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Help me choose a trigger


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My first AR-15 build is coming along, and I thank all of you who contributed to the first thread a started on this topic.  Right now I'm trying to decide on a trigger.  People offered advice on this in the other thread, but I'm still bewildered by all the choices.  This is for a gun that will be used primarily for general range use and 2 gun/3 gun competition.  Based on what I've read so far, I want a single stage trigger, and I'd like to keep the price under $200.  Here a list of contenders that I have come up with:


1) Velocity 3 lb.   https://www.ebay.com/p/Velocity-3lb-Drop-in-Competition-Trigger-With-Anti-Rotation-Pins/1286103279

2) CMC 2.5 lb.  https://www.primaryarms.com/cmc-ar-15-ar-10-drop-in-competition-match-grade-3-gun-single-stage-2.5lb-curved-trigger-mil-spec

3) JP Enterprises Competition Trigger  https://www.midwayusa.com/product/162489/jp-enterprises-competition-trigger-group-with-trigger-hammer-and-anti-walk-pins-ar-15-small-pin-154-3-lb-single-stage

4) Geissele B-GRF Rapid Fire Trigger  https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/triggers-parts/triggers/ar-15-enhanced-triggers-prod67223.aspx

5) Rise Armament Super Sport trigger  https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/triggers-parts/triggers/ar-15-super-sport-trigger-prod109431.aspx


#4 is actually a 2-stage trigger, but supposedly it "pulls like a single stage but resets like a two-stage."  It's also on sale at Brownells for $149.


I'm kind of leaning toward the JP Enterprises, even though it's not a drop-in trigger.  I'm pretty handy, and I've done a fair amount of amateur gunsmithing, so I'm not put off by the prospect of fitting it.


The thing that makes it so hard to decide is the fact that every single trigger on the market has its vehement detractors, so 2/3 of the reviews say "Greatest trigger in the history of mankind!" and 1/3 say "Total piece of garbage, don't waste your money!"   I suspect that a lot of the bad reviews are from people who can't read or follow directions, but who knows.  


So, if anyone can comment on one of the triggers listed above, or submit another one for consideration, please do so!  





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All of those should work fine for matches. The only one on the list I have owned is the CMC. It is ok. I use it on my .22 training rifle and run Hiperfire FCGs on most everything else. I bought a bunch of the 24 3G units with the curved trigger for half price when they were discontinuing it in favor of flat bow model. They are great and I wish I had bought more haha. 


That being said, you aren't likely to notice tiny differences in trigger pull in the middle of a match. Split times will be about the same. 

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We have used CMC 3.5#  triggers in 4 different rifles including the new 2.5# 3-gun match strait trigger in my AR. They are great for the money and being a drop in super easy to install. My son & granddaughter prefer the curved, I like strait.All have performed perfect. Thousands of rounds on them. I did break a spring in the one in my PCC after 20-30K rounds and they told me it has a lifetime warranty and send it back to be replaced or repaired. Excellent CS. 


Now if you want an inexpensive great trigger look at the Hiperfire EDT triggers for around $60 @ Joe Bobs on sale. No creep & very quick reset. I measured it at 4#. Not a drop in. We have run this in an AR with great success.



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i'd say at your next match, ask everyone if you can pull their triggers (not their fingers...) and see what you like.  i know you said no 2 stage, but i love my geissele ssa-e two stage triggers.  one big pull when blasting away, then use both stages for more precision on the longer range stuff.  i have a jp ar and still took out their single stage and replaced with the ssa-e.


just be careful with geissele sd3g flat triggers, i've personally seen a few double (and then some).  they sent my buddy a stronger spring to help stop that, but then of course the pull weight goes from nice to not so nice.  i can't tell you how many of these triggers i've seen in use, so it may be a super small % of the population, or more.

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So many to choose from!  I do appreciate all the recommendations, of course.   


I found the Hiperfire Reflex for $190 with free shipping at Delta Team Tactical.  It's starting to sound tempting, as long as I can verify that this is a reputable outfit (Delta Team Tactical, I mean).  Anyone ever dealt with them?


There's a Cabela's within driving distance, so I might have to check out the AR Gold as well.

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Just answered my own question about Delta Team Tactical with a Google search, and it didn't take long.   I thought the price sounded too good to be true....   Lots of reports of people waiting forever for their parts, or never getting them at all.   

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1 hour ago, jmac2112 said:

So many to choose from!  I do appreciate all the recommendations, of course.   


I found the Hiperfire Reflex for $190 with free shipping at Delta Team Tactical.  It's starting to sound tempting, as long as I can verify that this is a reputable outfit (Delta Team Tactical, I mean).  Anyone ever dealt with them?


There's a Cabela's within driving distance, so I might have to check out the AR Gold as wel

If you want to save a trip to the store, call your Cabela's and ask for item IK-233765. Just have to tell them flat or curved too.

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12 hours ago, jmac2112 said:


My thoughts on the triggers you mentioned and what I’ve used:

Note: I prefer single stage also. It just seems to work better for me in 3gun.


