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  1. You could move it back to the end of the ribs.
  2. I use some .358 jacketed in my 9mm. it has a 9mm Kart NM barrel. Mostly I shoot 130 LSWCs in it.
  3. No, just buy it and ship it.
  4. You could shoot Carry Optics.
  5. Welcome, lots of good information here. (also some not so good)
  6. I use variables, just like the feel better. Guns run with either so probably makes no real difference.
  7. Where does it hit at 100 yards ?? It's possible that is the distance it is set for.
  8. Look at the bottom of the die, carbide dies have an insert, non-carbide dies have no insert.
  9. Terrydoc: Yes, done by MOA, along with a lot of other stuff.
  10. I've got one of those - or one just like it - and it works great. It's also easy to switch from press to press rapidly if you use multiple presses. And it can be used on all kinds of things if you need a light with a magnetic base.
  11. Who is Farley ??
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