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  1. emjbe

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    I suggest you shoot for 6-12 months with the L7. While you are shooting talk to other shooters, go to safety areas and look through their scopes. I shot my first 6 months with a $400 SWFA and it worked great for me to learn what works for me. if you shoot beyond 300 yards I also suggest that you chrono your long distance loads and compare the reticles of each scope using Strelok Pro on your phone. After you get your velocity you can see what your hold over would look like for each scope. Some of the reticles will make better holds than others. L7 is a great scope. At this point you are better off going out and shooting what you have than working on better equipment. Based on your other posts and this one, your rifle is more than good enough to do well in any match. Go get experience and that will inform your purchase decisions better than we will.
  2. emjbe

    New White Oak 3-Gun Barrels

    I don't have enough experience with barrels to know the answer to that personally. People I trust who have shot out many more barrels than I have usually list WOA near the top for accuracy. If you are looking for soft shooting, what I've found in gas system length is that rifle > intermediate > mid > carbine. My personal requirements in order are: 1) reliability 2) accuracy 3) weight 4) longevity 5) soft shooting My sweet spot is a 14.5" hammer forged mid length with a good muzzle brake, Vltor A5 buffer system, full mass BCG. I've found that if I properly apply some positive shoulder into the butt of the rifle that just about anything mid-length or longer + vltor+ muzzle shoots soft enough to keep my sights on an IPSC target at 25 yards as fast as I can accurately put rounds on targets. So for me I wouldn't bother with a change from 16" to 18" as long as I can shoot fast and stay on target. If you can't keep 2-3 shots on a normal targets at 25 yards, then consider a change. I will say it's easier for me to shoot fast with my 18" rifle ... it does run more smoothly than my 14.5" mid, but both of them are fast enough for 3gun.
  3. emjbe

    WOA lightweight 3 gun barrel

    One other comment - when this barrel first came it we tested fit in an Aero upper and it was nice and tight. It fit nearly perfect (at least how I like them). The match to the upper required a light tap with a mallet to get the barrel in. I haven't built very many uppers, but this one fit into an Aero upper as if they were designed together.
  4. emjbe

    New White Oak 3-Gun Barrels

    Same barrel as this discussion:
  5. emjbe

    WOA lightweight 3 gun barrel

    first results from shooting the WOA barrel and my friend is very happy with the WOA. shot a ladder of 77g SMK over TAC. both 22.1g and 22.9g TAC were nice tight groups - I wasn't there when he shot them so no photos or measurements from the target. Feedback on the barrel feel was great with the long gas system on a rifle length barrel just finished 20 more of each of those 2 loads and we are planning to chrono and figure out which works best. Maybe in the next 2-3 weeks. Barrel is definitely a solid choice.
  6. emjbe

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    I've run a 14.5 BCM BHF upper in a lot multigun and rifle matches. I I alternate with a 18" Quentin Defense upper and the BCM 14.5 but have been shooting the BCM 14.5 BHF almost exclusively since June. Mine is on a SunDevil lower so I can't speak to the fit of a JP lower but it should work just fine. I have the Quentin Defense Brake on the BCM and it shoots a LOT better with a brake than the Mil-Spec flash hider for Multigun and competitions where you want fast transitions on the short targets. We shoot out to 545 yards regularly and I feel just as confident with the 14.5 BCM as with the 18" Quentin at those ranges. The 18" Quentin is more accurate, but both of them are accurate enough for rifle matches like 3gun/2gun/black rifle. The all like 69g SMK over TAC so I can use one load for all uppers. I had originally planned to put an adjustable gas block on the BCM upper but after shooting it I realized the muzzle brake softens recoil enough that I didn't see a need to adjust the gas. Note that I run the A5 buffer from Vltor/BCM and that helps a lot also. I get more recoil than the people running light BCGs, but I can keep shots in an A zone at 10 yards. I like the light weight of this upper and the system works great out-of-the box. I run a heavy stock in matches - with the added lead it's a little over two pounds - which makes that BCM 14.5 upper balance incredibly well. It's very stable for off-hand shots and very easy to maneuver in tight stages. I've only been in this game for a few years, but I don't see any significant disadvantage with the 14.5" upper. The only time I've ever seen a difference has been on 300-500 yard plates that don't move much - the extra velocity on the 18" barrel carries more energy and the hits are easier to call in those situations ... but not by much. Here's a video of me using the BCM 14.5 on a long range stage. I start at about 5:45 and you can see it from the GoPro. there are some other videos on the RioSalado channel of me using the 14.5 if you want to get an idea of how it looks in a match.
  7. emjbe

