929 to 5". If I would have had two of them, I would have the other cut to 4.25" just for IDPA. Their rules say you can have an 8 shooter but only load six. I would not have a problem clicking on two empty chambers.... I count.
  10. I realize this post is 14 months old but............ I'm looking at a non ported C O R E. Is this lens clouding a real problem? Or just an aggravation to some.
  11. Thanks. I checked my drill bit sharpener and it does have a diamond wheel. What degree should I use to sharpen the bit?
  12. I bought the Lyman, it's telling me the pull weight is 5.5lbs. on average. It's lighting off Fed LPP good but real hit and miss with Winchester.
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