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  1. Steve RA

    New Magnum PI

    Most new series start out a little slow and improve. The ones that don't usually don't last for a full season.
  2. Steve RA

    Rifle Build Help

    Ok, removes one possibility.
  3. Steve RA

    Rifle Build Help

    What length is your buffer tube, carbine or rifle ???
  4. Steve RA


    Or Ford ??
  5. Steve RA

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    I seem to remember the term - Free Fire Zone - from back in the 80s. Not everywhere, but a reasonable number of matches.
  6. Steve RA

    New Magnum PI

    Selleck was on the NRA board of Directors, think I read that he resigned a month or two ago, as his other commitments took too much of his time.
  7. Steve RA

    Shotgun for sale.

    Or a Skil Saw !
  8. Steve RA

    Shotgun for sale.

    One assumes those toenails require a bump in shoe size !
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-12-Inches-Gooseneck-Multifunctional-Worklight/dp/B01ACIFPYA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539091535&sr=8-1&keywords=magnetic+base+led+light I've got several of these and they work really well for use on a reloading press.
  10. Steve RA

    New Redneck word

    And bale the hay, plow the back 40 and milk the dairy cattle ! Before breakfast !
  11. Steve RA

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Before you make a decision, you might look at the new Ruger PCC.
  12. Those were very popular to calculate your fuel mileage. Everyone had one in their glove compartment, along with gloves, of course !
  13. Steve RA


    Try some .358, Precision in Kemp, Tx has a real nice 125 gr that shoots very well in a 1911 I have with a Kart barrel.