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  1. Dissident Arms can install one of their magwell and offer other upgrades. Great guys and products.
  2. I loaded some with Power Pistol with good results. I prefer JHP but the Brass Monkey 124gr worked fine in my SPS Vista.
  3. I run a 15lb commander length on both of mine. The 14 worked but I occasionally had a light strike. The 13 did not always go completely into battery. My ammo is loaded to 130pf.
  4. I run the Sig P320 guide rod with a 14lb Commander spring in both of mine. Freedomsmith triggers and Holosun 507 optics
  5. WSF should be very soft shooting. I use Shooters World Auto Pistol for mine. 5.4 grs gets my about 132 pf.
  6. If you decide to offload them I'll take them
  7. I bought 2 Canik TP9SFX's and added the Freedomsmith triggers and really enjoy shooting them. I was shooting aCZ Shadow 1 and don't miss the weight difference at all. The Canik is as accurate as the CZ. The trigger on my Canik breaks at 2.4lbs with a very short reset. I an running a Holosun 507 optic.
  8. I shoot a CZ Shadow Target and load with several different powders. My normal OAL is 1.06. I have never had any problems with over pressure. I admit they look to short but they function as they should.
  9. I run the same spring in my SPS for 170pf and 135pf ammo. The ejection is weaker but function is 100%. I use a 9lb spring.
  10. I have been running a Vista Short with both major and minor loads for more than a year. I changed the extractor, ejector and firing pin and have shot 8-10k rounds with very few issues. I ran some 130pf loads thru it today to check POI before a 3 gun match this weekend. When I shoot USPSA I run 170pf JHP's. The gun is still very tight and smooth. I put a Holosun 510C with an Atlas mount and it has been rock solid.
  11. It looks the same to me. I run mine without a shield
  12. I use adjustable sights and do a bench zero at 12 yds
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