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  1. 1. that's a two-day class ? 2. cost ? 3. location ?
  2. Sounds like you are very concerned (OP) re: loading 9mm to Major PF. I also was concerned a decade ago when I started shooting 9mm Major - I actually went to an Area Match (My first) with factory 9mm ammo. That's how concerned I was. Reading BE a decade ago, and talking to guys in the local club who shot 9mm Major, and I quickly worked my way up to PF 150, and then 160 and then 170. No big trick to it. According to a recent American Rifleman mag, there is a military round that is very close to 9mm Major, and during WWII, much of the European 9mm ammo was at least PF 150. No big sweat to load 9mm Major. And, the brass lasts almost forever - you don't need to buy NEW brass, at all, ever. Buy it used and fire it and leave it on the ground. It's cheap and easy. Don't sweat loading and shooting 9mm Major.
  3. A decade ago, I shot an area match in Virginia the end of August, and the Nationals couple weeks later in Las Vegas. Virginia's 90 F/90% humidity was MUCH worse than Las Vegas' 114 F/40% humidity. Humidity is really what kills me.
  4. Their is a very slight edge in performance to the .38, based on longer case and ability to use few powders that are cramped in 9mm case. If you are currently shooting at the 99% level, and you're looking for a 0.1% gain to get you to 99.1%, and you have the $$$$, I'd go with the .38 Super. Otherwise, I'd try to get my 0.1% gain somewhere else.
  5. on 6" plates ? I wouldn't see the plates on 4x at 200 yards.
  6. May be wrong, but I believe I bought them both in 2007, or 12 years ago - don't have any idea where the paperwork for that is, though, so it may well have been a year or two earlier. But, here's your update : I sold one of them couple years ago, but still shooting the other one Have not been doing much shooting the past couple years, but about to get back into it in a big way - starting with a Carbine course tomorrow, and then on to TruBor.
  7. I read, here, a few years ago, that the danger of using New Brass in a match is that some new brass may not have a perfect primer hole - they suggested it is better to fire off a light load thru the new brass, and then use that for matches, rather than using the brand new brass.
  8. One of our Club's Master shooters shot a CZ Major for a few years. He did, eventually, switch to 2011, but he was doing Very Well with the CZ, loaded to 9mm Major.
  9. 1. Looking for smaller than STI and love CZ's - easy - go with the CZ for your Open gun 2. I was also "skittish" about 9mm Major - 12 years ago - but it's really easy - no problem with it at all, and you'll notice a. lots of .38 Super people switching to 9mm Major, and b. resale value on the 9mm Major is much higher, and easier to sell, than the .38 Super. OR, buy a used gun here on The Forums … I've seen a couple lately.
  10. On the Classifier, looked like you lost the dot for a full second.
  11. I don't even check my reloads (9mm Major) for local matches. Drop ALL of them in my chamber prior to a Major Match. Anything wrong with them, they go into my practice pile.
  12. Guess it's around noon in Austria ? You'll have to wait a few hours for our experts to awaken. BTW, great question - I'm waiting for the answer myself.
  13. I was concerned that CA has banned anything over 5 rounds.
  14. The crimp, in a semi-auto, doesn't "hold the bullet firm".
  15. AMEN. I learned this the hard way - loaded 200+ rounds and Some of them have powder and some don't (that's after 40 years of reloading without Ever having had this problem).
  16. Great info for someone getting into AR (me) - but, one silly question (as usual): Why not use the D60 90% of the time ?
  17. Videotape your matches - try to identify where you can pick up points/time. Take a course or get some training help from a GM.
  18. I guess Carl is NOT a reloader.
  19. As long as it feeds and is accurate, it's GTG.
  20. A double charge of anything is a Very Bad Idea. But, no, I'm just joking - seems to me that 3.3 TG is a Very Light load and constitutes so little danger (except for a dbl charge). Guess I should stop kidding around.
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