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  1. @kkant - welcome to the forums. But I can't figure out - how is it that you've been thinking about this for 11 years when you joined the forum this morning? Also: https://lmgtfy.app/?q=necroposting
  2. thanks - i'm sure you were very clear and I just have some studying to do in order to understand more of the details, so thanks for the extra details. I've ordered mag springs from both Tubbs and Sprinco just to compare them in actual use. I'll be replacing all of my oldest (approx 10 year) magpul springs. If there's any notable differences in use i'll report back here.
  3. This is great information and specific answer of a 5% difference over time is great. I have some reading to do to understand this better. thanks!
  4. i need some AR magazine springs. For action springs I have had good luck with CS springs from sprinco and flatwire springs from Tubbs. So I checked both of their sites for springs and found both make a 17-7 flatwire magazine spring. I actually like the fact that Tubbs says it *can* hold more rounds in a magazine. I'm thinking that would make it easier to load a full 30 round mag on a closed bolt - something that might be very useful in competition. Sprinco does cryogenic treatment on their flatwire magazine spring and tubbs doesn't. I can't find any definitive informa
  5. i should have mentioned SanTan as an option - they are right down the street from me and I forgot to add them to my post. Also keep in mind that balance is often much more important than overall weight. A heavier stock will counterbalance the barrel weight and the rifle will be perceived to be lighter. I did some balancing with a rifle my daughter was shooting - she said it was too heavy so I replaced the lightweight stock with a heavy stock (added about 2 lbs to the overall weight) and she was much happier with the "lighter" rifle when, in fact, it was 2 lbs heavier. In fact,
  6. I noticed that Rosco has a light 3gun barrel on sale for $120: https://www.roscomanufacturing.com/shop/kennel-bargain-bin/kennel-bin-barrels/16-in-3-gun-5-56/ I've never seen a barrel profile like that before, but at 21oz it fits your criteria of "light". And, that profile looks like most of the weight is towards the chamber so it might be perceived lighter. Since it's carbine gas you'd have to work to get the low recoil, but if you get a JP SCS or a VLTOR A5 you could probably get light and low recoil. At $120 and with Rosco's reputation I picked one of thos
  7. looks like you have a low profile upper receiver and the handguard is for high profile receivers. Troy has a good write up here: https://www.troyind.com/sites/troyind.com/files/rtc-attachments/DPMS_RECEIVERS_COMPARE.pdf another good source here: https://monstrumtactical.com/guides/selecting-a-handguard-for-your-ar10ar308lr308/
  8. the Gibbz side charger is great ... and, if you go with Gibbz you can go ahead and get left hand ejection. Here's a great example of a beautiful Gibbz cerakote (at 7:27) ... this shows a 9mm upper made by Gibbz, but it's similar design to the AR15 upper. other options in that style: Quentin Defense ARQ: https://www.quentindefense.com/product/quentin-defense-arq-15-ar-15-receiver-set-slick-side/ KEArms is southpaw friendly: https://kearms.americommerce.com/ if you want full ambi everything the POF lower is an interesting option.
  9. here's a good video on the topic and it shows holdovers on a target (about minute 4:00)
  10. https://dummybullet.com/12 gauge.html I bought a set that was slightly longer than my normal load so I emailed dummybullet and asked for a specific size and told him the load I use. Bruce made a set for me with exactly the color I wanted with the size exactly matching to my regular shotgun load. Normally I wouldn't worry too much about the size ... but I needed them to exactly match my shell carriers so that I didn't have to adjust the carrier for practice.
  11. hard to beat Rosco or BCM. Rosco makes a lot of the barrels labeled by other manufacturers. I don't know who makes the BCM barrels but they are very nice also. I've used BCM with great results, Rosco will what I buy next. Listen to Aaron (note these are reviews of the entire upper, but the barrels in the first video match your question:
  12. I picked up the cmore C3 in the Memorial day sale and used it yesterday in a black rifle match on a new upper. I had originally planned on using a Gen II-e 1-6 Razor on this rifle but after looking through the C3 and the Razor side by side I decided to use the C3. I'm not a glass snob/expert, but in 30 minutes of comparing my Razor with the C3 right as the sun was going down they both looked the same to me. So on Friday I pulled my razor and zeroed the C3 at 50 yards (ran out of time and couldn't confirm at 200 yards). The dot on the C3 is very crisp - no halo/bloom at all. not as
  13. and, for the record, I highly recommend the vltor emod and imod stocks. Quick story about the vltor stocks - a friend of mine carries a rifle for a living and recently used my rifle (with a weighted vltor imod stock) in some of his training. The battery compartments are filled with lead shot and the stock weighs north of 3.5 lbs. A few weeks back he asked me if I had any extra lead shot he could put in his duty rifle. When he came by to pick up the shot he told me why he wanted it. He had been training and his task in some of the exercises was to cover a door (at a low
  14. To add to @StealthyBlagga's comments we have 2 videos on the Rio Salado youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/RioSalado3Gun) that talk about stock weight. One video that has@Daniel Horner from the 2018 match answering a question from Thomas (who had recently started shooting 3gun) and he gave a lot of great info. (I thought that video was uploaded 2 years ago but couldn't find it so I re-made it this morning.) Also watch Jordan with the www.kearms.com team starting at 4:00
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