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  1. Could be the recoil spring is too weak.
  2. I have a CMC in an AR-15 and have no trouble with it in 4 or 5 years. I'm sure I don't shoot as much as a lot of people but it's been fired quite a lot in that time period.
  3. Where are the pics of "attractive young ladies driving around in golf cart" posted ???
  4. I'd take the one you usually carry on the job.
  5. Steve RA


    Precision (Kemp,Tx) makes very good products, I use them in 9mm and .45ACP.
  6. I've got a JP captured spring set up and I like it.
  7. Yes, plus for the Pro Chrono, had one for years and they work really well.
  8. Precision (Kemp, tx) work well for me. I use .358 in my 9mm and is very accurate.
  9. Don't forget to remove the weight of the bucket in your calculations.
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