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  1. and, for the record, I highly recommend the vltor emod and imod stocks. Quick story about the vltor stocks - a friend of mine carries a rifle for a living and recently used my rifle (with a weighted vltor imod stock) in some of his training. The battery compartments are filled with lead shot and the stock weighs north of 3.5 lbs. A few weeks back he asked me if I had any extra lead shot he could put in his duty rifle. When he came by to pick up the shot he told me why he wanted it. He had been training and his task in some of the exercises was to cover a door (at a low ready position) while the rest of the team finished clearing the building. My rifle with the heavy stock was so much more comfortable in the exercises that he wanted to add weight to his duty stock during building clearing. The balance was much more important than light weight and he felt like it improved how long he could cover the door and improved speed in confined spaces.
  2. To add to @StealthyBlagga's comments we have 2 videos on the Rio Salado youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/RioSalado3Gun) that talk about stock weight. One video that has@Daniel Horner from the 2018 match answering a question from Thomas (who had recently started shooting 3gun) and he gave a lot of great info. (I thought that video was uploaded 2 years ago but couldn't find it so I re-made it this morning.) Also watch Jordan with the www.kearms.com team starting at 4:00
  3. I use the Leupold Multigun w CMR-2 reticle. Zero is at 50/200 yards for my hoser ammo (see below for all the holdovers using today's weather). My gun shoots about 2MOA with hoser ammo and that's good enough for all the long range targets I shoot. when I miss it's usually because of me, not the gun. Ammo differences can make a huge difference in your holdovers ... I attached my hoser load (55g Hornady SP) and a long range load (77g) so you can see the difference. I remember in a class I took from Frank Proctor he was saying as a principle always try to get another point of contact. If you have 2 points of contact, try to get 3, if you have 3 points, get 4. The more you are in contact with stable objects the better.
  4. I really like the brakes I got from https://www.quentindefense.com/ There's a lot of info about the brake here: But you've made me very curious - why in the world would you pin/weld a barrel to be 12.5". you already have to put a stamp on the lower for a 12.5" barrel (unless it's a pistol). But either for a stamped SBR or a pistol, why pin/weld the brake on a 10.5" barrel?
  5. you could adopt this rule into your outlaw ruleset: USPSA Rule In a Multigun match any hit(s) upon the scoring surface of a scoring paper target which can be determined to have been fired from the incorrect firearm for that target shall not be scored and, unless there are scoring hit(s) from the correct firearm, it will be scored as an unengaged target. In the case of steel or frangible targets any hits by the non-specified firearm which result in that target being unavailable for further engagement, the target shall be scored as an unengaged.
  6. This photo is only applicable if you are looking through your primary optic with the rifle turned (that is if you don't have a second sight mounted at 45˚ offset). When you have a 45 offset mount, you zero the second optic while the rifle it turned at 45˚ and then you don't have to adjust your hold because the second optic is zeroed while the rifle is held at an angle. So whenever you turn your rifle 45˚, you hold dead on.
  7. If you are having problems getting these, here's a suggestion: I use SoundGear (https://www.soundgearhearing.com/collections/custom-fit) purchased from Chris Bain at https://www.houseofhearing.com/hearing-protection. Note - if your work/insurance has a hearing protection/aid benefit it might cover some or all of the cost. Chris is a shooter and sponsors SMM3G. When I got mine I had the molds done locally and sent them to Chris via UPS. less than a week later my ear pro showed up in the mail. Been using them for 2+ years now with now problem. A new set of batteries lasts several matches and several practice sessions. I usually change them monthly. Amazon has 60 batteries for $15 which lasted me 2+ years.
