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  1. Never thought about it before, but I wonder if there's a benefit to the large blast, directed at the bad guy. Yeah, you'll get some of it too, but you know he's in for a VERY LARGE BLAST in the face. Also alert your neighbors that something is going on next door (call police?). Just a random thought.
  2. I usually recommend a SDB (that's what I reload with), but if you're in a hurry, and don't mind spending the $$$$, I'd suggest you start with a 1050/1100. Save a lot of time, and it takes the crimp out at the same time. From the little you've written here, I'd suggest you spend a half hour reading past posts re: reloading 9mm ...
  3. I'd give them a thorough try, well before the A3. But, I can't imagine you'll be unable to find WWSP's. My TruBor seem to set off anything, including Russian primers, but my BHP sets them off about 50% of the time.
  4. Elmer Keith used 2400 powder, and he did very well with it. BUT, I'd start out with mid-level loads. Hot loads will kick
  5. I don't know much about Tanfos (I use STI's) but just got pair of STEEL grips and they are INCREDIBLE. Before you switch over all your guns to aluminum, you owe it to yourself to at least try STEEL first.
  6. Those are entirely different objectives : 1. You will learn a few things BUT 2. You probably won't be able to execute what you've learned that day You will go home with new ideas, and practice a little differently, and eventually come out a better shooter some other day.
  7. Habits can be good, and can be bad.
  8. See, you can be humorous here ... Sometimes you have to explain that you're joking, of course
  9. Try it yourself. If you're comfortable shooting with both eyes open, distance shouldn't matter.
  10. When you find your instructor, if he doesn't go over your grip with you, personally, on your first lesson - dump him If you ain't holding the gun properly, you won't learn enough.
  11. Sorry, I had to give up reading in the 2nd paragraph, or so. There are paragraphs, aren't there ? Good luck with your problem
  12. $100/month for factory 9mm ammo …. Or spend $ 1,000 for reloading equipment PLUS $50/month for components. The 550 sounds like the way to go, but an alternative is NOT to GO at all. You won't save much by reloading 9mm Minor, in the current environment. Reloading becomes more important with .40 or 9mm Major, but for now, you could save yourself a hassle UNLESS it gets more difficult to purchase ammo next year. No suggestion here, merely an alternative viewpoint.
  13. rowdy hit it on the head. Only thing I can add is shoot a metal gun WITH STEEL GRIPS Reloading .40 Major can be little trickier since most use fast powders and heavy bullets. You have to make sure you have no bullet setback with that combo. A totally different approach, is ease on into Limited by shooting Limited Minor - up to you. Depends on your objectives.
  14. Might need a different OAL Gauge for each bullet type you use.
  15. I started out, 30 years ago, using my BHP. Now, it's an Open gun.
  16. And, May and June have 15 and 20 years
  17. Koreans don't us toilet paper - they use their LEFT hand
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