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  1. That sounds interesting, what is a wedding wiggly ???
  2. I run .358 in my 9mm, never have had a problem with that diameter in 9mm.
  3. Steve RA

    X5 Legion accuracy

    You might try larger diameter bullets, I run .358 in my 9mm and it is pretty accurate. Just behind my .45, even though I worked harder on the 9mm than I did on the .45.
  4. I use SRMP in 9mm, .45ACP and .223/5.56 and have great results in all with them.
  5. Bought it early, when they had CMC on the grips. (Chip sold them originally)
  6. I use truncated cone and they are very accurate.
  7. Gee, in the old days, when I learned to shoot, there were no dot sights. Amazing what we missed out on.
  8. May have been fired in something with an overly large chamber. Does seem strange you can't get it into the die.
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