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  1. This!! At one time I had 3 uppers that I used the same bolt/BCG in. Worked like a champ.
  2. 16" is a good choice. I rarely shoot my 18" rifle. Anything the 18 can do the 16 can do just as well
  3. I use drop in triggers. I didn't check any springs.
  4. Carbine length H2 buffer. I swapped the trigger out for one out of another lower. It is a different brand trigger also. I put 60 rounds through it so far with zero issues but it isn't very dirty yet.
  5. I went trough all of that. I used regular pins, I torqued the set screws like crazy with a T-Handle wrench. All of the rounds were suppressed so both times I took it out it was FILTHY. The first time it had some debris in it and I really thought that was the issue. ::shrug::
  6. The .300 BO upper is Devil Dog and it came as a set with the lower. It has always run 100% but round count is 5-600 at most. 99% suppressed. Trigger is and older ELF Tactical and it has been in this lower since day 1. The Vltor upper is .223 it has had 2 barrels, the first one was a Faxon and it had the issue the new barrel that I just installed has a properly headspaced bolt. I just changed out the ELF trigger for an AR Gold that I pulled out of another rifle. I have only fired about 20 rounds but so far no issues. Seems weird that it could be the trigger
  7. I have a matched receiver set that I did a form 1 on and turned into a .300BO SBR. It has a drop in trigger. I have put 6-700 rounds through it and it has run fine. I put together another upper using a VLTOR upper and with that upper I get light strikes. I thought it was the trigger, I pulled it out and it had some debris in it but upon reassembly it is still acting up. Could the mismatch receiver set be the issue?
  8. We shot the classifier at a local club in Eustis FL a couple weeks ago. We did it with the tapped off targets at 25 yards. It seems to me that the key to this is shoot slowly enough to make sure you get your hits. I thought I would be right on the line between EX and MA based on shooting to course of fire quickly on steel targets on my back yard range. I ended up with a raw time of 52.35 and 2 points down for a final time of 54.35. I felt like I was going soooo sloooww but in this instance it paid off.
  9. Don’t mean to burst your bubble. Okeechobee is a long ride. I did shoot the FL state steel match out there. It’s a nice range. Oh and after shooting only 4-5 matches with PCC I made M lol I miss all the old crew.
  10. Not trying to discount that you are a GM but the truth is the bar was set very low. Being senior world champion is a great goal. Perhaps train with rimfire rifle optics also. Less $$ for ammo and the movement is the same. My PCC length of pull is shorter than my rimfire so I am going to try and make them the same. I can put a lot more .22 down range for the price per thousand of 9mm
  11. Vortex has seemingly lost a lot of popularity. I was never impressed by them, I had 3 Razors, I still have a 3-18 on a bolt gun. I liked the Swaro and still use one you may be able to find one in your budget. They don't have the great warranty of the Vortex. I also liked the VX-6 I had 2 of them and the C3 had 1. I think any of these will serve you well.
  12. First I have to say $.10 per round is $10.00 per thousand... My time and energy is worth more than that and I load on an automated press... Rifle is a pain in the butt to load. Now onto the OP's question. If you are not dealing with crimped primers or really high volumes there is no reason for the 1050. I have had a bunch of 650's and a couple of 1050's As long as you have a bullet feeder you can produce the same quality ammo at almost the same pace with the 650 as you can with the 1050. Prior to getting an automated press I would get a new 650 about once a year. I could sell the old press for very close to what I had paid for it about a year prior and get a brand new one for about 10-15% more which I would get back the following year... For me it made sense. I was loading about 2500 rounds per month +/- and the 650 is very easy to set up, use and change calibers. I now use my automated 1050 to load months worth of ammo at a time. When I moved, I shot for a year off my reserves without loading a single round... The 1050 is great but it isn't the end all be all. If you are loading anything with a crimped primer pocket 1050 is the way to go.
  13. That is probably going to change in the new rule book...
  14. Flagler found the cure for all things IDPA score related. Randomized results??? Kind of like everyone gets a trophy! (this was some kind of glitch and this post is meant to be funny)
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