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  1. I had this same problem with an anodized upper. Could only get a BA barrel about 1/3 of the way in a Seekins upper. I froze the barrel for about 2 hours and it went in significantly further and a few taps with a dead blow seated it. On the plus side, no loc tite on the extension was needed.
  2. Dan Wesson PM9. I never should have sold mine.
  3. I've used a ckye in a match. It worked well. Quick mounting and super versatile
  4. Gotcha. I know the MBX tubes are shorter so their base pads are 7mm. Just making sure STI didnt change
  5. Will that fit a gauge with 7mm base pads?
  6. I like scoop. I can put my knuckle in there and rack the slide. I used to use the rear sight to rack my Tac Sport so it was an easy swap for me.
  7. Reciprocating weight vs static weight.
  8. jon49erfan


    I was all about the VTAC until I used Colorado Precision cuff sling. It has the quick adjustment like a VTAC but it's also cuff sling and all the fasteners are metal.
  9. I'll take


    2 Taran Tactical followers w/ springs. Used in backup mags. Light use. Lock back tab filed off.

    $10 each


    Payapl F/F?


  10. Wasn't it a 126mm mag too? I'd rather the CK with no mags over an edge with 1 mag I'll never use.
  11. Because its replacement is $800 more.
  12. Every match I've shot, if it has a lens, it's an optic. The SeeAll sight and the Trijicon RX30 would fall into that category too.
  13. Hows the size compared to the PT evo or other metal grips?
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