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  1. nheiny13

    Help me choose a trigger

    I love the Elf triggers. Incredibly crisp break and a short, strong reset
  2. nheiny13

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    Get the Hypertap and let us all know how it works
  3. nheiny13

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    This just might make me sell my Versamax and get a Benelli... Unless this can be done to a VM too
  4. nheiny13

    Drum Magazines for 3 Gun

    Another vote for the D60. Very solid reliability. The only downside is that it is a but more difficult to load and unload than regular mags
  5. Good day is the rail still available ? if it is 2questions

    1. I assume that the barrel nut is included?

    2.  what is your bottom line shipped? I do not use PP what other form of payment do you except.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Another vote for this one. I'm cross-eyed dominant too and this really helps out. It also let's you know if you have a bad head position on the stock
  7. nheiny13

    Dedicated PCC load

    If you want a load for PCC and don't want to load it, try the Highland Lake Ammo 3 Gun load. It came out to about 130pf in my 14.5" JP barrel
  8. nheiny13

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    I've had the Hogue bag for a couple years and it has held up great. Just a little dirty is all
  9. nheiny13

    Stipple work, let's see yours!

    Here's a few of mine
  10. nheiny13

    Triggers- Good God!

    I have an Elftmann AR9 trigger in mine. It feels amazing and has been flawless
  11. nheiny13

    Squib rod?

    Why is that? I've used it several times, not for squibs, but for bullets that got stuck in the rifling and I pulled the case off when trying to extract it.
  12. nheiny13

    Squib rod?

    I had a flag that came on a wooden dowel that is about 18" long. I took off the flag and the dowel was the perfect diameter and length to use as a squib rod
  13. nheiny13

    Best PCC trigger?

    The new Elftmann AR9 trigger works flawless in my PCC
  14. nheiny13

    AR triggers (2018)

    Another vote for the Elftmann. Per science it has the crispest break and shortest reset. Even shorter than the AR Gold which has been known for its short reset
  15. These sights help as well since you can't see the fiber optic with your "non-shooting" eye https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1005801958/champion-easy-hit-shotgun-fiber-optic-front-sight-25mm