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  1. Try .358 size. I use Precision in that size and have no problems, just clean as normal every few thousand rounds or so. https://precisionbullets.com/product/38-125-rn/
  2. Blue Jeans - Levis or Wranglers. Cut offs for summer, full length for cooler times.
  3. Hi, Sure you'll like it here. Lots of us old timers.
  4. Because you may size the bullet and case somewhat, if that happens, the bullet will remain the same size and the case will expand back slightly. If that happens the case will not be gripping the bullet tightly enough and it's possible it could be driven further into the case when chambering. Might not raise the pressure enough to cause any harm but could affect the accuracy.
  5. Clean up the inside of the die up to the area that actually does anything to the case.
  6. More capacity and easier to hold onto. But, to carry in a holster, it's backward. The handle is the hard part to conceal, barrel sits next to leg and length really doesn't make any difference
  7. Buy a sample pack of .358 and see if they work in your gun.
  8. Back when I started shooting USPSA (1986) a while after that three gun started popping up. Originally you only ran one gun at a time, which seemed like a better idea than using all three on a stage. Somewhere along the line that died off and the three guns per stage started up. I liked the one gun per stage idea much better.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/kitabusse/?hl=en
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