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  1. It is certainly on the fast end of the scale, although not the fastest by any means. I've never had a problem with it in the 19 years or so I've been using it. As with any powder you need to watch your reloading process carefully. It would be difficult to get a double charge in a 9mm, easy in a .45ACP. Also, if you load abnormally short you want to start lower than normal and work your way up carefully. http://www.castpics.net/LoadData/BurnRates.pdf
  2. All my Clays experience - and loads shown - are with the Australian version, not with the Canadian. On the lower left of the label it'll show which version it is. I've got a lot of the Australian and have never tried the replacement Canadian one.
  3. Probably a lot not on the web site or another shooting web site.
  4. Save them, along with fired primers, both bring same price at scrap dealers.
  5. I use Rotella T6 5W-40 and it works really well on my 1911s, AR-15 and Stoeger M3000.
  6. I like Precision in Kemp, Texas. I use the .358 125 gr FP and it is very accurate, for me, at least. https://precisionbullets.com/product/38-125-fp/
  7. You might want to try .356,.357 or .358 bullets in it.
  8. Inspect the cases before you load them.
  9. Probably because of the guns they already have that they start with.
  10. A boy got killed at a match - he was watching a different match inside a building and a bullet got into the building and hit him - I was running the chrono at the match and my homeowners got hit for $7,000.00. All the other officials got hit varying amounts except for one who lived with his mother. This was at DPC in Dallas many years ago.
  11. Obviously, so this must mean that Open class shooters are in the same class of people.
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