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  1. emjbe

    Connector Trigger Pull Comparison

    Thanks for this - been thinking about trading my zev for a TTI
  2. emjbe

    How clean is your bench?

    5 for me - the reloading stuff stays clean but there always seems to be something that finds its way onto the bench that doesn’t belong.
  3. Had lasik done in 2010 at age 41. It’s awesome - no regrets and no negatives. Id give the same advise that Larry gave about right/left eyes for distance and near -I can’t see the front sight on a pistol any more. Right after lasik it wasn’t an issue but in the last 2 years I’ve noticed the aging eyes have a hard time seeing close objects. My left eye can focus perfectly on the front sight but I’m right eye dominant. Since having it done I’ve learned about other options that may have been better. Also in my research at the time I learned the machine the doctor uses is a critical factor in good results. You have to be sure they dr is using the latest tech to avoid many of the issues discussed in this thread.
  4. emjbe

    Chamber flags in bulk

    it was a BCM 5.56 chamber. It was during a black rifle match here in AZ. Stage 3 had a 100 second par time to shoot 2 8" targets at about 275 yards and 2 plates at about 75 yards as many times as you could hit within the time. I blew through about 50 rounds then flagged the rifle with a plastic chamber flag. got to stage 4 and started make ready and the flag came right out of the rifle but the extended plastic part stayed in the chamber. It had to be hammered out with a rod then scraped out with a chamber brush. The chamber flag was one of the clear plastic ones. Lesson learned.
  5. 1-3 each month. Trying to get my 9 year old son interested so shooting can be family time 🙂
  6. emjbe

    AR triggers (2018)

    To try it is to love it.
  7. emjbe

    Chamber flags in bulk

    I had a chamber flag melt in my chamber between stages a few months back. After that, nothing goes into my chamber except bullets.
  8. In the frank proctor carbine video he covers this with an easy way to remember - hold in the direction of the magwell. same advice as the ejection port but may be easier to remember
  9. emjbe

    AR triggers (2018)

    I shot 3gun with a hiperfire eclipse for about 6months and liked it so much I bought another one for my son when they went on sale. Its interesting the different preferences in triggers. I really like the feel of that wide shoe and I like a long single stage so I’m digging the Calvin and eclipse most right now.
  10. emjbe

    Why are handguards so expensive?

    Wow ... thanks for the tip
  11. emjbe

    AR triggers (2018)

    I have a Calvin and a trigger tech. Shot the Calvin in 2 matches so far and it was perfect. Great reset and felt very good on fast paper and long range. I really like the adjustable shoe - I thought it was a gimmick when I first saw one but I’m a believer after putting that shoe exactly where it feels best. i like the feel of the triggger tech 2nd stage, but after I got it I learned I don’t like 2stage triggers during competition so I moved it to a varmint rifle. The AR gold is 2 stage so I didn’t consider it. As an aside my trigger tech had some consistent failure to follow problems in one rifle and they took great care of me helping troubleshoot and giving me every possible option to make it right.
  12. Correction on this - shooting from the car to that 4" steel was about 45-50 yards in stage 3.
  13. I shot an RT-6 on my friend's rifle and I felt it was marginally better than the Strike Eagle/Primary Arms scopes. On 1x there was noticeable optical shift transitioning between targets back and forth (I don't know if that's the right term ... basically it looked like the picture coming through the glass was distorted/wavy about the same as a strike eagle). I don't notice that effect on a steiner p4xi or the $1000+ scopes I've used. The reticle was great and glass was good at 200-300 yards. If it were true daylight bright, I'd probably look at it more. In the ~$450-$500 price range I'd say the Steiner is better at short range paper 3gun stages and mid range out to 300 yards even at 1-4x just because of the daylight visible dot and the better glass. If your matches do a lot past 300 yards, then that 6x would help.
  14. I'm happy with the Leupold VX-6HD 1-6. I would like it to have a daylight bright dot, but other than that it has what I need for 3gun - my priorities are: big eyebox, reticle matches my loads almost perfectly, locking turrets (Originally I wished they were capped, but the locks work fine). Light weight is a nice addition and one of the primary reasons I went with the Leupold over the Razor, but it's not high on my priority list any more. I've also shot the Steiner P4Xi in a few matches and I liked it also but some 6" plates at 280 yards in the rifle matches made me switch back to 1-6x.
  15. Today was work on long range transitions. I moved from prone to reverse kneeling to prone and did some sprints back and forth between positions. Also made myself zoom the scope going into a position and then unzoom coming out of the position so I can start making that a habit rather than something I forget about.