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  1. SF1911

    SP01 MS recoil buffer

    Was your shooting with the stock spring or something lighter?
  2. SF1911

    SP01 MS recoil buffer

    Maybe this has already been answered somewhere, I just couldn't find anything too definitive. I have a SP01 MS that I'm going to experiment with a 11/12 lb recoil spring, and was wondering if a buffer is the way to go for something like long term frame health. I was also wondering if the stock delrin guide rod can be used and what kind of buffers to use and where to get them. Thanks
  3. Got a couple of Velocity 3 lbs. with the the straight trigger...like them a lot. Crisp with a short reset. Got them at AIM Surplus on sale.
  4. I have a Sp 01 I've installed a CGW SAO trigger, race hammer and sear. I've removed the disc. I left the FPB in. I'm not too pleased with the take up and reset and I can only take so much out of the take up with the trigger screw before it won't fire. Is the issue with the take up and reset related to keeping the FPB in place or is there something else going on? I have read some of the different threads but it wasn't clear to me. With this set up the trigger breaks right at 3 lbs.
  5. SF1911

    delete me

  6. I used a lot of AA #5. Never noticed much smoke. If it helps, I loaded 5.4 grs behind a Bayou 124 gr rn. I got about 1030 fps out of a 4.25 Smith M & P.
  7. I'll definitely be looking at that screw and the tightness of the adapter also.
  8. I'm thinking you and 3gunnuts are most likely correct. I'll need to do a bit of experimenting. Thanks.
  9. The empty isn't in the chamber, its extracted but isn't ejected. Its sitting between the bolt face and the chamber. I t then causes a FF malfunction. Adjusting the ejector didn't fix it. But changing the trigger springs did.
  10. The carbine has a Hyperfire 24C trigger, Taccom upper, and a Stern lower conversion kit, with a Taccom recoil spring and buffer.. The malfunction is a intermittent (but fails often) fail to eject (empty stays in the chamber area. The change that fixed this is putting the heavier springs in the Hyperfire 24C . Works great now. Why is this? What do these springs in the trigger have to do with a FE problem? I'm Baffled.
  11. Looks to be well over 100'. Maybe 115-120'. It's bizarre, even on their own website it says 56'. You would think after all this time they would fix the typo. 56' would be a huge turn off to purchase.
  12. I bought one and never got to use it. When I was tightening it down the end of the lever where the screw, screws into broke off. Of course I might have done something wrong, by over tightening it......but there seems to be a less than forgiving quality about the lever concerning tightening. I might try to get a new one, but you have to take a picture of it and send that in before anything happens one way or the other. The whole thing seems like a hassle, I'll probably just eat the $20.
  13. My son picked up a Stoeger M3k for $599 new. We put over a 100 rds of Walmart Federal and some slugs through it with a TACCOM tube. Worked perfectly. Of course it needs sights, a decent recoil pad and a few other things, but what SG doesn't. Overall, he was quite pleased.
  14. SF1911

    Nose dive

    A couple of friends have CZ's, one a TS and the other CTS, both in 9mm. The TS got new mag springs, the CTS is almost brand new. Both are getting nose dive FTF on the first 2 rounds, so they are down loading to 21 to get them to work. Any ideas on this.
  15. I'm also using the 578 for my SP01. Did a wee bit of trimming, but other than that, it works great. Thanks OP.
  16. Everywhere I've gone to look at this scope shows the FOV at 1X at 100 yds to be 56 ft.
  17. Got one with the zoom lever from DSG Arms for $463.99 shipped. Sometimes they put it out there for $435.00. I missed that price.
  18. Are you using the stock springs? Also, if they are the stock springs, are you getting slide lock when (if) you go empty?
  19. 156 ft? really? That would, as far as I know, make it far and away the largest FOV of ALL scopes out there. The mighty 1-6 Swaro is 127 ft and that was the biggest FOV I was aware of.....maybe the ELCAN 1-4 was bigger. 156 ft is a pretty big jump up.
  20. SF1911

    SP01 SAO

    Well I went for it today. I took it apart (not the sear cage) and SAO it. I did some light polishing on the trigger bow, hammer and frame. I removed the disconnector and installed a CJW flat trigger (race hammer and sear coming later). Just getting rid of the curved trigger was a major improvement. The stock trigger actually hurt my finger. Even thought the stock sear-hammer setup is less than optimum, I'm still liking this setup.
  21. SF1911

    SP01 and mags

    Thanks, I'll be be throwing some shots with it this coming Sat.
  22. SF1911

    SP01 and mags

    Cz's are black, MG's are blue.
  23. SF1911

    SP01 and mags

    This is my first CZ and I may have a possible prob or two. The gun is brand new, haven't shot it yet. I have 2 CZ and 3 Mec-gar mags for now. When I manually try to lock the slide back on all these empty mags, only one of the CZ's will lock back the slide. I noticed that the slide release after each cycle moves away from the frame about twenty thou ( a slight gap). When I push the slide release back toward the frame, then all the mags lock back. Is this something that works itself in during break in? Also the Mec-gars don't drop free. I can see wear marks where the taper starts to straighten out. The CZ mags are narrower at this point. Is this another wear in/ break in situation?
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