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  1. Nobody knows, that is why it is Magic !!!
  2. Only during the day - and night !
  3. Ken6PPC: I had the throat lengthened so I could load a little longer, but, no chamber enlargement. I only use one brand of cases per caliber so the cartridges are pretty uniform after loading.
  4. I use .358 (coated) and have had no problems and very good accuracy.9mm This is in 9mm.
  5. Folks - don't hold your breath !!!
  6. Or get a S&W model 41 and have fun.
  7. Yes, that is true but I don't think it would be very competitive, I did shoot one back in the 80s but the times have changed. Of course, Open Class - or any - did not exist then.
  8. I carry a 1911 and it would seem that quite a few people do, it's unfortunate that you can't use one in CO.
  9. Run a brass cleaning brush in and pull it out backwards, bristles with catch on case and drag it out. [from the chamber end, of course]
  10. Stafford: Where did you order them ??
  11. I'd think "holding down the sewage" would also be a good idea !
  12. V (Vic) We may have well met, I attended a lot of matches all over the Country, mostly Western, in the late 80s and 90s. Also went to a number of matches - mostly Nationals - at PASA in Illinois. The first match I ever shot was the Nationals in Dallas back in 83 or 84.
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