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  1. Steve RA

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    True, I was thinking more of the original single stack 1911s.
  2. Steve RA

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    That is a real shame, considering that is what started it all. 1911s and to a lesser extent, Browning Hi Powers.
  3. Steve RA

    No more gun magazines at Kroger

    My Kroger - Richardson, Texas - still has gun mags. Not a lot, but some.
  4. Steve RA

    RIP Aretha

    Shame, she was a terrific singer.
  5. Steve RA

    1911 won't extract brass

    Check the chamber for parallel walls and texture of surface.
  6. Steve RA

    Sns coating problems

    You might get a sample pack of bullets sized .357 or .358 and try them. I've had the best luck with .358 bullets in a Kart barrel.
  7. Steve RA

    Hello from the other side of the ocean !

    Nolan who ??? Or what film ???
  8. Steve RA

    Dwell Time?

    Thanks for the time setting it up and making the video. I'm sure it will be interesting and informative to a number of the members here.
  9. Steve RA

    my name is sam

    Or down, Sam ???
  10. Steve RA

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    This is all pretty amusing, don't you think ???
  11. Steve RA

    Chinese soloman shoes

    Probably shouldn't wear them on your wood floors !
  12. Steve RA

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    If the minimum caliber is 5.45 mm, which is the diameter of the bullet, it would seem that 9mm would certainly fit since it's 3.55mm larger.
  13. Steve RA

    being an idiot

    Seems like a compilation of 2 pages of posts.