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  1. Have you many reports on how they hold up slide mounted ???
  2. I use Tula small rifle magnum primers in 9mm, .45ACP and .223/5.56 and have had no problems with them. I bought a very large amount years ago, they aren't available now. Never had a problem with ignition but only use them in 1911s and the AR. I use Australian Clays in the 9mm and .45 (had a large amount of it also - not available now). Only problem is if you use something that produces light primer strikes, best thing is just to try a few and see if they work for you.
  3. I've had a FF3 on a slide mounted .45ACP 1911 for three or four years and haven't had any trouble with it.
  4. I'd say $5.00 a year, but could give a much more accurate answer if I knew the # of actual participating members vs the number of people who have joined since inception of the site.
  5. I'd think $5.00 per year would be OK. It would really depend on how many active members there are, vs the # that have joined since Brian opened the site and have since died or otherwise become totally inactive.
  6. Save all the throw away brass and used primers and sell them. Might as well get a little back.
  7. I've used them for years and never had any problems. Change them every year or so.
  8. You can load them as long as the barrel throat will accept them. Length wise you, obviously, can't go longer than the magazine will accept. Try a few different lengths and see which is the most accurate - if there is an difference in accuracy with the different lengths.
  9. 7,000 grains divided by 2,000 would be 3.5 grains.
  10. I'm right handed, right eye dominant. Mono vision glasses - perfect focus on front sight with right eye and distance focus in left. Works very well. When shooting dot sights or scopes I just use my normal glasses which also works well.
  11. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is different case length. Unless you trim them all to the same length, you will have some variation in crimp amount with each cartridge. Measure 4 or 5 of the same brand and you'll see some slight difference in length, if your die is set to bottom out on the shell holder you have no variation in the distance from the case position in the shell holder to the crimping area in the die body. If the case varies in length you will then have more or less crimp on each loaded cartridge. There isn't much difference in the case length so it's usually not a big deal - but it is a factor in the amount of crimp each cartridge will have.
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