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  1. Welcome back! Just coming back myself after 8 years off. This place is the best resource for info that I've found. Great people who are not only passionate about their sport/hobby, but also so willing to share info and help people out. CO and PCC are new to me... Think I'll stick with Production for a while and play in Limited at some point.
  2. As a matter of fact, I got a set of Dawson sights and was low, like way low, off hand. I know I had some influence on it so I bench supported my hand and gun then shot again. Wound up 1.38" low at 10 yards, averaging 5, 5 shot groups. When I measured my front sight, it was .200" and should have came with .170". It's ok as that would have likely put me a little high with the stock one... correct sight is being sent.
  3. Awesome! Weld County is the closest to you (in Colorado) and they have monthly Steel Challenge, USPSA and 3 gun events... ICORE as well if you are revolver inclined. Link --> Weld County Fish & Wildlife The range itself is "Members Only" unless there is a match or open practice going on, it should be on the "Events" section of the site. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about that range. I'm just across the state line, so let me know of anything up that way.
  4. Welcome, If you're in/near Cheyenne, there is a bit of shooting here in Colorado, if you're willing to drive south. ECOUSPSA has this year's schedule.
  5. I already got my order...they must have sent it before they hung up the phone!
  6. I just ordered some as well, thanks Two Shoes!! Just make sure when you call, to order the .1" (2.5mm), otherwise it is easy to order the .01" (0.25mm) by mistake.
  7. I just ordered some. I am getting the 2.5mm in 1' of red, orange, yellow and green. About $17 with shipping. They normally seel the .1"/ 2.5mm in 3' sticks, but they were willing to "make" a sample pack. Give them a call at (707) 998-3903, I spoke with Dawn. She was very nice.
  8. I measured mine and it is 0.1" or 2.5mm.... LINK TO PRODUCT They also have it in other colors... Green, Orange and Yellow... HERE Raised edge is to hold it in place. Heat one end until it slightly mushrooms, cut to length (1/64" over), insert into holder then heat cut side to mushroom. No direct flame contact is needed. I am ordering some today...
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. Thanks again for the idea on the summary rtp. So what I have been looking into (ok a little more than just looking into) is to fab up an aftermarket lifter for the Mossberg 930 (SPX, JM, Rhythm). I have plans, quotes and such. The lifter itself will not have the thumb slaying fork in it and will be slotted. In my other thread, I had asked if anyone was interested. This is where I am trying to determine if the numbers make sense to make a financial risk. I'm not trying to put anyone out of business. I know C-Rums does a fantastic job with filling in the factory part, I just want to create a drop in replacement.
  11. So here is the poll with 5 options to choose from. I am not asking anyone to commit just yet, just getting final ideas. May be able to do #2 & #3 simultaneously.
  12. Carbon Arms comes to mind: http://www.carbonarms.us/Shotgun-Accessories/
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