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  1. Do you guys have any recommendations for shooting bags/pillows for shooting open? Either for the forend or for tucking under the arm?
  2. I have an SJC as well but it's not an apples to apples comparison since it is on an 18" rifle length while the Answer is on a 16" intermediate length. I think they both perform similarly but the Answer is much lighter
  3. I recently got one and tuned it. It works really really well with minimal movement just as everyone else describes. I had an M4-72 on the rifle before and I'll definitely be keeping the Answer
  4. I will have to give this one a try. I have the M4-72 which works really well, but the blast of air in the face everytime I break a shot is a bit distracting
  5. I love the Elf triggers. Incredibly crisp break and a short, strong reset
  6. Get the Hypertap and let us all know how it works
  7. This just might make me sell my Versamax and get a Benelli... Unless this can be done to a VM too
  8. Another vote for the D60. Very solid reliability. The only downside is that it is a but more difficult to load and unload than regular mags
  9. Good day is the rail still available ? if it is 2questions

    1. I assume that the barrel nut is included?

    2.  what is your bottom line shipped? I do not use PP what other form of payment do you except.

    Thank you very much.

  10. Another vote for this one. I'm cross-eyed dominant too and this really helps out. It also let's you know if you have a bad head position on the stock
  11. If you want a load for PCC and don't want to load it, try the Highland Lake Ammo 3 Gun load. It came out to about 130pf in my 14.5" JP barrel
  12. I've had the Hogue bag for a couple years and it has held up great. Just a little dirty is all
  13. I have an Elftmann AR9 trigger in mine. It feels amazing and has been flawless
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