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  1. Has anybody else polished the feed ramp on the receiver? I polished mine to a mirror finish and it hand cycles amazingly smooth. The shells almost jump into the barrel. Haven't been to the range yet but it sure feels much smoother.
  2. How effective is the comp when shooting 1145fps ammo. I can't tell much difference. I am going to drill 3 holes in the top of the comp to see what that does but I am thinking I will just leave it off. The pattern is much better without it also.
  3. I have a Lynx and it ran great right out of the box. It has been extensively upgraded with parts from Carolina Shooters Supply.
  4. Rotated facing the wrong way.
  5. The RIA mag springs are a LOT stronger than the springs in my 12 and 20rd mags for my Lynx shotgun. I have wondered why they need to be so strong. I did find out during a match on Sat that installing a spring backwards in a 10rds mag will cause misfeeds.
  6. Mine is set up pretty much the same except I am running the factory buffer and spring. I polished the trigger and changed the trigger spring and improved the trigger a lot.
  7. I think I found my problem. The forward legs on the bolt carrier were rubbing the magazine. I measured the carrier legs and found the very front of the leg was .038 narrower than the rear section. I adjusted this and it is now much smoother. I won't get to test it before the match on Saturday but it feels "right" now.
  8. Most of the first 8-10 rounds. They were loaded in the mag just before I cycled it.
  9. I agree. I just thought it was odd.
  10. Problems Hand Cycling My gun doesn't want to hand cycle rounds. I have 3-400 rounds thru the gun. It will cycle 1200fps shells without issue. I took it apart and cleaned it getting ready for a match Saturday and tried to hand cycle rounds after cleaning and found that the rounds get stuck as they are going into the chamber at about a 45deg angle. If I pull the bolt back slightly the round will pop up and chamber. This is not magazine specific as I tried several mags. I have checked the feed lip dimensions on all the mags and they are the same. I have polished the feed lips on the mags. Any ideas?
  11. Has anyone opened up the gas ports. Of what size did you go too.
  12. My short comp and mags came in today. I install the comp and ran about 150 rds thru the gun. No issues other than the comp was loose when I finished. Anyone else had this problem?
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