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  1. hump

    sps vista

    I am still running the factory ignition parts. 2 1/2 lbs and dependable
  2. I installed a STI grip with no problem
  3. hump

    sps vista

    I put a STI grip on mine with very minor fitting. The barrel is 5 in.
  4. Have you tried the rounds in other open guns?
  5. I went with the 510c on an Atlas mount. Will shoot it later this week but I can already tell I really like it.
  6. Just mounted a 501c on an Atlas mount. Will get to the range for some practice later this week and will update. Looking thru the 510c is like watching a 75" TV in a small room
  7. Thanks. I was leaning towards the 510c due to the size of the glass. I will go ahead and get an Atlas mount on the way.
  8. Is the optic still robust to allow dumping into buckets for 3gun matches?
  9. I am currently running a 507c on my CO gun and really like the clarity of the dot. It is very easy to pick up. I have a Atibal MRD v2 on my open pistol and have considered buying a 510c for my open pistol. I have noticed several for sale in the classified with a mount and have to wonder if the weight is an issue. I would just change the 507c over to the open gun but I will need to buy another mount and don't want to end up with an extra mount if the 507 is to small for the open pistol.
  10. I have been thinking aboit trying a 507 on my open pistol. I really like it on my CO pistol. Does the size of the glass slow you down.
  11. I use the Major Pistol with good results. Much cleaner than AA7. I also use the Auto Pistol for major of. It is very similar to HS6
  12. Has anybody else polished the feed ramp on the receiver? I polished mine to a mirror finish and it hand cycles amazingly smooth. The shells almost jump into the barrel. Haven't been to the range yet but it sure feels much smoother.
  13. How effective is the comp when shooting 1145fps ammo. I can't tell much difference. I am going to drill 3 holes in the top of the comp to see what that does but I am thinking I will just leave it off. The pattern is much better without it also.
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