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  1. You could try a 17lb mainspring, that is what I use in a couple of 1911s and it helps the trigger pull (slightly) but I get deep indentations in fired primers. It's also possible that your firing pin could be a little short. I'd still think it may be something in the channel as it doesn"t seem to happen with a high degree of regularity.
  2. You might pull the firing pin and clean the channel, might be some sort of debris in it.
  3. I use Clays (Australian) in 9mm with 125gr coated or 130gr LSWC with 3.2 grs and in .45 ACP with 4.2grs and 200gr LSWC or coated. Those make minor in 9mm and major in .45. Use SRMP with these and have no pressure signs.
  4. Don't use a factory crimp die, just a regular sizing die.
  5. Could you explain that just a little more?
  6. Use the 9mm Makarov die.
  7. Steve RA

    What is it?

    And the circle rolls on !
  8. Interesting article, very informative.
  9. True, thought the original post was about small parts which the average person probably would not recognize.
  10. You can always get an individual to ship to you.
  11. Very informative, thanks for going to the trouble of posting all the above !
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