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  1. Great job! not nearly wordy enough to compete with the other though... Lol
  2. Ok, understood. I didn't want to misrepresent their product.
  3. The black bullets I posted ARE NOT Precision. They are an off brand that has yet to be mentioned on this site.
  4. Please post a video, if you decide to make one. "Wordy" lol... true.
  5. Here is a decent video already produced: Hornady LnL Powder drop
  6. Thanks for sharing this... I have wanted to try SP in my S2.
  7. Not sure I want to "bash" a business... so I'll not publicly name the black ones... I haven't found them mentioned on here though (did a search on the whole site), so not a major player in any way. I hope to shoot them today or tomorrow. The red ones that loaded well and shot as accurately as I can tell are BadmanBullets. The coating seemed tough, but I didn't do a hammer or melt test.
  8. So I decided I wanted to give some coated bullets a try. I ordered samples from 2 different outfits. I had read in order to properly load I had to: 1. Ensure bell is wide enough not to scrape sides when seating 2. Reduce crimp so that no score/wipe was present when looking at puled bullets I've loaded with jacketed Zero bullets and have been using MG HPs for a little while now with no real issues with case gauge, (MGs just a little proud) feeding or just running in general. The first coated bullet (red) worked really well, I could crimp them to .378 all of them gauged well, were completely coated with no signs of flaking/exposed lead. I could dent the bullet but not scrape off the coating with .377" crimp. The second set of bullets didn't pass visual inspection with the lube ring not coated, the tips flaking off and a really "thin" look to the coating. The bases looked questionable as far as coating is concerned. I contacted the manufacturer and said that I wasn't impressed. He explained that the missing coating at the lube ring and the flaking at the nose wasn't a concern as there is no contact with the barrel. I went ahead and started my die setup. I found I could load these as long as my mags could handle due to shape, but had to back the crimp off to .380" to get them not to scratch/scrape when pulled. They wont pass the case gauge either, not like others. All will plunk and turn freely so they will run, I'm just questioning the overall quality of the black ones. Pretty sure I'll just run the major players/mfgrs after this. I'm not likely going to waste time with the "no-name" brands. PB, Bayou, Blue, SnS (in no particular order) will get my business. I know there are brand fanbois, and that is cool. I'm just looking for a good deal on a quality product. And who doesn't like pics...
  9. Revos rock!... We have an event out here (most years) that's called the Rocky Mountain 300, let's say a revo shooter would need 10-11 speed loaders on a stage or 2... (60+ rounds) Not an official match, but a ton of fun. Last one I shot I saw a revo guy that wore a camo kilt and was killin' it!...
  10. Welcome Ohioguy! I took about 8 years off myself and just wanting to get back to it. In USPSA Carry Optics looks to be a "go-to" class, but I'm going to play in Production and maybe next year Limited/limited 10
  11. @MemphisMechanic throated both of mine and I am super happy with them. Most gunsmiths should be able to do this though.
  12. MemphisMechanic posted great info on this...let me see if I can link or share... CZ OAL issues
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