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  1. What brands of mounting hole spacing will it fit ???
  2. To answer the previous question. 6 Creedmore is a 6mm bullet and 6.5 is a 6.5mm bullet.
  3. Can't see much of the charging handle in that picture.
  4. Hope he lost a little weight as he got older !!!
  5. It may not make a difference if you are using two seperate dies to seat and crimp, but it will make a lot of difference if you are using one die to do both.
  6. I use the Precision 125 gr .38 bullet in .358 dia. Shoots very well in my 9mm Citadel. I only use one brand of brass per caliber (in the 9mm I use Win) which I feel really helps the accuracy also.
  7. No more "Fluffy Cows" but you could research buffalo all you wished.
  8. Try it and let us know the results.
  9. Amazon has more BiPods than I ever thought existed.
  10. Steve RA

    Lawn Issues

    Excellent post !
  11. Different thickness of brass, different hardness of brass, difference as to when taper to bottom of case starts and probably more variation in length of case all contribute to more variation in mixed brass than in all one brand brass.
  12. Coated works very well for me in 9mm and .45. Be sure to try some of the oversize 9 (.357 or .358) as they work much better in some barrels than the standard .355 or even .356.
  13. Get a barrel with Wylde chamber, that is what I use and you can shoot .223 or 5.56 without any problems.
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