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  1. I just bought a bunch of 145 grain round nose Bayou bullets. Using CCI primers and N320 powder I found 3.3 grains got me to 130pf out of my CZ Shadow. I was looking for info and din't find any so here is mine. Seated pretty short 1.12 they seemed accurate enough for action shooting.
  2. It guess it is kind of a gray area. I showed the LEO that responded the targets i had set up and what I was doing. If it had been standing at the fence with the pistol in my hand cursing at them it may have been a different story...
  3. I have never had an airline weigh my ammo. Once someone asked how much I had and I said 11 pounds, it was easily double that... One other time TSA called me to their inspection area because a box of slugs busted open and they wanted me to know they were taping it up for me. Atlanta had me pull a rifle from my hard case at the ticket counter and rack the slide to show them it was clear... that was extremely awkward...
  4. All these posts... what are you getting ready to sell?  I might be interested

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  5. I had the police called on me a couple of years ago for doing movement and dry fire outside. I had privacy fence on 3 sides but chain link across the front so the dog could see out. Neighbor called and said I was aiming firearms at her and her kids... Surprisingly the police showed up and we had a decent conversation. I pointed out that for her to see me she had to be on my property, a vacant lot next door that I also owned.
  6. The Hanson is still a light weight barrel. They eliminate all the hard shoulders to help minimize whip. It is their flagship and like all of their barrels it has a sub moa guarantee
  7. I bought a Rugged Surge 7.62 as my first suppressor. I didn't know anything and decided I wanted the most durable can I could find because I want it to last forever. It is a great suppressor but it seems very heavy. Since then I got an Omega 300. I have run it direct thread and also ASR and it is also a great can and is much lighter, especially direct thread. I like them both. I relly don't think you can go wrong with any quality suppressor and you will most likely end up with more than 1.
  8. I have a 10.3" BA upper with the hanson barrel. It is really a great shooter. I have targets out to 350 on my range and I can ding an 8" steel all day shooting off a fence post...
  9. I use these, they are crazy expensive but work pretty well https://www.espamerica.com/
  10. I feel this will turn into a private chat room with no new input with any kind of subscription charge. I have been here for a bit, since Brian stepped back a little and other moderators took a more active role the forums have changed significantly for the worse. The mods are ROUGH and in my opinion abuse their power. The classifieds were a huge draw for the forums and are no where near what they were in the past. The amount of really good content has declined as really experienced shooters have stopped coming here after being bullied for trying to sell something they picked up
  11. Get on Face Book and find Erich Leipold and Shannon Smith. Shannon runs the range in frost proof and Erich is a very active shooter close to Tampa.
  12. correct, slide forward hammer down
  13. I have an SLT-1 Trigger in my MPX. It has been 100% trouble free for going on 3 years. Not a ton of rounds maybe 5k? http://www.kearms.com/slt-1-sear-link-technology-trigger.aspx
  14. Our local range in Volusia is running 4 retired stages. I have no idea where he got the information. First Coast Steel Shooters (386) 559-2203
  15. I just bought a workin' man trap thrower... first move away from the old plastic hand thrower. It seemed like a good buy for 189.00 and free shipping. Hope to set it up this weekend. If it works good I will have to buy a dillon to load my own shotshells
  16. I have been wondering this also. I would prefer Glock mags. Looking for something I can use in an M16 lower.
  17. The 9mm barrel is heavier. I didn't have to do anything at all for my .45 Trojan to make weight.
  18. I had a 9mm 1911, an STI Trojan, I had to run an aluminum guide rod and hollow out the VZ grips to make weight.
  19. To me, the sights just get in the way. The rear sight blocks enough of the glass to be a pain. I suppose you could/would get used to it but I hared it.
  20. I run the infinity FO rear and front. I use green front and red rear. Works well for me. My eyes are pretty bad so even with mono vision contacts the sights are fuzzy and the bright dots are easier to get lined up. I don't get "distracted" by the sights but I am only a B in USPSA and an EX in IDPA
  21. I used a Rugged Surge and an Omega 300 on my RPR in 6.5. The poi change at 100 yards was virtually the same with both cans, just over a mil. I used direct thread mounts for both and the Omega is quite a bit lighter than the surge. I would have bought a TB but at the time they didn't have a great QD option not sure if they do now or not. I like to be able to juggle a few cans on several rifles.
  22. Oh, I shoot some multi gun and the RO's are used to holding stuff for you. Many times they are holding one or even 2 firearms during make ready so a chamber flag or 2 isn't a big deal. I get what you are saying though. When I RO I happily do this for the competitor and I usually ask where they want me to stick it...
  23. I use MG 124JHP's over 4.1 of N-320 I load them to 1.10 that is shorter than I load for pistol. I didn't care for the 147's or the 115's they all seemed to work but I liked the way the 124's felt and shot better
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