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  1. Stick to the magazine/magazines that work. Next, compare the ones that don't work to the good one/ones and try to make them like the good ones. (Lip width and how the follower works and anything else that seems different.
  2. Makes you wonder how all the others are when they are off the camera ???
  3. I can pick up my pins with a magnet, they have to be some variety of stainless as I've had them for a number of years with no rust on the pins. Yes, they stay in the tumbler wet after use.
  4. I store everything in the plastic tubs (with lids) that I get (free) from the bakery dept at the Kroger I mostly frequent. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can vary them depending on what quantity you have.
  5. Change "behind" to "in front" and it will be easier to follow. Of course, if you walk around behind the entire setup, then it make sense.
  6. I'd think that if it short strokes with factory ammo, it's probably set up for Major.
  7. Why store it/them if never to be used again ???
  8. Always check your die settings with a full (cartridge cases) shell plate.
  9. I'd still try the Lee undersized die, cases should look a little more (wasp waisted) than your example appears to.
  10. I've got a .45 Taurus with a slide mounted FF III, probably 5K or so rounds through it since I had the dot milling done. First FFIII wouldn't adjust properly after being installed, sent it back and got a new one from Burris and it has worked and held up very well since then.
  11. I don't think there is much risk involved however you deprime your cases. I hand prime, but I'm doing my loading in large batches so it just seems easier that way. Also, you never have any primer problems while loading on a press if the cases are already primed (be sure you have no decapping pin in any dies).
  12. Shell Rotella T6 - 5W/40.
  13. Is there some reason they don't have any of the major matches at PASA anymore, at least, it seems that way.
  14. I thought it started - with USPSA, at least - at PASA in 1990 with the first USPSA Championship 3 Gun Match. I shot it using an AUG, Rem 1100 and a .45 ACP Colt.
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