Velocity 3.5: have a 3.5# that works great and a velocity 4.5#. Love the feel and reset. It’s a great setup and the new customized ones look really nice. My 3.5# doubled in my 9mm PCC but has worked perfectly in every .223 I’ve used it in. The 4.5 worked no issue in the PCC. These are a lot like Timney (the owner worked at Timney for years and started Velocity after he left). Both weights feel great and have been solid for me. The install of my 4.5 is perfect. When I install the 3.5 in a new lower it takes a little adjusting to get it just right so that the selector doesn’t rub too much against the trigger. I’ve figure out that I can pull the selector part way out so that the trigger pushes against the outside edge of the selector, then I tighten the lock nuts on the trigger, then re-install the selector and it’s perfect. I bought captured trigger pins to make sure they don’t fall out because the way I install it leaves the pins not as tight as I want them.


CMC: I like the feel of the trigger but the one I shot when testing it moved in the lower - it doesn’t have the lock nuts like velocity/Timney/KE so there is movement that makes it feel like a 2 stage to me. So I didn’t buy one after trying it.


JP: use this on an AR10. Great feel. Smooth, crisp, good reset.


Geissle: I have the G2S but didn’t like the 2 stage feel so moved it to my A2 with carry handle. It’s great for that gun - much better than mil spec, but I just don’t like the extra travel for 3gun


Rise: haven’t use this


Others I’ve used that I suggest you should consider:

Timney: My favorite trigger is the Calvin elite. IMO it’s worth the extra money for 3 gun. Out of your specified price range, but at least consider it. I picked mine up as a prize after a local match and wouldn’t have considered it based on cost.  Then I shot it.  After shooting the first match with it the next month I can say it’s amazingly good and worth every penny. Great customer service - top notch. Love the way I can adjust the shoe and pick different shoes. I tried out several of the options and have 1 favorite installed and haven't changed since then.


Hyperfire: before the Calvin I picked up an Eclipse on sale for just under $200. It was the best trigger I had used (until Calvin). I love the wide pad on it. I’ve been told the Elite is the same trigger as the competition but without the adjustable shoe. Several 3gunners here picked up multiple elite triggers when the sale price was about $125. I actually shoot long range best with this trigger - maybe it's the short lock time or the rifle or in my head ... but I feel faster on long range stages using the eclipse.


KEArms SLT1/SLT2: Awesome trigger and probably the best for a PCC. The only trigger I know of that can be placed on safe even without charging the gun. Really good feel to it during matches. Also this is the only trigger I know of that will run with a blown primer bouncing around inside the lower … there’s just no place for the primer to fall into a crevice and block the mechanism. So if you reload using range brass and don’t check primer pockets, you may like the extra reliability with this one. Also great customer service - heard of someone who bent one by pounding it into a lower that was drilled wrong and they still took care of it.  Vortex level service from these guys.


POF EPF: Used this for the first year of 3gun and still love it. I picked it up on sale and still one of the better triggers on the market. POF triggers also have a good reputation in PCCs. Mine moves ever so slightly in the lower, but the rubber pads at the bottom make it imperceptible during competition.


Elf: I haven’t competed with these, but they have the shortest break and reset. Great company and people and the people at our matches who use Elf REALLY love them.


Others I’ve used that I like but not for 3gun (they are 2 stage): AR Gold & Trigger Tech.  Both are great … just can’t get my mind around that little take up before it breaks.


My advice between the triggers I have used is that any of these triggers will work for you in competition. All are good enough to win. If you are a “buy once cry once” kind of person, get the Timney Calvin. If you think you’ll tinker with your guns and eventually build a PCC, get the SLT1 or SLT2 or POF. If you want to keep price low pick whichever one you like the looks/feel of between Velocity, JP, Hyperfire, SLT1/2, POF, or a Timney. If you want a company that backs you up no matter what, Timney or KE Arms or POF (and maybe the others … just no personal experience on those).


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If you can get the AR Gold on clearance, that's a no-brainer.  Still the best I've used.  I am curious about the Trigger Tech and the newer Timneys.


I really like my CMC too, but it did have to get returned to the factory after some issues early on.  Once I got it back it was flawless and reliable.


The JP is excellent as well.  Sounds like you like DIY and you can fit and tune it to your liking.  There is really little to complain about it and I do like it a bit more than the CMC.


Excepting their match triggers, the Geisseles for me have been more hype than substance.  YMMV.  That is a pretty good price for them though.  I had the S3G trigger and it just didn't match up to the 3 triggers I have tried above. 

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Timney, Hiperfire, Trigger Tech, and CMC are on a decent sale at Dvor. CMC 2.5lb is $130. Hiperfire reflex is $160 with a safety.


Full disclosure, If you sign up with this link, I get $10. https://dv.0ps.us/V08s

Even if you dont want to sign up with my link, there are plenty of decent deals to be had on there. https://www.dvor.com/

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