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  1. emjbe

    Options for a 52" multigun bag

    Used mine for the first time 2 weeks ago. Definitely big enough to hold everything I needed for 4 stages and more. Heavy walking between stages but nice.
  2. emjbe

    Nightforce NX8

    This post is worth the time to explain the NX8 vs ATACR: http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/just-released-nightforce-nx8-ffp-1-8x24mm-30mm-tube-atacr-f1-1-8x24mm-34mm-tube-models.6798633/page-4#post-6927319
  3. emjbe

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    +1 - my Steiner is on the 14.5" light rifle and it fits the function perfectly - I don't think I'd put the vortex on that gun. My VX-6 is also on a 14.5 rifle and it works great - this is my go-to rifle and can do anything. Vortex is on the heavier 18" rifle - slightly better at long range and glass fits the function of that rifle To add one thought on this comparison - In my opinion the C-More would be better glass and less weight than the PST if you can get the discount so they are about the same price. Check the reticle though ... that TJ reticle is great for 55g 3100fps, but the numbers on strelok weren't at all close for a 69g-77g match load @2500-2600fps.
  4. emjbe

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    +1 for the advice on using Strelok. Put in your load and see exactly what it will look like on any reticle. Your 75/77 load must be similar to mine - that VMR-MOA reticle was very close, but I had to change my zero to get it right on. My Vortex is zeroed at 150 yards which puts me within 2" from 10 yards to 200 yards. After that the hashes line up within 15 yards of 300/400/500. For me the 1-4x is more about the size of the target and the contrast. I found 1-4x to be fine even to 545 yards when it was a black target with a white backer. when the target didn't contrast with the background it was harder to see on 4x.
  5. emjbe

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    I have the Vortex 1-6x ii-e (VMR2-MOA), the Leupold VX-6HD Multigun (CM-R2), and the Steiner Px4i. Here's my thoughts after using all of them in our local multigun and black rifle matches: VX-6: Had this one the longest. So far neither the Vortex or the Steiner has been better. Bad - It has only 2 faults: not daylight bright dot built-in throw lever. I lost two of the standard throw levers on that scope ... and they were torqued on. We use dump barrels in matches and I saw the second lever in my go-pro video on the ground the week before SMM3G. It hit the side of the barrel and came off. I bought a switchview and solved that problem. I will say that you could go without a level like some of the USAMU team and be just fine - the zoom knob is smooth on that scope. Not really a negative vs the others because you'll still pay more for a throw lever. CMR2 is not Daylight bright ... so I just leave it turned off when shooting. I did use it one time when we had an overcast day and it was nice. I asked one of the national champions here that is sponsored by Leupold about this - he was using an older VX-6. He said he never found illumination to help beyond 50 yards and the more I have used a dot, I agree. After turning on the dot on the vortex to full power and trying to shoot a 6" plate at 380 yards and not being able to see the target through the red dot, I realize he was right. The dot is nice in close range blasting, but not a necessity. If Leupold were to offer a daylight bright reticle for this scope, it would be the perfect 3gun scope. I'd probably only use illumination on close blaster stages, but it would be nice to have. Good Weight - best by far in this class Eyebox - best by far ... it's noticeably better than the Vortex. I have more motion side-to-side and can get closer to the scope without a tunnel vision Turrets - I like being able to use these. I can change zero for my two loads and they lock in place Reticle - this is the ideal 3gun reticle. It matches my long distance ammo nearly perfectly and I REALLY like the numbers next to the hash showing distance. The circle makes it easy to see paper and close-in targets - not as well as a red dot, but still pretty good. Auto-off time/auto-on motion reticle illumination ... even though I don't use the illumination, I turn it on before storing it just in case I need it at night. Every scope and red dot should have this feature. Vortex Love this scope also ... just the standard 3 things that you already know as negative: weight, weight, and weight. I bought this because every forum and review said it had the biggest eye box, but that isn't the case for me. It's big enough for 3 gun - I've shot this in 3 multigun and 2 black rifle matches and haven't had any problem finding the targets due to eye box blacking out on me. Red Dot is very nice - makes it easier to call your shots on close paper when you are going fast. I got the VMR2-MOA only because the reticle matched nearly perfect with my loads - the first hash is 310, 2nd is 400, 3rd is 495 ... so 300, 400, 500 easy. In the match yesterday I actually forgot to turn the dot on for the stages with long range targets and didn't feel like it was slower. In fact, one of the stages had 9 IPSC paper and it was easy to call shots ... the red dot would have helped but it didn't slow me down. Steiner Great glass - almost as good as the two above. Price is the best reason for this scope - low enough price and good enough glass. It has daylight bright dot. The reticle is great although doesn't match my long distance loads perfectly, it's close enough to get on target. Weight is good enough also. I used this for a 3gun and a black rifle late last year. It was fine on the 3gun stages out to 300-400 yards with bigger targets. The black rifle match had a dark blue painted target in front of some green bushes and I just couldn't pick out the steel at 4x. It worked great for the black silhouettes and plates at about 200 yards. Someone else mentioned the c-more scope with the discount code. That's probably the best deal I've seen. I haven't shot the scope in a match, but I spent some time dry-firing it. The guy who showed it to me unapologetically calls himself a "glass snob" and uses Swaros and every other good scope you can imagine. He told me the C-More glass is as good as Swaro. If the TJ reticle worked better with my load I would have bought that instead of the vortex and saved $500. If you run a 55g bullet it's a very good option for the price. I'd still like to get one of these ... maybe some day. If I had to go with 1 scope, it would be the VX-6. Eyebox is the single most important factor for me and that one wins. weight is my second criteria and it wins there. If there were a daylight bright dot in the middle of that CMR2 reticle, it would be perfect for 3gun.
  6. I was at a range yesterday with steel at 200 and 300 yards and had time for some testing of two 9mm loads. From a JP barrel my hand loads (Berrys 124g target hollow point over TAC) made a 6" group at 200 yards and was hitting 300 yards about 50% of the time. I switched to some white box federal and couldn't hit the target at all - with the same holds the factory ammo was falling at about 150 yards. We figured out the hold to get on target with elevation, but the splash was about 1-12 feet to either side of the target. So ... it appears that 9mm load accuracy varies much more than I've seen for rifle ammo.
  7. Just came across this PCC load development document from JP https://jprifles.com/document_pdfs/PCC Load Development Article.pdf It says they were getting about 3MOA in past testing but didn't do any specific accuracy testing.
  8. emjbe