    AR magwells

    Try the KE Arms lower with a milled in magwell: http://www.kearms.com/lower-flared-mag-well
  8. emjbe

    Zdot vs accupower vs accupoint

    Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x with CM-R2 reticle (https://www.leupold.com/reticles/reticle-cm-r2-illuminated-41) It's not daylight bright but meets your other requirement (expensive, clarity, forgiving eyebox, segmented circle, bdc).
  9. emjbe

    upper build newbie questions

    Although uppers are very similar, if you are looking for very pinpoint accuracy and you are planning to use a bipod you would want a stiff upper. Take a look at this thread for info: https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/accuracy-and-upper-receivers.6888138/. It shows the amount of deflection that loading the bipod can impart on the barrel to shift POI. Some people even tested by loading in the magwell and saw shift in POI.
  10. emjbe

    WOA lightweight 3 gun barrel

    If this is the barrel you are referring to, a buddy of mine just got this barrel in the mail and we built his rifle over the weekend. We will be trying to get it out to the range over the next few weeks. Let me know if that's the barrel you are referring to and I can post updates as we work up the load. We are going to try some 69g SMKs with TAC initially since I have those. We'll work on a load for 77g SMKs.
  11. emjbe

    PCC Recommendations

    After shooting a recent PCC match, here are the AR platform brands that I didn't observe failures. I linked through to either complete rifles or you can buy the upper + lower: QC10 KE-Arms Quentin Defense JP (This doesn't include problems that appeared to me to be magazine related failures ... there were a lot of magazine failures from drums and extended mags) btw, there were a lot of people in this thread talking about how sexy the JP looks ... if that's part of the decision, you should really look at the other options. In my opinion, all the others on this list look better and function well also (which is more important to me). And if you want sexy, the GIBBS 9mm is great also ... the only reason it's not on the list above is that they don't have a complete rifle on their web site which is what OP asked for.
  12. emjbe

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    I get better results with the hornady 55g SP. I found it shoots good enough for just about any 3gun target in terms of accuracy. It’s #2266 from hornady and sometimes costs less than fmj. You Could also look at the 62g hornady. Several people here are using that bullet since it’s cheap like the 55g fmj but more accurate.
  13. emjbe

    Sub-$400 optic

    Jon49erfan got it right if you go with a low power variable. The Steiner P4xi is as fast as a red dot and can give you magnification. There’s one on eBay now for $500 including the mount. I talked to several people who use the Steiner to replace $1000 optics. I’ve only been shooting 3 gun for two years but I’d sell my Primary arms 1-6 and strike eagle 1-6 in a heartbeat if you are interested. I don’t plan to part with my p4xi.
  14. emjbe

    Ruger AR556 MPR for entry level rifle?

    Look so like a great gun. Choose your optic based on the division you plan to shoot. If tactical then find a used 1-4x or 1-6x scope. Any red dot or irons for limited.
  15. emjbe

    Check list before I leave.

    Here's my list: 3gun gear checklist Eyes - dark and clear lenses Ears Inner belt Belt Pistol mag pouches Shotshell holders Rifle mag pouch Holster Shooting bag Pistol Pistol mags Pistol ammo Rifle in case Rifle mags Rifle ammo Shotgun in case Shotgun ammo Dump pouch Water Cart Cash Hats gloves