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  1. Great job! not nearly wordy enough to compete with the other though... Lol
  2. Ok, understood. I didn't want to misrepresent their product.
  3. The black bullets I posted ARE NOT Precision. They are an off brand that has yet to be mentioned on this site.
  4. Please post a video, if you decide to make one. "Wordy" lol... true.
  5. Here is a decent video already produced: Hornady LnL Powder drop
  6. Thanks for sharing this... I have wanted to try SP in my S2.
  7. Not sure I want to "bash" a business... so I'll not publicly name the black ones... I haven't found them mentioned on here though (did a search on the whole site), so not a major player in any way. I hope to shoot them today or tomorrow. The red ones that loaded well and shot as accurately as I can tell are BadmanBullets. The coating seemed tough, but I didn't do a hammer or melt test.
  8. So I decided I wanted to give some coated bullets a try. I ordered samples from 2 different outfits. I had read in order to properly load I had to: 1. Ensure bell is wide enough not to scrape sides when seating 2. Reduce crimp so that no score/wipe was present when looking at puled bullets I've loaded with jacketed Zero bullets and have been using MG HPs for a little while now with no real issues with case gauge, (MGs just a little proud) feeding or just running in general. The first coated bullet (red) worked really well, I could crimp them to .378 all of th
  9. Revos rock!... We have an event out here (most years) that's called the Rocky Mountain 300, let's say a revo shooter would need 10-11 speed loaders on a stage or 2... (60+ rounds) Not an official match, but a ton of fun. Last one I shot I saw a revo guy that wore a camo kilt and was killin' it!...
  10. Welcome Ohioguy! I took about 8 years off myself and just wanting to get back to it. In USPSA Carry Optics looks to be a "go-to" class, but I'm going to play in Production and maybe next year Limited/limited 10
  11. @MemphisMechanic throated both of mine and I am super happy with them. Most gunsmiths should be able to do this though.
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