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  1. You can also use srmp if you want, 1911/2011 will fire them, if using something else, only load a few to be sure they will fire.
  2. Reciprocating is fine, I've used them for a long time and never had a problem with them. Also, if you are trying to save weight, they are lighter than the other.
  3. Check with Jimmy Mitchell. Bulletworks.com. (254) 559-1551
  4. As mentioned above, it's important to have them firmly seated. If you have a hand seater, do some and try them again.
  5. I did, still have about half a ton. Not shooting matches anymore so they will last a lot longer.
  6. I run Tula SRMPs in 9mm, .45 and .223/5.56 and have never had one not go off. I think it is very important to be sure the primers are seated fully.
  7. Then it would have gone full circle - back to how it started.
  8. That is a real good feature on the Lee as the fired primers drop down through a tube to whatever container you wish to use.
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