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  1. Paul-the new guy

    Infinity mag springs

    Does anyone know what springs I can use with stock SVI/infinity followers. The stock springs even in my 126mm mags are 13 coil and STIFF. I would like 11 coil springs but want the stock followers so the slide will lock back. If there are no replacements can I just cut them?
  2. Paul-the new guy

    How did you save money for your 2011s?

    Donated Plasma... I gained weight so I could donate more and get paid more.
  3. Paul-the new guy

    YOUR evolution of buying competition handguns

    The firearm you choose for pistol sports has very little to do with your advancement in the sport... Rarely is one held back by their equipment. One shooters opinion ( I started with Glocks and now shoot SV's)
  4. Paul-the new guy

    What's Your Dream 3 Gun Setup?

    Shotgun is now a TTI M2 instead of the 1301. Rifle is a BHW 18" standard contour with JP LMOS wearing the Swaro Z6i, pistol is 5" with an island barrel.
  5. Paul-the new guy

    300 caliber suppressor

    I am a little late to the party but for my first suppressor I was mostly concerned with durability. Secondly, I wanted something I could switch around to different firearms. My mindset was, I am going to have this forever. That is a new concept for me as I am not a person who keeps things. I bought the Rugged Surge 7.62 and it is a great can. It is way overbuilt for a casual shooter. Second can was Omega 300. Not over built and still a great can. You really don't need a super full auto rated barrel melting can as a casual shooter.
  6. Paul-the new guy

    18” vs 16”

    My Stretch 16 shoots just as soft as my BHW 18. All the same stuff, JP LMOS etc
  7. Paul-the new guy

    Eat your Wheaties!

    wow that sucks. That match was so much fun, I can't wait for the next one
  8. Paul-the new guy

    Stuck gas block

    Drive the pin out...
  9. Paul-the new guy

    SBR Ideas

    I went 11.5” and used Columbia River Arms BHW barrel. It shoots 500 pretty handily using a BC size USPSA Target have a 1-6 strike eagle scope on it. Most of the time it has an Omega 300 suppressor on it. I also had a Faxon big gunner 11.5”. I didn’t really care for that one. It wasn’t as accurate as the BHW
  10. Paul-the new guy

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Get a slightly heavier trigger and you won't have to remove your finger for target transitions. It has to slow you down, you may very well find faster times
  11. Paul-the new guy

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    I won a magnum research 22 at the NRA world shoot. Looks pretty much like my 10/22 I assume the Kidd trigger would work in it?
  12. Paul-the new guy

    New Sig MPX ?

    I don't even know how to get it apart. Guess I better get on youtube
  13. Paul-the new guy

    New Sig MPX ?

    wow, I had no idea they have so many issues... mine must be broken because it isn't broken. Gen 2, only aftermarket trigger and hand guard and it runs 100% Fairly low round count, I am guessing 3k all reloads with fairly low pf. 130ish I have not cleaned it yet but I do lube it.
  14. Paul-the new guy

    C-More railway zero issues

    Those articles are great. Thank you
  15. Paul-the new guy

    Cmore slide ride windage

    Those are great articles. Thank you