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  1. Dan Wesson PM9. I never should have sold mine.
  2. I've used a ckye in a match. It worked well. Quick mounting and super versatile
  3. Gotcha. I know the MBX tubes are shorter so their base pads are 7mm. Just making sure STI didnt change
  4. Will that fit a gauge with 7mm base pads?
  5. I like scoop. I can put my knuckle in there and rack the slide. I used to use the rear sight to rack my Tac Sport so it was an easy swap for me.
  6. Reciprocating weight vs static weight.
  7. jon49erfan


    I was all about the VTAC until I used Colorado Precision cuff sling. It has the quick adjustment like a VTAC but it's also cuff sling and all the fasteners are metal.
  8. I'll take


    2 Taran Tactical followers w/ springs. Used in backup mags. Light use. Lock back tab filed off.

    $10 each


    Payapl F/F?


  9. Wasn't it a 126mm mag too? I'd rather the CK with no mags over an edge with 1 mag I'll never use.
  10. Because its replacement is $800 more.
  11. Every match I've shot, if it has a lens, it's an optic. The SeeAll sight and the Trijicon RX30 would fall into that category too.
  12. Hows the size compared to the PT evo or other metal grips?
  13. That looks really good.
  14. Cut belt shorter. No need for overlap. Drill holes in belt. Attach ratchet to holes. Ratchet that f*#ker down. Spin belt around so it ratchets in the back and you dont lose usable belt space.
  15. The price of a Marvel unit and enough mags to practice with buys a lot of reloading components...
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