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  1. I used the full trigger kit and the gunsmith fit barrel. Night and day difference - so much better. I was ready to give up and get rid of my 9L Core
  2. I use the taran tactical ones on my gen1 core too. They work great, no complaints.
  3. I think it's only for the 2.0
  4. If you get one of those lifters (MOA), it'll change your 3 gun game forever, in the best way. I have one on my stoeger, and it's amazing.
  5. I have their 16" one, and LOVE IT. If I were to do it again, I'd spend the little extra and get the 18" fluted one instead. It'll put a hole in a hole at 100 yards, I've been VERY impressed by it.
  6. Trigger return spring was something to do with the firing pin not getting a full swing, it didn't reset all the way, just 98% of the way. Whatever it was, getting a stronger spring there fixed it for me. M&P Pro Core 9L.
  7. From what I've read, and experienced, this is fairly common. The fix for me was a stronger spring. Trigger is amazing, and it breaks right at 2 pounds. I love it.
  8. Maybe my old thread will be of help to you: I tried the triggertech diamond and HATED IT. Many others love it. First you'll want to figure out if you want a single stage or 2 stage. The rest is preference. You can't tell me that Jerry Miculek won't destroy everyone here with a generic mil-spec trigger... I put my timney competition 3 pound trigger back in, and love it so much more than I thought I did. I'm not looking for a new trigger any more.
  9. It's 100% personal preference. Where I shoot 3 gun, 99% of it is under 40 yards - only 1 stage area has the ability to go out to 100 yards, and that's max. It depends on how far you're shooting really. If I were doing 400+ yard stages, I'd go 18" all the way. Anything else is just preference. For the ease of legality, 16" is a no brainer, especially if you don't want something permanently welded to the end. A 2" group at 100 yards is just fine if you're shooting 10 yards with it most of the time. See what I'm getting at? Every person will have a different need depending on what they do with it. Your AR is a tool, just like any saw. If you're cutting pine, anything will work. If you're cutting steel, then you need something special. I'm going to agree with most and say take your money and put it in a lighter bolt carrier group and adjustable gas block. You'll notice that difference most of all, along with a good brake and you'll be set. But again, there is no 1 right answer. All that said, I have a 16" 223 wylde ballistic advantage barrel and I love it.
  10. Dawson precision makes them for the CORE. I went with the gunsmith fit, and it is WAY better. I highly recommend their flat face trigger too.
  11. To get that bolt off, you need to heat it up. A torch might be a bit much... my wife's hairdryer did the trick. I have the magpul stock with the MOA adapter, and LOVE IT.
  12. I've never been able to get those to cycle in my M3K. I'm thinking about getting that light load kit myself. I have pretty much everything they make on mine, and no complaints.
  13. No experience with the J Kenny one, but my MOA one, the manufacturer said that I needed an extra strong (longer) spring for it to work properly. Try a new spring first, see how that works before you do anything else.
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