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  1. Shooting an open class shotgun I a hoot too. With 20 plus rounds of 12ga and a dot you usually have a big grin on your face.
  2. Not sure about the accuracy of the Sig but I just returned from sighting in a new Canik TP9FSx and it as accurate as my CZ SP01 Shadow Target Custom. I shot them both side by side at 20yds and the groups were under 2" offhand with 124gr HP reloads at 130pf.
  3. When I shot tac ops I went with the M3K Stoeger and never had any issues. I opened the loading port for quad loading, installed a Bennelli extractor and spring and did a trigger job on it.
  4. hump

    sps vista

    I am still running the factory ignition parts. 2 1/2 lbs and dependable
  5. I installed a STI grip with no problem
  6. hump

    sps vista

    I put a STI grip on mine with very minor fitting. The barrel is 5 in.
  7. Have you tried the rounds in other open guns?
  8. I went with the 510c on an Atlas mount. Will shoot it later this week but I can already tell I really like it.
  9. Just mounted a 501c on an Atlas mount. Will get to the range for some practice later this week and will update. Looking thru the 510c is like watching a 75" TV in a small room
  10. Thanks. I was leaning towards the 510c due to the size of the glass. I will go ahead and get an Atlas mount on the way.
  11. Is the optic still robust to allow dumping into buckets for 3gun matches?
  12. I am currently running a 507c on my CO gun and really like the clarity of the dot. It is very easy to pick up. I have a Atibal MRD v2 on my open pistol and have considered buying a 510c for my open pistol. I have noticed several for sale in the classified with a mount and have to wonder if the weight is an issue. I would just change the 507c over to the open gun but I will need to buy another mount and don't want to end up with an extra mount if the 507 is to small for the open pistol.
  13. I have been thinking aboit trying a 507 on my open pistol. I really like it on my CO pistol. Does the size of the glass slow you down.
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