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  1. Elftmann triggers in both my AR15 and PCC have been great.
  2. I had the hogue but switched to the voodoo. I like it a lot better
  3. Try reinstalling it, making sure that the two sets screws are turned evenly. I do that by, before installing it, making sure the set screws are completely flush with the housing. Then install. I then turn each screw a half a turn, alternating screws each turn, until they are snug. And make them snug. If that doesn't work, contact Elf. They will make it right
  4. I had the same issue. It was exactly like what T Bacus said. The hole was just slightly peened over and a small file made quick work of it
  5. I'm a big fan of the Ace skeleton stock. The foam provides a very comfortable cheek weld and you can get a little bit of LOP adjustment but having no buttpad or choosing different thickness's of buttpads
  6. I really like the Elftmann triggers. They have a very clean break and a solid reset
  7. I ordered on 12/1 and paid the deposit. I haven't heard or been given any updates since then
  8. My Elftmann AR9 trigger feels great and I have had zero issues with it, even with the bolt being short stroked
  9. I like the belt clips from Binary Engineering which accept the ELS fork. They attach to any belt and are able to move around so you can make minor adjustments.
  10. Elftmann Tactical and Tooth & Nail VR80 trigger comparison. Short answer: Elftmann trigger for the win. Long answer: the T&N trigger is cheaper, slight easier to install and has that classic curved trigger feel, but has a bit of creep that is a little jerky before it breaks. I have about 300 rounds on it and Armite sear grease was applied. Trigger weight is 3.5lbs The Elf trigger is a just a little tricky to install. My issue was getting the holes in the hammer perfectly lined up before installing the screws and I ended up, very slightly, cross threading it. I easily fixed it by chasing the threads with a tap. Once installed, I applied Armite. The break was very crisp with no perceptible movement. Trigger weighed 3-3.25 lbs and is brand new with no break in. The Elf trigger comes with both the curved and flat trigger shoe and can be moved up and down. Move it up for less trigger travel but higher trigger weight and down for lower trigger weight but more travel. Both triggers seen to have the same amount of overtravel.
  11. I'm pretty excited about this one. The promag drum that I bought has disappointed me
  12. I got the Peltor 500s a few months ago and I'm really happy with them. Comfortable, good noise reduction, decent sound quality and they have Bluetooth
  13. In an 18" there is absolutely no reason to get anything other than a rifle length system
  14. Iron City Rifle Works also makes some titanium during pins for the AR9 if you wanted to try those out. Their optimized pin is guaranteed to last at least 10k rounds
  15. FEBRUARY CowTown MultiGun ExCommunicado - Phoenix, Arizona Feb 22nd & 23rd, 2020 REGISTRATION PAGE MARCH Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun - Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa, AZ March 20-22, 2020 REGISTRATION PAGE APRIL MAY May 1-3 -Texas 3 Gun Championship - Reveille Press Ranch - Burnet, TX He-Man 3-Gun Nationals - NRA Whittington Center May 16-17, 2020. REGISTRATION PAGE Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle Match - NRA Whittington Center Coal Canyon May 30-31, 2020. REGISTRATION PAGE JUNE JULY AUGUST Johnson 3-Gun RM3G - NRA Whittington Center August 15-16, 2020. REGISTRATION PAGE SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER
  16. A lot of people report that they don't hear the gunshots in a stressful situation, but some do. If you shoot a Dragon without ear pro and rely on auditory exclusion to hopefully not hear it during the shooting, does not change the fact that your will do irreparable damage to your hearing
  17. Once I save up a few bucks I'm going to get the Binary Engineering ELS bases and then add the ELS forks to all my gear. It looks like the sleekest and strongest option to have the ELS system and still be able to slide things around on the belt a bit
  18. I have both the Elf and Hiperfire. I have also played around with the Calvin Elite. The Elf trigger has the crispest, glass rod break off the 3. It also has very minimal over travel and reset.
  19. Do you guys have any recommendations for shooting bags/pillows for shooting open? Either for the forend or for tucking under the arm?
  20. I have an SJC as well but it's not an apples to apples comparison since it is on an 18" rifle length while the Answer is on a 16" intermediate length. I think they both perform similarly but the Answer is much lighter
  21. I recently got one and tuned it. It works really really well with minimal movement just as everyone else describes. I had an M4-72 on the rifle before and I'll definitely be keeping the Answer
  22. I will have to give this one a try. I have the M4-72 which works really well, but the blast of air in the face everytime I break a shot is a bit distracting
  23. I love the Elf triggers. Incredibly crisp break and a short, strong reset
  24. Get the Hypertap and let us all know how it works
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