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  1. Steve RA

    Does anyone make a smaller Shadow 2 Mag Button face?

    If they don't, you can always modify it with a file.
  2. Steve RA

    Ball powder for 77 gr 223?

    I use H-335 and it seems to meter pretty accurately. I'm using it with 55gr bullets but the bullet weight would not make any difference.
  3. Steve RA

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    50 Yard paper in classifiers is the longest I remember seeing.
  4. https://hofequipment.com/Morse-1-305-1-5-Gallon-Pail-Mixer-p1498.html?utm_source=google-shopping&utm_medium=organic&_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzKnjBRDPARIsAKxfTRBoRR
  5. Steve RA

    Shadow 2- 50 Yard Accuracy

    I assume the 7/8ths 10 shot group is from a Ransom Rest ??
  6. Steve RA

    1979 Bianchi cup pictures

    Thank you !!
  7. Steve RA

    1979 Bianchi cup pictures

    Address/link not working for me.
  8. Steve RA

    IPSC Targets on the Cheap

    Carton yes, wine no !!!
  9. Anybody know what "Brass Juice" is composed of ???
  10. I deprime first and then tumble with pins and vinegar with Dawn. After tumbling dump in separator and rinse and then separate pins from brass, pour pins back in tumbler and dry brass on old bath towels on floor. Dry in a few hours and then ready to prime and store until ready to load.
  11. Steve RA

    Greetings from Ohio

    That time it just sent me to range.com, not the shooting range. Still a few problems with this "feature" !!! Strange how it works at times.
  12. Steve RA


    Yes, i would certainly agree !!!
  13. Steve RA

    Venom Customs!?

    The Cheely also dipped so maybe a spring change would help.