    Stock length help

    One other thought- which grip do you use? In your original post you said The BCM grip with a step angle reduces the amount of bend needed in his wrist so that night help a little also.
  9. emjbe

    Stock length help

    Here's a detail of where my LOP is at with the A5 and EMOD stock and a Timney Calvin trigger pushed forward pretty far. This is measured with the tape measure level. The stock has a taper and if I measure to the top of the butt pad it adds about ¼". I don't know of any good options to add another 3" except maybe some custom/really thick butt pad. The EMOD is the longest adjustable stock I know of. Maybe one of the highly adjustable stocks can go longer - the odin works Zulu or the Tacmod stock. If you could find a long buffer tube that's the same diameter used by either of those stocks you might be able to get to 18" and end up with a nice setup. Since both of those stocks use a round buffer tube you could potentially even make a longer buffer tube and get the exact length you want and still end up with some adjustment.
  10. emjbe

    Stock length help

    Sorry about that...I was measuring buffer tube length instead of LOP. I'M at 15" LOP with my trigger that is forward a little more than Millspec
  11. emjbe

    Stock length help

    Forgot to add - the A5 buffer tube by itself without a stock is 7.5" from the back of the tube to the receiver. By comparison, my magpul rifle length stock is about 10.5", so the VLTOR A5 with the EMOD gives me 1.75" more LOP than a rifle length stock. I took some photos to upload but they are too big ... if I can resize them I'll upload for you so you can see the measurements.
  12. emjbe

    Stock length help

    The VLTOR A5 buffer tube with the VLTOR EMOD stock is 12.25" from the back of the stock to the receiver with the stock fully extended.
  13. emjbe

    Stock length help

    My vltor a5 with the long vltor emod stock has longer LOP than my rifle length stocks. If you think that might work for you let me know and I can measure it.
  14. emjbe

    Carry Optics Glock Magazines

    I have 6 Magpul 21s - all have been flawless in my Glock 19 G4 and nearly flawless in my PCC. 4 of them are about 2 years old. 2 of them about a year old. I got 6 so that I don't have to load mags between stages at the monthly matches. They've been in the dirt every month and all have hit the garage floor at least 100 times each during dry fire. In the PCC I've had 2 problems with these mags caused by dirt in the mags - after I cleaned the mags, they worked fine in the PCC. They have been dirtier in the Glock and didn't have any feed issues.