  8. I have the SWFA 1-4 and a Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x. In my opinion the Strike Eagle 1-6 or 1-8 is a step down from the SWFA 1-4. I have a strike 1-6 and I prefer the SWFA 1-4 for 3 gun due to the glass being more clear, much less distorted, and the SWFA has a better eyebox. I can see 535 yard targets better in the 1-4 than I can with the strike 1-6. The Razor is definitely a step up from the SWFA 1-4. I've used a PST and I found the scope to be nearly as good at the Razor ... so much so that I regretted spending the extra $$ for the Razor. To compare I put the PST and the Razor side-by-side and compared what matters most to me for 3gun: eyebox size. The PST was 100% equal to the Razor. I'm not a glass expert at all, but the only place I could tell a difference between the PST and Razor glass clarity was after the sun set and it was getting dark. So, if I were buying a hunting optic and I know that my 400+ elk will only come out in the last 30 seconds of legal hunting time, I'd get the Razor. For 3gun, if I had to do it over again, I'd get the PST. Having said that, I normally use a Leupold VX-6 HD 1-6x. I find the eyebox slightly better and the weight being exactly 7oz better with the only negative being lack of daylight-bright dot in the reticle. Of the other scopes mentioned by others above, I'd give a +1 to the Trijicon 1-8 and the CMORE C3 (with the enos discount). In my opinion the clarity of glass on each of those is on par with the Razor. If you really want 1-8x - that Trijicon is nice and comes VERY highly endorsed by several people I know who consider it an upgrade from the Razor. The Accupower I looked at didn't have any issue with thick reticle ... the center cross is pretty thick at .75 MOA ... but you'd never hold on the center cross at anything > 250 yards ... you'd be down in the .25 MOA stadia lines which would cover ~1 inch at 400 yards. I'm looking at it on Strelok and it looks pretty nice at distance ... I'll attach a snapshot of an AC plate at 480 yards with both an Accupower and a Razor MOA. Based on what I'm seeing and the subtensions, the Vortex Razor has thicker reticle (.5 MOA) than the Accupower, so you may want to confirm what you read about the Trijicon being ridiculously thick since it's half the thickness of the Razor. btw, if you are comparing scopes, I'd highly recommend Strelok pro - you can visualize the reticle before you buy and get your holds based on various bullets and external ballistics.
  9. Here's a quick video from the GoPro so you can see most of the process. edited out about 2 minutes of things that didn't clear the case. I'd call this redneck engineering ... but since the idea came from a brit, I think the proper term is chav engineering. I should point out that I was the only PCC shooter in the squad to go 1-for-1 on every 200 yard target I engaged on this stage
  10. I use the Safariland pouches and they've been solid. http://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/gear/pouches-cases-and-holders/competition/magazine/model-773-competition-open-top-magazine-pouch-11183.html#sz=12&start=32 http://www.safariland.com/magazine/model-774-rifle-magazine-pouch-11184.html#start=1 http://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/gear/pouches-cases-and-holders/competition/holders/model-086-double---8-shotgun-shell-holder-model_086_8.html#start=1
  11. I've seen a lot of Calvin Elites at our club matches each month. I run one and at least 3 other people in my squad last week at black rifle match had them. I haven't seen any light strikes.
  12. Might get more response in the PCC forum: https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/318-pistol-caliber-carbine/
  13. just posted in another thread about 3gun triggers. For 3gun I'd stick to one of the triggers in that list: Timney, KE-Arms, ELF are the ones I see most frequently winning stages around here.
  14. I've never had the experience of pulling the trigger before it resets. Hyperfire ECL and ELF definitely have strong resets I ran an ECL for a long time and loved it Then I saw the Timney CE and got one ... that's been the one for me. I feel like it helped my long range also. I'd add KE-Arms SLT1 or SLT2 to this list if you want a fast trigger. I use it on my PCC and it's got a great reset and can outrun my trigger finger. https://www.facebook.com/KEArmsOfficial/posts/frank-proctor-shooting-running-the-slt-trigger-in-this-pcc-i-am-really-digging-t/1540253402771774/ Many of the gun shops around here have a lot of triggers on display - see if you can find a shop that has some of these triggers and go squeeze them.
  15. thanks - I was mostly worried that I'd have more problems in the next match ... but it ran fine in the match last weekend on two rifle stages. I can't identify any issue with the mag ... but I'm saving it for the next time I do malfunction practice.
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