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  1. I think the Major power factor should go back up to 175, especially now that most have learned how to load 9mms to Major.
  2. Steve RA

    Bullets are keyholeing on target

    Looks better.
  3. Steve RA

    Bayou 200swc and Clays

    Look at the lower left side of label.
  4. Steve RA

    Possible lead poisoning

    Tell him you cast lead fishing sinkers for a living and want to check your lead level.
  5. Steve RA

    OAL for xtreme 185 FP in 45 ACP?

    Might be better to do a few dummy rounds and find what works best in your own gun.
  6. Maybe, maybe not - be sure to check zero before a match.
  7. Steve RA

    Muzzel break

    I somehow get the feeling that it would not be a big seller !!
  8. CO if you could use a 1911 in it - otherwise - Open.
  9. Steve RA

    People who do not wear deodorant on airplanes

    I don't remember that, but when I was a small child showers were almost unheard of and the only thing was "tub" baths. Once showers became more available I gave up on the "tub" except to stand in while showering. In those early days - for kids anyway - one bath a week was mandatory, unless you came in covered with mud or some other unusual circumstance.
  10. Steve RA

    Lee bulge Buster kit

    I was wrong about the SKU, you need the Crimp Die and the SKU for that is SKU: 90807. So it looks like you have the correct die, if you have more trouble with it I'd suggest calling Lee.
  11. Steve RA

    Lee bulge Buster kit

    This is the SKU of the Makarov full length sizing die you want to use - 70007-SD1460.
  12. Steve RA

    Run n Gun with PCC ?

    Don't believe I'd be interested in that ! Can't run far or fast anymore ! šŸ˜Ŗ
  13. Steve RA

    40 S&W bullet dimensions

    Sorry I was wrong on my guess as to the bullet shape. I'd try something a little larger in diameter.
  14. I would not do it shooting either major or minor.