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  1. Looking to find a single person in the Central Florida area who can : 1. perform gunsmith tasks on my Open 2011 and AR-15, and 2. provides individual lessons in shooting both pistol and rifle. I haven't done much shooting in past few years, and would like to get started again, soon, with some individual lessons before I get started doing the same old errors again. Like to get to an A card in the next year or so. Any recommendations ?
  2. To be safer (I don't think there's any reason to, but) soak the rounds in oil for a few days.
  3. I cannot imagine it's the primers. Bet it's either the gun (firing pin springs or firing pin) or using lubrication and not drying it sufficiently before loading the primer. My BHP fires about 50% of Russian primers, but my TruBor will fire 100% of them. A third possibility is that the old, fired primers were never removed from the case, and the powder filled and bullet seated. That primer will Never go off. I'd suspect Anything before I'd suspect the primers. BUT, it's worth trying another brand of primers, just in case.
  4. ^^^^ For action pistol events, I use my press's powder charger and chrono to set the powder weight - the scale merely gets me started in the right direction.
  5. I doubt it's more accurate than a beam scale. The big advantage of the digital is that there are a LOT of people who can't read a beam scale. It's not difficult, it's just having a "feel for numbers". I have no feel for music, and some people have no feel for numbers. They will have a tough time reading a beam scale. The digital will tell you that the charge weighs 3.22 grains - nothing else necessary, just read the numbers like on a digital clock. My young Grand Kids have a tough time reading a standard clock - they're used to a digital clock. Have no idea what "clockwise" means.
  6. I just throw the "bad cartridges" away - not worth the effort when brass is so cheap for 9mm.
  7. OOPS, just noticed you have NOT been reloading …. You need to buy a $100 chronograph plus the reloading equip. May not be worth spending $600+ to reload 9mm, depending on how much reloading you're doing.
  8. What gun are you using ? What are you practicing for ? (Competition, carry, hunting, target ?)
  9. Sounds like some good advice up above. Also sounds like you've been reloading for a while now ? Hope you're planning on using a chrono to keep your loads where you want them.
  10. Yup, I just count the boxes of primers. And, I usually put my loaded cartridges into boxes of 50 or 100.
  11. Wow. I've never spent more than $3/1,000. You should think of buying larger quantities - go in on a large order with a fellow shooter, or two.
  12. Thanks. Some nice analysis there. I've "almost" done the 179 degree, myself, to save a half step - not worth it.
  13. I wonder if people with great gripping strength prefer the 124's and people with less grip prefer the softer 147's ?
  14. I hate to be "that guy", but you should have stayed with 9mm Major and Minor - very easy to change back and forth.
  15. Good luck with it - hope the three of you come out of this stronger.
  16. I tried the "Mexican carry" and didn't feel comfortable with that. Looked up the other brands and even though I hate to spend $25 for a piece of plastic, I ordered a Ghost - cheaper than the other brands. Looks good enough to carry one single mag. I'll let you know.
  17. Hi-Power Jack


    I love shooting in the rain ….. Even better when it's cold and blustery. (That was the weather at Frostproof a dozen years ago, when I shot my first Open Major shoot. Froze, got wet, but it was still fun.
  18. I'll give that a "dry try" right now, and see if it works for me. Any lint problems ? Mag stay in there during a sprint ?
  19. It seemed like a LOT of $$$$ the last time I bought 6 cases of MG 124 JHP's.
  20. Aren't the HAP's very expensive ? vs 8.5 cents for PD, as example.
  21. After reading all those problems, I have to go take a nap. Glad you sorted them all out - have a Great 2020 " Make 2020 Great Again".
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